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Familiar Faces - Chapter Twenty Five: Could I Have This Dance?


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Familiar Faces - Chapter Twenty Five: Could I Have This Dance?

  1. 1. Welcome back to Familiar Faces! Chapter Twenty-Five: Could I Have This Dance?
  2. 2. Emma had graduated from University, and it was time to get the generation in gear. Once she got back to the main lot she quickly dumped the horrible pink track suit she'd transitioned in and looking in the mirror decided it was time to chop off most of her hair. She then called her fiance Aldric Davis and told him to get his butt in gear 'cause she was going to fulfill her promise to whisk him away from the eternal life of dormie hood or at least she would do so eventually. Sorry no recaps here, if you want to know what happened in the past go back and read the previous chapters you slacker!
  3. 3. While most people might think that the first thing on Aldric and Emma's agenda was marriage and quickly popping out generation seven, they had other thoughts on the matter. You see, it seemed as if there had been no peace for either of them since the Death Court had happened. Between getting Aldric ressed, finals, graduation, moving home and what not life had been pretty hectic for Emma and her fiance.
  4. 4. It was as if anytime they turned around there was some well meaning soul wanting to hear all about everything. Had Aldric seen the spirits of those that had gone before? Had they given him any messages to pass along? It wasn't so much the questions it was the frequency of those questions, and the phone calls at all hours. Aldric and Emma had barely had any time to talk about things with each other they really needed some breathing space. Some time to regroup and relax and reflect on everything that had happened to them over the past eight months. They weren't going to be getting that in Familiarity. No worries though they had a plan.
  5. 5. Before their plan could be put into motion however they needed to fulfill a family obligation. The couple most likely to couple was getting married immediately and neither Elliot nor Deanna would have forgiven his sister if they didn't show up for the ceremony. Not that it was a hardship to go to the wedding; Emma is very close to all of her siblings, Elliot most of all. The bride was beautiful and the groom was head over heels in love, and all told it was a wonderful wedding.
  6. 6. Besides it had to be fun to see Robert McAuley pinch his wife anytime she started to say something negative while they were standing in the reception line. Being congratulated on her son's marriage didn't sit all that well with Juliet. Once the reception line had broken up and the bar was open Juliet seemed to get over herself a little bit. She really was trying to behave; it was just difficult to change a pattern of twenty odd years of behavior. Robert did his best to keep her occupied so that she wouldn't have time to be witchy.
  7. 7. Elliot's youngest sister Diana had been allowed to make her first official appearance at a big people's event and was all togged out for the festivities. Diana McAuley is once again proof that Juliet's genes must be completely recessive. Just as Elliot is almost a clone of his father David, Diana looks exactly like Robert. We could comment on how having proof of paternity stamped so precisely on both her childrens faces is surely a relief to the said father's but that would just be crass wouldn't it? Elliot spent much of the reception playing with Diana and getting in a little practice with her. He imagined that it wouldn't be all that long before he had children himself.
  8. 8. Both Elliot and his bride had stated that they were eager to start their family immediately. Indeed rumor had it that Deanna was already pregnant when the ceremony occurred. We'll check in with them a bit later to see if the rumor was true but for now we're going to follow Emma and Aldric while they slip out the back door.
  9. 9. While the cake cutting was going on and before the party was over Emma and Aldric took advantage of everyone being distracted took off early.
  10. 10. Even during the family celebration there had been tons of questions. Everything from what exactly happened at the court? What was it like being dead? There were questions about Almeric who hadn't been seen by anyone since he had tried to convince Emma that he was his brother. There were also questions about the planned wedding, and questions that pushed the nosy boundary that pointedly asked when the family could expect the next heir to appear.
  11. 11. It wasn't that either Emma or Aldric had any doubts about their future together. They knew that they loved each other, and they wanted to get married they really did. They just didn't necessarily want to get married right that moment. If everything had gone according to plan they would have spent the past eight months engaged and finalizing their plans for the future. At the moment getting married immediately just seemed a little rushed. Cause even though they'd been engaged for awhile they'd actually only spent a short amount of time together as an engaged couple. So much had happened while they'd been apart they needed a little 'couple time' before moving directly into being a 'family'.
  12. 12. And so they hopped a shuttle and took off to the family's Lake House for some relax time. Spending some time in the sun and the surf was what they needed; it would give them some time to unwind and reload uninterrupted. While they get their feet wet we'll go check in with a few other members of the family.
  13. 13. When last we visited with Puck and Dorme they were just saying their wedding vows. Mr. and Mrs. Summerdream had quickly settled into a happily married lifestyle. As long as Puck didn't dwell too much on the other inhabitants of the household everything went smoothly.
  14. 14. It was a bit difficult to ignore his mother in law when Kitty insisted on greeting him each morning with a bust a move and a grats on being hot. Puck worked hard on always looking her in the eye during their conversations and eventually he overcame the need to react in shock to her clothing optional policy every five minutes.
