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Working in the Social World: Complex Adaptive Systems


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Keynote presentation from Defrag 2012

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Working in the Social World: Complex Adaptive Systems

  1. Working in the Social World: ComplexAdaptive Systems Rachel Happe The Community Roundtable @rhappe @TheCR
  2. The World Is Changing
  3. The Pace of Technology Is Accelerating Source:,31813,2048601,00.html
  4. …and cheaper and more pervasive andmore overwhelming
  5. …But Human Performance Is Not Improving Source:
  6. Humans Are Exposed
  7. A Perfect Storm of Change Is Rolling In Technology Currents Social Currents •  Social media •  Globalization •  Mobile •  Economic insecurity •  Cloud •  Political polarization •  Big data •  Demographic shifts •  Pace of technology •  Environment Changes •  Anxiety/Retrenchment
  8. Complex Adaptive Systems
  9. Independent Agents
  10. Boundaries
  11. Catalysts
  12. Hierarchical Groups of Agents
  13. Compounding Feedback Loops
  14. Hidden Levers
  15. Non-Linear Performance
  16. Tension: Agent Vs. System Optimization
  17. Tension: Stability Vs. Resilience
  18. Succeedin g in AComplex World
  19. Finnish Schools: A Systems Approach •  Goal: Equal access to quality education •  Simplify requirements & governance •  Push decision-making and responsibility to individual agents (teachers) •  Focus on vetting new agents in the system (inputs) rather than measuring/fixing outputs •  Results: Finland ranks 2nd in the world in performance and pays 33% less than the U.S. per pupil
  20. W.L.Gore: Democratizing Innovation •  Goal: Our products are designed to be the highest quality in their class and revolutionary in their effect. •  Simple governance: no traditional organizational charts, no chains of command, nor predetermined channels of communication. •  Push decision-making and responsibility to individual agents (associates) •  Focus on vetting new agents in the system rather than measuring/fixing outputs •  Results: $3B in annual sales
  21. Community Maturity Model TM
  22. 1.  Simplify the coreStrategy 2.  Build platforms 3.  Stop competing
  23. 1.  Simplify 2.  Trust Leadership3.  Cede control
  24. 1.  More effective barriers to entryCulture 2.  Push decision- making to the edges 3.  Systems that assume competence
  25. 1.  Facilitate performance [Community]2.  Model behavior Management3.  Translate
  26. 1.  Create scaffolding Content/ 2.  Ride wavesProgramming 3.  Enable advocacy
  27. 1.  Simplify2.  Enable agency Policies &3.  Decentralize Governance
  28. 1.  Develop platforms 2.  Provide tieredTools information architectures 3.  Build for agility
  29. 1.  Understand obliquity2.  Measure system inputs Metrics &3.  Don’t measure Measurement system outputs/ results in isolation
  30. About The Community RoundtableMission:  Advance  the  Business  of  Community   Services  1.  Champion:  Advocate  for  the  needs  of  community   •  TheCR  Network   business  owners  and  teams   •  TheCR  Focus  2.  Educate:  Provide  training  soluGons  to  community  &   •  TheCR  Advisory   social  business  leaders   •  TheCR  Research  3.  Curate:  Aggregate,  document,  and  share  community   •  Community  Management   management  best  pracGces   Training  Member  OrganizaGons  &  Clients   Leadership  Team   Rachel  Happe   Principal  and  Co-­‐Founder   @rhappe   Jim  Storer   Principal  and  Co-­‐Founder   @jimstorer
  31. TheCR’s Solutions We develop client competencies through training, professional development and research Start Build Grow TheCR Training TheCR Training TheCR Training • Community Lead • Community Team • Stakeholders TheCR Network TheCR Network TheCR Network •  Community Lead •  Community Team •  Community TeamStage Stage Stage Stage 1 Research 2 Research 3 Research 4 •  TheCR Focus for •  TheCR Focus for •  TheCR Focus for Executive Sponsors Executive Sponsors Executive Sponsors •  TheCR Focus for •  TheCR Focus for TheCR Advisory Stakeholders Stakeholders •  Executive Education TheCR Advisory TheCR Advisory •  Stakeholder •  Stakeholder Education Education •  Workshop •  Workshop
  32. TheCR’s ServicesOur services are designed to educate different audiences at different stages of the social business journey TheCR Network Training A membership-based network of On demand and in person training community, social media and social modules for a variety of community business leaders which provides: roles: •  Peer and expert interaction •  Report library of peer practices •  Specialist/Moderator •  Tools and templates •  Community Manager •  Professional concierge services •  Social or Community Strategist TheCR Focus TheCR Advisory A monthly report subscription Industry experts that deliver providing insights gleaned from customized solutions in the following practitioners and for: ways: •  Executive sponsors •  Keynotes •  Operational stakeholders •  Workshops •  Advocates and part-time •  Retained Advisory community managers
  33. TheCR Thought LeadershipOur research platforms educate the market, inform our services, andenable partner services State  of  Community   The  Social  Execu6ve   Management   TSE  looks  at  execu6ve   The  SOCM  provides   adop6on  and  the   insight  on  community   TheCR’s research portfolio linkage  between   programs  and  prac6ces,   business  strategy  and   learned  from  leading   is designed to provide a the  use  of  social   prac66oners.     comprehensive view of technologies.   how leading organizations are succeeding in social business. Career  Path  of  the   Community  Maturity   ModelTM   Community   Professional   By  capturing  the   This  research  looks  at   maturity  of  different   compensa6on,  roles   organiza6ons,  we  help   and  experience  of   the  market  mature   community   more  quickly.   professionals.