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A perfect pitch in 10 Slides


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How to make the 10 slides you need for the perfect pitch

Published in: Education
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A perfect pitch in 10 Slides

  1. 1. 10 Slides for a Perfect pitch
  2. 2. • The Purpose of a pitch • Generating interest to get a second meeting • Keeping it concise, simple and clear • Covering every aspect of your proposal • Providing lots of detail 10 Slides for a perfect pitch
  3. 3. • 10 slides is enough. • Never exceed 15. • The more slides you need, the less compelling your idea is. 10 Slides for a perfect pitch
  4. 4. Title • Company name • Your name and title • Address • Email • Cell number
  5. 5. Problem/Opportunity • Describe: • The problem you are solving • The pleasure you are providing
  6. 6. Value proposition • Explain the problem you solve or the pleasure you provide.
  7. 7. Underlying magic • Describe the underlying technology, the secret sauce, or magic of your product. • Use simple diagrams, schematics and flow charts. • Use as little text as possible. • If you have a prototype, use it.
  8. 8. Business model • Explain: • Who has ‘the money’ now? • How are you going to get it?
  9. 9. Go-to-market plan • Explain how you are going to reach your customer.
  10. 10. Competitive analysis • Provide a complete overview of who your competitors are. It is better to have too many than too few.
  11. 11. Management team • Describe the key players of your management team. • Name your most important investors. • It is okay if you don’t have a perfect team yet because that is the reason for your pitch.
  12. 12. Financial projections and key metrics • Provide a three-year forecast containing: • Money • Key metrics, such as number of customers, conversion rate, etc. • Do a bottom up forecast, not top down.
  13. 13. Current status, timeline and use of funds • Explain the current status of your product. • Explain what the future looks like. • Explain how you are going to use the money you are trying to raise.
  14. 14. For more presentations, visit: resources for teachers and learners of English