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Hands On With OpenSocial and Embedded Experiences

  1. Hands On With OpenSocial And Embedded Experiences #openapprevolution
  2. About Us • Stanton Sievers – Stanton has been a software developer at IBM since 2009. His most recent work includes OpenSocial integration into the enterprise world using cool concepts like Embedded Experiences. • Ryan Baxter – Ryan has worked for IBM for three years. His primary focus during this time has been working on public APIs for Lotus Notes. Recently he has become involved with the OpenSocial foundation, and over the past year has been working on several enhancements to the OpenSocial specification while at the same time providing implementations of these enhancements throughout IBM's products. @ryanjbaxter #openapprevolution
  3. Agenda • Gadget XML Overview • What is Embedded Experiences? • Lets Go Play In The Sandbox! • Building an Embedded Experience Live! #openapprevolution
  4. Gadget XML Overview #openapprevolution
  5. Embedded Experiences • Allow application developers to embed content from their applications inside OpenSocial 2.0 containers • Data Model - JSON and XML "embed" : { "gadget" : "", "context" : { "title" : "Hello World", "id" : 123 } } #openapprevolution
  6. Payload in MIME Email From: To: Subject: Social Network: Mary Has Commented On Your Status MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="XXXXboundary text" Mary has commented on your status. --XXXXboundary text Content-Type: text/plain Mary has commeneted on your status. --XXXXboundary text Content-Type: application/embed+json { "gadget" : "", "context" : 123 } --XXXXboundary text Content-Type: text/html <html> <!-- HTML representation here --> </html> #openapprevolution
  7. Lets Go Play In The Sandbox! ● The sandbox is a sample collaboration environment to test out your OpenSocial 2.0 gadgets. ● Built on top of a daily build of Shindig 3.0 ● All the content is static and stateless ● Lets take a look → #openapprevolution
  8. Follow Along 1) Download Gist: 2) Open EEStartHere.xml in a text editor or Google Gadget Editor ( 3) Code!!! 4) Optionally upload the final gadget XML to Google Gadget Editor ( 5) Add it to the sandbox #openapprevolution
  9. Questions Ask Us Anything! (And come see us at the OpenSocial table during Happy Hour!) #openapprevolution
  10. Resources ● OpenSocial Spec: ● Embedded Experiences Spec: ● OpenSocial Sandbox: ● Sample Gadgets: ● Embedded Experience Tutorial: #openapprevolution