Familiar Faces Chapter Fifteen


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Familiar Faces Chapter Fifteen

  1. 1. Welcome back to Familiar Faces! Chapter Fifteen: Things That Make You Go Hmmm
  2. 2. By the middle of a sims journey through university their thoughts are less on their studies and more on what they will be doing once they leave campus; and who they will be doing those things with. They've had two years to scope out the possibilities and many of them will start focusing on one certain individual that captures their attention and their heart the most.
  3. 3. Other sims will continue to scope the possibilities with no thoughts of actually settling down and spending their lives with one specific individual. These sims will spend the remainder of their university time grabbing as much variety as they can fit into their portion of oats to be sowed.
  4. 4. At the end of our last chapter Demi Familiar and Chay Nova had just become the first of the generation five couples most likely to couple to make it official and become engaged. While I promised that we'd have more engagements coming up, don't worry I'm not going to do a play by play of ever couple in the generation. Even I'd get bored if expected to ooh and ahh over the nearly twenty match ups that were made for the members of this generation.
  5. 5. But I did spend a good deal of time working up the scene for Cort to make his move and he'd be pretty disappointed if I didn't let him shine. Don't however expect a bunch of gushy words from Cort, his three outgoing points combined with his single nice point makes gushing a thing not done.
  6. 6. His three serious points quickly got the point across to Celeste. And she grabbed up the gold ring that was adorned with a single diamond cut in the shape of a grilled cheese sandwich and shoved it on her finger before he could say psych! The newly engaged couple then adorned to his dorm where they were able to partake of the platter of grilled cheese that was previously unable to be pried from his inventory on the community lot.
  7. 7. There was one couple that was did not get engaged as quickly as expected. Anytime that legacy heir David mentioned the possibility of getting engaged to long time girlfriend Juliet, she'd just giggle and remind him that they had plenty of time to talk about the future, in well the future. "I'm not going any place David I don't need a ring to know that we love each other. I'm happy with things the way they are now. I don't want them to change, and I'm afraid that if I take the ring that they will change." She'd then whisper something into David's ear and the two of them would quickly adjourn to the hot tub
  8. 8. Satisfied that she'd successfully distracted David once again from his desire to force her into a commitment she wasn't yet ready to make; Juliet wasted no time in proving to his various cousins that she was single and ready to mingle. The problem was that Juliet wasn't very umm discrete about her extra curricular love life. Though it appeared David was unaware of her behavior she was quickly becoming known to everyone else as the campus skank.
  9. 9. Rumors were being spread all over the place and the family was less concerned over what would happen IF David found out than WHEN he found out. Of course some family member's took finding out that Juliet was openly affectionate with less concerns for David's feelings than others. *Juliet's easy? SCORE!*
  10. 10. It wasn't that David was unaware of Juliet's activities so much as oblivious to them. He'd catch her in a compromising positions quite often only to marvel at how comfortable and friendly she seemed to be with everyone. *She's gonna make a great wife, she's already friends with almost everyone in the family*
  11. 11. When any of his friends tried to approach him about the situation and about how popular she seemed to be with the guys on campus it would just go in one ear and out the other. "Of course she's popular Coop, have you seen her? She's gorgeous! What guy in their right mind wouldn't want to get with Juliet? Everyone knows she's my girl and that just adds to my prestige, they may want her but I have her."
  12. 12. And indeed when the two of them were together it did seem that David and Juliet were made for each other. Often, openly and embarrassingly affectionate with each other, no matter their audience. David seemed happy and all his family and friends wanted him to be happy so they didn't press the issue, knowing that eventually it would all work out one way or the other. And in the meantime there were parties to attend.
  13. 13. "Come on folks, lets get this party started! Dance till you can't dance till you can't dance no more!" "Anyone?" "Come on people! Some of you must want to dance?"
  14. 14. "Gah Dwight, when I asked you to pick out some classic jams to play at the party I meant music people might actually want to dance to. I don't think that 'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins' qualifies." "What? Come on Dave, Leonard Nimoy does Tolkien? what's more classic than that?"
  15. 15. "Why are we dancing to this? Do you notice we're the only one's dancing?" "Just keep smiling, we're making our youngest son happy." "While embarrassing the heck outa our oldest son in the process." (In unison) "WIN"
  16. 16. Dwight's quite the geeky little romancer, his personality defiantly doesn't suit his aspiration. But he stoically continues to march towards his goal of 20 woohoo's and he's got a string of girls that continue to call and ask him out for additional dates downtown most of which he accepts, occasionally two or three in the same night. His outing and date gifts have upped the value of the Greek house almost as much as the entire scholarship fund for this generation.
