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Aldrich chapter 8


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Aldrich chapter 8

  1. 1. The Aldrich Family: Chapter 8: Outside By Your Doorstep
  2. 2. In the last chapter, Janae had her first child, Sheena. Lark had her second child, Cybele. Unfortunately, Janae and Lark died in a fire before they could have their third kids. Later on, the family was attacked. The only ones able to escape were Caden, Sheena, and Cybele. Caden raised his little sister and their cousin. They grew up quite well. Caden told the girls their family history. They were nominated as the heiresses. Later on, while they were in college, they went on a short but sweet trip to the Three Lakes. That’s where the last chapter left off.
  3. 3. It was another day at ALT. Cybele was distracting herself from doing her assignments by playing a game.
  4. 4. However, Sheena was distracted by someone rather than something. Meet Jonathan Buckingham. The first thing that he did when Sheena greeted him was appreciate her.
  5. 5. … and then he hit her with a pillow and sent her halfway through a wall.
  6. 6. It’s not like Sheena really cared, though. She rather liked Jonathan.
  7. 7. Okay. So, she loved Jonathan. They hadn’t known each other long but…it must have been true love considering the fact that Jonathan readily accepted Sheena for her first kiss.
  8. 8. Caden: “Hmm. You look oddly familiar, Cassidy.” Cassidy: “I do? Oh, let me guess. I look like an ex-girlfriend of yours, right?” Caden: “No. You remind me of my Aunt Lindsay.” Cassidy: “Who?” Caden: “Nothing…” (Technically, in this world, Cassidy is Lindsay. Confusing, right?)
  9. 9. Cybele: “Chandler! It’s so good to see you!” Chandler: “Cybele! It’s good to see you too!” Meet Chandler Todd, everyone. For those of you wondering, both Jonathan and Chandler have green eyes. Why? Genetic variety, folks, genetic variety. That and I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, Sheena and Cybele’s recessive for light blue eyes appears. Doubtful that it will happen, though.
  10. 10. Chandler is a bold little bugger. He immediately starts in with the flirting. (I really like this picture.)
  11. 11. Except, it turns out that Chandler is actually shy when someone else flirts with him.
  12. 12. For those of you who just went, “Oh my gosh! Who is Chandler kissing?” Well…er…Cybele decided to get a makeover halfway through her date with Chandler. (Meaning, I got kind of sick of her dress and hair and I had to change it ASAP. You’ll also please note that Chandler got a haircut.)
  13. 13. See? That’s totally Cybele right there. Holden’s genetics are strong with this one.
  14. 14. Now, I’ve just come to the realization that Janae is the only one so far that hasn’t married/dated a dormie. Isn’t that weird? Maybe that will change for the next generation…
  15. 15. You might be wondering, “Is this a matriarch and Beth just hasn’t told us yet?” The answer: No. I know that for three generations now we’ve only had heiresses. Well, that might very well change. (Then again, as I write this, most of generation 4 are teenagers, so I do know who’s carrying on the legacy next.) But no spoilers. At all. =P
  16. 16. Oh! Look at that! They moved into a house. I did not build this house. In fact, it came with the base game. I merely removed the fireplaces and furnished it.
  17. 17. So, it was decided that Chandler and Jonathan moved in now that the Aldriches had an actual house.
  18. 18. Cybele would like to let you know that she still has her MP3 player and she listens to it the second I don’t pay attention to her. Lark did the exact same thing.
  19. 19. Caden invited over his girlfriend, Crystal Vu. (I had to look up her name.)
  20. 20. They’re a cute couple and all but I doubt that they’ll ever get married. (She IS a Romance Sim, after all.)
  21. 21. Oh! Look at that! A sickeningly cute couple! They only have 2 bolts but they’re still pretty stalkerish.
  22. 22. So, college may not be the most exciting thing to ever happen to my Sims right now. They seemed rather bored with it all. Even I was bored. This is why what happens next was so wonderful and joyful.
  23. 23. For some unknown reason, Jonathan’s grades would not go up no matter what he did. Thus, I decided let’s just drop them out and end this pain of college. This means that engagements and weddings and babies are up next! Joy and happiness!
  24. 24. So, Sheena and Cybele said their good-byes to each other even though it wasn’t like they were never going to see each other again.
  25. 25. Melissa Fancy called and she wants her flaming pants back. You’ll also note that Sheena’s hair magically got short.
  26. 26. Before I continue on with showing the drop-outs, I’d like you to meet Sunny Gregory. (I didn’t even have to look up her name.)
