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GSP East 2008: Open Social: Open For Business


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Google is involved with many efforts to make the social web more real, more useful, and more open. This session will cover the latest release of OpenSocial & recent implementations on popular social platforms like MySpace hi5, aol and imeem.

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GSP East 2008: Open Social: Open For Business

  1. OpenSocial: Open for Business
  2. Agenda OpenSocial intro and status OpenSocial Platforms: Google Platforms: Orkut, IGoogle, Friend Connect hi5 Platform MySpace Platform imeem Media Platform AOL Platform Conclusion Q&A
  3. Patrick Chanezon OpenSocial API Evangelist
  4. OpenSocial A common API for social applications across multiple web sites
  5. A standard for everyone This work by Eliette Chanezon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License
  6. OpenSocial Foundation OpenSocial Foundation Keep the specification open Specifications discussed in public forum Spec evolves using an open source community process
  7. OpenSocial Containers friendster ®
  8. OpenSocial Numbers 88 days old 275,000,000 users 66,000,000 installs 2,000+ apps 20,000 developers 10,000,000 daily app users
  9. Standards-based html+javascript+REST+oauth
  10. Why should you care about OpenSocial? Developers: Distribution >275 Million users Containers: Features Users: More applications
  11. OpenSocial Client API JavaScript - version 0.7 production Standard Web development technologies HTML + Javascript Can integrate with 3rd party server REST Services Based on Atom publishing protocol AtomPub and JSON
  12. OpenSocial JavaScript API The core OpenSocial Services include People & Friends Access friends information programmatically Activities See what you’re friends are up to Share what you are doing Persistence Provide state without a server Share data with your friends
  13. People & Friends Example Requesting friend Info function getFriendData() { var req = opensocial.newDataRequest(); req.add(req.newFetchPersonRequest(VIEWER), 'viewer'); req.add(req.newFetchPeopleRequest(VIEWER_FRIENDS), 'viewerFriends'); req.send(onLoadFriends); }
  14. Server-side REST Services Accessing People information /people/{guid}/@all -- Collection of all people connected to user {guid} /people/{guid}/@friends -- Collection of all friends of user {guid} -- subset of @all /people/{guid}/@self -- Profile record for user {guid} /people/@me/@self -- Profile record for requestor
  15. OpenSocial ServerSide Integration Options In addition to using the provided persistence API... Establish a quot;homequot; site where gadget can phone home to retrieve, post data Can host home site on your own, or use services: Amazon EC2 Joyent Google AppEngine
  16. Cloud Computing
  17. Google AppEngine and OpenSocial Create an App Engine app as your backend! Use makeRequest() to call back to your AppEngine server Utilize AppEngine's datastore New OpenSocial Apps are coming online BuddyPoke... Checkout Lane Liabraaten’s OpenSocial-AppEngine integration article Google IO Code Lab about OpenSocial Apps in the Cloud
  18. Resources For Application Developers Specification Code Samples and Tools Sandboxes
  19. Container Sites control policy Check the Environment Getting information Viewer information may not be available or it may be hidden from you Call requestPermission API that can prompt the users Spreading your application Activities display under container control RequestSendMessage RequestShareApp Monetization and Installation
  20. Becoming an OpenSocial Container Question: How do you become an OpenSocial container? Answer: Utilize existing Open Source container code. The Apache incubator project “Shindig” serves this purpose!