  17. 17. But despite his success as a romancer when he's invited to a party at one of the other lots he's rarely to be found fighting for a position in a hot tub with his companion of choice. When he can't grab one of the instruments he's generally found playing games with his friends or family members and if he asks to bring a friend to a party it's almost sure to be his grandma. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course, even at 80 Betty is the life of the party.
  18. 18. Chris wasn't quite as successful in the romance department as his cousin Dwight was, a problem which he tried to reason away by his being banned from the repetitive use of the wishing well. Personally I'd say the reason for it was less the lack of wishing well usage than his apparent inability to pick the right targets for his advances.
  19. 19. But then in the mid part of Junior year Chris met Sadie Landry, a fellow romancer and a member of the secret society. After a few hesitant dates it quickly became obvious to everyone that Chris was in a word whipped. He was seriously considering forgoing his romancing ways but before he did so he wanted some advice from the two men he'd come to admire most.
  20. 20. Which was how Kiernan Tricou, zombie and grandfather found himself doing the very thing he'd refused to do so many times in the past. Spending a Saturday at the park fishing with his son had never been high on his list of pleasurable activities to partake in. "I can't believe what I'm hearing from you kid. You're a romance sim but you keep rolling the want to get engaged? Without rolling up the fear of getting engaged? The girl's got you twisted up. Kid she's got you by the err soccer equipment." "Chris do what feels right, just cause you're a romance sim doesn't necessarily mean you wouldn't be happy married. Just make sure that whatever decision you make that it's your heart telling you what to do and not your err soccer equipment."
  21. 21. "You know Chris when you called and asked me to hang out with you today cause you wanted some romantic advice, I thought we'd be sitting in a bar with a couple of brews right about now whistling at hot dames not standing here with sticks in our hands talking about marriage, with your father." "Fishing is supposed to be the manliest of manly bonding activities and you two need manly bonding as much as I needed advice from both of you."
  22. 22. "Sides this is fun, isn't it Dad? Look at this one I just pulled in, sure is a big one. Gonna make good eating."
  23. 23. "Yeah sure, this is thrilling Clint. No idea why I never thought I'd enjoy it. I musta been crazy or something. Have we bonded enough yet to go grab a beer?" "Beer's good" "I could do beer"
  24. 24. *Now this is more like it!* "Kid, do what feels right for you. But listen to your dad he's giving you good advice. If you love her, if you really love her, grab hold of her and don't let her get away."
  25. 25. By the end of junior year Kiernan was a semi regular visitor to the Greek house for a variety of reasons. He was getting to know his grandchildren better and getting some zombie loving in the process. All in all he was pretty happy man . . . err zombie.
  26. 26. It took a little while for the kids to adjust to the thought of their friend DJ and their grandfather (their grandfather for goodness sakes!) being an item. The first few times he showed up for meals unannounced they were pleased, but once they realized that the moans and groans coming from DJ's room weren't just her normal zombie mutterings they didn't know whether they should be disgusted or embarrassed
  27. 27. When Clint was let in on the affair during one of the traditional Greek house toga parties he wasn't so much disgusted as he was embarrassed Here he was about to be an elder and secretly hoping that his son would return home with a bride and present him with a few grandchildren to dandle in his old age and there was his father pinching a college girl's rear end.
  28. 28. Of course if he'd seen his wife at that dorm party the week before he'd have been even more embarrassed I was quite amused by it myself, at first I was a bit confused by how I'd gone four generations without noticing that one of my mascots was gay. But then I hovered the mouse over the character and realized that it was just Lucy in her away from home Llama costume. Lucy never managed to grab Cale's attention which was just as well since he was about to be immersed in his own drama.
  29. 29. "Caleb Familiar how dare you flirt with Cassia while I'm in the hot tub making out with your brother! I thought you were special I thought you cared for me!" "What do you mean Charlotte? You mean you and Caleb? And Cale! how could you betray me like that!" "Bro keep that one occupied while I distract this one, we've gotta fix Jenn's screw up before it becomes a cat fight." Okay so sue me, I have twenty six of em here at UNI I was bound to make a mistake at some point. Originally I had Cale matched to Cassia and Caleb to Charlotte but then I realized that they actually worked better the other way around and I was happier with two family/fortune matches instead of a family/family and a fortune/fortune, so I had the brother's trade girlfriends. My main concern about them being caught was problems between the brother's but since no slapping actually occurred the incident only caused minimal damage.
