Familiar faces chapter 36 3


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Familiar faces chapter 36 3

  1. 1. You Can't Always Get What You Want (part three)
  2. 2. Morning came quickly. Ferdie awoke on his last morning of living in his childhood home. Before he got dressed, he took a few moments to do a quick check on his scholarships and to make sure that nothing had changed with his dorm assignment. He wouldn't want to look like a Freshman when got to the campus. Better to have everything all figured out so that he could saunter into the correct dorm and straight up to his room without appearing lost.
  3. 3. He hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. When he'd returned from his date with Tina his parents had been waiting up for him. Ferdie guessed he should have expected it but he'd still had to steel himself for their greeting when he'd entered the room. Thankfully they hadn't spent to much time telling him how worried they were about him; and he thought he'd done a pretty good job of convenience them that he was feeling better about things. He was feeling better about things after all, maybe not as much better as he pretended to be but better. Mostly they'd just told him how proud of him they were and how even though he was becoming an adult they were still his parents. He could come to them if he needed. Ferdie had already known that but still it was nice to hear.
  4. 4. They'd stayed up talking for a pretty long time. Emma and Aldric passing along the same antidotes they'd passed on to Frankie when it had been his time to head for University. They'd advised him of particular professors to avoid and ones they felt were the best of the bunch. Eventually they'd gone to bed with the advisement not to stay up much longer, he would need to be up early in the morning. With a yawn he'd agreed, but before heading to bed himself he'd taken a short side trip into the room that had once been his grandparents. There in the drawer where it had always been he'd picked up the last item he needed to pack away. Keys to the Lake House. He'd decided to take a leaf from Elan's book in the matter of the House, “never ask permission unless you know you'll get it.”
  5. 5. “Come on Ferdie! We need to get moving if we're gonna make it there by noon. Tina's waiting for us.” Aldric called to his son, as he tossed the last of the bags into the back of the SUV. “Just saying good-bye to Laddie, Dad,” was Ferdie's reply as he bent down for one last belly rub. “It's too bad they don't let us have dogs in the dorms. You'd make the Dean's list for sure Laddie. Don't worry I'll be back soon. Don't chew too many okay?” Laddie whined in agreement, he didn't much like the taste of shoes after all. ~-~-~-~
  6. 6. The move between being a teenager in high school, and being a young adult at University, brings about more changes than just the change of address. It could be as simple as a new hairstyle, but often the changes are more complex. Being nudged from the nest and sent out on their own for the first time will change the way a sim views themselves and the world around them. Some may take the freedom of University as a license to live it up, while others will knuckle down and get serious about their life goals.
  7. 7. Unsurprisingly when a large group of young adults, all going through individual changes, gather in one place their collective relationships will change along with the individual ones. Friendships that were once believed to be everlasting can drift while others form as quickly it takes to share a cup of coffee. Groups that had been inseparable in high school may begin to pursue individual interests, and from those new interests arise new cliques.
  8. 8. Romantic relationships arise and fall as swiftly for young adults as non romantic friendships do. Some will find continuing a high school relationship the most convenient avenue for romance. Others may drift back and forth refusing to settle down with just one individual and risk burning bridges all around. Some romances, that never had the chance to be explored when younger may bloom, at least momentarily. And then there are those couples that having spent their high school years together will continue to skip merrily down the path to the inevitable altar waiting for them in adult hood.
  9. 9. Other relationships that may have seemed stable and enduring when looked upon from a teenage perspective will change direction. For some, the realization that the relationship has changed will come following a single devastating event. For others, there is a gradual shifting and cooling of emotions. No matter what causes the decline of a romance, the ending is almost always painful. ~~~~~~
  10. 10. They'd dated on and off in high school. While they had each dated others on occasion; where Emelda Indie had gone Elm Langerak had often followed. A few terms at university hadn't much changed things. If Mellie wanted to attend a party or a poetry reading, Elm had usually been there to escort her. And while his twin brother often accused him of being whipped, Elm didn't feel there was anything wrong with his and Emelda's relationship.
  11. 11. That Emelda apparently felt differently came as a shock. “Don't” “What do you mean don't?” “I said DON'T!” Emelda repeated, as she gave Elm a shove. “What the Hell Mellie? If you don't want me to kiss you, I won't, no big deal.” Elm shrugged. She'd never not let him kiss him before but girls get moody sometimes, right?