  15. 15. Amazingly enough there were things much more interesting occurring in the household than a naked elder playing catch on the lawn with one of the family dog. Puck and Dorme's first child, a son named Egeus had been born during the spring following his parents wedding. Egeus was the first grandchild all around and the eldest of the eventual first circle of legacy cousins.
  16. 16. Across town Puck's full sister Bottom and her husband Alexander Goth had also quickly gotten started on their own family. They had announced Bo's first pregnancy soon after their wedding. And while the couple had spent their first few months as husband and wife simultaneously working towards their similar career goals, Alex had nudged his wife out of the running as first Criminal Mastermind in the household while Bo was on maternity leave.
  17. 17. She quickly caught up with him after their son was born. Erasmus is just a little bit younger than his cousin. Erasmus takes after the Summerdream side of the family and looks very much like his mother. Personality wise however he's much more extreme than either of his parents could even think about being.
  18. 18. Erasmus's Goth grandparents are hoping that the next child inherits a few more of their traits. Prior to Alexander's marriage the family hadn't been much in contact with Bella due to the memory problems that had plagued her since her abduction and eventual drop off in Strangetown, but she's slowly being reintroduced to the family.
  19. 19. Following their graduations from Familiarity University, Dallan Familiar and Delphine Nova had cashed in and combined their trust funds and begun their cohabitation. The home they choose suited their free-wheeling romance sim lifestyle. It had a spare bedroom but they had no intention of dressing it up in ribbons and bows as a nursery. Instead they'd placed a nice comfy pet bed in there and taken the pick of the litter when one of Dallan's parent's dogs had puppies. Their 'son' Jason is as homely a dog as you can get and as loveable.
  20. 20. When their friends had started settling down, avoiding the night life and the parties and started having kids Dallan and Delphy had a few discussions regarding their choice to remain uncommitted and childless. There have been a few times when one or the other has looked over and said in a very serious voice "You know maybe we should think about having a few of our own."
  21. 21. Then they'd both laugh uproariously at the thought. While they aren't opposed to children in general they'd still prefer to think of kids as something other people have.
  22. 22. Remember Eva and the fireman? Ted Langarek was his name. Some may have noticed that Ted was Eva's 'date' for Emma and Elliot's graduation party at the end of chapter 24. Ted was a tough nut to crack he'd been in the fire brigade long enough to know that some women tend to googly-eyed over firemen. "Being a firefighter's not nearly as dangerous or as glamorous as people seem to think at least not day to day. Someone gets careless in the kitchen and they panic and we come in and put out the fire, sure occasionally there's real danger sometimes we have to get cats out of trees now that's tough! As for sexy eh? I think anyone that took a whiff of the station after one of our firehouse chili dinners would be more likely to faint due to the smell than the sexy."
  23. 23. Ted had initially enrolled in the fire force because he'd heard that the training he could get as a member would give him an advantage in medical school, he'd stayed because it was good money. At first when the women he 'saved' started pushing their phone numbers in his pockets he'd been flattered and well he'd taken advantage of the situation more than a few times. What guy wouldn't? After awhile it got old, for the most part the women that saw him as a hero didn't see much else in him, they weren't really interested in him they were interested in the image. He'd even heard rumors that some women intentionally set fire to their kitchens just so that they could meet a fireman, something about legacies, he wasn't sure.
  24. 24. There was something about Eva Familiar though, she was a bit different. It wasn't just her green skin or her pointed ears that made her different. There was something almost childlike about her. It wasn't innocence nor was it simplicity; there was nothing simple about Eva. She had quite a bit of information in her head but very little practical experience using that information. They could be having a very drawn out and detailed discussion about something and then suddenly she'd make a comment that made him realize that she'd never actually experienced whatever it was they were discussing. It made him want to be there the first time she climbed a mountain or tasted coconut, he wanted to show her the world and see it through her eyes.
  25. 25. "I don't know what to do Tania; Eva says she wants to marry this guy. But she said the same thing about Adonis. How do we know that he's the right one for her? He's seems like an okay guy but is he good enough for her?" "Well I like him, he's always very polite to me always calls me Ma'am." "But do you think Eva is ready to get married? She still seems so untamed."
  26. 26. "David, Eva won't ever be completely tamed, and I don't think you want her to be. The group sessions have been very good for her, she's much calmer now than she was early on and I think she does realize that she jumped into that relationship with Adonis way too quickly and that she learned from it." "So I should let her marry this guy Tim?" "Ted. I don't think it a matter of letting Eva do anything. Eva will do what Eva wants to do. Maybe you should talk to Ted and just explain that you're a little hesitant to give your blessing yet."
  27. 27. In Three Lakes Emma and Aldric did a bit of the tourist scene, they hit the lumber camp, threw some axes and challenged each other to numerous log rolling competitions. Stopping at the food stand they filled up on some of the famous 'Three Lakes Flapjacks'.