  30. 30. "Cassia shiny distraction right here in front of you, pay no attention to the man kissing his girlfriend by the hot tub I know I should be doing this somewhere fancy and have fancy words to go along with the ring, but I'm a simple guy and I simply know that you're the only one I want. I hope that you'll agree to be my wife. I got you a ring, it's a big one, fortune sims like big rings I've been told." Cassia London to Caleb Familiar and Cale Familiar to Charlotte Familiar that takes the cousin/cousin matching to four so far for the generation.
  31. 31. The cutest of the cousin to cousin match ups of the generation however goes to Chip Familiar and Collette Dreamer. Of his immediate cousins Chip's the one that reminds me the most of his grandfather Aaron, and since I adored his grandfather I of course adore him and wanted to find a very special girl for him. Collette fit the bill wonderfully. As a pop with a five top business want she'll receive eager assistance from her fortune minded man when it comes to running the shops. But the sweetest part of their relationship came after the mutual locked wants to get engaged were fulfilled. Collette immediately rolled up the want to be friends with her future mother in law, Meadow.
  32. 32. Least appropriate cousin to cousin relationship of the generation goes to Cael Familiar and Bailey (Dreamer) Indie. She stalked him through several semester's worth of parties before he surceased Like many of my knowledge sims Cael is fairly dense, and after Bailey got his attention he single mindlessly rolled up wants to get engaged to her on a daily basis. Hello she's married! Goes to prove my point that commitments in the sims world are meaningless to everyone but the two who are supposedly committed Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson
  33. 33. A little less dense than other knowledge sims, Bailey knew that the sure fire method for keeping husband Mitch distracted after catching her in bed with boy toy was to tell him what a hotty she thinks he is. "Hey you're a cute one, you should call me sometime. Not now though I'm a bit busy seducing college boy over there." Like I said she's a little less dense, not a lot, but a little. Whatever, the distraction worked and there wasn't any slapping done.
  34. 34. Dun Dun Dun Dun It's secret society time again oh my! At this point I'm not at all excited about SS memberships, the only thing that the SS means to me is a constant nightly loading of the lot. My plans thus far to lower the number of SS members on campus has failed miserably and without a whole scale slaughter it won't get any better.
  35. 35. For a large part the kids of this generation aren't that thrilled about their SS membership any more than I am. Who wants to be the part of any club that doesn't see the beauty and joy of a grilled cheese sandwich?
  36. 36. To be fair the SS isn't all that thrilled that certain members of the Greek house are to be abducted either. I'm guessing that officer Kitty has heard the rumors about Juliet and just can't believe that such a prestigious group as the Familiarity Foundation is into recruiting skanks this year.
  37. 37. I think this picture illustrates best why I dislike the secret society lot. And no I don't mean the tombstone icons that are indicating that yet another member tried to steal Aubrey's cake that part of it gives me a giggle. It's the shear number of members that are crowded into this picture that makes me hate the SS or more particularly the SS lot. The fact that I had to go through the process of SS abduction over twenty times this generation did not bring me any joy.
  38. 38. The death's mean that David can fulfill his ambitions to carry on the work of past generations of Familiars and create additional zombies to be enlisted into the Unnatural Army. After a discussion with Uncle Bob the decision was made that only those SS members that live in the primary Greek house will have authorization to recruit additional army members. Any deaths that occur while non resident family members are on the lot will remain dead. Hopefully those deaths will start to cut down on the total SS membership.
  39. 39. Death total for the generation was eight or nine. Three zombies were created, and the rest of the graves were left on the SS lot as a warning to all future members. And maybe we'll have some deaths from SS member's being scared eventually. I doubt that will happen though since there's been a frozen dinner smoking in the oven here all generation and it just won't catch on fire.
  40. 40. After the newest zombie invasion occurred I started to really wonder about Dwight. He started rolling romantic wants for all the newest female zombies. He wasn't all that attracted to them he just had a fetish.