  12. 12. “Nothing's a big deal to you is it Elm? Our anniversary isn't a big deal, asking me out on a proper date isn't a big deal, showing up on time so that we don't miss the first act isn't a big deal. You've been taking me for granted for too long Elm, and I think I need to be dating someone who thinks that dating me is a big deal.” Elmeda announced. “I was working on my term pater, you said that you understood.” “If it was just this one time then it would be okay. But, there's always something, isn't there? You're working on a paper or in the robotics lab or goofing off with Elan.”
  13. 13. “Like you never spend time with your sister, the two of you constantly have your noses in those bridal magazines of hers. Is that what this is all about? Dora's getting married and you're getting antsy? Do you want a ring that badly? We're freshmen Mellie, do you really want to be engaged for three years?” Elm asked seriously. If she wanted to be engaged then well they could be engaged. “Not to you, Elm.” Emelda said sadly, “Dora's engagement and wedding planning has made me jealous. I want what she has with Ash. Not the ring, but the relationship that the ring symbolizes. I don't think you're ready to give that to me.” “So what? You're breaking up with me, just like that?” Elm shrugged “Fine, whatever you want Mellie.” Elm turned to leave and then looked back over his shoulder, “By the way, our anniversary wasn't today, it's next week. Happy freakin' Anniversary!”
  14. 14. Walking back to his dorm, Elm thought about what had just happened. The more he thought about it the madder he got. Doesn't want to see me anymore? Fine! I'll be better off without her. What do I need with Emelda Indie? Now I can do what I want to do instead of always what she wants. If I never went to another poetry reading it would be too soon. And Shakespeare on the green? I never liked that guy, all those thees and thous and guys in pantaloons, what the hell were pantaloons good for anyway? Don't even think about lattes, crappy little fou-fou drink, give me a beer any day. A beer would be really good right now.
  15. 15. “Dude what twisted your undies into a bunch. If you break that door I'm not pitching in my Spring Break fund to help you pay for it.” Elan called to his twin as Elm slammed into the dorm's common room. “We weren't raise in a barn after all.” Elm said with a wink to his dance partner “We've got class.” “She broke up with me,” Elm growled.
  16. 16. “What?” Elan was shocked. “Emelda broke up with me.” Elm gestured to his brother, “Come on we're gonna go drink my miseries away. I'm gonna get Von and Vet to come along. They can tell me what they really think about Emelda Indie, all that stuff they would never before have said to my face. Should be good for some laughs.” “You buying?” Elan asked. “Why not?” agreed Elm.
  17. 17. “So I guess I got to take a rain check. Sorry, but I gotta go keep my brother out of trouble. I'd take you with us but family drama, not the best setting for romance,” Elan said with false regret. “You're just gonna leave?” “Well bros before hos and all that, right? Gotta do what's gotta be done.” Elan replied with a grin. “Stop by tomorrow and I'll make it up to you.” “I think I'll be washing my hair.” “Suit yourself,” He shrugged. ~-~-~-~-~
  18. 18. “...Tonight's the night, let's live it up I got my money, lets spend it up Go out and smash it like oh my Wright Jump off that sofa, let's get, get off. I know that we'll have a ball If we get down and go out and just lose it all I feel stressed out, I wanna let it go Let's go way out, space out, losing all control...”
  19. 19. “It's not as if we don't already know how the plays end; Romeo kills himself, Hamlet gets killed and Othello chokes on white bread. White bread Elan; that's Shakespeare in a nutshell, it's boring as white bread. Where are the lasers and the machine guns?” Elm had started drinking and was ready to trash his new ex. “Not invented in the fifteen hundreds?” Elan replied blandly, the place was dead. “Exactly! Shakespeare is dated and unoriginal. Star crossed lovers? Hah! Anakin and Padme were star crossed lovers. Romeo and Juliet were just whiny brats.”
  20. 20. “I think you need another drink bud, you're loosing your audience. Vetty's making eyes at the guy on the dance floor and who knows where Von wandered off to.” “I am not!” Evette protested as she turned her attention back to the boys. “I was just listening to the band. Anyway he's not my type.” “Well he's blond and he's goofy looking, which pretty much describes every guy you've ever dated. Or did we miss a memo? Not like you hang with us very much anymore,” Elan poked at his cousin. “Not like you and Von invite Elm or I to hang with you two very much anymore.” Was Evette's retort.
