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Agile governance The New Disinfectant


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Panel Presentation from Agile Australia 2012 on Agile Governance featuring Pete Tansey, Paul Watson, Renee Troughton, Carolyn Smart and Sarah Pollard

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Agile governance The New Disinfectant

  1. 1. Agile Governance – The New Disinfectant A Panel Discussion
  2. 2.  Software Education - Pete Tansey (moderator) Suncorp - Paul Watson Telstra - Carolyn Smart General Manager, Enterprise Program Management BankWest - Sarah Pollard Ministry of Social Development – Renee TroughtonPanel Introductions
  3. 3. Agile = delivering projects right Agile governance =delivering the right projectsAgile Governance 101
  4. 4. “Agile Governance is like a disinfectant: it will purify things and help start the healing, but first it’s going to sting like hell!”The new disinfectant
  5. 5. The flow
  6. 6.  Existing PMO removed Standardized flow and tracking Size does matter Accounting rules do matter Have weak gates Build in strong quality check for capability growth Agile CoE champion ownership of the process Measure waste and VSM Seek forgiveness, complete “tank” supportKey elements
  7. 7. Agile Project Lifecycle and Governance
  8. 8.  Agile projects follow normal PMO processes Agile projects follow standard PMO cost control processes Scope tracked in project cardwall with Customer driving prioritisation of work Project go/no-go decision every four iterations Hard approval gates before iterations start, none after PMO processes modified to support Agile Other project methodologies leveraging Agile methodsAgile Project Lifecycle and Governance
  9. 9.  Agile is integrated into standard company governance processes  Business Cases are still required  Project funding is released incrementally based on value delivered  Project Check Points (PCPs) at each Release Project Check Points Evaluate value Revise Determine delivered & Stop / Go Business Case funding for cost Decision & Release Plan next Release performance  Reporting of all projects is managed through an enterprise system (Clarity) - Reporting of Agile iterations (e.g. burn downs) is managed at the local Agile team levelGovernance and FundingFor Agile Projects at Telstra
  10. 10. Corporate Delivery Methodology Idea Launch & Solution Definition Design & BuildDevelopment Review Launch Ready Decision Control Decision Control PIR Point 1 Point 2Agile Delivery Methodology Initi-ate Discover Evolve Operate Project Check Project Check Point Point Release 1 Release 2 Release 3 It1 It2 It3 It4 It1 It2 It1 It2 It3Governance FrameworkFor Agile Projects at Telstra
  11. 11. New Project Asset/Application Business and IT Existing Baseline & roadmap requests Strategy Projects Portfolio Governance PORTFOLIO FUNNEL Portfolio Governance Managing WIP to increase throughput Doing the right work Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project Governance Project 4 Project 5 Doing the work right Project GovernanceGovernance at 2 levels
  12. 12. Continuous Budget Level Project Level Improvement Governance Governance PROBLEM /Agile Projects – BT and Business INNOVATION Strategic Innovation and X Regulatory Operational Process BIGGER Problem BIGGER Idea Brief Brief Everyday Problem Solving Major Events • “A” Size Project Fast Track • “B” Size Project Deploy “D” Size • “C” Size Project Deliver Just Do It Enhancements Initiate Concept SOLUTION SOLUTION SOLUTION DEPLOYED DEPLOYED DEPLOYED Levels of Governance