  41. 41. Soo, David you're a senior and you're still not engaged. What are we going to do about this kiddo? "I want to get engaged to Juliet, I tell you that constantly and yet you won't let me do it." Well see the problem is that I like to have my sims agree between themselves when it comes to commitment and Juliet's been holding out on us. I'm frankly perplexed, I've never had a family sim that didn't roll the want to get engaged to somebody at some point during university. And whenever I try to force things on you all it tends to backfire. "Jenn I've read the family history, he'd never admit it now but Dad never rolled the want to get engaged to Mom. He wanted to marry great Aunt Amelia and you nixed that and had him propose to Mom. Are you going to tell me that their marriage was mistake and that the plan backfired on you? Mom and Dad are the happiest couple I know, I don't see what more you'd want." Point for you David, maybe you're right and it would be okay.
  42. 42. But David, the difference between your parents relationship and yours and Juliet's is that after your father fell in love with your mom he never looked at another woman. Juliet's been in love with you just as long as you've been in love with her and yet *sigh* well I hate to tell you this but hon she's looked, she's looked really really hard. "I know" What? You know? "I know" ___ And yes this conversation is reminiscent of my conversation with Cary when he was in UNI, I like talking to my sims while they are playing in the tub. The bathroom is generally the only private place at the Greek house.
  43. 43. Jules, here's the deal, he wants to marry you. He's always wanted to marry you, nothing you've done to him so far has changed his mind on that issue. Dave's like his father that way, single minded and focused. He won't look at anyone else as long as he's looking at you. I understand that family sims tend to be a bit desperate for affection until they commit to a relationship. But once you commit I'm expecting you to straighten up. Hurt him and there's not backup plan for you, you'll be out. If you mess this up I won't be tossing you a cousin as a consolation prize. Think about it.
  44. 44. And so they got engaged, and I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.
  45. 45. "Familiar! Your house is a disgrace to it's Greek name, you've yet to make a positive showing in any of the intramural sports tournaments. So far the mascot's have wiped their feet on you in every event and not even broken a sweat over it! It's time you put your house in order, time you lived up to your heritage and time to make a name for yourself! I expected much more from you Familiar."
  46. 46. Yes it was true so far the Familiar Greek house hadn't done as well as they'd hoped in the intramural sports events in which they'd chosen to participate. At first it had seemed that Caden was a shoe in for chess cheating easily winning his first match against the professor's teams entrant and even raking the chess team captain over the coals. But when it came time to take on the mascot team we found they'd tossed in a ringer there was no way that Caden could have beaten Brady Schehl.
  47. 47. It seemed that when it came to intramural the mascot's didn't care who was representing them as long as they won, the llama's and the cheerleaders had gone to their arch enemies the cows and they'd made a deal. Join forces and we'll let you win all the fights this generation. So far the cows had been wrecking havoc on the sporting field. It seemed they couldn't loose. It wasn't just chess cheating, they'd stuffed their pillows with bricks and taken the pillow fighting competition in seconds. When it came time for baseball they'd ignored bats and gone straight for faces. Tag football had turned into Rugby and even the most benign events were made mockery of, if they couldn't win they'd gross out their competition and send em home crying.
  48. 48. Brady had taken to stopping by the Greek house on a daily basis to rub their noses in his repeated victories. When he was unable to get a rise out of the house member's themselves he took to beating up the staff. It had taken everything the family could do to keep long time man maid Jason from quitting and frankly David was sick of all the extra tipping involved.
  49. 49. The only event left that the Familiar's had any chance at all to grab a gold with was puddle splashing. It was a fairly new event that had been added to the intramural list since the advent of seasons. Since puddle splashing is an event that the Familiar's partake of all the time, it seemed to be perfect for them, but who would grab the spot as representative for the Greek house?
  50. 50. The entire family got into the training program, run off matches were held, and some got a little too much into their training. Caine London was disappointed not to be chosen as part of the final team but he was philosophical and claimed that he felt freer and less inhibited that ever before. For years afterward Caine could occasionally be found on community lots puddle splashing for tips.
  51. 51. Those members of the family that weren't trying for team placement helped to judge the possible entrants. They based their judgments solely on how little embarrassment the particular routines would bring to the family name.
  52. 52. There were a few minor injuries during the try outs, Cameron had to drop out of the competition when a stray lightening bolt brought his aspiration level to the red and he was unable to continue due to fears of a repeat performance.