  28. 28. They then took some time to peruse the memory trunk and surreptitiously located a blank spot to add their own annotation. AD + EF were now carved right along with the numerous carving that Don Lothario had made to signify his relationships with several of Emma's female ancestors (DL+DC & DL+CG). The hope is that Emma and Aldric's relationship will pass the test of time unlike Don's relationships with Dina and Cassandra had.
  29. 29. But mostly they were avoiding the tourist traps. After making a grocery run they pretty much had everything they needed at the lake house to keep them comfortable for as long as they might feel they wanted to stay.
  30. 30. So they spent their days romping on the secluded beach.
  31. 31. And their nights cuddled up together in front of the fire.
  32. 32. And through it all they talked, talked about anything and everything that crossed their minds. They reviewed the gossip regarding the graduation and weddings that had occurred in Emma's family, the talked about the UA's plans for the university zombie branch and eventually they talked about death.
  33. 33. "I don't remember dieing; I don't remember a bright light beckoning me forward. The last thing I remember was arguing with Almeric, nothing new in that it seemed like we were always arguing lately. And then I was standing in a room and it was like everything was in black and white until I looked down and saw that I wasn't in black and white, I wasn't even in the same clothing I'd been in minutes before. I asked Grim about that later and he commented that not even he was willing to spend eternity looking at a bunch of elderly men in their underwear, and so upon transfer to his realm the dead take the appearance that they are most commonly remembered as having in life. 'Welcome to area 53'"
  34. 34. "Area 53?' "Some call it purgatory, some call it the kitchen, some call it the waiting room, I call it Area 53" 'And who are you?' He seemed startled "I am The Grim Reaper of course." 'Whoa! So why are you here? Why am I here? Where exactly is here?"
  35. 35. "Here is where those that have died come before they move on. I am here because it is a part of my realm, and you are here because you are dead.' 'I can't be dead I don't feel dead' 'What did you think being dead would feel like?' 'Well I don't know I never really thought about it but I didn't think it would feel like this.' 'I have a film for you to watch it is called The Dispersion of Disbelief "
  36. 36. "And then he showed me a video of my death and it was horrible. How could I have been so stupid as to eat the cake? The cake is a lie!" "You're not stupid; Almeric used Mr. Mickles on you in order to get you to eat the cake. He used it on me too, powerful little toy isn't it. I told Elliot to throw the dang thing away but he's scared to, doesn't know what would happen if he did."
  37. 37. "But what I still don't understand is what Almeric was trying to prove in the first place. He and I never got along, not really. I mean we were never like you are with your sisters and your brothers, we weren't friends. But, I never thought he hated me. Sure we'd fight and he'd do whatever he could to get me in trouble I did that to him too, but it was all petty stuff nothing that was even really all that mean. I love you Emma, I'd kill for you if I had to; Almeric may have thought he wanted you but he didn't love you. Unless his definition of love is just so grossly warped." "It wasn't about me. It was about the Legacy, the heiress bit he thought I was some type of prize I guess. I barely knew him, I never knew until that last night what was going on in his head. I can only really recall two or three conversations with him. The last month or so he was creepy weird kept hanging out at the house and I guess he was trying to eavesdrop on us maybe so he would know me well enough to try and fool me?"
  38. 38. "See I don't get that either, Almeric was never shy he never had problems talking to anyone. I remember this girl Debbie back in high school that Almeric decided he wanted to take to some dance, and she wouldn't give him the time day. Almeric wouldn't take no for an answer, he followed her around for a couple of weeks and was constantly trying to talk to her even though it was pretty obvious that she didn't want to listen. Eventually he wore her down and she said okay she'd go with him if it would just get him to shut up. They dated for six months. That's the type of thing I would have expected of him. When he wanted something he'd go after it until he got it he wouldn't be passive." "Maybe he's just crazy? Does insanity run in your family? Is it something I should be worried about?" "Well there was my Aunt Mabel the one with all the cats. Nah least not that I ever heard. Yeah he is crazy, something set him off I think I know what it was but I'm going to have to find out more."
  39. 39. "Anyway after Grim and I watched the video he told me how normally when someone died they would come to Area 53 first and they'd stay long enough for Grim to know if firstly anyone was going to plead for them but also if anyone was going to resurrect them. If there was a good possibility that they'd be resurrected then they'd have to stay in Area 53 until that happened because he didn't like mixing the temporarily dead with the permanently dead, apparently it causes bad feelings when the non resurrected find out that someone else was resurrected and Grim doesn't like dealing with restless spirits."
  40. 40. "Now usually if someone is going to be resurrected they get resurrected within a couple of hours, maybe a day or two at max. He then broke the news and told me how my case was super special since he felt positively that I would be resurrected eventually, even told me that someone had tried unsuccessfully. Oh yeah remind me to thank Denise for trying I don't think I did that before leaving campus and I should have.' 'Well because of the whole court issue and the zombie unrest it was going to be impossible for me to be resurrected for quite awhile. He was very nice about it, apologized for the inconvenience even. I of course told him not worry 'cause well he was The Grim Reaper and all."