  27. 27. You see, Sunny and Cybele are best friends. So, naturally, I decided to let Sunny go to college and placehold.
  28. 28. So everyone else dropped out. In my opinion, Cybele and Chandler grew up into the best outfits. Also, Sunny seemed a little too happy to see them all go.
  29. 29. Caden moved into a nice little house that I actually built. It was official that he wasn’t going to get married. He doesn’t appear to mind, though. You’ll see him a lot more throughout the chapters. After all, he is best friends with Sheena and Cybele.
  30. 30. It was in front of their brand new house, just outside their door, where Jonathan got down on one knee.
  31. 31. He hadn’t known Sheena very long but he knew that he loved her. This was why he got down on one knee and proposed. Sheena was quite shocked.
  32. 32. Jonathan was so happy when Sheena accepted his proposal. Sheena wanted to get married right away. She called her ‘cousins’ and invited them over.
  33. 33. Please note that the paperboy was at the wedding. He seemed rather bored. Cybele appeared to be ready for the wedding to be over and Caden was really the only one paying attention.
  34. 34. “ I don’t quite know How to say How I feel Those three words Are said too much They’re not enough…”
  35. 35. No cake-shoving so far. The slide before this one contained lyrics from the song “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. I think it fits generation three quite nicely.
  36. 36. The cake eating was done in silence for some reason…
  37. 37. Sheena and Jonathan decided to slow dance together. It seemed like the right thing to do at a wedding.
  38. 38. Sheena decided to dance with Caden, though, for the more upbeat songs. Jonathan didn’t mind. After all, Caden and Sheena were related. Apparently, the welcome wagon can just randomly join in on a wedding party. You’ll note that Gilbert has on a spiffy hat.
  39. 39. Sheena sat down for her second piece of wedding cake. Cybele was sitting on the couch, watching everyone dance.
  40. 40. Cybele: “So, have you told Jonathan about our family yet?” Sheena: “Er…no? I haven’t really had time.” Cybele: “What about when we were in college?” Sheena: “You’re kidding, right?” Cybele: “No. I’m not. You had time.” Sheena: “Have you told Chandler?”
  41. 41. Cybele: “Um…yeah. I told him already.” Sheena: “Oh! Wonderful! What’d he say?” Cybele: “That he doesn’t mind having three kids and that he feels horrible that our family all died. He wishes he could have done something to stop it.”
  42. 42. Sheena: “Wow. You definitely picked a winner.” Cybele: “Hmm? Yeah. Don’t you think you picked the right guy, though, Sheena?” Sheena: “Yes. Of course. He’s everything that I could ask for. That and he probably won’t mind having three kids either.” Cybele: “Oh, really? Cool.”
  43. 43. At long last, the wedding guests left. Before Sheena could tell Jonathan about her family, they decided to try for a baby.
  44. 44. Sheena couldn’t help but feel a little guilty that she hadn’t told Jonathan anything about her family. She vowed to remedy this.
  45. 45. Later that night… Sheena: “Erm…there’s something that I absolutely have to tell you.” Jonathan: “What’s that?”
  46. 46. So, Sheena told him everything. She told him about Lilian. She told him about Melanie and Phoebe. She talked about her parents and Lark. She talked about how Janae and Lark died tragically in two separate kitchen fires just hours apart from each other. She told him about how she, Caden, and Cybele had had to run away from their home. She talked about how much she missed everyone and how she was beginning to realize that, even though the events that had happened were horrifying, she was closer to Caden and Cybele than she probably would have been had those things not occurred. It was a lot for Jonathan to comprehend.
  47. 47. But, in the end, he understood and accepted what Sheena had to say. He was excited to start a family with her. (He actually rolled the want for 10 kids…yeah…so not happening.)
  48. 48. “ I’m a Family Sim! That’s right, folks! A Family Sim! And I’m going to do this every, single day after work!” Oh, how I missed Family Sims. /sarcasm
  49. 49. Speaking of family, it appears that Sheena is pregnant. It also appears that she has morning sickness just like her mother and grandmother and great aunt and Lark all had.
  50. 50. Chandler proposed to Cybele shortly after they arrived in their nice little home.
  51. 51. This time, Caden didn’t seem to want to pay much attention to the wedding. He was more focused on the wolf that had showed up. Nonetheless it was a nice wedding.
