Familiar Faces Chapter Ten


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Familiar Faces Chapter Ten

  1. 1. Welcome back to Familiar Faces Chapter Ten: The Zombies Arise!
  2. 2. In the last chapter we introduced all the members of the Familiar family that are currently trekking their way thru their university experience. All the first cousins, descendants of Abe Familiar, live together here, in the family Greek house. The four second cousins that are descendants of Al Familiar, live across campus in their own home. Those four won't get much face time this chapter, but you will be seeing more of them and/or their descendants later on. For, despite the drama that erupts around them from time to time, the Familiar clan is a close knit group and they love nothing more than getting together for good times, laughter and slap fests.
  3. 3. So Cary at the end of the last chapter we tossed out a bit of a surprise, and brought Cassandra Goth forward as your potential mate, the two of you seemed to get along, what do you think about Cass? "I like her, she's pretty and she's fun. I don't know her that well yet, the party was over before we got to do much more than just talk. I guess we'll just have to see, but really I don't understand why I can't have Amelia." *sigh* We've been over this time and time again Cary, there's several reasons you can't have Amelia. The primary one being that you are the heir to the legacy and therefore must produce children with a legacy legal match and Amelia isn't legacy legal. Secondly she's your mother's cousin and even if she looks young at the moment she has less than a week till elder. Third and in my opinion most importantly, she's married and when he's not slapping her for accepting your flirt's Amelia and Bo are very happy together. "Yo! Cary get outa that tub I gotta tell you something important!"
  4. 4. "What's up Ben?" "Well you know my mom? She burned some spaghetti! Can you believe it? Ten cooking points and she burns the spaghetti!" "Yeah, yeah Ben, very funny. It was funnier the first hundred times you told me though. Don't you have anything new yet?" "Nah, sorry there's just not that much that goes on around here to talk about."
  5. 5. "What do you mean nothing exciting goes on around here? I just got Mr. Bricky to stand up all on his own!" There's nothing worse than a popularity sim hitting rock bottom and being forced to make friends with a brick. "If you'd let me throw a party I wouldn't have to talk to Mr. Bricky." Sorry Cher, parties scare me at the moment, you all are confined to one per semester for now.
  6. 6. "Do you two live in there? The hot tub is community property Clint, take her upstairs and use a bed for once, jeez."
  7. 7. "I said yes! I said yes! Voooo Gerbits!" Grats to Clint and Lucy for being the first couple of the generation to make it official, there will once again be a llama running around Familiarity. We've been missing that since Robin died. "Grats on the engagement bro, I'm gonna go scour the hot tub out now so it's useable again."
  8. 8. Clint and Lucy aren't the only two making beautiful music together. Contessa Rebecca originally was a friend of the Familiar's former placeholder Charles. She came to his graduation party and at one point followed him to a bring a friend party and that's where she met Bade. Ever since she brought Cassandra along with her at the last bring a friend party, Bade's been paying her a lot more attention.
  9. 9. "Rebecca, even though this is our first official date something tells me what we feel for each other is for real. And since we're both rolling up wants to get engaged and you haven't yet tried to bite me I think you might feel the same. Will you share a crypt with me forever?" "Oh Bade of the big beak, of course I will!"
  10. 10. "Now where did they hide that coffin?" Sorry Rebecca the coffin went home with Bob last generation, you'll have to fly off at dawn. "But he said forever" Forever starts in two semesters.
  11. 11. "Out of shape you say? Ha! I'd like to see you do one handed push ups!" Just smile and nod Cher, I'll cancel the action out as soon as he's gone don't worry.
  12. 12. "A fire here? This does not bode well for my first date with Cary. What if he's been injured? or Wright Forbid what if , what if, he's Stinky!?! ewww." "Nothing to worry about miss, it's just time for the daily dormie clean up at the Greek house."
