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Familiar Faces Chapter 22


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Familiar Faces Chapter 22

  1. 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces! Chapter 22: Anyone Else But You - Part Two
  2. 2. "Don't you just love to garden Adonis? I'm so glad that you have a gold badge in gardening like I do. It will make it so much easier for us once we get married and start that farm we're going to have. I was looking in the newspaper yesterday and I found this old abandoned farm that's for sale out in the Burbs of Familiarity. I think we should go by there next week and check it out. It looked like it would be perfect for the two of us to fix up."
  3. 3. "I can just picture us there with all our kids. I know that since you're a servo we won't be able to have any children together but don't worry, look how Dad and Titania have meshed together their family. It won't matter to the children that you aren't their biological father. I'm not decided though if I should spore additional children or if we should adopt a half dozen little farm hands. What do you think honey?" "I believe that I must do chores now." "Oh I thought you had that part of your programming redone. Well we'll talk about this later then. Kiss kiss! Honey? Now where???d he go?"
  4. 4. "What do I think? Honey! I think that I have allowed this to go on for too long. It is not good for Ms Eva to see me as a life mate. While I do harbor strong feelings of positive regard towards Ms Eva and for her soft parts I think that I must extract myself from this situation soon."
  5. 5. On the campus of Familiar University a party was going on. Dorme Familiar had completed her lifetime want to have 50 first dates and was throwing a party at her dorm to celebrate. Couples were dancing in the common room and everyone was having a rousing good time.
  6. 6. Almost everyone that is. It's been said that 'It ain't a party till something gets broke.' Unfortunately what normally ends up broken at a party is someone's heart. As much as Delphy would like to deny it Dallan had been her 'boyfriend' since she was sixteen and it hurt to see him making the moves on someone else.
  7. 7. "Hey Dor, I thought I'd find you up here, what's with the hiding? The party's going great you should be down there enjoying your spotlight, it's not every day a girl goes perma plat." "I don't know not really in a party mood I guess. I don't feel much different being perma plat. I thought that there would be some big enlightenment when I hit the goal and everything would be better but it's not that much different really."
  8. 8. 'I mean I'm glad it's over, first dates are awkward enough as it is; but when you're just doing them in order to fulfill a lifetime want there's not really even the hope of making a connection involved it's all 'hi there nice to meet ya here's a joke now bye'!" "Did you at least meet anyone interesting? Anyone you thought was worth getting to know better?" "Interesting sure; young guys in kilts, weird looking guys in plaid shorts, and old dudes in biker gear. But no one that struck me as all that special, which is disappointing to say the least. No one I thought really got me if you know what I mean." "Yeah I know it was kinda that way for me coming here. Getting out of the townie pool being part of the big Familiar college rush I thought wow here's my chance to find someone to connect with. A couple of times I've thought well maybe this one? But naw."
  9. 9. As the party raged right along downstairs Dorme and Puck continued to talk about life, love, plans for the future, happiness hoped for and why when they were both such great people (they could agree on that) that they just weren't having much luck finding that someone special. Long after the party was over the two of them remained where they were, just hanging out having one of those conversations that can only happen at 3am.
  10. 10. While most of the college crowd was celebrating Dorme's fifty first dates milestone, there were two students working on having their own first date down at Happy's. Heiress Emma Familiar had gone with her gut and agreed to meet someone she knew only as Tuskinator. They'd originally met online in the MMO game World of Warcraft. After finding out that they attended the same school Tusk had, with some help; eventually gotten the nerve to ask Cowbella to meet him.
  11. 11. While it came as little surprise to any of the readers, it was a happy surprise for both Emma and Aldric to find that their online connection had brought the two real life friends together. For those that have wondered Aldric and his brother Almeric (I spelled it wrong last update - sue me) are bin sims from La Fiesta Tech that were made legal legacy townies for Familiarity.
  12. 12. Even though Aldric and Almeric are identical twins in almost every way, Emma was instantly repelled by Almeric's attitude when they first met. Almeric seems to view Emma only as the legacy heiress and a prize to be won, rather than as a person in her own right. Aldric on the other hand seemed to be a bit bumbling and unsure of himself, which spoke to Emma and made her want to help him see the awesome person he really is.
  13. 13. While in real life Aldric has some self confidence issues online he's more secure with himself. Finding that Emma liked him in real life just as much as she did online was a happy surprise and a good boost to his ego. They are both pretty pleased with their online'???connection'.
  14. 14. "Ms Eva it has come to my attention that you view me as a potential life mate. I must proclaim my regret that my actions toward you may have led you to believe that it would be possible for us to be life mates. I harbor many positive regards towards yourself and to your soft parts however I am not suitable to be a life mate candidate for you. I am sure that if you look at the situation logically you will concur."
