Verbs with '-ing' Clauses


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Verbs with '-ing' clauses

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Verbs with '-ing' Clauses

  1. 1. Verbs with ‘-ing’ Clauses
  2. 2. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesMany verbs are followed by and ‘-ing’ clause.The subject of the verb is also the subject ofthe ‘-ing’ clause. The ‘-ing’ clause begins withan ‘-ing’ form.
  3. 3. Verbs with ‘-ing’ Clauses The most common of these verbs are:• verbs of saying and thinking admit deny imagine recall consider describe mention suggest
  4. 4. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesHe denied taking drugs.I suggested meeting her for a coffee.Note: all of these verbs except for ‘describe’can also be followed by a ‘that’-clause.He denied that he was involved.
  5. 5. Verbs with ‘-ing’ Clauses• verbs of liking and disliking adore dislike enjoy like mind detest dread fancy love resent
  6. 6. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesWill you enjoy using it?I don’ t mind telling you.‘Like’ and ‘love’ can also be followed by a ‘to’-infinitive clause.
  7. 7. Verbs with ‘-ing’ Clauses• other common verbs avoid finish miss resist commence involve postpone risk delay keep practise stop
  8. 8. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesI’ve just finished reading that book.Avoid giving any unnecessary information.
  9. 9. Verbs with ‘-ing’ Clauses• common phrasal verbs burst out end up go round put off carry on give up keep on set about
  10. 10. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesShe carried on reading.They kept on walking for a while.
  11. 11. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesNote: some common phrases can be followedby an ‘-ing’ clause.can’t help can’t stand feel likeI can’ t help worrying.
  12. 12. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesAfter the verbs and phrases mentioned on theprevious slide, you can also use ‘being’followed by a past participle.They enjoy being praised.I dislike being interrupted.
  13. 13. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesAfter some verbs of saying and thinking, youcan use ‘having’ followed by a past participle.admit deny mention recallMichael denied having seen him.
  14. 14. Verbs with ‘-ing’ Clauses‘Come’ and ‘go’ are used with ‘-ing’ clauses todescribe the way that a person or thingmoves.They both came running out.I went sliding across the road out of control.
  15. 15. Verbs with ‘-ing’ Clauses‘Go’ and ‘come’ are also used with ‘-ing’nouns to talk about sports and outdooractivities.Did you say they might go camping?
  16. 16. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesSome verbs can be followed by an object andan ‘-ing’ clause. The object of the verb is thesubject of the ‘-ing’ clause.catch imagine prevent watchfind leave stop
  17. 17. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesIt is hard to imagine him existing without it.He left them making their calculations.Note: ‘Prevent’ and ‘stop’ are often used with‘from’ in front of the ‘-ing’ clause.I wanted to prevent him from seeing that.
  18. 18. Verbs with ‘-ing’ ClausesMost verbs of perception can be followed byan object and an ‘-ing’ clause or a base form.I saw him riding a bicycle.I saw a policeman walk over to one of them.
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