  13. 13. "And then I'll run out on stage and jump to grab the mic like this and the crowd will roar and start chanting Cary! Cary! Cary!" "How exciting!" "Isn't it though? And after the concert when I get back stage there will be all kinds of groupies waiting for me hoping that I'll sling sweat on them or something. Hey! I just got an idea, you could be my stage slut if you want, you know the girl that's always there waiting to feed me grapes and wipe my brow?" "Well, when you put it that way how could I resist?"
  14. 14. "What Johnny? No I'm not calling you from a hen house, it's just the secret society police arresting Boris for cheating at chess." And the ball starts rolling again for the secret society inductions.
  15. 15. Seconds after Boris arrived at the Familiarity Foundation safe house, DJ Verse realized that a gate had been attached to Audrey's enclosure. At last there was food available at the foundation house again. There had been no food here since Al's visit, two generations ago, when those toaster pastries that burned were left the oven. The foundation members were all getting pretty hungry.
  16. 16. "I'd like to place an order for a zombie please! What yes I said I want a zombie! No I'm not going to be coy and pretend that I really want to bring my old dear friend back to life and I just don't know how much I'd need to spend or I don't have the money, the Unnatural Army needs zombies man!"
  17. 17. Welcome to the world of shuffling and stinking DJ, you are now the first college recruit for the UA. Don't mind Boris there for all he looks regretful, he's not at all, in fact he's rolling up the want to be your friend right this instant.
  18. 18. "You see ever since Jenn upped the number of people allowed on a lot at one time and the secret society generated those extra thirty or so members to compensate for it we've known that we'd have to decrease the numbers significantly in order to make movement on this lot possible. Now that she's found the no secret society regeneration hack we're able to set the plan in motion. What we really wanted were some of the folks with the bad custom hair choices, like Melissa here, to eat cake and die but we really can't be picky now can we?"
  19. 19. "And then DJ stumbled out of the building looking like this, groaning and moaning about brains all the way. An excellent specimen she is if I do say so myself."
  20. 20. "Like Boris would know an excellent specimen if one slapped him in the face. Sigh, we never should have sent the military man in first. All brawn and no brains, he could have at least acted remorseful in front of the others, now it will take awhile before any of them are hungry enough to grab the cake. We need to find a faster way to up our recruitment, I'll have to investigate this myself. "
  21. 21. "They're taking away my love, now I'll never find another sim willing to put a bag over my head while we woohoo" Hush now, she'll be back before the party is over, in fact I doubt you'll even notice the time while she's gone.
  22. 22. "Arrested for giving bad makeovers to dormies and for wanting to start your own breeding program with Apes."
  23. 23. "My kids are a shoe in for private school enrollment now" And all this time Bailey, I thought you really liked Eric, I was even resigned to little Gage wanna be's running around the hood. "Pff that ape, get real, now if he was a werewolf or a plantsim or something interesting I might have been willing to mix my genes with his, but ugly ain't nothing special."
  24. 24. "Arrested for being the only sim on campus to make it to senior year a virgin." "What? It's a crime that I'm saving myself for someone special?" It is when that someone special is going to be crafted on a workbench.
  25. 25. "They just don't understand me, but you'll understand me won't you Betsy?"
  26. 26. "Look Cher the mother ship is landing" "Where!!"
  27. 27. "Arrested for being the only one gullible enough to repeatedly fall for Boris's chess cheating" Poor Officer Kitty looks as bored with the constant secret society arrests as I am. "You have no idea."
  28. 28. Cher finally achieves her dream of getting membership into the secret society. It was the only thing she thought was important about going to university. Now that's she's here she realizes that there's really no point in it past the first 1,000 aspiration points gotten for meeting someone new.
  29. 29. "Well there's is the look on Aubrey's face when she popped out a piece of cake and Nikki plowed down three other girls in order to nab it. Kinda like throwing a bouquet into a pack of desperate thirty somethings."
  30. 30. "But I didn't know her so I can't make her a zombie and trying to fight my way thru the crowd to play pool's just not worth it. I can play pool at home."