  21. 21. “We cramp their style Vetty,” said Elm as he signaled the bartender for a drink. “They don't actually spend any time together when they go someplace, they just share cab fare.” “Which is why I prefer to pass when the rare invite does come along. Tonight at least I know you won't leave me hanging when some good time charlie comes along. We've been here what? Twenty minutes and Vonny has already deserted us.” Evette shook her head and looked around the club for her twin.
  22. 22. “He's not her type, she'll be back once she's gotten her ego stroked a bit.” Elan announced with assurance. He'd been hanging with Vonny enough to know her patterns. “True, retro-hippies with eye patches aren't quite cutting edge enough for my sister.” Evette rolled her eyes, “not that I know what her type is anymore.” Even sharing a dorm, the two sisters rarely spent much time together. What they talked about rarely went beyond family news and bits of gossip about other people. It rarely ventured into shared confidences. Tonight though, Evette really wanted her sister's advice. There were some areas of life that Evette had to concede that Evonne knew more about. Seeing her sister wander off to the ladies room, Evette excused herself and followed. ~-~-~-~-~-~
  23. 23. Egeus awoke with a start, he'd been dreaming again. He hadn't had the dreams in a long time, he'd almost forgotten what they were like. That eerie sense of having known exactly where he was and why, but not being able to communicate his presence. He could hear the voices around him but he couldn't decipher what they were saying not directly. It didn't matter though, because he knew they were talking about him. He shook his head that was something new, the eyes on the one were different, not like the eyes he associated with aliens. Her eyes had been like his, well like a sims at least, they were green with a white sclera or whatever it was called. Emilia would know. Emilia!
  24. 24. He had to tell Emilia about Stella. Egeus was positive now that Stella had been there during his abduction. That had to be important, didn't it. It couldn't just be coincidence that she had arrived the University, his University, right after his abduction. Egeus blinked, Stella had told Emi that she was here as punishment, but she'd never said what she was being punished for. Was it because of him? “What time is it?” Egeus asked out loud.
  25. 25. “It's the middle of the night babe.” Was Frances' groggy reply, “is everything alright? Egeus felt Fran's hand on his stomach. “We're fine, just a dream.” “Okay, good.” Frances laid a light kiss on Egeus' shoulder. “Do you need anything?” “No, it's good. Remind me to call my sister in the morning.” ~-~-~-~
  26. 26. “It's pretty dead here tonight isn't it? That's the problem with weeknights, we should have waited till tomorrow.” Evonne announced as she looked at herself in the mirror. Evette rolled her eyes, “It's a pity that Elm couldn't have a crisis to better suit your schedule. At least there's a band, and the keyboardist looks to be your type.” “Oh please, Mikey? Been there done that he's not worth the time.” Vonny shrugged and rolled her shoulders. “He's cute and all but ugh the boy needs a brain. If he kissed well enough to make up for the empty space between his ears he might be worth a second taste. But he's in dire need of lessons and I don't waste my time tutoring.”
  27. 27. “Well, if you're bored you could call Riq, he'd come running.” “Of course he would and that's why I won't call him. How he would love to play knight and rescue me, even if it was only from boredom. I'm soo tired of his clinginess, he really needs another hobby.” “Why do you still go out with him if you feel that way?” Better question would be why does he still go out with her since she treats him like crap? “Because he still asks me,” Vonny sighed, “look Vetty I've tried to cut him loose honestly I have. But, he always looks so pitiful when I suggest that he should see other girls.”
  28. 28. “And it's not as if I don't have some feelings for him.” Evonne brushed the hair out of her eyes. “Did you ever love him?” Evette asked her twin. “But, I do love him! That's the problem, if I didn't care then it would be easy wouldn't it? He just has this fantasy of the two of us and happily ever after, and that's not going to happen. Riq would be so much happier if he could just get that through his head. It's not like I haven't told him so a hundred times or more.” “So he's just a pity hoo?” “There's no need to be crude Vetty!” Evonne exclaimed truly hurt.