  41. 41. "Right why upset Grim, it's not like your fiance wasn't bawling her eyes out most likely at that same exact moment." "Do you think that if I'd yelled and screamed and thrown a tantrum that he would have changed his mind? You've met him! Would you have picked a fight with him?" "Well no you're right I wouldn't have but maybe you could have arranged to communicate with me somehow, maybe reversed the charges on the bone phone or something."
  42. 42. "I did try to communicate with you Em. Grim told how but it never really worked right. I'd be there or at least I was partially there. I was with you as much as I could be, I just never could figure out how to let you know. Anytime I tried to touch you I'd fade away, I couldn't even haunt a lamp like the ghosts do all I could do was watch. Didn't you ever sense me in some way?" "I . . I did, occasionally when I knew I was alone in a room I'd get the feeling that I wasn't really alone and there were even times when I thought I could hear you talking to me. When that happened I'd feel more relaxed more calm than I normally did, or at least I would until I convinced myself that I was crazy."
  43. 43. "I couldn't always be there it took a lot of energy to make an attempt and even when it worked it never seemed to last very long but when I wasn't there I was still able to watch you some. When I could find you, sometimes you were hard to find. Oh umm I guess if I'm telling you everything I should tell you that I accidentally saw your cousin in the shower one day when I was trying to find you." "Which one?" "Delphy, and before you ask there's no comparison that could be made that would not place you head and feet above her in my mind." "Well that was the right answer and since you said that so quickly I'll choose to believe you, this time but I'll be watching you!"
  44. 44. "So when you weren't playing Peeping Tom what did you do?" "I read a lot, I finally finished all thirteen of The Wheel of Time and I started on The Saga of Recluce." "There are only eleven books in Wheel of Time, well twelve if you count New Spring." "I count New Spring but there are thirteen, Grim has connections and got me an advance copy of A Memory of Light. Sanderson doesn't do it as much justice as I'd hoped. Besides reading I did a lot of gaming, unfortunately Grim's T3 doesn't connect to normal servers they've got their own network set up. But I'm here to tell you Babe you have not PVP'd until you've been in AB with Reapman he's a bad ass!"
  45. 45. "You haven't mentioned your parents at all. Weren't you concerned for them? I didn't really know what to say but I wanted to call them, Dad tried to find a number for them but the only one he could find wasn't working. I asked Almeric and he said I shouldn't try to speak with them. I know you aren't all that close but have you at least let them know you're okay?" "I can't there's no way for me to contact them now, Emma they're dead." "What?" "I tried to check up on them, I hadn't heard from them for a couple of months and even that was a long time without at least an email. So I tried to find them tried looking around the house but the house wasn't there, it was just a burnt shell."
  46. 46. "I asked one of Grim's girls I think it was Morrigan I never did figure out how to tell them apart. And she looked my parents up on the big list and said that they had been checked through back in September. Apparently there was a fire, spark from the fireplace or something." "And no one contacted you? Wouldn't someone have told you?" "The lawyer would have called Almeric, and expected Almeric to tell me, he never did so maybe he wasn't called. But I think he knew cause I watched him some when I wasn't watching you. I'm pretty sure he's mental, finding out they were dead is probably what pushed him over the edge in someway."
  47. 47. "We'll have to report him missing. No one's seen him on campus since that night, Aldric he needs help." "I know I just don't have any ideas yet, I can't imagine where he'd go if he couldn't go home." "And what about you are you okay?" "Yeah I'm okay, I've adjusted. We weren't like you and your folks Emma, they - they weren't warm people, not with me not even with Almeric. They were my parents and I guess I loved them, but I didn't like them all that much. They never laid a hand on me, they just ignored me and that was worse. The silence in our house could be deadly."
  48. 48. "Well that's something you might actually miss in the future, it's rarely quiet back home. It used to be almost quiet at night but now with Dad and Eva never sleeping, it never is. Eva doesn't even understand sleep; she thinks nothing of pounding on the piano at 3am or turning the radio up full blast." "I can sleep through anything you know that, side effect of long term dorm living. You Greek folks think you're wild? Hah! The last time I checked in on my dorm mates half of them were frozen in the yard after using the bubble blower during a blizzard and the other half was running a conga line through the hallways."
  49. 49. "We have to go back tomorrow. Do you think that we're ready for this?" "I think we're ready for anything don't you?" "Oh yeah I think as long as we're together there's nothing we couldn't handle."
  50. 50. "Deanna I'm not ready for this! You've got to stop doing that; I haven't finished reading the book yet. We don't have the nursery finished, and I'm still just a hostage negotiator!" "Eli I don't think the baby cares if you are ready it's ready." "Just tell it not yet, you're the mother it'll listen to you." "You're not helping!"
  51. 51. "Two? I told you I wasn't ready for one let alone two." "It's not like I did this all on my own Elliot, you participated willingly enough." "Well sure but that was the fun part right? Aw heck, now don't cry Zeke, you are Zeke aren't you? Heck what am I saying the fun's just starting isn't it Hon?" "Oh yeah I think that's right."