  31. 31. "You know that I'm really happy you came over Johnny but I really need to finish this term paper. We don't have to spend every minute together why don't you go home and I'll call you when I'm done?" "That's okay hon, I'll just sit here and wait. Ever since everyone in the other house graduated I've been living on a little 2x2 lot with no furniture."
  32. 32. "Sides there's food here. I don't even have a mini fridge on my lot." Okay so I'll go decide what house you can afford alone rather than waiting until Cher graduates so that you can afford a more expensive model. Here I thought I was being nice. "Motherlode's nice, an empty 2x2 lot is just lazy." I don't motherlode my spare's Johnny sorry, you have to live on what you've got. "Plus whatever they can stash away in their bank account while they're kids." Well yeah, but we weren't gonna mention that.
  33. 33. "Is that all that's gonna happen? You're just gonna let Johnny announce off offhandedly that we graduated and let that be it? Where's the pictures of us all falling in love and throwing parties and starting fires?" Hate to break it to you Baird but you are the spare of a spare of a spare you're lucky you got an introduction. Heck you're lucky that your Grandfather was even moved out of the sim bin after his university chapter was over.
  34. 34. "Arrested for falling in love with a cheerleader and forcing an outgoing llama to another generation of Familiarity families"
  35. 35. "So Cass, Jenn's giving us some face time so that we can act as filler for a few minutes until Clint gets back from the SS house what do you say we use that time wisely?" "Oh Cary!"
  36. 36. *I wonder if everyone knows what we were doing up there?* Well they do now since you're advertising your little I just had woohoo thought bubble for everyone to see.
  37. 37. "Lucy! I just left you alone for an hour or so there's no reason to panic and try to kill yourself."
  38. 38. "I wasn't trying to kill myself you dunce! You told me to wait for you in the hot tub like usual and so I waited and waited and waited. Cary and Cass wanted to use it, but I knew you'd be here soon so I refused to budge and they had to go upstairs instead."
  39. 39. "Bailey's nuts, it's Lucy here that was almost killed and you don't see her falling to pieces now do you?" Bailey's desperately afraid of fires which in summer when there's lightning striking a tree every hour or so isn't very good for her mental facilities.
  40. 40. "Arrested for having a vampire for a fiance that no matter how many times you invite her over never even tries to bite you or anyone else." "I thought that was a good thing?" Yeah but I'm bored and I need a new vampire bite to swarm the neighborhood since I nuked memories before the last one could take proper effect.
  41. 41. "I'm a really boring heir All I do is play in the tub, I'm a really boring heir, I make toys and garden, I'm a really boring heir, Cause you won't let me invite Amelia over anymore!"
  42. 42. "Okay so two outa three, winner gets to pledge the new placeholder" Graduation is looming and both our pops have the want to pledge the same sim as a Greek house member, so we'll let them duke it out and then use the new member as a placeholder to replace Charles.
  43. 43. "Okay so let me get this right, you put a gate in Aubrey's wall so that someone would try to grab the cake and die. Then when I died, instead of ressing me back to normal you turned me into a groaning, moaning, stinky zombie. And now you want to abuse me even further by turning me into the placeholder for your Greek house?" "Essentially yes" "Sounds good to me! Where do I sign?"
  44. 44. "Arrested for being boring whenever your "Aunt" isn't around to cause drama with" "What do you all want? If I cause drama I get in trouble, if I don't cause drama I'm called boring. I can't win here!" I know Cary and I'm sorry but it's true, the only exciting thing you've ever done besides continually try to break up Amelia's marriage is burn dinner, and even Ben won't gossip over that.
  45. 45. "It's about time you all brought me in on your little secret society. Not only am I the heir and therefore rightfully I should have been the first one inducted but I'm also the only one in this generation that knew Nikki."