  29. 29. Evonne actually sounded hurt, and so her twin immediately apologized “I'm sorry Von, I'm just trying to figure it out. What makes one guy a keeper and another one a toss? Is it just that you have history with Enrique and so you give him more slack or do you really like him that much?” Evonne shrugged, “I don't know. I do like Riq and we have a lot of fun together when he's not being all mushy and clingy. If he would just accept a change of status to friends with benefits and go find another girl to pour his heart out to . . .” “Would you really want him to be with another girl? He's been yours for a long time, could you see him happy with someone else?”
  30. 30. “You mean after I kill her or before?” Evonne waved her hand, “I don't know how I'll feel. Probably depends on who it is, and whether they're good enough for him.” Evette looked thoughtful “hmm I guess so.” “Aaand we're not talking about Enrique are we? What's wrong with Ewan? I thought he was your fantasy. Now that you've got him don't you want him?” Evonne shook her head, figures. “I don't have him anymore. I gave him back,” Evette said with a frown. “I guess I'm just kind of backsliding at the moment.”
  31. 31. All through high school Evette Capp had mooned over Ewan London. When it had seemed that he preferred her twin, Vetty had been heart broken. She'd ended up pouring her feelings out to him right before he'd left for University and then consoled herself with his almost identical cousin, Rhett. Rhett may have looked like Ewan but he hadn't acted like Ewan. When he'd cheated on Evette, Evonne had smacked him around a few times on principal though it had hardly seemed to matter to her twin. When the twins had arrived on campus, Evette had been surprised and delighted to find Ewan waiting for her.
  32. 32. Ewan had proclaimed that Evette was the one he'd always been interested in. He hadn't felt that she reciprocated his feelings and hadn't wanted to hurt their friendship with an unwanted advance. Since her twin had always been more flirtatious in her manner towards him, he'd asked her out instead. When Vonny had turned him down he'd been confused, and when Vetty had declared her interest he'd been stunned. In the year that had separated their arrivals at University Ewan had missed Evette, and their friendship. When she'd arrived on campus he'd tracked her down. Finding her on the quad he'd explained his previous actions, apologized for any possible hurt he'd caused her and asked for another chance.
  33. 33. Throughout Evette's freshman term, the two had dated. She'd finally landed the guy of dreams. So why hadn't it been as wonderfully awesome as she'd expected it to be? Wasn't he supposed to be her one? “So what's the problem with Ewan?” Asked Vonny, “besides being a boring, unimaginative momma's boy? Of course that never bothered YOU about Ewan. It must be something else.” “Well, remember when we were all at Elisha's shop? The day we were helping with the wedding plans?”
  34. 34. “Ugh, of course I remember it. All you going gah-gah over frilly white things that signify impending doom.” Evonne's replied mornfully. “You did enough gah-gahing yourself sis, you even tried on a few if I remember correctly.” Evette reminded her sister. “Only because it's expected to gush over the bride in her finery. And I only tried on one, and only after 'Lisha plied us with wine. And what do wedding gowns have to do with Ewan? Were you imaging actually having to live with him till death do you part and considering the z factor?”
  35. 35. “He isn't boring Von, he's steady and considerate. Maybe he isn't all that daring but that just means he's prudent. Ewan's going to make someone a wonderful husband, it's just not going to be me.” Evette frowned trying to think how to explain her feelings to her sister “Then what's the problem?” Vonny asked curiously. “He isn't my Albatross,” said Evette regretfully. “Your what? Oooh .....”
  36. 36. Evonne remembered the conversation, even though she'd tried to forget portions of it she remembered it. Wedding dresses had been tried on and ooh'd over, measurements had been taken, attendant dresses had been picked many many glasses of wine had been drunk. After Corey had been convinced that pink bridesmaids dresses would class with Zeke's red hair. Emilia had been talked out of wearing boots to her wedding and the women had drifted into giddy conversations about weddings, honeymoons and men. Always men. It had started with Emilia asking Patricia “I don't see how you've done it, the entire time you've known Elijah ,you've lived in the city and he's been on campus. How can you live without having him right there? Nick's in town now and I'm on campus and we're both so busy that even though it about kills me we only see each other two or three times a week.”