  52. 52. Welcome to the World Ezekiel (Red Hair) and Ezra (Blond) Capp. Don't mind your Daddy he's just nervous. Even if Elliot wasn't sure if he was ready for them to arrive the rest of us had been anxiously awaiting their birth.
  53. 53. "Whoa Dad said that they might do a little remodeling while we were gone. I wonder what a lot of remodeling would have been." "No joke, driver are you sure this is the right house?"
  54. 54. Every expansion adds more 'stuff' that sims can't seem to live without, after six generations all that 'stuff' starts to pile up and a house that was highly serviceable with seasons becomes less serviceable with bon voyage and freetime. So yeah the Familiar's have a new house, same lot just a new house. We'll see how this generation manages in a two story, I generally don't like to have two story houses on large legacy lots since they tend to Laaaaaaaaaaaag more than single story houses do, but we'll give it a go. I'm not going to waste a lot of frames on a tour here. I posted a tour on my live journal when I built it and you can find it here the only thing that's really changed from when I took the pictures in the live journal is that the nursery and the downstairs bedroom have switched places.
  55. 55. "Daddy wants to talk to you." "About what? Eva I don't think he likes me and frankly he scares the crap out of me." "He does so like you, don't worry about Daddy he acts like a lion but he's really just big old pussy cat. He's probably going to tell you that I'm young and innocent and that you shouldn't take advantage of me. Blah blah blah." "You innocent Hah? Good thing he wasn't out here a few minutes ago."
  56. 56. "Look Tim, you seem like a nice guy and all." "Ted, its Ted sir" "What?" "My names Ted, Mr. Familiar Ted Langarek" "Right okay Ted, you seem like a nice guy and all but I am a little worried about my daughter and I wanted to know what your intentions are toward her. Do you love my daughter or are you just playing with her?"
  57. 57. "Well umm of course I love Eva; and she loves me too. I wouldn't do anything to hurt her Mr. Familiar I promise you that. And I want to marry her it's just that I don't know what I have to offer her at the moment. I live at the firehouse I don't even have my own apartment or anything and I mean I make good money and I've saved up a bunch of it. I could probably buy a place; it's just that when I'm on shift I'm at the firehouse for days on end and I don't know if that would be a good situation for Eva, she'd probably get pretty lonely if she was home by herself all the time." "Do you like being a fireman is it what you want to do for the rest of your life or do you have other prospects?" "No I mean yeah I like being a fireman its okay and all but I really want to be a doctor. I think I'd be a good one. I've taken all the paramedic training that I can but it's hard to go much further with my kind of schedule. I can't really take classes when I'm on shift."
  58. 58. "Well hmm I see that is a problem. I'll tell you what my sister is Chief of Staff at the local hospital. I could probably arrange an interview for you if you're serious about the medical field. If you're not really serious though I wouldn't want to waste Demi's time, it's a rare commodity for her she's a busy lady." "I'm very serious about it sir. I'd be forever grateful if you could do that for me." "How grateful?" "What, what do you mean I'd be very grateful." "Would you be willing to stop seeing my daughter?"
  59. 59. "Uh no sir, I'm sorry sir but I couldn't do that. I want to be a doctor and I'm going to be one whether you're willing to help me or not. But I want to be with Eva as well, and while I'd prefer to have your blessing on that it's really not your decision. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to leave before I say something that I might regret later." "I like you Ted, I like you a lot you might end up being my favorite son in law. I don't know if any of the others would have stood up to me like that I hope they would but I never had a chance to find out. Like you said it's not my decision who my daughter's marry, and I've let them all make their own choices and largely I've approved of those choices. I apologize for putting you on the spot like that; it's just that I'm sure you realize by now that Eva's a bit special."
  60. 60. "Yes sir she's very special." "My name's David, you can call me that. It makes me nervous when people call me sir, I always want to look over my shoulder and see who it is that they're really talking to. Ted it's not that I have anything against you or even against you eventually marrying Eva it's just that I think she needs to experience the world a little bit more before she makes that decision. Look Tania and I have been talking about taking a trip to the Orient kinda like a second honeymoon, what I'd like to do is take you and Eva with us and if after that you both still want to get married then you'll have my full blessing. And I'll go ahead and talk to Dems in the mean time I'm sure that they have some training openings at the hospital every time I talk to her she's always complaining about how short handed they are."
  61. 61. The house was ready for a test drive; could it withstand the weight of the full Familiar family? The day after Emma and Aldric returned from their Three Lakes pre-honeymoon it was time to call the family together to celebrate The Wedding of the generation. In terms of extended family in attendance the wedding of Emma and Aldric was a bit smaller than some in past generations. There were a few distant cousins invited those that are special friends to one of the couple, but with even with just the 'immediate' family the house was overcrowded. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Siblings trooped in from all over the neighborhood and connecting environs.
