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Agile Coaching Workshop

  1. Adrian Smith Craig Smith Agile Coaching Workshop
  2. Image: © Gracie Films / 20th Century Fox Television
  3. Image: Show of hands…
  4. Exercise… 300 100 400 200 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Image:
  5. Image: Derived from Hungarian word for “carriage” which is “something that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be”. Coaching Defined…
  6. Story… Agile Coach Image:
  7. Manifesto… Agile Coach Image:
  8. Hiring… Trends in Corporate Image:
  9. Trends in Corporate Learning… Productivity Increase through Training 100 80 60 40 20 0 Traditional Training Training + Coaching (22% increase) (88% increase) International Personal Management Association, 2001
  10. Scrum Masters vs Agile Coaches Image: © Lucasfilm
  11. A Coach is Different? “Try this “I have this … I’ve problem ...” done it before “Why is it a Individual and it problem?” works “First do A... “Let’s …” Then do B … “What else brainstorm a Then do …” solution …” could you try?” Consultant Trainer Facilitator Coach
  12. C Level Leader The Coaching Yellow Brick Road Executive Leader Agile Coach Image: Iteration Manager / Scrum Master Team Leader Project Manager Architect Other Business Developer Tester Roles Analyst
  13. Agile Coach Exercise: Competencies? Image:
  14. Agile Coach Competency Training Agile Skillset Knowledge Image: Coaching Agile Technical Skillset Coach Skillset Facilitation Business Skillset Experience
  15. Name: ______________________________ Agile Coach Competency Matrix Date: ______________________________ Beginner Practitioner Advanced Expert Master • Fully understand principles and • Aware of principles • Understand the principles • Have presented at several • Can setup and lead an Agile practices and can adapt to suit Agile • and practices Participated in an • and practices Actively working in and project project environments conferences or have written a book • Experience as an Iteration • Significant Agile project Knowledge Agile project improving an Agile Manager / Scrum Master experience in varied • Well recognised with the industry project and maintain pubic presence environments My Progress  • Remains current with best- • Creates new techniques, • Lead of a discipline practice and industry trends practices and tools within Technical • Work in a team using within a team • Recognised in industry in relevant discipline discipline core skills (BA, Dev, • Establish standard of • Creating and publishing new • Aware of standards of • Recognised by peers as a Skillset Tester, PM) practice and quality practices within other technical expert in relevant techniques within a team disciplines discipline My Progress  • Clear understanding • Comfortable discussing • Understand market trends • Understand risk, financial and of the business I am business process and Business and are able to provide strategic elements that impact a • Have run a successful business supporting, the objectives advice on strategy business • Sort after to advise on running operating • Understand factors Experience environment and the influencing business • Sort after for business advice • Experience running a business business and analysis of impacts. unit market success My Progress  • Comfortable working • Experienced in facilitating • Facilitates sessions involving with and leading a Facilitation group discussion of • Leads multi-day workshops complex people issues • Facilitates senior executive group complex issues and planning events for large • Facilitates sessions involving sessions and/or large groups of • Adhoc facilitation of Skills Agile team • Leads the facilitation of or newly formed teams multiple stakeholders and people Agile team ceremonies conflicting priorities ceremonies My Progress  • Significant training experience • Enjoy helping other • Comfortable delivering across multiple courses types • Recognised and sought after as a Training learn • Have limited experience training to larger groups • Have written and delivered trainer • Supports learning delivering training to • Participate in developing and multiple courses • Have trained a number of other Skills initiatives within the small teams updating training content • Comfortable piloting and trainers team environment delivering new course content My Progress  • Recognised as a coach and • Recognised and sort after as a • Understand the role • Adapt coaching style to suit Coaching an d difference • I provide adhoc coaching am able to follow a simple coaching model for helping situation, team and staff level. coach not only in Agile but in other areas of work and life between coach, within current team • Comfortable coaching executive Skills mentor and advisor. people to resolve their own staff • Capable of coaching C-level problems executives My Progress 