  15. 15. "Now Honey don't you be thinking that way. Just because you are a servo and I am a plantsim doesn't mean that we can't be married. Dad was just telling me the other day about his Uncle Ben and Ben's wife Betsy. It took awhile for everyone to accept that Ben would want Betsy as much as he did but once they saw how much the two of them loved each other no one gave it a second thought. The two of them were as compatible as two peas in a pod just like us!" "It is not the social ramifications of a potential cross species relationship that concerns me Ms Eva. It is the leg shackling that concerns me. I am not a suitable candidate to be a life partner for anyone." "Why of course you are! You'd be the perfect husband, you cook, you clean, you can run a business with your eyes closed and you're wonderful with children. What more is there?"
  16. 16. "Mr. Summerdream, Thank you for meeting me I won't take much of you time." "It's no problem Alex, I was glad to get your call. Getting away from the fights that the Monty's and the Capp's are always having in the townie cave is always a good thing. Now how may I help you? I'm assuming that this is about my daughter?" "Yes sir I wanted to formally ask your permission for your daughter Bottom's hand in marriage. I would like your blessing sir." "About dang time you got around to asking her, how long have the two of you been going out anyway? Six-Seven years?" "Only five sir." "Five is it well that's four or so years too many to wait to make the relationship official, I can't say
  17. 17. "It's about time you came to get me I've been on campus for a whole year. I have tons of friends you know there's no reason for such a delay. I should have been bumped to the top of the list as soon as I arrived on campus." "Quit being such a Prima Donna Missy, one might mistake you as a legacy kid."
  18. 18. "Aubrey caked again Marla, wanna make a side bet as to who drew the short straw? Lucky cake grabber this time, it's a Greek House kid, and you know what that means right? Zombie time Rahr! Braiiiinnnnnnns!"
  19. 19. "Oh Wright I hope it's not my turn again. I'm actually slated to marry into the family this generation. Doyle's a family sim he's bound to be turned off by the thought of alien children."
  20. 20. "Ahh come on guys being a zombie isn't all that bad, just you know avoid your maker if they ever become a vampire cause once they turn you into a zombie they figure you're fair game for all future experiments. And if you do become a zombie vampire don't die leaving an elderly spouse that won't remember being married to you because he's going senile."
  21. 21. Whoops looks like Christa Bear drew the short straw this time. Aubrey's checking her out trying to decide if she's big enough to make a full meal out of. And apparently she is. Sorry Christa tough break.
  22. 22. "Aw man not Shelby, she was going to help Elijah on his quest to find the baby bird. Can't the pretty lady bring her back?"
  23. 23. "Eh sorry cutie I can't resurrect her I didn't know her. Maybe someone else will come along that knew her."
  24. 24. "Whoa it's morning, what happened did I end up crashing here?" "Yeah you fell asleep so I just pulled the covers over you and let you stay. You're just lucky you don't snore or you'd been kicked awake and out the door." "I must have been bushed sorry about that. Is it okay if I grab a shower before class? Will it freak your dorm mates out they see me here?" "Naw they'll be fine with it but watch out for Heather Huffington I've heard she likes stealing clothing so that guys have to make a naked run."
  25. 25. "I'll be careful then hehe thanks again for letting me crash." "Uh sure it wasn't a problem really." "Woah, wait a second let me try that again."
  26. 26. Puck never did make it to class that day. Many of life;s most important lessons are learned outside the classroom. The lesson for the day was about how sometimes you miss seeing what's been in front of you in for the longest time.
  27. 27. While Puck was AWOL from the Greek House and Elliot was spending the day with Deanna the Greek girls were having a pow wow. With the main topic of conversation being, what else but the men in their lives? Of the five Familiar women staying in the Greek house only Bo was yet secure in her future relationship. While Alex hadn't actually proposed to her she knew it was coming. After having made her wait for so long to get up the nerves to propose she was contemplating making him suffer a bit before saying yes. Oh who was she kidding she knew she'd squeal like a little girl.
  28. 28. Which of course is exactly what she did, though proposing at the bowling alley Alex? I would have thought that Bo deserved something a little bit more high class than that. "I don't blame him, he's not the one that picked the outing location *stares at camera*" Yeah well it seemed like a good idea at the time.
  29. 29. "Mr. David I regret that I am turning in my resignation as legacy Servo to the Familiar family. While I have positive regards for all members of this family past and present I can no longer allow Ms Eva to believe that my regards to her differ from that of her sisters. I have attempted to explain to her that I am unwilling to become her life partner. I have done my best to protect and tend to this family since your Grandmother initialized me, but I must now protect myself against my biggest fear. I will contact you once I have found a new residence so that you may forward my things. I . . . I shall miss you all."
  30. 30. "Adonis?" "Where did he go?" "What the heck just happened here?"
  31. 31. "Dally I'm sorry that flirted with that other guy in front of you. I didn't realize it would upset you like it did. I guess I just didn't understand until I saw you flirting with Angela the other night." "Well I'm sorry that I over reacted, you were right we are romance sims; romance sims flirt. We both know that. But Delphy you're special to me, you've been special to me ever since I first saw you. I guess when I saw you flirting with him I just cracked, I couldn't stand seeing you with someone else."