  53. 53. Scouting out the competition lead cow Brady to take to heavy drinking. He knew from experience that the Familiar's wouldn't put a nice or a neat sim into the competition. There would be no possibility to force a disqualification by poking or belching. Familiar's don't cry they fight back. Brady would have to actually work for this win.
  54. 54. The morning of the competition dawned bright and clear, discussions were held as to whether their should be a no rain delay. Finally a weather machine was brought onto the field and after a few adjustments the rain was coming down in buckets and puddles were forming all across the field. Let's listen to the play by play
  55. 55. 'Taking the field for Familiar Greek is non other than Demi Familiar. Ms Familiar is said to be a natural at the event. I was able to take a moment and speak to Demi prior to her taking the field and she seemed very hopeful. She stated that she's been participating in the sport since she was a child and has always taken delight in rainy days. Let's hope that attitude shows through during her routine.'
  56. 56. 'Professors Love and Flieg while not actual entrants into the competition are really getting into the spirit of the event and putting on a quite a show for the audience. It will be interesting to hear what the judges have to say regarding their performance.'
  57. 57. 'In a surprising move Brady the cow has added in additional flourishes not before seen in puddle splashing. His fans are going wild on the sidelines and the Familiars are noticeably looking a bit edgy. What a spectacular performance for the mascot team! Will Demi be able to move it up a notch and catch the cow by the tail?'
  58. 58. 'The Familiar Greek section seems to think so! They've rushed the field and begun chanting her name and cheering her on! What a show of team spirit!'
  59. 59. 'But what's this? Did Brady try to hard? Tossing in those fancy jumps and moves leads to a cow flop, ooh that's had to hurt. His fall will surely reflect poorly on his final scores. Such a disappointing finish for this promising young athlete.'
  60. 60. 'And it's a brilliant finishing move for Demi Familiar the crowd goes wild, they were not expecting her to do this!'
  61. 61. 'And here comes Mr. Schehl over to congratulate the winner. This is the kind of good sportsmanship that we love to see between young athletes. Doesn't it just warm the heart?'
  62. 62. 'Then again, a cow's just a cow.'
  63. 63. To celebrate Demi's win Familiar Greek held one last toga party for the year. They were entering into the home stretch just one more semester to go.
  64. 64. Demi met each of her guests out front and accepted their congratulations and good wishes. Some asked if she was planning to carry on with her career and enter the simlympics. Demi denies having any plans for doing so, all that extra practice would cut into her dumpster diving time.
  65. 65. The party was going quite well until all of a sudden Juliet suddenly discovered morals. "How dare you kiss your fiance in front of me Christopher! I can't believe you'd kiss Sadie!" "Jules, you've been kissing David in front of me for four years. Hypocritical much?"
  66. 66. Over the next few weeks Juliet discovered she quite liked passing judgment on the activities of her male 'acquaintances'. There was hardly a gathering on campus that wasn't at some point during the evening interrupted by shouts and slaps as Jules caught all her past flings with their current girlfriends and fiances. David normally enjoyed watching the arguments as they were to him an indication that she was getting over her wandering eye and narrowing down the number of possible rivals for her affection and time.
  67. 67. But then it happened. It really was just a matter of time of course. I'd been expecting this for four years, I'm just amazed that it took so long.
  68. 68. It wasn't as if David hadn't been present for other indiscretions in the past it was just that the various mods I play with hadn't kicked his jealousy into full gear. I'd hoped that getting them engaged would force Juliet into more circumspect behavior what it actually did was force David into being more apt to catch her in the act.
  69. 69. An angry sim with one nice point isn't a pretty thing to see and I had expected this to cause a slap fest of major proportions. It didn't, David was furious but never laid a hand on either Juliet or Calvin. His relationship levels with Juliet bottomed out while hers remained at 100/100
  70. 70. The end result was that David wouldn't have anything to do with Juliet while Juliet didn't seem to have a clue as to why he was mad at her. Which pretty much fits her personality thus far, she's disregarded Davids feelings since day one and carried on as if nothing mattered except her own desires.