  46. 46. "Yes yes Grim we want another zombie down here. Nikki Zarabin was her name, sorry it took me so long to call but it took awhile for these idjits to catch on and let me get in here." I wouldn't call them idjits Cary, you're gonna graduate in a few days and then you'll be gone. They are the ones that are gonna have to live with another zombie in their midst.
  47. 47. Welcome to the world of the undead Nikki hope you like brains! "Yeah, yeah thanks for nothing, see if I ever nominate another Familiar to the secret society again!"
  48. 48. "Okay slime ball here's the score, we're one semester from graduation and you still haven't even had a decent conversation with Clint, let alone made an effort to befriend him. I've already made one zombie and Nikki had never done anything to deserve her fate. The only problem I have with turning you into a zombie is that it means you'll still be alive when it's over."
  49. 49. "You're all talk Cary, I know all about you and your little boring soft heart-ed ways. And I have no compunction over my relationship with Clint, I've tried to get him out of the hot tub to talk to him and he won't ever budge." You could always join him in the hot tub, it's a good way to build relationship points. "That deathtrap? That's what you'd like me to do isn't it? If I got in the hot tub you'd probably remove the fire alarm and laugh while I burned!" Dang foiled again.
  50. 50. "You know my "Nephew" Cary is one good looking family sim when he's delivering ultimatums like that" *And they call ME! a sleazy romance sim!*
  51. 51. "Why'd you have to take Tiffany off the legal legacy list Aaron? She and Cary woulda been spectacular together." "It just couldn't be helped, Bailey dear. Flash three bolts in Jenn's face and she goes melty and lets you have whatever you want. And when those three bolts are from an unlikely combination of Popularity and Knowledge she's so amazed she doesn't even think about the future ramifications."
  52. 52. Three bolts for Mitch huh Bailey? aww that's soo sweet, of course you can have him even though he's legacy legal. I'm just a bit surprised that you want him, I felt sure you'd be more interested in one of the vampires or something a bit more unusual than just another pretty face.
  53. 53. "Have you seen how limber he is? I mean this man is amazing! Sides I think he's got good potential to be a plantsim, think of the genetic experiments I could do with spore babies!"
  54. 54. "Alright everybody I soaked in the hot tub for almost twenty-four hours and now I'm officially a member of Familiar Greek! Whose gonna come invite me to move in?" ... "Anyone? I've got a signed contract here, you can't back out now!"
  55. 55. "Welcome to the family DJ! We're happy to have you with us, now please go upstairs and take an actual bath, apparently twenty-four hours in the hot tub isn't enough to cure your stink"
  56. 56. "I understand that you were pressed for time dear but really a zombie in a Greek house? What were you all thinking!" "Interesting case of zombi phobia you have there professor, I think I should report you to the board of directors and get your tenure removed. Fearing zombies is quite irrational they aren't any different than anyone else that surrounds you on a daily basis, in fact they are better than some of the people that surround you. Think about how widespread stupid people are. Then think about how much easier life would be if they were all zombies instead."
  57. 57. "-Stupid people say stupid things that don't make sense. -Zombies groan and moan so you don't have to worry about whether they really said anything. -Stupid people might pretend to agree with you, or allow themselves to be influenced by you in order to "score points" with you -Zombies are always against you, and always trying prank you. No guesswork involved -If zombies are troubling you, you can kill them with a satellite. Nobody ever asks questions, because they're zombies. -If you kill stupid people with a satellite, everybody wants to know what your problem is. As if you're the one with the problem. -Stupid people strike up pointless conversations with you even though you have ignored them the last eight times they've tried to speak with you. -Zombies just want to eat your brains." ______ Adapted from www.trainsaw.com
  58. 58. "Now that we've cleared that up Professor would you mind raking up all the leaves in the yard? It's getting kinda messy and we have a graduation party to plan." "Why of course I'd love to do that for you Bailey"
  59. 59. "Rain, rain, go away, spoil a party some other day!" Don't worry about it Clint nothing's gonna spoil you all's graduation party!