  62. 62. "That original feeling never went away So put your arms around me That's why I'm standing here today. And I'll never let go Whoa oh, whoa oh I know that easy words to say but I mean it So many ups and downs and nothings More than ever changed that's why I know I'm here to stay Yours is the kind of love Whoa oh, whoa oh Makes nothing else feel good enough I'm never gonna give you up oh no, oh no' So put your arms around me And then stay there forever Let it always be this way, you and me together
  63. 63. 'I can't explain Yours is the kind of love what's the glue that holds us in Makes nothing else feel good enough Whoa oh, whoa oh. I'm never gonna give you up oh no, oh no" I can't refrain ____________________________ if I had the chance to do it over again. Natasha Bedingfield - Put Your Arms Around Whoa oh, whoa oh. Me So put your arms around me And then stay there forever Let it always be this way, you and me together So put your arms around me And I'll never let go I know that easy words to say but I mean it More than ever
  64. 64. "Ooh I love this song, let's dance!" I guess I should have figured that they would be the couple to break away from the traditional dirty joke/pillow fight/congrats routine that normally follows weddings in my game. Pretty much if there is music on these two will be dancing - together; they rarely dance solo, slap dance, hula or smutsle but they are always dancing together. I should amend that to say that if they are in the same room they are dancing with each other but since they're three bolt stalkers they are always together.
  65. 65. After the dancing everyone quickly moved on to what's becoming the favored party activity in Familiarity. Kicky-bag! I think that Freetime must have upped the attraction of kicky-bag, it was always a popular activity but not since UNI was fairly new have my sims been as devoted to the activity as they have been since FT was installed. I think it's great for parties at least, everyone mingles and gains social and relationship without causing slap fests. It sure beats the constant water balloon fights of previous generations.
  66. 66. "Mrs. Familiar, could I have this dance?" "I'd be delighted to dance with you Mr. Familiar."
  67. 67. "I'll always remember the song they were I'll always remember that magic moment, playin', when I held you close to me. the first time we danced and I knew, 'Cause we moved together, I knew forever, as we swayed to the music and held to each you're all I'll ever need. other, I fell in love with you. Could I have this dance for the rest of my life? Would you be my partner every night? Could I have this dance for the rest of my life? When we're together, it feels so right. Would you be my partner every night? Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?" When we're together, it feels so right. ___________________________________ Could I have this dance for the rest of my life? - Could I have this Dance - Ann Murray
  68. 68. Following the party David and Titania took a few moments to celebrate seeing yet another one of their children safely settled. "Four down two to go you know we're more than half way there now." "And according to Bottom and Dorme we'll soon be up two more on the grand baby scale." "Might be three by the end of the night."
  69. 69. That it might be but first the ghosts of generations past need to leave the newly weds alone for a little while. "Come on you two Al beat me out on the great-greats but I'm counting on you two to help me one up him when it comes to great-great-greats. Well what are you youngsters waiting for? Do you need us to bless the bed for you or something?"
  70. 70. "They're waiting for their cheering section old man." Actually I think they are waiting for the two of you to LEAVE! I think that's it's wonderful that both of you came out on the same night. But really come on guys I know it's been four generations but the two of you surely remember what it was like to be newly weds. "Of course I remember those days fondly. Come on Abe lets go find someplace to reminisce and leave these two alone."
  71. 71. Well no lullaby but they did get another dream date knocked out for Emma's lifetime want and that put Aldric in platinum so that he'll most likely get a promotion on his first day of work which will put him closer to his lifetime want. Emma is really very close to finishing her lifetime want and I could probably just send them to a community lot and knock out the rest of them in one big push but I really like these two so I don't want to lose my liking for them by grinding the dating process into boringness.
  72. 72. Of course with the ghosts being particularly active at the moment not every date ends up being a dream date. "I told you I wanted Great-Great-Great Grandchildren! What's the hold up son?" Well Abe the current hold up is the need of a bath, a meal and a nap. You're not helping yourself here bud.
  73. 73. While Aldric was getting his bath taken care of Betty made sure that Emma needed one as well. /sigh "If you used my bed you'd be pregnant by now! My bed is the lucky one!" Umm Betty? You never got pregnant in your bed you got pregnant the first time in the hot tub and the second time in a photo booth on a community lot. "Exactly! Like I said my bed is lucky!"
  74. 74. Eventually the ghosts did leave them alone for a little while and we heard a lullaby. "Score?" Score
  75. 75. Since the end of the death court the zombie population of Familiar University had been hip deep in meetings. Meetings with each other, Meetings with the UA representatives, Meetings with the Foundation and Meetings with the Student Housing Association, each meeting seemed to lead to another one, it had been much harder to arrange things in a way that all would agree to than first thought.