  71. 71. "What did you think I would say at this moment When I'm faced with the knowledge That you just don't love me Did you think I would curse you Or say things to hurt you 'cause you just don't love me no more Did you think I could hate you Or raise my hands to you Now come on you know me too well How could I hurt you when darling I love you and you know I'd never, never hurt you-oo-wo-oo... "
  72. 72. "So what are you going to do Dave, you can't just keep ignoring the situation. Eventually you've got to either talk it over with Juliet and move forward or you've got to move on alone. You can't just keep giving her the cold shoulder." "I don't know what I want to do DJ, I'm only ignoring it until I make up my mind. It's not like I didn't know what she was like before now, but for some stupid reason I really thought that getting engaged would make her change." "Tiger's don't change their stripes." "I think that's leopards don't change their spots." "Maybe it should be skanks don't change their stank"
  73. 73. "You're not helping here. I feel like it's all my fault, I kept pushing and pushing for us to get engaged, when I knew she didn't want it. I was like a puppy dog constantly begging for food and being happy with scraps. She finally said yes and I was so certain that everything would work out and that we'd graduate, get married and live happily ever after. Now I don't think I'm going to be able to trust her again. I'm not ignoring the situation DJ, I'm ignoring Juliet. Maybe if I ignore her she'll go away. But what am I gonna do if she goes away? I've loved her since high school." "Can you still love her even if you don't trust her? Trust and love go hand in hand, it's hard to have one without the other. Whatever you do you can't keep ignoring the situation, it's only gonna make it harder in the end." "I'm not ignoring the situation, the situation is always forefront in my mind. Hard to ignore it when every time I close my eyes I can still picture it. Hard to sleep too."
  74. 74. As much as he tried he couldn't ignore her, they lived together and if she didn't seem to notice that he was mad she did notice that he was spending most nights on the couch. Still he did a pretty good job of avoiding her, he never started any fights and never provoked her, he just didn't seem to notice she was there. It wasn't always possible.
  75. 75. "No Jules I don't want to hear the latest gossip." "Well okay hon, gah you've sure been moody lately. Finals getting you stressed? I know a really good way to relax what you say we go upstairs and I show it to you?" "Don't touch me okay, just don't touch me." "What is your problem?"
  76. 76. "What's my problem? What's my problem she asks? Jules I caught you in bed with my cousin! That's my problem." "Davey! We were just having fun, Calvin doesn't mean anything to me. You're the one I love you know that." "How do I know that? How do I know that you don't say the exact same thing to him or to Caleb or to Clay? We're engaged Juliet that's supposed to mean something, but I'm not sure anymore if it means the same thing to you that it does to me." "Is all this arguing turning you on as much as it's turning me on?" "Oh Wright Yeah!"
  77. 77. "I can't believe I just did that . . . .Again" Mean sims and arguing, it only ups the relationship scores.
  78. 78. Graduation day finally arrived, there would be a party that evening but the immediate family were all invited to spend the afternoon with the kids. Cass was on hand to get her lifetime want for graduating 3 kids from university fulfilled.
  79. 79. The pre-party gave everyone some quality time to spend with their parents without all the normal university party crowds. "Who says tiger's can't change their stripes?" "Dad, I think that's leopards can't change their spots?" --- Free will baby, Kiernan's a much nicer guy as a zombie than he ever was as a human.
  80. 80. "I just don't understand why he's so upset Mama Betty, I mean look at you you've had tons of relationships and slept with half the men in town and everyone thinks you're so great, but when I do the same thing everyone thinks I'm a slut." "Young lady, do not ever try to justify your behavior by comparing yourself to me. There's a huge difference between the way I led my life and what you've been doing to my grandson, I never made anyone any promises I didn't intend to keep. I never told any of the men I was with that I loved them and only them, nor did I promise them a commitment. What did I do to David by introducing you to him? Why did I ever think you could make him happy?" "I do make him happy Betty." "Not anymore, lately all you've done is make him sad."
  81. 81. "You know what Jules, Grandma's right you don't make me happy any more. I love you, maybe I always will, but I don't like you very much anymore. My indecision is only confusing both of us, it's not fair to you or and it's not fair to me. I don't want to hurt you but I can't live like this, and every day we go on and I pretend that nothing's wrong or that everything will work itself out in the end just makes it worse." "David, just stop it don't say something you're going to regret." "Like I don't already regret the past six years, six years Jules. What's one more thing to regret at this point? I'm done with regrets, it's over. When we leave here tonight we won't be leaving together."
  82. 82. "Frammit, I still love her."
  83. 83. And so they graduated. And they went home. What's going to happen next? Tune in later to find out. Until then, thanks for reading, and a happy simming!
  84. 84. *I'd hit it, oh wait I already have*