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Scrum Masters:The Full-Time Role Conundrum


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Presentation by Craig Smith at Scrum Australia 2013 in Sydney in March 2013. The Scrum Guide defines the Scum Team as being made up of three primary roles: Product Owner, Development Team and Scrum Master. The role of the Scrum Master is often misunderstood, particularly by management, so often questions start to get asked such as “can I share the Scrum Master across teams”, “can the Scrum Master do Project Management” and “can the role be rotated”? In this talk we will take a look at some of the misconceptions around the Scrum Master role, discuss how it fits into the organisational structure and tackle the age-old question of whether the Scrum Master is a full time role. We will also look at an improvement plan template to help Scrum Masters improve in their role.

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Scrum Masters:The Full-Time Role Conundrum

  1. 1. Craig SmithScrumMasters: The Full-Time Role Conundrum
  2. 2. Welcome…Image: © Charles M. Schulz / Universal UClick
  3. 3. Show of Hands… Image:
  4. 4. “ Scrum is an agile framework for completing complex projects. Scrum originally was formalized for software development projects, but works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. The possibilities are endless. The Scrum framework is deceptively simple. …No matter which impetus stops work,Scrum Scrum ensures that the most valuable work has been completed when theDefined “” project ends. What Is Scrum (Scrum Alliance)
  5. 5. Deliver Stuff Right Deliver the Right Stuff at the Right Time Image:
  6. 6. Define a Scrum Master? Image: © Universal Pictures
  7. 7. “ The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring Scrum is understood and enacted. Scrum Masters do this by ensuring that the Scrum Team adheres to Scrum theory, practices, and rules. The Scrum Master is a servant-leader for the Scrum Team.Scrum The Scrum Master helps those outside the Scrum Team understand which of theirMaster interactions with the Scrum Team are helpful and which aren’t. The Scrum Master helps everyone change theseDefined interactions to maximize the value created “” by the Scrum Team. The Scrum Guide, 2011
  8. 8. What Scrum Masters do Image: © Agile Learning Labs
  9. 9. Pushing TinImage: © Regency Enterprises / 20th Century Fox
  10. 10. Manifesto for a Scrum
  11. 11. A Scrum Master
  12. 12. Dealing with theMisconceptions Image: © Hanna-Barbera
  13. 13. Full Time Role
  14. 14. Employment Trends
  15. 15. Traditional Scrum Teams Scrum Master Development Team Product Owner
  16. 16. Team Size? Image:
  17. 17. Traditional Enterprise Teams Development Team Management Chicken
  18. 18. Scaling Scrum Teams
  19. 19. Reality of Enterprise TeamsCustomer Outsourced Teams Offshore Teams Product Owner/s Part Time / Working Scrum Master/s From Home Or Agile coaches Other Internal Teams Management Development Teams
  20. 20. How do we dealwith the Enterprise?Image: © Scott Adams / Universal UClick
  21. 21. Water Scrum Fall Upfront Iterative and Controlled, project adaptive infrequent planning approach to production process that achieving the release cycle typically overall plan that is happens that was first governed by between IT laid out in the organizational and the Water stage. policy and business. infrastructure limitationsWater-Scrum-Fall
  22. 22. Scaled Agile Framework
  23. 23. One or Many Teams? Image:
  24. 24. Survey Results The 7th Annual State ofAgile Development Survey, 2012 (VersionOne)
  25. 25. So What Do We Do All Day? Image:
  26. 26. Scrum Master DutiesTime % Daily Scrum Backlog Planning Retrospective Monitor Storywall Showcase Reporting Monitor Impediments Calculate Velocity
  27. 27. About 20%... Scrum Master Duties ???Time % in a two week sprint
  28. 28. 42 Tasks for a Scrum
  29. 29. A Scrum Master
  30. 30. So How DoI Help The Team? Image: © Matt Gorening / Gracie Films / 20th Century Fox Television