  76. 76. But once a few bribes had been passed to the right people it no longer mattered that 'zombies don't qualify for off campus housing permits' or that 'We've never issued a Greek Charter to a non legacy sim before.' With a large grant from the UA and the Familiar family the UA - AUZ (Unnatural Army - Association of University Zombies) finally had a permanent home, no longer would they be required to move from dorm to dorm as the population deemed necessary and with any luck they'd be allowed to graduate just as soon as the player was bored enough to want the type of diversion that a houseful of zombies could provide. Charter Members of the UA-AUZ gathered on the lawn of their new home for a photo opportunity included (standing left to right) Nikki Zarubin, Christa Bear, Tammy Bruenig Suzi Philippine and (seated) Cole Thayer.
  77. 77. The new house soon became the happening spot on campus. With pizza in the kitchen, pool table in the basement and hot tub out back, there was a little something for everyone. The cheerleaders were on call for entertainment 24/7 and the streaker union added the UA to their call list, much to the shock of those students that just wanted a quiet spot to take a study break.
  78. 78. When the Dormie population heard that there was a Greek house on campus that wasn't limiting their membership to legacy descendants there was a large number that came forward with hopes of joining. Heath Toyonaga was one of the first to approach the organization's newly elected president Nikki Zarubin to ask about membership. He figured they'd be all over his joining, who wouldn't want a charismatic romancer with stellar looks to add prestige to their organization? Besides he was a member of the FF council of superiority and had done everything possible to assist the group in getting official recognition. Anything to get Suzi Philippine off his back had been his motto.
  79. 79. Heath would have been welcomed to the organization, if he had been willing to go through the initiation process. The UA had appropriated Aubrey the cowplant and the Bone phone from the Familiarity Foundation meeting house and moved the items into their house to be kept under lock and key. In spite of the revelations that had been made in Court, the Foundation members were still paranoid that they would be turned into zombies any day and were relieved when the instruments of torture were removed.
  80. 80. The new policy that had been agreed upon was that only those sims that wanted to be zombies would become zombies. This does not mean that any sim that wants to be a zombie will be a zombie; I have enough population problems without every single knowledge sim gaining immortality, thank you very much. But what it did mean was that Tammy's long term boyfriend Ratna was allowed to freely make the choice to join her in her alternative lifestyle.
  81. 81. Ratna's decision to join the UA may or may not have been prompted by Bob's enthusiastic willingness to sponsor anyone that volunteered to be the eighth part of his bargain. "Tammy, I've been working almost daily for three generations I have more money than Wright. If you enroll him into the organization the sky is the limit, just imagine Motherlode times Infinity."
  82. 82. "Okay so beach front lot in the burbs, vacation homes in Three Lakes and Takemizu along with your word given to the necessary people to smooth the way for adoptions and job opportunities? And you guarantee that we'll graduate from here before generation ten correct?" "Absolutely, I'm Jenn's favorite sim ever she'll give you anything it takes to make me happy!" Sad but true, Bob knows me too well. And don't look at me that way Ratna's been rolling the zombie want for generations.
  83. 83. Bob was pretty impressed with his own abilities at finally beating Grim and doing it in such a way that there could be no further protests. He just couldn't resist beating his chest over the matter to numerous people the next time the family got together. In this case the family was gathering one last time on campus for the final graduation party of the generation.
  84. 84. Elle and Denise had gotten everything set up, they were ready for the blow out bash to end all blow out bashes. They had a DJ in the basement, and a band scheduled to perform intermittently throughout the evening.
  85. 85. But most importantly they had a side yard large enough to accommodate multiple kicky bag games at the same time. And therefore the DJ was ignored and the band eventually broke up to join the real fun outside. Everyone had a great time it was one of the fastest roof raisers I've seen in a while, and yet for some reason I was a bit let down. I kind of expect my UNI parties to be more exciting than this.
  86. 86. "Ready?" "Ready!" "See you on the flip side girlfriend!"
  87. 87. And once again Jack the Falcon survivor of five generations worth of University students was left in the tender care of a placeholder. For this generation the placeholder is of course Gvaudoin Tricou secret weapon and good friend of the family. "Come on Jack, you've been here since the beginning you must have some really juicy tales to tell about the Familiar family, with your stories and my ability to type we could have a best seller on our hands!" Just cause she's a good friend doesn't mean she stops being an expert dirt digger.
  88. 88. According to Elle's life plan the next step following graduating from college with a perfect 4.0 was to get married to the man of her dreams. And since Elle generally gets what she wants that's exactly what happened. Her fiance Dov had spent the past year diligently working on the production of his first video game, and true to his word had gotten everything wrapped up prior to her graduation so that they would be able to spend as much time together during their early married life as possible.
  89. 89. The game you ask well it's a life simulation game called "Real Life" in which players control pixilated characters and direct their lives from birth until death helping them to achieve their goals and ambitions in order to live happily every after, or not whichever they prefer. Ah well, it was a good first effort maybe his next game will be something that people would actually enjoy doing.
  90. 90. "Congratulations on finally graduating Denise, please please please say that you and Dane are going to get married post haste and get Mom off my back regarding the Grand baby thing? Everyday it's the same thing, wake up get a phone call from Mom, 'Are you pregnant yet?' 'No Mom Dallan and I aren't planning on having children.' 'But David and Titania have four grandchildren and I don't have any' ARRRRRG!"