  32. 32. "So what are we going to do now? I don't want to just be friends with benefits. But I don't think that we can handle being exclusive, I don't want to be a girlfriend. Being a girlfriend leads to being a fiance and that leads to being a *shudder* wife." "Eww not a wife; I don't wanna learn to dance, I don't wanna rent a limo. I don't wanna be your biggest mistake. How bout rather than being my girlfriend you could be my next-ex-girlfriend?"
  33. 33. "Sounds good to me, can we have make-up woohoo now please?"
  34. 34. I feel like a small explanation of Denise is required here. At some point I had the not so brilliant idea of creating a character that would only speak in lines from songs. Since at that point Denise was the only main line character that had yet to speak in the legacy and because her personality would lean towards the outrageous I choose her to attempt it with. While I don't think it fell completely flat last chapter it didn't work out as well as I hoped it would. It was also a lot harder that I thought it would be to find song lines that fit into the conversations that I wanted her to have. Due to that and to developments farther in the story we've dropped the attempt and now Denise will be able to speak her mind a bit more succinctly.
  35. 35. This may or may not be to the benefit of the reader. "I looked over at Dane and it was like Kabam! Instantly I remembered why I thought he was so cute back in high school. I mean he is cute right? You always thought he was cute didn't you?" "Well yeah Denise he's cute but did you also remember why you broke up with him in the first place? He's dumb as a brick." "But dumb isn't that bad I can live with dumb, so he asks stupid questions sometimes. I get to look at him while he's asking them right? And he always makes me feel smart."
  36. 36. "Denise? When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?" "That's a very good question Dane, maybe if you concentrate on it really hard while you eat your Mac N Cheese the cheese will tell you." "That's a good idea." "So there's a party at the London's tonight do you wanna go?" "Shhh Denise, I'm listening to the cheese."
  37. 37. To[Cowbella]: Hey babe, how you doing today? [Cowbella] whispers: So I'm babe now? [Cowbella] whispers: I'm good how you? To [Cowbella]: Do you mind, cause I could just call you Cow but well, I thought you'd like babe better ;-} [Cowbella] whispers: HAHA! No I don't mind I kinda like it. I was just wondering if we were entering into the cute pet names stage of our relationship. [Cowbella] whispers: BTW I really had fun the other night To [Cowbella]: So did I it was great maybe we could do it again? To [Cowbella]: Do you still have morning classes? I don't have class tomorrow afternoon we could do something then?
  38. 38. To [Tuskinator]: I'm still on mornings, tomorrow would be cool. So you wanna do anything tonight? [Tuskinator] whispers: Sure do you have any quests in Shadowmoon? Or we could do Labs. I got a thing later though so I gotta log kinda early. To [Tuskinator]: A thing? What type of thing? Got you another floozy already we've only been dating a week?! [Tuskinator] whispers: No way. I probably shouldn't tell you but we've got an SS abduction tonight. We've got em most nights now; your huge family is cutting into my gaming time. So did you mean what you said? To [Tuskinator]: What did I say?
  39. 39. To [Cowbella]: that we're dating. [Cowbella] whispers: ? Aren't we? I thought we were but maybe you think I'm pushing. Sorry To [Cowbella]: Dating's good. Dating's really good. So does dating mean that I get cyber now? I've always wanted to have a really juicy miss-tell published on the guild's website. [Cowbella] whispers: That depends. What are you wearing?
  40. 40. There was indeed a secret society abduction occurring that evening. Elliot had highly been anticipating his abduction since Elle returned from hers. For the moment that Elle returned Elliot spun the want to create a zombie out of Christa Bear. Any member of Familiar Greek is entitled to create a zombie if they want to, increasing the potential numbers of zombie foot soldiers for the Unnatural Army. It has been that way since the UA was founded during generation fours time.
  41. 41. Originally it had been stipulated that any direct descendant of the founding members of the UA would be allowed to create zombies but that was revised to Greek House residents only in generation five when the potential number of zombies that could be created in any given generation was found to be too many. We want there to be some human dormies around campus after all. Not all members of the Greek house wish to create zombies, and they don't have to.
  42. 42. "He's using the phone Matthew he's going to bring back Ellijah's girl. Now the quest can be completed!" "I have a very bad feeling about this Nicolas. Nic, my names not Matthew; it's Shaun, Shaun Zhang." "Hey! Nice to meet you Shaun!"
  43. 43. "Welcome to the UA Christa. The Familiar family is glad you decided to join. If you have any questions or need any help acclimating yourself to your present form feel free to drop by the Greek House, if we can't help you we can get you in touch with the main UA barracks or with the zombie liaison DJ Verse. I'm sure you'll be a great asset to the organization, Christa."