  37. 37. “It's Elijah you're asking about Emi, would you want him around all the time?” Encore Familiar had asked tauntingly. “Better Eljiah than Zeke,” smirked Emilia, “remember I've lived with them all for over two years. And Patricia wants to live with 'Lijah, she's marrying him isn't she?.” “Yes, I want to live with Elijah.” Patricia said with a smile, “it was tough at times, but I it's easier now that we're engaged. You know? Now when I have to face going home to just my roommate and an empty bed I know that it's temporary. Once summer is here and he's graduated then we'll be together. Early on, when I was first falling in love with him it was harder to let him go and to just manage with phone calls.” “Rabbit stage,” said Elsie with a grin as the rest of the ladies nodded knowingly.
  38. 38. “Nick and Emi are still in rabbit stage, quick courtship and all.” Seeing the confused look on Patricia's face Emily continued, “Rabbit stage is when you can't get enough of each other and are constantly going at it like bunnies. We always know when a couple has hit rabbit stage cause you never see them except for quick hops down to the cafe for nourishment then it's right back into the dorm room bunny hole.” “Oh they're definitely still in rabbit stage, whenever Nick's in town they barely leave her room. And from the sound of things they aren't discussing physics.” Was Elisha's input. Emilia blushed, “Oh my Wright, can you actually hear us?” “The Greek house isn't known for soundproof walls. You should know that by now.” Elisha had replied.
  39. 39. “Can't as bad as 'Lijah and Patricia that one night though, I swear we thought the ceiling was going to collapse.” Emily remembered with a toast towards Patricia. “And here we thought things were going to be quiet once 'Ras left. You two proved us wrong.” Patricia choked on her wine, “Can I help it if he's a Tiger?” “Elijah? A tiger?” Emily laughed, “Okay that's not an image I would have put together.” “So Elijah's a tiger huh? What's Euclid?” Corey had asked. “Umm Euclid's a bear, a great big teddy bear to cuddle. I can't sleep without my teddy bear. What about Zeke?”
  40. 40. “Definitely a bunny, energizer bunny. He keeps going and going and going!” Everyone had cracked up, but the tears didn't start rolling till Elsie piped up with. “I guess they're twins after all. Who'd have thought that the only think Zeke and Ezra had in common would be that! Almost makes me wonder what else they do the same.” “Oh please guys you're talking about my brother's here! I do not want to know that much about them.” Evette had said while giggling. “Stop being such a prude Vetty,” was Vonny's outrage reply. Truthfully though she agreed , she had not needed to know that about Zeke and Ezra. “Okay, okay fine,” teased Elsie, turning to Corey she'd giggled, “compare notes later?”
  41. 41. “So we've got tigers and bears and a couple bunny rabbits,” Patricia listed soberly. “What about Nick? What's he like?” “I don't know, Nick's Nick I haven't really thought about it,” Emilia had said considering. “Okay, well I have one but it's not about bed it's just about us.” “Tell!!” The ladies had unanimously proclaimed. “Nick says he's an Albatross.” Emilia had replied quietly. “Awww” was the collectively confused replied. “But that's not a good thing is it?” Vetty had finally asked.
  42. 42. “No it is really, he explained it to me. Albatrosses have a bad reputation. And maybe in a way Nick's an Albatross because he was something that I felt I needed to conquer but” Emilia had a sweet smile on her face as she continued. “Albatrosses will wait years before they choose their mate, much longer than most species do. And when they do choose a mate, they have a very elaborate ritual that they go through. They show off for each other to prove their worth. And after they've chosen their mate, they mate for life. In the course of their hunting they might end up separated by many miles, even continents. But when the hunting is over they are always able to find each other. Nick says that we're a pair of Albatrosses, we had to journey great distances to find each other, but once we met we recognized each other. And like a pair of Albatross we'll be together forever.” ~-~-~-~-~
  43. 43. “I used to think Ewan was my Albatross, I wanted him to be, but he isn't,” Vetty shook her head,. “Listening to all them talk about the guys that they are going to marry; I knew that I don't feel the same way about Ewan. I like him a lot, maybe I even love him. I always have and I always will. But, he just doesn't make me feel all giddy. I don't miss him like crazy when he isn't there. I don't mind sleeping by myself, and we never holed up in the dorm room for days at a time. We were just comfortable together when we where together, and fine on our own when we weren't.” “So you broke up with him?” “Yeah, I wonder if it was the right thing to do.” Evette questioned, “I miss having a guy around, but I don't really miss Ewan.”