  52. 52. “ All that I am All that I ever was Is here in your perfect eyes They’re all I can see…”
  53. 53. “ I don’t know where Confused about how as well Just know that these things Will never change for us at all…” -------- “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol
  54. 54. I think it would be less dangerous to shove cake in his face rather than shoving a fork down his throat. But that could just be me.
  55. 55. Aww…aren’t the newlyweds adorable? If only Caden wasn’t in the background belching…
  56. 56. “ You’re not alone, together we stand I’ll be by your side, you know I’ll take your hand When it gets cold and it feels like the end There’s no place to go, you know I won’t give in No, I won’t give in…”
  57. 57. “ Keep holding on Because you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through Just stay strong Because you know I’m here for you, here for you…” ------ “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne
  58. 58. I think that I heard a lullaby shortly after this picture was taken.
  59. 59. Cybele: “I bet my parents would have loved to have met you.” Chandler: “I wish I could have met them.” ----------------------------
  60. 60. Just so you guys know, the girls are continuing the tradition of having houses side-by-side with windows that look out to each other’s houses. I figured it would be nice. That and it’s easier to switch between households.
  61. 61. Yay! Sheena is officially pregnant.
  62. 62. Jonathan: “Hey there, little baby. Wait. What are we going to name the baby?” Sheena: “I was thinking Aisling for a girl or Declan for a boy.” Jonathan: “Those are very…unique names. But I like them!”
  63. 63. For those of you wondering, I didn’t really take too much pictures of Sheena while she was pregnant. I didn’t take many of Cybele either, actually.
  64. 64. See what I mean? I do have an excuse, though. I was focused on keeping Sheena alive and trying to find her dream job in the Culinary career.
  65. 65. Here we are! The first born of generation four! Her name is Aisling (pronounced ash-ling but I say it ains-ling). She has her daddy’s green eyes and skin tone. She has black hair too.
  66. 66. Sheena: “Welcome to the world, little one. I hope you have a happy life.”
  67. 67. Naturally, Jonathan is a very happy Family Sim right now.
  68. 68. As Chandler went to work…
  69. 69. … Cybele realized that she was pregnant. Technically, her baby and Aisling will be the same age.
  70. 70. Cybele’s pregnancy went by rather quickly.
  71. 71. Naturally, Chandler was useless to help Cybele.
  72. 72. Meet Blake Aldrich, the second born of generation 4! He has his daddy’s green eyes and skin tone. He also has blonde hair, which really isn’t all that shocking. Holden was blonde, Aren was blonde, and both of his parents are blonde.
  73. 73. Blake got a room painted to match his eyes.
  74. 74. Cybele and Chandler got started on trying for their second child. They might have even been successful!
  75. 75. Sheena: “Guess what, Aisling? It’s your birthday today!”
  76. 76. Sure enough, it was time for Aisling to grow up. Cybele, Caden, and some other family friends were all in attendance.
  77. 77. I don’t know if throwing a baby up in the air is very safe. In this picture, Cybele is technically pregnant…if you get my meaning.
  78. 78. Aisling is an Aries with 6/9/6/4/6, making her neat, extremely outgoing, active, serious, and nice. She has a lot of her dad’s features. Only time will tell if she inherited anything from Sheena in the looks department. She definitely got her mom’s extroverted-ness, though.
  79. 79. Another guest happened to come by during Aisling’s birthday party. Sheena: “Hey there! Wait. Why are you biting me?” Caden: “Isn’t that the dog you played with as a teenager?” Cybele: “Did you just say that that thing bit you?”
  80. 80. Cybele: “Oh crap. What’s wrong with you? Why are you glowing?”
  81. 81. Cybele: “GAH! You’re a werewolf!” Sheena: “Yep. That wasn’t so bad. Kind of cool, actually.”
  82. 82. Caden: “That can’t be good for the baby.” Sheena: “Oh, I’m fine! Geeze!” Cybele: “But that was pretty scary.” Caden: “It wasn’t really that scary, sis.” Sheena: “Hmm…I have the sudden urge to eat lots of meat…” Cybele: “Eat Caden first. He’s single and without children.” Caden: “Hey! That’s not nice! Also, I don’t think that’s what Sheena meant.”
  83. 83. Aisling: “Daddy!” Tattoo Dude: “Uh…no…I’m just the family friend.” Aisling: “No! Daddy!” Tattoo Dude: “Seriously. I’m not your father. I know that I look a lot like him but…well…I have brown hair.”
  84. 84. Ramin: “I heard something about a werewolf?”