  44. 44. "So little brother, I guess you didn't hear what I told you before. I warned you not to do anything stupid but you did." "What do you mean Almeric?" "I told you that I intended to win Emma Familiar for myself. Mother won't like hearing how you've attempted to thwart me in acquiring my desire."
  45. 45. "Emma's not some prize in a contest Almeric. She's a human being; if you'd treated her as one then maybe you wouldn't have ruined your chance with her. All by yourself! She asked me to have coffee with her first you know, not the other way around. Leave her alone Almeric, she's too good for you." "Perhaps so but are you good enough for her? You are my identical twin after all." "I'm nothing like you Almeric!" "Of course you aren't but does Emma know that?"
  46. 46. "I couldn't help over hearing your discussion with Almeric. Perhaps you and I could help each other. Emma needs to understand that her family is walking a thin line; they've angered the wrong people this time. As the heiress she???s the one that can change the course of the legacy from here on out. It would behoove her to do so, if you could convince her to do so. I could help you with your brother." "I don't need help with my brother, Suzi. Almeric and I have been at each other all our lives. As for what happens at the legacy house, I'm not involved. Emma will make her own choices there; she wouldn't appreciate my unsolicited advice even if I wanted to give it, which I won't."
  47. 47. Emma and Aldric spent the afternoon at the Stardust. It was a great place to just hang out and have fun. Bowling, pool, darts, you could sit on the patio and have coffee or maybe catch a game on one of the big screens. Not a very romantic atmosphere but a fun one.
  48. 48. "Man your butt looks good in those jeans." "Wha . . . what did you say Emma?" "I said your butt looks good in those jeans. Makes me want to just reach over and grab some of it." *gooses*
  49. 49. "Hey why'd you do that? My shot was ruined." "Maybe I wanted to spend the after noon doing something other than playing pool." "You don't like pool? We can bowl if you'd rather." "If you weren't so cute I'd strangle you."
  50. 50. "Aldric, the sweet somewhat socially inept guy I first met was pretty cute. But I know you now; Tuskinator wouldn't take a game of pool and a friendly hug and call it a date would he?" "Well no but I can't act like him in real life. He's a bit of a jerk you know." "Sure he is but being a bit of a jerk's okay sometimes. Maybe Tusk should work at being a bit sweeter and Aldric can try being a bit more aggressive at times." "So you wanna make out?" "Now that's my kind of game!???
  51. 51. "No Daxia I don't want to have fun in the photo booth today but thanks for asking! Jeez can't a guy get a little privacy from time to time?"
  52. 52. "That does it everyone out! You girls need to give me some breathing space; every time I turn around I'm tripping over one of you. I don't need help with my homework, I don't want to sing a duet, play pool, play chess, soak in the hot tub, nor do I need anyone to scrub my back."
  53. 53. "Why I never!" "That's not what I heard Angela." Having 'discovered' Dorme as something more than just a friend Puck was trying to think about his next moves. Did he want to risk his friendship with Dorme by trying to take their relationship to a new level? If he did and it didn't work out, he'd lose the best friend he'd ever had. If he didn't he might miss ever finding another relationship that had the potential to be as perfect. He was more confused than ever and the ladies in his life weren't helping.
  54. 54. "What you need Puck is a Vacation! You need to get away from all your worries and relax. Someplace warm and tropical would be just the key." "You know Delphy sometimes you do have good ideas." "Woot! Family meeting time everyone in the kitchen!"
  55. 55. "We have enough in the treasury for a vacation, but if we take one we'll probably have to put off getting the new car that Denise wants. Denise, will you be able to settle for another statue instead?" "Sure statues are always good, vacations are good too though. There are always lots of souvenirs, massages and jewelry to spend money on when you go on vacation." "Lot's of hot local guys to date as well." "Hey I thought you and Dallan got back together?" "We're together when we're together. What he doesn't see can't hurt him."
  56. 56. It was settled and early the next morning the Greek House gang grabbed the airport shuttle and hit the surf for a long weekend of relaxation on Twikki Isle. A quick change of clothing for everyone was in order so that they would be a bit more comfortable in the warm weather.
  57. 57. After spending time getting familiar with their housing the gang started hitting various sites around the island. I really enjoy the whole walk to lot option but I rarely use it in the main hood. I just don???t send my sims to community lots all that often unless it's a date.
  58. 58. The peace and quiet of the beach gave Puck plenty of time to contemplate his girl issues. He was pretty sure he knew what he needed to do, but just to be sure he tossed a coin at the Temple of Jumbok. " To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice." "But what if it doesn't work out? I don't want to loose my best friend. . ." " Love is more to the people than fire and water. I have known men come to their death by fire and water: I have met no man whom love brought unto death."
  59. 59. Emma had a good time making sandcastles on the beach while Elle followed her around and systematically destroyed them all. And of course all the kids had to show their superiority by repeatedly singing the sea chantey. No they didn't meet the ghost. They didn't need to they were infected with the chantey virus as children and ever since have been prone to dropping everything from their queues to repeatedly ro-ho-ho off key. Soon after this vacation I finally broke down and installed the anti vacations hack which does help quite a bit.