  44. 44. “Defiantly the right thing to do then. Don't go crawling back to him just because you think you need someone and he'll do. Cause you're better off without him, and if you get lonely, I can give you some recommendations.” Evonne looked at her sister pointedly. “I don't think I want your hand me downs Vonny.” Evette was a bit shocked at the suggestion. “Oh I wouldn't give you anyone I liked, but I could make a few suggestions of guys that I thought were boring. I'm sure you'd adore them. In fact I saw one of them here tonight, let's go find him.” ~-~-~-~-~
  45. 45. “You gotta help me out, It's all a blur last night We need a taxi, 'Cause you're hung over and I'm broke. I lost my fake ID But you lost the motel key Spare me your freaking dirty looks Now don't blame me You wanna cash out and get the hell outa town Don't be a baby, Remember what you told me...”
  46. 46. He really is boring, why would Vonny think I'd find him interesting? She escaped rather quickly didn't she? “An that's when I made him some fried eggs!” Julien Cooke laughed uproariously at his own joke. “Really? HAHAHA!!!” How old is that joke? Fried eggs?! Someone please save me. Where the hell is Vonny? “Oh hey, is your friend okay? He looks a little uh green, maybe we should go check on him.”
  47. 47. Evette turned around and looked towards the bar, just in time to catch Elm's head smacking into it. “Thank Wright!” exclaimed Evette but she quickly corrected herself. “I mean Dear Wright! I better get him out of here.” “Let me help, he probably just needs some fresh air and some water.” Julien offered, “I'll tell you about the time I accidentally served garlic chicken to the party of vampires.” “NO! I mean it's okay.” Evette stopped him, “there's three of us, I'm sure we can manage him.”
  48. 48. “Elm, comeon get up, let's get you out of here.” Evette shook Elm's shoulder gently. “I'm okay,” was the mumbled response. “Hey barkeep, give me another one of these.” “I don't think so Elm.” Evette, looked at the bartender, “Can I get him some water?” “Elan, what did you do to him?” Evette asked as she shot an accusing look at her cousin. Elan looked over, “I didn't do nothing, he did it to himself. Is it my fault he can't handle a couple of Anthrax?” “How many shots did he do?”
  49. 49. “Hell if I know, I was a bit distracted.” Elan retorted as he allowed himself to be distracted once again. “So I was thinking how you and I should have breakfast in the morning. Should I call you or nudge you?” “That's really lame.” “Yeah, I know.” Elan grinned, “Did it work?” “Not yet.” “So I have a chance?” Pumping his fist he shouted, “huzzah!”
  50. 50. Elan Langerak continued to toss one liners in Calista's direction. If he could keep her attention until last call was sounded he had a decent chance. No one liked going home alone. “ELAN!” “I think your girlfriend wants to talk to you?” “Who? Vetty? She's my cousin, I promise you.” Elan pointed to his face, “See we have the same chin. That only happens with selective breeding.” “It's distinctive.” Calista nodded. “Well you know what they say about big chins,” Elan parried .
  51. 51. “Give me just one minute to deal with this,” Elan groaned as Evette called his name again. “I'll be right back, I promise.” “What the hell Vetty,” Elan growled as he approached. “I got a live one, you do not interrupt when I've got a live one.” “Well, I'm sorry but you're just gonna have to throw her back in the pond for later.” Evette was disgusted. “We gotta get Elm home, he's in no shape to ride the bus. Where's Vonny, I need to find her so we can all go.” “Vonny left.” Elan announced.
  52. 52. “What? She didn't say any thing to me.” “You were talking to that stuffed shirt.” “Where'd she go? We need to leave.” Evette was exasperated with them all. “Back to his place I guess.” Confused Evett asked, “to Julien's” “No, to the pale dude's place,” Elan explained with a shrug.
  53. 53. “The pale dude? She left with some GUY?” “Well duh, that's why you go to bars!” “Maybe that's what you do but...” Evette sighed, why had she expected tonight to be any different? Just because they'd all come here together? “Look, I'll call you a cab okay?” Elan looked over and winked at Calista who waved back. “I'll even pay for it. Elm's fine, you can handle it.”