  21. Apache Shindig What is Shindig? Open source software that allows you to host OpenSocial applications Is currently an Apache Software Incubator project Heavy partner involvement (Ning, hi5 …) Serves as open source reference implementation of OpenSocial & gadgets technologies It’s Goal: “Shindig's goal is to allow new sites to start hosting social apps in well under an hour's worth of workquot;
  22. Apache Shindig Info... Apache Shindig Website
  23. SocialSite SocialSite is an Open Source project that allows you to turn your web application in an OpenSocial container Leverages Apache Shindig Built by Sun (Dave quot;Rollerquot; Johnson), announced at JavaOne this month Adds a database and widgets to manage your social network
  24. SocialSite Architecture Details at
  25. iGoogle Google's Personalized Homepage Each page is as unique as the person who creates it Private page focused on content The original home of gadgets iGoogle Users Tens of millions worldwide One of Google's fastest growing products the past two years 50% in the US and 50% outside Supported Languages and Countries
  26. iGoogle
  27. iGoogle Sandbox Progress and Roadmap 4/21: Sandbox launched 5/19: UI improvements pushed to sandbox Coming soon: Updates to the Themes API As available: OpenSocial API updates Consumer Release Plan June: Canvas view and updated UI Later this summer: OpenSocial, Updates, Notifications More details as we approach releases
  28. iGoogle Sign-up for the Sandbox Stay up-to-date Feedback and Discussion Chat on IRC
  29. Orkut: Stats 11th largest website in the world (source: Alexa) >60M active users (source: Comscore) Significant presence globally. Dominant in Brazil and India OpenSocial Stats: OpenSocial available to ~50% of users Directory contains 120+ applications Millions of apps installed
  30. Orkut: OS Timeline To Date.... November - Sandbox launched December - v0.6 January - v0.7 March - Limited release April thru May - Launch to ~50% of all orkut users Coming soon..... June - Complete rollout to all users Q3- Release support for v0.8
  31. Orkut: OpenSource Foundations Shindig Gadget rendering service Tens of millions requests per day for Orkut Active community Home of the reference implementations In the works.... Harmonized RESTful API & OpenSocial JS OAuth services for gadgets Better security through Caja We do minimal customization Quickly replacing lots of custom code
  32. Orkut - Developer communication Reference ( Blog ( Forum ( Recommendations Latency - Less than 5 seconds on the canvas and less than 2 seconds on the profile Security - Use signed makeRequest calls and escape all info entered by the user (including profile fields!) Respect the user - No auto-play, auto-activities, or sharing information
  33. Integrating OpenSocial manually... This work by Eliette Chanezon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License
  34. ... requires some coding This work by Eliette Chanezon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License
  35. Google Friend Connect Users ... more ways to do more things with my friends Site owners ... more (and more engaged) traffic for my site App developers ... more reach for my apps sign up for the preview release
  37. Paul Lindner Platform Architect
  38. hi5 Platform Open For Business Since April 2008 100% Available All 80+ million Users Intense 3 month effort by 5 person team. Java Shindig Based. ~ 40 servers 700+ Apps 50% have Installed at least 1 App Median # apps/user is 3 Full Featured and Very Viral!
  39. Views - Profile
  40. Views - Preview
  41. Activity Updates hi5 Friend Updates are displayed on the user’s profile and their friends’ homepages
  42. Notifications Lightweight message sent to a user notifying them of some event. No action required, expire after 2 weeks, and limited to 5 per app/user/day
  43. Email Limited to 1 per user/app/day
  44. Invites Invites are requests sent from a user to a friend inviting them to install an application. Requests do require action on the part of the recipient.
  45. Directory
  46. What's Next? Continued Improvements to User Experience Improved Directory More User Control More Developer Tools and Analytics Translation Tools OAuth and OpenID with OpenSocial Hooks OpenSocial 0.8 Mobile/Desktop Integration Lots More Apps More and more APIs
  47. Get Involved!
  48. MySpace Developer Platform Overview OpenSocial on MySpace – now 7 months old, soft-launched back in February, public launch March Supporting REST APIs – over a year old #1 social network in the US 110+ million active users 12% of all Internet minutes are spent on MySpace Not just the 14-25 market, 45% of users are over 35, 40% Twice the size of nearest competitor MDP supports 24 languages currently
  49. MySpace Developer Platform Why Develop For MySpace? Unique demographic of users not found on any other social networks Forthcoming metrics / analytics focused on small to medium developers Big Media / Entertainment / Sports / etc advertising and endorsements already established and expected by users User base is so large, you just need to get a small portion of our users by popularity not virality
  50. MySpace Developer Platform Some Metrics 60K registered developers 1800+ applications 15M+ installations In only 3 months! Start building the next killer apps, people!