  85. 85. Ramin: “Uh…ma’am…I heard that there’s a were—oh wow. Um. You’re very hairy.” Sheena: “You think so? I’m the werewolf you’d be looking for. I live here. I’m pregnant. Also, I’m hungry.” Ramin: “Er…um…I’ll go now.” Sheena: “Good choice.”
  86. 86. Aisling: “Momma hairy!” Sheena: “Yeah. I sure am.” Aisling: “Why?” Sheena: “I’m a werewolf, dear.” Aisling: “I wanna be werewolf!” Sheena: “Um…just go to sleep, sweetie.”
  87. 87. Sheena: “So…I’m a werewolf now.” Jonathan: “I noticed.” Sheena: “You don’t mind, do you? I mean, I don’t mind being a werewolf. I also don’t mind changing back to normal.” Jonathan: “Of course I don’t mind!” Sheena: “Okay. That’s a relief. Oh. I think I hear a screaming child.” Jonathan: “I’ll go get her.”
  88. 88. Aisling: “Daddy! DADDY! DAAADDDDDDYYYY!” Jonathan: “I’m right here!”
  89. 89. Jonathan set right to teaching Aisling how to talk.
  90. 90. I never actually intended on Sheena turning into a werewolf. However, I’m glad that I let her become a werewolf even though her hunger goes down every time she werewolfs out, which could potentially be a bad thing for her next pregnancy.
  91. 91. Sheena decided to teach Aisling how to walk outside in the fresh air.
  92. 92. Mr. Officer: “Congrats on adopting a kitten, sir!” Jonathan: “I adopted a kitten?”
  93. 93. They adopted a little kitten named Alegra. Jonathan actually rolled up the want for her, so I decided to indulge him. That and the thought of a cat living with a werewolf sounds funny to me.
  94. 94. Speaking of the werewolf… Sheena is actually the third werewolf I’ve ever had. Before my last computer went to the Great Beyond, I had two werewolves. They were Antoinette “Netty” Keeble and her husband, Luc. While playing them, I learned that werewolves are really fun.
  95. 95. If you just happened to be strolling by Sheena’s house in the middle of the night and you dropped your contact and looked through their living room window, this is what you’d probably see: A pregnant werewolf, a kitten, and just a normal Sim. You would probably either run away screaming something about hallucinations or maybe you’d want to poke the werewolf. Poking the werewolf (or the kitten) is not a good idea, though. They might bite.
  96. 96. Jonathan: “What’s going on?” Sheena: “You should know this! I’m giving birth! You were there for Aisling’s birth!” Jonathan: “Oh! Right! I was, wasn’t I?”
  97. 97. Meet baby…
  98. 98. Jonathan: “Why are you giving me the kid?” Sheena: “Just take him! Geeze. I thought you were a Family Sim.”
  99. 99. Yes, folks, she had twins. These were cheesecake twins, by the way. I’m pretty sure that Jonathan is holding the boy, Declan. If that’s Declan then the baby that Sheena is holding is the girl, Neasa. Declan is pronounced as “dee-clan.” Neasa is pronounced like the name Nessa. (But I usually end up pronouncing it as “nee-sa.”)
  100. 100. Aisling is quite precious. Although, I doubt that Alegra would agree. (Alegra is now an adult cat…I didn’t take pictures of that, though.)
  101. 101. Aisling: “KITTY!” Alegra: “Unhand me, heathen!”
  102. 102. Alegra: “What is it with you people and touching me? Do you want me to go for the jugular vein, lady? Keep making kissy faces at me and I might.” Nanny: “Why, I never! You’re a rude cat!” Alegra: “And you’re a rude human, so we’re even.”
  103. 103. So, back to Cybele’s house! Just so you know, Sheena’s twins will be the same age as whatever kid Cybele ends up having next. It may not seem that way but it is. In fact…
  104. 104. It’s time for Blake’s birthday!
  105. 105. Blake didn’t get a big birthday party like Aisling. In fact, his parents don’t really know that many Sims.
  106. 106. Blake looks a lot like his father. Blake is a Virgo: 9/2/6/3/4, making him extremely neat, very shy, active, serious, and kind of mean.
  107. 107. Blake is an adorable toddler. There are going to be a lot of adorable toddlers in the future. (I know this because Blake is currently a teenager in the game.) Note to self: Stop playing so far ahead.
  108. 108. Chandler got started on teaching Blake how to walk right away.
  109. 109. Cybele started teaching Blake how to talk the next morning.