  54. 54. “Hey Vetty where we going?” Elm slobbered, “You know I think I left my drink back there.” Evette picked him back up off the floor where he'd landed after letting go of her shoulder. “I think you better leave it there, it'll get lonely if you take it away from it's friends.” “You think?!?” Elm asked, he was veering back and forth between being obnoxiously drunk and depressingly drunk. “Whoa okay, wouldn't want it to get lonely. Being lonely sucks. I wonder if Mellie's lonely. I should go cheer her up.” “Elan!” Evette hissed as they walked past the couple.
  55. 55. “From The Factory to the Campus of Familiarity University.” Elan declared into the phone, “Just two of em. Nah they're sober. Well one of them is. What? Surchage for pukage! I never heard of such a thing.” “You're not gonna puke are you Elan?” Elan asked his twin. Elm shook his head. “He's not going to puke.” Elan told the dispatcher as he hung up the phone. “I think I'm gonna hurl!” Elan stated and tried to stand up.
  56. 56. Elm didn't make it to his feet. He got about half way up before doing a half gainer into the sidewalk, landing with a yelp. “That looks like it was painful.” Came a voice from beside them. “Do you folks need any help here?” “Crap Elm, you got the cops called on us,” Elan was scandalized. “Just passing by on my rounds.” Was the friendly reply. “I didn't do it officer, I swear. It was Elan.” Elm slurred as he looked up into the face of Officer Dorian Kauker.
  57. 57. “We got it covered Officer,” Elan stood up wiped his hands on his pants. Years of avoiding police officers intent on stopping his mischief had made him leery of cops. Elm mumbled something unintelligible and put his head back down on the sidewalk. “I don't think he's bleeding,” Evette stood up and looked at Elan. “I really wish you'd help me get him home. I don't think I can get him up the stairs at your dorm.” “Sure you can Vetty,” Elan replied cheerfully. “Your strong, you can do it!” “Are you students at the University?” Dorian asked, “I'm heading that direction. I'd be happy to lend you a hand.”
  58. 58. “They'll be fine officer. Vetty can manage it. I called them a cab, which HEY! Don't drive off!” Elan yelled at the departing cab, “Asshole!” “It really isn't any trouble and it be like a favor to The Cookie Baker, I owe her one.” “Who in the world is The Cookie Baker?” “Grandma, Grandma Pamela was The Cookie Baker. Officer Dorian was her sidekick when he was in the academy.” Evette answered with a smile, remembering him from when she was younger. “We'd be happy for your help, Lieutenant Kaulker. You've had a promotion haven't you?” “Dorian.”
  59. 59. “Why was I arrested?” Slurred Elm from the back seat of the police car. “I told you that Elan did it.” “You're my key witness,” Dorian said conspiratorially. “We just need to head down to the station so you can ID the suspect.” “That's the spirit, you're a good man.” Elm said as he flopped over on his side and passed out. Dorian chuckled as he pulled the car away from the curb. “Don't worry he'll be fine. Believe me I've seen more than my share of drunks in this job.” ~-~-~-~-~
  60. 60. “Ezra, I'm trying to finish these logic points!” Snapped Elsie Pleasant as she answered the phone that had been incessantly ringing for the last five minutes. “Yeah, I said I'd come down, IF I wasn't swamped.” Elsie sighed,“I'm swamped, I've got logic and cleaning. I got the cooking finished.” “Well if you wouldn't call me every ten minutes, I'd get done sooner and maybe I'd make it.” “I'm sorry Ezra, I didn't mean to snap. I really do need to get this done tonight.” “I'll call you when I'm done. I'm sorry I ruined your plans. I asked you not to make any. ” ~-~-~-~-~
  61. 61. “Now where was I?” Elsie said to herself as she turned back towards the telescope. Focusing she remembered, “Right Capricornus” Elsie peered at the constellation as she reviewed what she knew of it “Capricornus, one of the eighty-eight modern constellations, originally discovered by Ptolemy. The constellation is bordered by Aquila, Sagittarius, Microscopium, Piscis Austrinus and Aquarius. Well that's handy all of the zodiac right there together. Hmm I wonder what that is?” Elsie asked herself as she moved the scope over to view a different spot on the horizon, one she'd never seen before.
  62. 62. “So that's what it was” thought Elsie humorously as she was caught up in the alien space ship's tractor beam. “Well this should make for an interesting evening. Maybe I should have gone to see Ezra after all.” ~-~-~-~-~
  63. 63. “He'll have a wicked hangover but he should be fine. “ “I appreciate your help. I never would have gotten him up those stairs by myself.” Evette smiled at Lt. Kaulker, while she grumbled to herself about Elan and Vonny deserting her to take care of Elm. “You know you really shouldn't have let him drink as much as he did. Kid this age can't have much tolerance,” Dorian said with severity.