  31. 31. Project Analyst / Manager CustomerProduct Owner Elaboration / Acceptance Specification Criteria High Scrum Master Performing AGILE Automation Developer Tester Good Agile Team
  32. 32. Image:$T2eC16N,!yUE9s6NDMjfBQw8YIZ1-g~~60_57.JPG Head
  33. 33. The Full Time Role Balance Scrum Master Skillset Core Skillset100 80 60 40 20 0 Forming Storming Norming Performing
  34. 34. Things Don’t (Shouldn’t) Stay the Same Image: © Universal Pictures
  35. 35. Kanban?Image:
  36. 36. Who keeps pushing aperforming team? Image:
  37. 37. Conflict
  38. 38. C Level Leader Career Yellow Brick RoadExecutive Leader Agile Coach Scrum Master Team Leader Image: Product Owner Project Manager Architect Other Business Developer Tester Roles Analyst
  39. 39. Shu Ha RiImages: © Dreamworks Animation / Paramount Pictires
  40. 40. Scrum MasterScrum Master Competencies? Image:
  41. 41. Training Agile Skillset Knowledge Coaching Scrum Skillset Skillset Master Mastery Facilitation Admin. Skillset SkillScrum Master Competencies Image:
  42. 42. Team Practices Team Practices Co-location Refactoring Daily standup Continuous integration Iteration Planning Practices (Acceptance) test Customer Showcase driven development Retrospective Automated deployment Adaptive release plan Incremental design & Cross functional team architectureRequirements as stories Principles Domain driven design Planning / story wall Technical spikes Informative workspace Exploratory testing Burn up/down charts Collective code Parking lot diagrams ownership Success sliders Ubiquitous language Relatively sized work Crafstmanship One piece flow Values Kanban Definition of done Simplicity Image: Transparency Frequent delivery Customer involvement Technical excellence Working solutions Teamwork Human interactions Self organisation Customer collaboration Emergent design Responding to change Continuous improvement Sustainable pace Agile Knowledge Servant leadership
  43. 43. Administrative Skills Mastery Administrative■ Storywall Organisation■ Work Area■ Booking Workshops / Meetings■ Collecting metrics■ Tool organisation■ Wiki gardening■ Skilful use of pens, paper, scissors, sticky tape, blu-tac Image: reich/270586d1322432055-allo-allo-c0083506-telephone_switchboard_operator-_1914-spl.jpg
  44. 44. Skillset Mastery■ Mastery of core domain: software development / testing / business analysis / project management■ Knowledge of other domains in team■ Knowledge of business domain to facilitate communication with Product Owner Image:
  45. 45. Facilitation Skills■ Techniques: Brainstorming, Affinity Mapping, Wisdom of the Crowd, Icebreakers, Futurespectives■ Achieving session goals and objectives■ Being neutral / impartial■ Keeping focus■ Achieving concensus with conflicting priorities and opinions■ Keeping decisions and actions visible Image: Flipchart1-Asio.JPG
  46. 46. Training Skills■ Learning Models: Shu Ha Ri, Graphic, Audible■ Matching learning to content and audience■ Teaching through demonstration: “Training from the Back of the Room”■ Games: Innovation Games, Gamestorming, Tasty Cupcakes■ Mentoring post-training■ Alternative delivery methods Image:
  47. 47. Coaching SkillsCoaching Models:■ GROW Coaching Model■ PrOpER Coaching Model■ Results Coaching Model■ 3 days, 3 things, 3 weeks■ Integral (AQAL) Model■ CLEAR Model Image:
  48. 48. Scrum Master Improvement Plan Ri(Expert / Coach) Ha(ScrumMaster) Shu (Prac.)
  49. 49. So What Can WE Do?Image: © Chuck Lorre Productions / Warner Bros. Television
  50. 50. Avoid Scrum-But Avoid Scrum Master- ButStephen Hillenburg / United Plankton Pictures
  51. 51. Scrum Master Wall Image: Agile 2012 Agile Coaching Wall Workshop
  52. 52. Measure Your Practices Image:
  53. 53. Educate & Improve Image: © Warner Bros. Television Distribution
  54. 54. Deliver Value…Land Those Planes! Image:
  55. 55. Full Time Role? Image: © Fuzzy Door Productions / 20th Century Fox Television
  56. 56. Craig SmithQuestions? @smithcdau