  60. 60. Down on the boardwalk Denise decided to try her hand at fire dancing. Danger means little to Denise she walks on the wild side! It took several nights of tanking everyone's motives before she mastered it but she'll be a great asset to have at birthday parties in the coming generation.
  61. 61. "You know Puck technically we aren't related. You're only my step cousin." "Yeah so?" "Well my ACR timer is going off and you're starting to look really good to me." "Delphy I came to Twikki to get away from pushy girls hounding me all the time. Besides as you so kindly pointed out freshman year we have negative chemistry." "One time offer vacation special, get it now or I'll go find a native guy."
  62. 62. Delphy might have thought the native guys were worth a second look but Bo wasn't taking up any of them on their offers to hang loose and relax. I don't think she saw a single man on the island that she approved of. I would say she's rather picky but then looking at her fiance I know she's not.
  63. 63. "Why are we coming here? All I see is a hut on a hill; we should go back to the boardwalk and pick up a few more souvenirs." "Uncle Dwight said that there's a quest giver in the hut up here. We do his quest we get an item of epic proportions." "That sounds like the story Uncle Dwight told me when he got back from the Orient as well. Uncle Dwight was always full of stories when we were kids. But they were just stories!"
  64. 64. "Okay here's the quest giver I'm gonna talk to him and get the quest so that we can get to work." "The evil appliance salesmen have sold me malfunctioning equipment. . . " "Just skip the story and tell us what we have to do dude." "Find and fix the six broken appliances at the Witch Doctors hut before your time here is depleted. Once you have completed the task speak to the Witch Doctor again you will receive his gift." "This will be easy come on guys lets get to work."
  65. 65. Appliances fixed 5/6 "Why isn't this quest flagged as Elite? They really need to check the levels on these things more carefully."
  66. 66. Elliot has received [Mr. Mickles] [Mr. Mickles] Item Item Level 67 Effects: Warm, Cool, Agitate, Shake Up, Stink, Manipulation, Saturate, Friendship, Romance Can Backfire Vendor Value: 1 gold 45 silver 10 copper Source: Quest
  67. 67. All too soon the vacation was at an end. It was time to get back to real life, to classes, exams, term papers and parties. The sun and the surf would soon be just a memory.
  68. 68. "Mr. Dwight! Please save me from Ms Eva and the eternal servitude of being leg shackled. I have left my employ with your brother and wish to apply for the position of robotic cabana boy at The Love Shack." "For Pete's sake Adonis stand up and we'll talk about it."
  69. 69. "Thank you Mr. Dwight." "Don't thank me yet tell me what's going on why did you leave David's? I always thought you were happy with the family." "I was very satisfied with my position with your brother's family until his youngest daughter Eva became determined that I would make a good life partner for her. As you are a Romance Sim you can understand my trepidation over such a thing. I attempted to communicate my negative regards towards marriage to Ms Eva but her determination would not be waiver. I became increasingly concerned that I would soon find myself living on a farm raising pod spores if I did not take action. I have informed Mr. David that I resign with regrets."
  70. 70. "As long as your being here isn't going to cause problems between David and I, you're more than welcome to stay. There's only one thing that you'll have to remember in order to keep everyone happy. Keep your stinking robotic claws off our NIECES, if you'd done that with Eva you wouldn't be in this situation to begin with. If you touch our nieces we will render you unable to touch anything in the future. Does that compute?" "You do not wish me to have positive regard for the soft parts of your female relations? I will do as you say, I do not wish to cause discord in your home." "Good now just so you understand that it's not just my nieces but the nieces of all the guys that live here. Just stick this list in your data base as off limits: Emma, Elle, Eva, Delphine, Denise, Dorme, Danya, and Delilah. Got it?"
  71. 71. "I have received the list but I wish to clarify. Is it only within your visual receptors that you do not wish me near those female persons or should I remove them from the possible candidates for public woohoo as well?" "You are not allowed to touch any of them at any time in any place. EVER!" "That is unfortunate but I will comply."
  72. 72. "Amazing how the mail piles up when you're gone for a week. Bills, Bills, Bills, Notification of Revocation of Resurrection Rights Pending Review by G. Reaper - Judge and Jury of the Death Court. Oh meal vouchers, Awesome!"
  73. 73. "Perfect, all of the souvenirs we gathered in Twikki look great on display here."
  74. 74. "Whoa how did this dorm end up with a young caf worker? Most of the dorms have cafeteria workers that are way old. A man with a job? He's cute too!"
  75. 75. "Haha no I don't really work in the cafeteria, I just do it from time to time in order to pick up some extra money. I'm working on some game designs and need extra programs for my computer system. The computers that the University provide are okay for doing school work but they don't come equipped with good enough graphic engines. I also need a few network boxes so I can set up a server and well never mind I'm sure you're not that interested. "It sounds fascinating, are you designing a new game engine from scratch or are you modding an existing game? Need a beta tester? I'm available! Oh I'm Elle by the way." "Yeah I know who you are; I'm Delilah's brother Dov." "Wow Dov, the dork? I mean you look a lot different than I remember."