  91. 91. "But Delphy you really have to experience the joy of having your own children. Why just yesterday Erasmus did the cutest little thing, I'd put him down for his nap and then gone out into the garden for a little bit but I guess he just wasn't tired and when I came back in the house there he was on top of the dining room table with a box of cheerios poured out all around him. He'd poured the pitcher of milk and the full sugar bowl on top of it and was having him self a picnic. The dog was barking its head off and Erasmus was tossing handfuls of the soggy cheerios off the table for it to catch in its mouth." "And you're smiling as you say this?" "Well that's the thing I was looking at him in shock and disbelief and he looked at me and just beamed and he said clear as day 'Mama! Kisses!' How could I get mad after that?" "Dear Wright Bo I don't think I know you any more." "You have no idea Del, ever since I picked up family as my secondary aspiration I swear my brain has gone to mush."
  92. 92. Following their wedding Dov and Elle spent their wedding night playing a rousing game of Don't Wake the Llama with Dov's father Cael. Okay so not really but they did play the game right up until the moment that the taxi arrived to take them to the airport. They had reservations at the Twikki Beach Hotel.
  93. 93. Where they spent their wedding night doing what we'd expect them to do on their wedding night. No surprises here, at least not for us.
  94. 94. While they were down in Twikki they spent a little bit of time visiting with Elle's old friend the Witch Doctor. She wanted to give him a warning regarding the dangers involved from the souvenir that he'd given to Elliot the last time they'd seen each other. It wasn't a trinket that should be given out lightly and if the Witch Doctor wasn't careful he could find himself facing legal action. Not from Elle of course, looking around the hut she didn't see how there could be anything gained from suing him, but someone less picky might not be so scrupulous. "And you say that if I put a warning label on Mr. Mickles that I would be protected?" "It worked for McDonald's Coffee."
  95. 95. Elle and Dov were happily checking off the next item on her life plan list. The ' extended honeymoon on a marvelous beach somewhere' part of the list. The two of them were having a wonderful time, playing in the surf, shopping in the bazaar, visiting the ruins and soaking in the hot springs.
  96. 96. The only thing was that Elle wasn't feeling nearly as rested from the experience as she thought she would be. She seemed to be drained of energy constantly there were so many things to do on the island but all she really wanted to do was sleep. "I guess the years of late night parties and all night study sessions are finally catching up with me. It's just too quiet here; I guess I'm just one of those people that thrive on hectic. I need the excitement and adrenaline rush from constantly being busy." "Yeah you're probably right Sunshine, there's nothing to worry about."
  97. 97. Or it could just be that actions have consequences. If you want an extended honeymoon full of romance and woohoo you might end up having to alter your life plan to a certain degree.
  98. 98. Meanwhile your father the hidden family sim still feels the need to gain a few more aspiration points. +8,000 for relative getting married he does this at every single wedding and he's the only elder in the hood that does, even the 'real' family sims don't roll up the want as often as he does. Congratulations David you just earned yourself a secondary aspiration in Family.
  99. 99. Of course the wedding that he was gaining those points from was his niece's. Denise and Dane were the last two of the Greek House crew to say their vows. "We always get to be last, we're used to it." Now don't be bitter Denise, you are the youngest after all, and you aren't the last wedding of the generation or even the last wedding of the first cousins just the last wedding of this chapter. "Yeah yeah yeah tell me again how lucky I am to be the spare of a spare?"
  100. 100. "Yay I made her feel guilty enough to send us on a Honeymoon I am awesome aren't I?" It actually has very little to do with guilt and everything to do with awesomeness. While I do feel a bit bad that Denise hasn't gotten nearly the attention that she deserves from the chapters that she's been involved in she and Dane are extremely fun to play and so they get spoiled whenever possible.
  101. 101. "Denise when we were in the photo booth did you hear any music? I heard music, where did the music come from?" "Yeah I think we got a lullaby, are you happy about that?" "A lullaby! Wow really that's great!" "I'm glad you're happy about it, me too and my sister will be ecstatic! I didn't really expect it to happen this soon but we just got really lucky." "We sure did! Denise what's a lullaby, is there a prize for making the photo booth do that?"
  102. 102. "And that's how come we heard a lullaby in the photo booth." "Say no more Denise *wink* we wouldn't want you know who to know that we know all about her, she might not give us a baby if we talk about it." "Who?" The baby fairy but shh don't talk about her!"
  103. 103. "What type of sick sadistic person would leave us pregnant at the end of a chapter?" One that doesn't have much more room in their album and that wants to be able to do each of your children and their births the full justice that they deserve. Which is what we will do next time. Until then, Thanks for Reading and Happy Simming! ____________________________________________ I'd like to offer a general shout out to all the wonderful creators in the Sims2 community for helping to make my sims and their houses look so good. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!