  110. 110. Chandler: “So, what are we going to name this baby?” Cybele: “If we have a girl, I was thinking about Whitney as a name. I haven’t thought about a boy name, though.” Chandler: “If we have a boy, I think that we should name him Justin.” Cybele: “Oh! I like that name.”
  111. 111. Cybele: “You’re going to be a big brother soon!”
  112. 112. By soon, Cybele meant right after she went to the bathroom. Chandler was at work, so he missed the birth.
  113. 113. Everyone, meet Justin Aldrich! Justin looks a lot like his older brother at this point; blonde hair and green eyes.
  114. 114. Chandler: “Hey there, little guy. Aren’t you cute?” For those of you wondering why Justin’s room is the same color as Blake’s…well…the boys are sharing a bedroom. The Aldriches are kind of…poor.
  115. 115. Sheena: “This is awesome. I have a great family, wonderful friends, and I’m a werewolf. Can it get any better?”
  116. 116. Sheena: “Hmm…I wonder what cats taste…er…what cats dream about.”
  117. 117. Jonathan: “Today’s your birthday, Aisling! It’s also Declan’s and Neasa’s birthdays.” Aisling: “Birthday? Yay!”
  118. 118. The kids didn’t really get a huge birthday party. Alegra: “Great. I’m going to have three heathens big enough to bother me.”
  119. 119. Aisling looks a lot like her father, obviously. Of course, she grew up well.
  120. 120. Aisling: “Woo! Happy birthday, twins! Mom, which one are you holding?” Sheena: “Um…we’ll find out real soon…”
  121. 121. Declan looks a lot like his father. They even have the exact same smile. (It’s kind of creepy that they’re smiling at the same time.) Declan is an Aries: 6/9/6/4/6, making him identical to Aisling. I have just realized this. I’ve just noticed that he has the same hairstyle as Caden. Whoops.
  122. 122. Neasa, on the other hand, looks slightly different from her siblings. She has her mother’s nose. That’s really all that I can see right now. Neasa is a Cancer: 6/3/6/4/6, making her neat, shy, active, serious, and nice. Oddly enough, her personality is almost the exact same as her twin’s and sister’s. She’s just shy is all.
  123. 123. Chandler: “It’s good to see you again.” Caden: “Yeah. I just decided to stop by since I can sense that it’s birthday time for the boys.” Chandler: “Oh. Yeah. That’s right!”
  124. 124. Caden: “Woo! Birthdays! Wait. What are you wearing, Cybele? Are you a robber?” Cybele: “No. I’m supposed to be a mime. Apparently, mimes are criminals that wear spiffy hats.” Caden: “That’s…interesting.”
  125. 125. I almost wish that I’d let Caden have a family of his own. He always stops Cybele and Sheena’s houses to bond with them. It’s kind of sweet, actually.
  126. 126. Blake definitely has his dad’s hawk nose. But that’s alright ‘cause he’s still adorable.
  127. 127. Justin is a very good mixture of both of his parents’ genetics. In fact, he looks very different from Blake. (Score!) Justin is an Aries: 7/6/5/4/3 (that’s interesting). This means that he’s pretty neat, outgoing, kind of active, serious, and mean.
  128. 128. Blake and Justin get along really well together.
  129. 129. Look at that! It’s a family picture, even Caden is in it. I totally didn’t even plan this. They did everything on free will.
  130. 130. Speaking of family and happiness, Cybele is now showing in her final pregnancy!
  131. 131. Blake and Justin are still sharing a room, just in case you were curious. (Ha! Justin, just in.) And that’s the end of this chapter! I hope you enjoyed reading it! Also, if you’re curious, the stats of generation three are on the last two slides.
  132. 132. Name: Jonathan Buckingham-Aldrich Aspiration: Family LTW: Graduate 3 Kids From College Zodiac Sign: Cancer Personality: 6/3/6/4/6 Hobby: Tinkering Hair and Eye Colors: Black and green Name: Sheena Aldrich Aspiration: Popularity LTW: Become Celebrity Chef Zodiac Sign: Aries Personality: 5/8/8/1/2 Hobby: Sports Hair and Eye Colors: Black and dark blue
  133. 133. Name: Chandler Todd-Aldrich Aspiration: Knowledge LTW: Max Out 7 Skills Zodiac Sign: Virgo Personality: 9/2/6/3/5 Hobby: Science Hair and Eye Colors: Blonde and green Name: Cybele Aldrich Aspiration: Fortune LTW: Become a Prestidigitator Zodiac Sign: Cancer Personality: 7/3/5/4/6 Hobby: Science Hair and Eye Colors: Blonde and brown