  51. MySpace Developer Platform Developer.MySpace.Com Forums Blogs Weekly Release Notes Testing Tools Sample Apps
  52. MySpace Developer Platform Helping out the community IRC – #myspacedev Email – Twitter – MySpaceDevTeam DevJams Range in length from 2-8 hours, devs bring their laptops and get first hand instruction and help from MDP team members Recent DevJams Mexico City, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Berlin, Seattle, Stockholm, San Francisco Next DevJams Flying from here to Madrid, Florence, Paris, London Free Application Press Releases Apply at Editorial Picks in Featured Apps
  53. MySpace Developer Platform Uniques to MySpace Developer Platform Videos Photos Photo Albums Blog Comments Profile Bulletins Indicators (new messages, notifications, invites, etc) Mood Status Friendship
  54. MySpace Developer Platform What's coming? Application Communication Channel Custom notifications Invites - requestShareApp Metrics / Analytics to level playing field
  55. imeem imeem is the leading social network where users can discover, interact and express themselves with media, including music, video and photos. Audience • Third largest social network in the US (comScore, Quantcast) • 24 million unique users each month to Personal Expression through Music and Media • Upload unlimited amounts of music, video and photos to customizable user profiles • Free on-demand and interactive streaming • Create custom playlists (music, video and photo) • Connect with fans with similar media tastes • Embeddable playlist widgets for any third party site (Facebook, Friendster)
  56. imeem Media Platform
  57. imeem Media Platform Types of Applications Adobe ActionScript 3 Flex Apps OpenSocial JavaScript APIs External IFrame
  58. OpenSocial Extensions imeem-specific OpenSocial JavaScript API extensions Access to imeem media metadata, including music, videos, and photos example: //imeem - search media var req = opensocial.newDataRequest(); var imeemReq = new imeem.opensocial.DataRequest(); req.add(imeemReq.newFetchSearchRequest(quot;linkin parkquot;, imeem.opensocial.DataRequest.MediaType.MUSIC), quot;searchquot;); req.send(onLoadSearch);
  59. Showcase Applications The Echo Chamber http://www.imeem. com/apps/dv9fKtNyta/canvas/ Estelle Widget Anywhere.FM
  60. Showcase Applications
  61. Showcase Applications
  62. Showcase Applications
  63. imeem Media Platform Developer Home Developer Documentation Developer Forums Developer Blog
  64. myAOL is a convergence of more mainstream (yet fun and useful) personalization features, savvy feed reading tools and a content discovery service – all layered on a portable, personalization platform that will be ultimately coupled with social networking components. Since beta launch: 4 brands (AOL, HP Commercial, Hp Consumer, Compaq Consumer) 16 locales (12 languages) - more on the way 55 myAOL portals 2-3 new locales per month open from the start working with 3rd parties to offer Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Ebay, Topix, various Google Gadgets and YourMini's widgets
  65. myAOL... Gadgets! myAOL is an AJAX based web application (uses Dojo) Today's widgets Standards based microformat widgets written in ModuleT ModuleT based on standard HTML+CSS+AJAX enabled Javascript Moving to Google Gadgets Gadget security was key to AOL adoption OAuth instead of username+password Iframe+Caja keeps your users and their data safer More tech details were presented at Google I/O by someone who actually knows this stuff. His name is Eric. I'm sure he'd be happy to tell you more if you ask nicely. Although he has no time because he's busy writing code to make all this work.
  66. Last Slide. Important Stuff. Thnx. myAOL portal launching soon with Gadget support Adding Open Social support soon after Launching dev site for developers to submit their Gadgets to our gallery For developers... Access to a different audience than iGoogle and others Access to our existing OpenAuth based API's (please see Naveed in the Exhibitor's Hall for deets...he's got lots of handouts about our API's. tell him I sent you. it'll make him smile) Contact:
  67. Summary OpenSocial is making the web more social The current version 0.7 is in production REST API and 0.8 coming soon Developers can start creating social applications today Orkut, Myspace, hi5, Netlog open to 275 M users now iGoogle, IDTail, Hyves, imeem sandboxes LinkedIn in Q3, Social sites: implement OpenSocial get Shindig and start planning SocialSite Friend Connect Advertisers: create brand advertising Apps now
  68. Questions