  76. 76. "Uh Lillith, don't do that please I'm sorry but I'm just not interested in you that way." "Since when? Puck we've been having fun together since freshmen year why the change of heart doll?"
  77. 77. "Yeah well it's not that I don't like you, err *looks up* any of you it's just that I think I might actually be in love for the first time ever and I don't want to do anything that will mess that up. I want to try being in a committed relationship, I don't want anyone else but her." *Chorus of Girls in the London Dorm* "Awww Man That Stinks!"
  78. 78. "What do you mean you broke up with all your girls for me? I didn't ask you to do that, I wouldn't ask you to do that. Did you ever think that maybe you should have talked to me before you went and made a unilateral decision like that? Maybe I don't want to be anything more than your friend."
  79. 79. "Well that went well. Stupid Jumbok and his stupid advice, why did I ever listen to him anyway? No that's wrong, Jumbok was right I'd be stupid Puck if I let her get away now."
  80. 80. "Stop Dorme, look you're right I should have talked to you first. I've been so tied up in my own indecision and concerns that I didn't stop and think that maybe you were having the same doubts. If you can look at me and honestly tell me that you only feel friendship for me then fine, we'll be friends. I like being your friend I've always liked being your friend. I'll try and forget all about what I felt when we kissed. That kissing you was nicer, more exciting, and more comfortable than any kiss I've ever shared with anyone else. That holding you made me feel complete for the first time ever. It'll be hard but I'll try. But if you can't say it and mean it then prepare to be bombarded by me. It may have taken me a long time, way too long to figure out what I want, but now that I have I plan to get you."
  81. 81. "Okay you win, I can't say it. I am glad that you dropped those other girls; I don't want to try to compete with them. I never did which is why I was happy to just be your friend. I don't want to loose you as a friend Puck." "It's not a competition, and if it was you'd win hands down. I can't imagine not being your friend Dor." "So tell me more about this bombardment you're planning. I'm really curious to find out what being bombarded entails."
  82. 82. "Hey sexy guy doing homework in the cafeteria, are you waiting for anyone in particular." "Hi sweets, I missed you so I thought I'd stop by and wait for you to get home from class. I also needed to talk to you about something." "Uh oh that sounds ominous."
  83. 83. "Nah it's nothing too bad. It's just that Mom wants me and you to spend the year end break with her and Robert rather than just stay on campus like usual." "Your mother actually wants me at her house?" "Well I told her I wasn't going to come without you and she said fine I could bring you if I wanted."
  84. 84. "Oh so I'm going to be the unwanted guest that she has to be snarky to in order to spend time with her son? I'm happy that you want me there but you should have just gone without me. Your mother doesn't like me she's never going to like me." "Come on Deanna, it's not you she doesn't like and you know it. She doesn't like the idea of me being involved with anyone. She'll get over it eventually; she'll have to if she wants to see her grand kids." "Okay fine I'll go but I don't want to spend the weekend listening to her insult me." "Just give it a chance, she didn't even really complain when I said I wanted you to come with me. Maybe she's mellowing a little bit."
  85. 85. "Look a me a moment Em, I want to make sure I don't mess this up. I wanted to make sure I said this the first time face to face so that you'd know it was coming from me and that I meant it. So umm here goes, I love you Emma. There I said it." "I love you too Aldric. And I'm really glad we said it face to face too, It's not nearly as fun to kiss you online as it is to do it in person."
  86. 86. Puck and Dorme's relationship was progressing rapidly. It was almost time for Puck's graduation and he was squeezing in as much time as possible with her as he could. They'd found it very easy to slip from being friends to being lovers. And for the most part everyone around them responded positively to their obvious affection.
  87. 87. For the most part, though there were some that didn't take it well at all. "Crap was that me or you?" "Guess we'll find out when one of us gets slapped."
  88. 88. Spring was in the air around the Greek house, everyone seemed to have slipped into state of idyllic relationship bliss. It didn't matter if it was a party at one of the dorms.
  89. 89. Or just getting some quite time in the Greek House hot-tub there were sweetly cooing couples everywhere you turned.
  90. 90. Well almost every where. "I said I was sorry Delphy, but if you are going to start blaming me every time I swoon at another romance sim, I'm going to have to call you on your random heart farting of various cousins."
  91. 91. I don't know if Dallan and Delphy will ever have what anyone would call a smooth relationship. They slip up, and break up on a regular basis but their break ups never last long. Even when they think they hate each other they gravitate towards one another. They are in deep denial of their fate if you ask me.
  92. 92. Puck's graduation day finally rolled around. "I'm so proud of you Puck! Now tell me more about this girl, are we going to get to meet her today?" "Yeah Mom she's over there with David. What do you think? should I go rescue her?"