  16. Exercise: Competencies! Image:
  17. Agile Knowledge Participants at Agile Australia 2012 Rahul Kashyap Anne Nolan Alex Watson Nick Jeffries Highest Competency Frank Valks Bridget Farmer Needs More Work Hong Ch’ng Michael Wright Justin Hennessy Nathan Jones Image: Gareth Evans Rhys Long Michael Stange Katherine Dooley Lakhan Sharma Linda Christensen Gavin Browne Don’t Enjoy
  18. Technical Skillset Participants at Agile Australia 2012 Prashant Sagar Neal Horner Sergei Shutov Highest Competency Akhil Mittal Needs More Work Salman Munir Brendan McCarthy Image: Shane Wegener Dina Bauman Cynthia Tapp Rene Chappel Stewart Howell Robbie McDowall Bridget Farmer Gillian Clark Don’t Enjoy
  19. Bus. Experience Participants at Agile Australia 2012 Nathan Jones Warwick Slade Anne Nolan Rene Chappel Highest Competency Frank Valks Needs More Work Gareth Evans Archie Harris Image: Michael Stange Rahul Kashyap Stewart Howell Brendan McCarthy Don’t Enjoy
  20. Facilitation Skills Participants at Agile Australia 2012 Gillian Clark Sergei Shuton Kim Linton Linda Christensen Highest Competency Bridget Farmer Needs More Work Anne Nolan Jaime Horton Image: Frank Valks Alex Watson Hong Ch’ng Nathan Jones Cynthia Tapp Dina Bawman Don’t Enjoy
  21. Training Skills Participants at Agile Australia 2012 Nick Jeffries Stewart Howell Brendan McCarthy Highest Competency Shane Wegerer Needs More Work Image: Nick Jeffries Linda Christensen Serge Shutov Michael Wright Robbie McDowall Archie Harris Rhys Long Justin Hennessy Salman Munir Prashant Sagar Don’t Enjoy
  22. Coaching Skills Participants at Agile Australia 2012 Archie Harris Robbie McDowall Warwick Slade Gavin Browne Highest Competency Neal Horner Rhys Long Needs More Work Michael Wright Alex Watson Prashant Sagar Image: Gillian Clark Dina Bauman Salman Munir Justin Hennessy Katherine Dooley Cynthia Tapp Kim Linton Hong Ch’ng Don’t Enjoy
  23. Agile Coaching n Toolkit… Id tio ea va s Inno l Ski lls Busines ca s Skills Te chni g M entorin Fa cilitation Training Lean Agile
  24. Team Practices Team Practices Co-location Refactoring Daily standup Continuous integration Iteration Planning Practices (Acceptance) test driven Customer Showcase development Retrospective Automated deployment Adaptive release plan Incremental design & Cross functional team architecture Requirements as stories Principles Domain driven design Planning / story wall Technical spikes Informative workspace Exploratory testing Burn up/down charts Collective code Parking lot diagrams ownership Success sliders Ubiquitous language Relatively sized work Crafstmanship One piece flow Values Kanban Definition of done Simplicity Image: Transparency Frequent delivery Customer involvement Technical excellence Working solutions Teamwork Human interactions Self organisation Customer collaboration Emergent design Responding to change Continuous improvement Agile Knowledge… Sustainable pace Servant leadership
  25. Agile Knowledge… ■ Agile Manifesto ■ Books ■ Podcasts / Webinars ■ Agile Conferences and Meetups ■ Societies: Agile Alliance, Scrum Alliance, Lean Systems Society Image: ■ Agile readiness and maturity assessments: The Nokia Test, SAMI, ThoughtWorks Agile Assessment ■ Certifications: CSM, PMI-Agile, ICAgile
  26. Technical Skillset… ■ Software Developer: Craftsmanship, Code Katas, Polyglot programming, Coderetreat, Open Source Contribution, PeepCode ■ Business Analyst: IIBA, BPMN ■ Test / QA: ISTQB, Exploratory testing, Automation skills, Bug stomps, Specification By Example, Testing communities, ■ Project Manager: PMI / PRINCE2, Servant leadership, Team dynamics ■ System Engineer: Technical Certifications, ITIL, DevOps ■ …or whatever skills will make you better at your key role
