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Oct. 4, 2011 webcast top 5 tips for building viral social web applications and sites jonatjan le blanc

Taken from lessons and technologies from "Programming Social Applications", this webcast will cover the top 5 tips that every web and application developer should know for using social techniques to increase traffic, build viral channels, and increase community involvement. We will look at mistakes that companies make when building social features into websites and applications, and how to prevent and solve those problems with open source technologies and techniques. This will take us on a tour of implementations from real products and showcase how emerging open source social technologies can be used to build rich social ecosystems. Presented by: Jonathan LeBlanc

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Oct. 4, 2011 webcast top 5 tips for building viral social web applications and sites jonatjan le blanc

  1. 1. for socializingapplications and websites.Open Source foundation.
  2. 2. Build for the relevant social & interest graphs
  3. 3. When do you integrate social outreachchannels in your products?
  4. 4. Follower ModelConnection ModelGroup Model
  5. 5. • First round of “Mafia Wars” as an initial game partner for YAP in 2009. Failed to produce high install rates and difficult to integrate.• Second integration of “Mafia Wars” and “FishVille” in late 2010. Higher install rates, new viral channels and little integration pain.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. finger jleblanc@yahoo-inc.comLogin name: jleblancIn real life: Jonathan LeBlancHome phone: 123-4567Office: San Jose, CALast Login: Tue Oct 4 12:41 on ttys000jleblanc@x.com
  8. 8. curl<XRD xmlns= xmlns:hm=> <hm:Host xmlns=></hm:Host> <Link rel=lrdd template={uri}> <Title>Resource Descriptor</Title> </Link></XRD>
  9. 9. curl dtechnologist@gmail.comThe User Profile: portable contacts link: public Google Buzz feed:
  10. 10. Understand your sharing model and integrate early
  11. 11. The Opt-in ModelThe Opt-out Model
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. • Is the content coming from a trusted source?• How does the publisher prevent spam or abuse?• How does the publisher ensure the quality of the updates?
  15. 15. 1. Subscriber sends signed request to publisher (e.g. using Publisher performs discovery on endpoint to verify identity provider. • Webfinger • LRDD (Link-based Resource Descriptor)2. Provider verifies signature via public keys obtained during discovery.
  16. 16. Use the work that other companies have invested in
  17. 17. • Third round partner integrating with our social services.• They created their own OAuth implementation since we did not have an appropriate SDK.• Integration failed near completion of the code.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Geo<span class="geo"> <span class="latitude">52.48</span>, <span class="longitude">-1.89</span></span>vCard<div class="vcard"> <div class="fn">Joe Doe</div> <div class="org">The Example Company</div> <div class="tel">604-555-1234</div> <a class="url" href=""></a></div>
  20. 20. <html xmlns:og=""><head><title>Restaurant at Wente Vineyards – Livermore</title><meta property="og:url" content=""><meta property="og:type" content="restaurant"><meta property="og:title" content="The Restaurant at Wente Vineyards"><meta property="og:image" content="">...</head>...</html>
  21. 21. • Basic Metadata• Location• Contact Information• Video Data• Audio Data• Objects • Activities • People • Businesses • Places • Groups • Products and Entertainment • Organizations • Websites
  22. 22. Build for all available outlets
  23. 23. • Facebook was a primary outlet for Zynga when they integrated OpenSocial containers.• They built an abstraction layer on top of every platform. One game, multiple endpoints.
  24. 24. Foundation Specification for SocialApplications and Containers.Shindig is a practicalimplementation of OpenSocial.Partuza is a sample socialcontainer.
  25. 25. Use emerging social technologies
  26. 26. Failure to move quickly on newtechnologies.Security prevented innovation.Not seen as a technology leader.
  27. 27. Do you or your companies allottime for emerging technologies?
  28. 28. Authorize applications andsites to do something on yourbehalf.Signing done on side ofintegrator.Lengthy integration process.
  29. 29. Significantly improvedintegration time.Communication over HTTPS
  30. 30. Jonathan LeBlanc Twitter: @jcleblanc E-Mail: jleblanc@x.com
  31. 31. Special Offer for Webcast Attendees Programming Social ApplicationsVisit to view upcoming webcasts and online events.