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Gamification and Agile


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Presented at the Lean and Agile Systems Thinking Conference in Melbourne 2012 this presentation covers what games are, what the key elements of a game are, how these relate to our day to day lives and importantly what can we learn or utilise more of from game for Agile Software Development.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Gamification and Agile

  1. 1. Gamification and Agile LAST Unconference 2012
  2. 2. Are you a gamer? The Agile Revolution Podcast 2 Agile Forest Blog
  3. 3. Are you a gamer? The Agile Revolution Podcast 3 Agile Forest Blog
  4. 4. But this myth needs to be broken The Agile Revolution Podcast 4 Agile Forest Blog
  5. 5. Role players? The Agile Revolution Podcast 5 Agile Forest Blog
  6. 6. Board anyone? The Agile Revolution Podcast 6 Agile Forest Blog
  7. 7. What about some sports? The Agile Revolution Podcast 7 Agile Forest Blog
  8. 8. The game of life? The Agile Revolution Podcast 8 Agile Forest Blog
  9. 9. Gamification and Agile The Agile Revolution Podcast 9 Agile Forest Blog
  10. 10. Games don’t have to be video games • Creation • Role playing • Board • Sports • Work • Agile The Agile Revolution Podcast 10 Agile Forest Blog
  11. 11. Rule #1: Clear goals There needs to be clear and defined goals or outcomes that have to be achieved. The Agile Revolution Podcast 11 Agile Forest Blog
  12. 12. Rule #2: Constraints There must be set rules in place to limit how you go about achieving the goal. By limiting obvious approaches to receiving the goal you are forced to think creatively or strategically. The Agile Revolution Podcast 12 Agile Forest Blog
  13. 13. Rule #3: Real time feedback The environment must provide feedback telling us how we were progressing as playing or when the game is over. Even if we loose it needs to provide us feedback so that we know how close we got, motivating us to try that little bit harder. The Agile Revolution Podcast 13 Agile Forest Blog
  14. 14. Rule #4: Voluntary participation They must be voluntary. No one forces us to play them. The Agile Revolution Podcast 14 Agile Forest Blog
  15. 15. Agile games created for learning Practice War Project Snapper Eurotrip 2012 Rule 1: Clear outcome/goal Kanbanopoly Rule 2: Built in constraints Rule 3: Real time feedback Bigheads Rule 4: Voluntary participation Car Change Game Achievements Board The Agile Revolution Podcast 15 Agile Forest Blog
  16. 16. Practice War Design intent = understand the Agile framework more deeply The team is not Showcases celebrating what Vaowcases they have achieved The Agile Revolution Podcast 16 Agile Forest Blog
  17. 17. Project Snapper Design intent = What does it feel like as a Scrum Master when a project is not setup for success? The Agile Revolution Podcast 17 Agile Forest Blog
  18. 18. Eurotrip 2012 Design intent = Project Management in Agile will always come down to tradeoffs Destination: Louvre Museum Destination: Moulin Rogue Country: France Country: France City: Paris City: Paris Cost:80 Cost:400+ 100 (babysitting) Size: 8 Size: 4 Dependencies: EuroHub->Paris Dependencies: EuroHub->Paris Priority: Restriction: Night and parents only Priority: Destination: Eiffel Tower Destination: Seine River Cruise Country: France Country: France City: Paris City: Paris Cost:150 Cost:280 Size: 3 Size: 2 Dependencies: EuroHub- Dependencies: EuroHub->Paris >Paris Restriction: Night and parents only Priority: Priority: The Agile Revolution Podcast 18 Agile Forest Blog
  19. 19. Car change game Design intent = Get comfortable with change The Agile Revolution Podcast 19 Agile Forest Blog
  20. 20. Achievements Board Design intent = Do Agile practices and method All aboard! Risky business Pepa PiG Show and tell Working on all Superheroes! cylinders Socially bound I don’t mind a good Back to the Future Back to the Future II Back to the Future III From Russia with love game of blackjack too Forward thinking Have a say The Borg Venus Yesterday’s weather Like a G6 was rain The Agile Revolution Podcast 20 Agile Forest Blog
  21. 21. What does this mean for software development? The last decade has been focused on social systems – connections The Agile Revolution Podcast 21 Agile Forest Blog
  22. 22. Game dynamic #1: Appointment A dynamic in which to succeed one must return at a predefined time to take a predetermined action. The Agile Revolution Podcast 22 Agile Forest Blog
  23. 23. Game dynamic #2: Influence & Status The ability of one player to modify the behaviour of another’s actions through social pressure. The Agile Revolution Podcast 23 Agile Forest Blog
  24. 24. Product Status The Agile Revolution Podcast 24 Agile Forest Blog
  25. 25. Game dynamic #3: Progression A dynamic in which success is granularly displayed and measured through the process of completing itemised tasks. The Agile Revolution Podcast 25 Agile Forest Blog
  26. 26. Game dynamic #4: Communal discovery A dynamic wherein an entire community is rallied to work together to solve a challenge. The Agile Revolution Podcast 26 Agile Forest Blog
  27. 27. Game dynamic #4: Communal discovery Online gamers solve AIDS retroviral puzzle for scientists es/zoran/NSMBfoldit-2011.pdf The Agile Revolution Podcast 27 Agile Forest Blog
  28. 28. Where can I find out more? The Agile Revolution Podcast 28 Agile Forest Blog
  29. 29. Where can I find out more? The Agile Revolution Podcast 29 Agile Forest Blog