  93. 93. "So your Cooper's girl right? Does your mom still play catch with the dog in her all together? She puts on quite a show." "Yeah Mom's still pretty open about nudity. But hey thanks for dredging up my worst childhood nightmares!" Dorme's mother Kitty, is a former university streaker and the streaker coding that encourages nudity never goes away. Dorme with her 2 outgoing points spent much of her child and teen years being morbidly embarrassed by her mother's au natural preferences.
  94. 94. David enjoys embarrassing all of his kids in front of the boyfriends and girlfriends. It's one of those simple joys he derives from being a parent. Just because he gets along with everyone in the immediate family doesn't discount his mean streak. But once he's judged someone worthy of being in the immediate family his loyalty is quite intense. He's of course best friends with his Uncle Alex and has been for most of his life. Deanna as well has been around long enough that she gets his over ridding stamp of approval, too much so at some times since he and Elliot are so much alike he tends to stalk Deanna a bit, always wanting to play red hands or pillow fight. I'm very glad that Elliot is not the heir as there might have been issues if he was.
  95. 95. "Moving forward using all my breath, Being friends with you was never second best, And I saw the world crashing all around your face, Never really knowing it was always mesh and lace." "I'll stop the world and melt with you You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time And there's nothing you and I won't do I'll stop the world and melt with you"
  96. 96. "(You should know better) Dream of better lives the kind which never hate (You should see) Trapped in a state of imaginary grace (You should know better) I made a pilgrimage to save this human's race (You should see) Never comprehending a race that's long gone by" "(Let's stop the world) I'll stop the world and melt with you (Let's stop the world) You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time And there's nothing you and I won't do (Let's stop the world) I'll stop the world and melt with you"
  97. 97. "The future's open wide" ________________________ "Melt With You" As sung by Modern English with lyric configuration by Bowling for Soup
  98. 98. Almeric crashed the graduation party. No one really noticed that he was there, which was fine with him. He didn't want to be noticed, not yet. While everyone was hovering over Puck and Dorme offering congratulations Almeric took a moment to look around.
  99. 99. "I'm proud of you son, you graduated with honors and you got the girl you wanted. You picked a winner there Puck. A most unusual girl at that, I must say but I'm sure that the two of you will be really happy together." "Yeah Dorme's unusual Dad, that's why I love her so much. She's not like anyone else in the world."
  100. 100. Dorme wasn't the only one being checked out by the parental units everyone took the time to grill Aldric about his relationship with Emma. Of course the Familiars wouldn't consider their questions to be grilling, merely curiosity. Eventually Emma rescued Aldric and pulled him outside for a session in the hot tub having found the hot tub occupied they soon settled in for marathon bubble blowing session.
  101. 101. The party eventually wound to a close, another roof raising notch on Familiar Greeks belt. In a poof of confetti Puck Summerdream was the first member of generation six to graduate. He'll probably continue to join the campus high jinks for a while yet. Dorme still has two semesters before she graduates. Since she's an only child they'll be living with Cooper and Kitty. Her parents have insisted that Puck go ahead and move in with them while he waits for Dorme. Puck's in for an interesting adjustment period.
  102. 102. "Bye Puck, call us when you get settled in with Cooper and Kitty." "Hehe try not to be too shocked when confronted with your future mother in laws clothing optional policy."
  103. 103. "You know what this means don't you?" "We're in charge now!" "Exactly!"
  104. 104. "Daddy where's Adonis? I can't find him anywhere, I've looked in all his normal hiding spots but he must have found a new one. Did he get a new job with different hours or did you send him to the store? I specifically told him to be ready to leave at nine and normally he is very prompt. We were going to go pick out silver and china patterns today." "Well Eva, that's the problem sprout. Adonis doesn't want to marry you. He has told you this repeatedly. I've tried to explain to you that Adonis is not the type of sim that wants to marry anyone. We've tried to make you understand that your relationship with Adonis wasn't going to end the way that you envisioned. But apparently we didn't do a good enough job with our explanations. You continued to push Adonis into a position where he felt his only recourse was to leave. I'm sorry sprout but he's gone. I don't know how we're going to manage without him he was a big part of our lives."
  105. 105. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S GONE?" Yeah Eva can be a bit scary at times. We're gonna get her into group therapy. She'll be okay, she's just a little emotionally immature and difficult at times.
  106. 106. [Cowbella] whispers: How was class? Or did you sleep through it again? To [Cowbella]: Well I WENT to class but then I SLEPT through it :D [Cowbella] whispers: It's amazing you don't get kicked out of school To [Cowbella]: I'm not a playable babe, I've been listening to the same lecture from the same professor for five generations. [Cowbella] whispers: Oh yeah, sometimes I forget how different it is for you guys. Should I apologize? To [Cowbella]: For what? Not your fault I'm a dormie nor was it your choice to be born in.