  60. 60. Except maybe that! Dangit Charles!
  61. 61. "Hey baby welcome to the world of college graduates, I knew you could do it sweetie. Once you get back to the main hood I'll be sure to stop by and give you a special welcome *wink*"
  62. 62. "Johnny, Johnny come on hon you know he didn't mean anything by that. He's just a romance sim and that's the kinda thing he does. As if I'd ever look twice at Charles now that I've found you. Well I mean I wouldn't look twice at Charles now that I'm in love with you, or em now that we're engaged at least. I swear I haven't looked at another man since we got engaged!"
  63. 63. "Okay so here's the deal Clint, I'm not that good with kids, just ask your half-sister Gvaudoin she was raised by me supposedly and yet she's all messed up and emo. Your mother and I, well we were never that close to begin with and I just wasn't expecting to have to do the whole family scene and everything. So I'm sorry I wasn't more caring to you or compassionate of your tender feelings. I'm sure that given a bit of time to work it out we can if not be friends then at least be drinking buddies. What do you say?"
  64. 64. "He's not buying it Kiernan. Despite your good looking but not so smart genes influence I didn't raise my kids to be stupid. He's well aware that you think you only have three hours to make up for twenty years of neglect."
  65. 65. Good Wright! For once Cary isn't making a fool over himself with Amelia and instead is doing exactly what I expect of my heirs to do when their chosen mate is around and yet the whole time Cary and Cass are pillow fighting I'm having to click off be kissed tenderly actions on Amelia's behalf.
  66. 66. "You want me to do what?" "Look Uncle Bo, I'm gonna call Amelia down here and I'd like you to put that three bolt attraction to work and kiss her, and you're gonna do it right in front of Cary so that he can see it and get mad at her and then we won't ever have any potential for trouble between them again. You love your wife, she loves you, it be easier on everyone if you made that spectacularly clear to Cary once and for all." "But I'm furious at my wife still!" "That's why I'm influencing you and not her, cause if she tried to kiss you, you'd just be stupid and refuse her and then Cary would feel he had to "comfort" her in front of Cass and we'd have an even bigger mess."
  67. 67. *somehow that all made perfect sense, but I'm not sure exactly why* "Come here you sexy Doctor you!" "Oh Bo!"
  68. 68. "My aunt's being kissed by her husband in front of me, I'm in love with my Aunt and this should upset me, But since I love my Aunt, I'll let this be, And take no notice of her pda in front me."
  69. 69. "You know that's the sweetest thing I've ever seen, I really hope someday I'll meet a guy that loves me enough to put aside his pride in order to make me happy. You are just the greatest thing since sliced bread and even though I've never met you before today I just have to give you a big old kiss!"
  70. 70. *head desk* The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and the battling Bross' are at it again!
  71. 71. "You know Darren, being here at the Greek house once again just stirs up all those wonderful memories of my college days and I think we should re-live them right now!" "Yeah those memories of you and me in the hot tub and then your brother was there stomping his feet and yelling cause he couldn't join us. It seems like the years have just melted away."
  72. 72. "Psst Jenn, this party's over. I think you should let these kids take their spins and get them back to the main hood so that we can start throwing all those wedding parties I have plans for." Alright Aaron *grins* you old party king you, I never have been able to resist your party planning. We're still best friends right? "Always Jenn, always."
  73. 73. "Alright Gang lets get this going just like we planned!"
  74. 74. "It's simple really just a spin and a sparkle"
  75. 75. "Add a little twist and shout!"
  76. 76. "And then in a *poof* we're all grown up and have the bad clothing to prove it!"
  77. 77. "So *moan* Jack right? It's just you and me now. Don't worry, your brain's *groan* too small for me to want to eat"
  78. 78. "Can't you leave us alone now? I've been waiting for this forever!" Sure thing Ben, we'll leave you and Betsy alone for now. We'll check back with you later. Until then, Thanks for Reading! And Happy Simming!