  27. Business Experience… Image: ■ Agile Business Processes: Agile in the Business, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Beyond Budgeting ■ Financial skills ■ Marketing skills ■ Human Resources skills ■ Business Domain knowledge: Market awareness, future trends and directions ■ Run / start a business
  28. Facilitation Skills… ■ Techniques: Brainstorming, Affinity Image: Mapping, Wisdom of the Crowd, Icebreakers, Futurespectives ■ Achieving session goals and objectives ■ Being neutral / impartial ■ Keeping focus ■ Achieving concensus with conflicting priorities and opinions ■ Keeping decisions and actions visible
  29. Training Skills… ■ Learning Models: Shu Ha Ri, Graphic, Audible ■ Matching learning to content and audience ■ Teaching through demonstration: “Training from the Back of the Room” ■ Games: Innovation Games, Image: Gamestorming, Tasty Cupcakes ■ Mentoring post-training ■ Alternative delivery methods
  30. Coaching Skills... Coaching Models: ■ GROW Coaching Model ■ PrOpER Coaching Model ■ Results Coaching Model Image: ■ 3 days, 3 things, 3 weeks ■ Integral (AQAL) Model ■ CLEAR Model
  31. GROW Coaching Model Aim: Set long term objective Goal Objective: Agree specific Assessment: Invite self objective for session assessment Topic: Agree topic for Examples: Offer specific discussion examples of feedback Assumptions: Avoid or Reality check assumptions and Range: Cover the full discard irrelevant history range of options Options Suggestions: Invite Action: Commit to action suggestions. Cautiously Obstacles: Identify offer suggestions Choices: Ensure choices possible obstacles and Wrap are made how to overcome. Agree support Up Aim: Make steps specific and time bound
  32. PrOpER Coaching Model Review the outcome. Did Pick a problem to work on. you improve things? Watch how the team Even if things Problem works. What needs to be haven’t improved, have improved? you learned something? Review Options Consider your options. What could you try Experiment that might influence Pick one option to try. the situation for the better? List at least three options.
  33. Results Coaching Model Current Reality Habits Actions Insights Questioning Permission Desired Outcome
  34. Dodgeball Model Image: © 20th Century Fox
  35. Common Coaching Anti-Patterns… ■ Trying to change too much ■ Losing objectivity Image: ■ Staying too long ■ Being too theoretical ■ Being inflexible ■ Getting influenced ■ Avoiding tough conversations
  36. Agile Tips… Coach Image:
  37. and have a clear exit plan Start with the end in mind… Know when to leave Image:
  38. Be the change you want to see… Roll up your sleeves and show them how its done
  39. Keep your distance… Don’t become part of the team
  40. Ask the team… Make the team responsible - you don’t have all the answers Image: © Universal Television
  41. Step by step… Don’t change everything at once, create a learning environment
  42. Just the facts… Separate fact from emotion Image: © Universal Studios with insightful questions
  43. Make what you measure… Select simple metrics, measure regularly and Image: make visible
  44. Agile is only a means to an end… Adopting Agile should increase business value and reduce risk
  45. Wrap Up… Image:
  46. Adrian Smith Agile Coach Questions? @adrianlsmith Craig Smith Agile Coach Download this presentation at: @smithcdau Suncorp Group includes leading general insurance, Ennova is a software development company that specialises in banking, life insurance, superannuation and helping businesses optimise their use of technology. We are investment brands in Australia and New Zealand. passionate about what we do and have embedded Agile and Lean The Group has around 16,000 employees and thinking into our approach to everything. This enables us to rapidly relationships with nine million customers. It is a Top deliver high quality software solutions that provide long term business 25 ASX listed company with over $95 billion in value. Our Agile and Lean consulting services draw on an diverse assets. Suncorp has five core businesses: Personal experience base that spans the engineering, manufacturing, Insurance; Commercial Insurance; Vero New construction and financial services industries. Additionally, Ennova is Zealand; Suncorp Bank and Suncorp Life. These are active in the development of software products and therefore has first supported by corporate and shared services hand practical experience in the application of Agile and Lean divisions. methods. ( (