  107. 107. [Tuskinator] whispers: Besides if I'm lucky some legacy chick will marry me and whisk me away from the eternal life of dormie hood. To [Tuskinator]: Maybe so, do you have any particular legacy chick in mind? [Tuskinator] whispers: Hmm well I do know several legacy chicks at the moment but there's only one that I want to marry. What do you say Em? Are you going to take me away from all this and save me from listening to more of Professor Shaw's lectures? To [Tuskinator]: Are you proposing to me? [Tuskinator] whispers: If you need the box and the shiny I'll do that. I just thought since we met online that I should propose online. To [Tuskinator]: No, I mean yes! YES! I don't need the shiny at least not right away "Woah hey Guys? I think I just got engaged." "Squeee! That's awesome Ems! Wait what do you mean you think?"
  108. 108. The last and final member of Familiar Greek had finally found her way to the secret society lot. About time too, I get so sick of the constant SS abductions and the lot loading. This would have been over a while ago but we had a few times when the arresting officer was blocked from getting to their target sim. If the target sim is sitting down at the time of their arrest the officer will stand behind them making it impossible for the one sitting to stand and be abducted. Term paper time is quite frustrating to the SS police as are late dinners.
  109. 109. "Oh wow Aubrey caked. I wonder who's gonna take the bait this time?"
  110. 110. "I don't think we'll have to wonder about that for very much longer Aldric." "Where did you get that Almeric? The only place I've seen one like that was at Emma's house. Those are really rare; it's an epic quality item. Almeric did ninja that from Emma's?"
  111. 111. "Oh Aldric, you simple minded fool. Of course I took it from the Greek House; they left it laying out where anyone could do so. A little too trusting of them wouldn't you say?" "You need to give it back, tonight. Or give it to here and I'll return it I was going to stop by there tonight anyway. If you're lucky they won't have missed it yet." "There will be no need for that brother dear, after tonight I doubt that the Familiars will be very worried over a trinket. And when I go to comfort Emma in her time of distress I'll be able to slip it back into place, or maybe I'll just keep it. It could prove useful. You understand don't you, I can't let you win."
  112. 112. "I understand." "Very good Aldric, you look hungry perhaps a piece of cake would do you some good. It looks yummy doesn't it?" "Yes hungry, cake yummy."
  113. 113. "Very good Aldric, keep trying don't let the bad cow keep the cake. It's your cake, take it!" *Stop it Almeric don't be so jubilant. Your brother is dieing you need to appear concerned and worried. There will be plenty of time to celebrate afterward when you're alone.*
  115. 115. "Just calm down Almeric, we'll take care of it. You're lucky I'm here since I have the power to make the needed phone call to Grim. Now normally in a case like this I'd only be able to return Aldric as a zombie but since he proposed to Emma tonight I guess its okay to consider him a member of the Familiar family and so I can resurrect him fully." "What do you mean he proposed to Emma? He didn't tell me he was going to do that. Really Denise he's not a member of the Familiar family, I wouldn't feel right about you making an exception for him. I wouldn't want you to get into any trouble over him. Mother and I will find a nice home for him he'll be well taken care of." "It's no trouble at all Almeric, even old uncle Boris would understand that in this case I wouldn't feel right recruiting another foot solider for the UA. Regular dormies are one thing but the fiance of the heiress?"
  116. 116. "You told me this would work Suzi. Mother will not be pleased to hear Aldric make accusations toward me. The ranting of a brain-dead zombie could have been ignored but if he's returned fully there will be questions asked; questions that I don't wish to answer." "I would say 'serves you right for listening to a brain-dead zombie give advice' but I won't. There's nothing to be concerned about Almeric. Denise Familiar won't be successful in resurrecting your brother. Now forgive me but I must stumble off and watch my retribution towards the Familiar family be dealt out."
  118. 118. "You must be joking, what are you talking about? What the heck is a resurrection abuse suit? We need Aldric back!" DOES NO ONE READ THEIR MAIL THESE DAYS? A NOTICE WAS SENT TO YOUR RESIDENCY MS FAMILIAR, I WOULD ENCOURAGE YOU AND YOUR HOUSE MATES TO TAKE THAT NOTICE SERIOUSLY. "But the only mail we ever get are bills and meal vouchers. Look I'm just a spare of a spare; can't you cut me some slack? I can't go back to the house and tell Emma that Aldric died and I couldn't get him back. She'll kill me and apparently then I won't be able to be ressed either." GOOD DAY MS FAMILIAR SOMEONE WILL CONTACT YOU WHEN YOUR COURT DATE HAS BEEN SET. PLEASE REVIEW THE PAPERS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT IF YOUR FAMILY OR YOUR REPRESENTATIVE HAVE ANY QUESTIONS YOU KNOW HOW TO REACH US.
  119. 119. "Well crap." Thanks for Reading! And Happy Simming! ___________________________ General shout out to all the wonderful creators that help to make my sims and their houses look so good! Thank you for sharing your talents with the Sims 2 community.