  64. 64. “I'm not his keeper, I wasn't even paying attention to him half the night,” proclaimed Evette. “I can't be responsible for what he does.” “Is that why he was drinking so much? Did the two of you have a fight?” Asked Dorian thoughtfully. “The two of us? You mean you think?” Evette burst out laughing, “Me and Elm? He's my cousin, and a good friend, that's it.” “Oh well, sorry for reading things wrong. I thought I'd met all of Pamela's grandchildren, I guess I just didn't recognize this one.” Dorian was apologetic.
  65. 65. “Other side of the family, daddy'ss side. I'd explain it further but it gets all too complicated and confusing.” Evette waved away an explanation of the family tree, it didn't matter anyway. Evette continued, “Elm's girl broke up with him and so we all went down to the club, I thought his brother was keeping an eye on him. Should have known better, look at the way the jerk deserted us for a bit of skirt.” Remembering the other desertions of the evening Evette grumbled, “At least Elan let me know he was deserting us, not like Vonny. I still have no idea where my sister took off to.” “She's missing?” Dorian wondered. “Not missing. She'd call it getting lucky, I call it being inconsiderate,” declared Evette.
  66. 66. “Then I'll skip the all points.” Dorian said with a nod. “Yeah, I'm sure she wouldn't appreciated being interrupted Would serve her right though.” Evette looked over at Elm who seemed to be sleeping soundly. “I can leave him here can't I?” “Probably, if he was gonna get sick he would have done it before now. Might have been better if he had. For him at least.” “Okay, good. Wasn't really looking forward to more babysitting. I guess I head back to my dorm,” Or maybe, thought Evette, I'll head down the hall to Ewan's room. So what if he wasn't her Albatross? Albatrosses were stupid looking birds, who'd want to be one?
  67. 67. “Do they still have that all night coffee shop on campus?” Dorian asked as he followed Evette out of Elm's dorm room. “I'm off shift now and you know how it is with us cops and coffee. If you aren't heading to bed, I'd like to buy you a cup and regale you with exciting tales about cops and robbers.” Evette stopped walking and took in the scene at the end of the hall. Oh well that's one problem solved. Dorian stopped talking and followed Evette's gaze to the other end of the hall. “Or you can regale me with stories of how stupid college boys are and I'll nod wisely.”
  68. 68. Evette turned away from Ewan and Eden, and headed towards the stairs. “College boys aren't necessarily stupid. Some just have a better sense of when it's time to move on than college girls do.” “Ahh” was Dorian's only reply. “Was that a sage agreement ahh or a I know better than to say anything ahh?” Evette teased. “That was a soo how about that cup of coffee ahh.” “Coffee sounds great,” Evette said with a smile for Dorian. And it will keep me awake so I can yell at Vonny when she finally gets home. Where the heck did she go any way? ~-~-~-~-~
  69. 69. His name was Nathaniel. She'd gotten that much from their brief conversation at the club. At the coffee shop that they'd retired to in order to get away from the crowds she'd determined that he had a wicked sense of humor, an old world charm and a very very sexy voice. Studying him now, she considered the fact that she'd never before seen eyes quite like his, not even on other vampires. The fact that he was a vampire didn't phase her at all, she'd known vampires all her life. She couldn't believe they were nearly as dangerous as Patricia and Elijah believed. Above that Evonne Capp had extreme confidence in her ability to handle herself. She'd been skirting the edges of the city's darker population for months and had remained unscathed. Besides, if things turned out the way she planned; she'd learn more about the cities vampires in one evening than Patty had in months. Not that she planned on sharing, one just didn't share that type of information.
  70. 70. “You know what I am, don't you?” Nathaniel asked Evonne as they stood outside his club. “Sure,” Evonne nodded. “You're a vampire.” “And that doesn't bother you?” “Why should it? You're still just a man.” “Why should it indeed.” He agreed amicably, “and I am much more than just a man.” “Brutal killer, slayer of innocents.” Evonne said laughingly, “You don't look so dangerous to me.”
  71. 71. “You shouldn't let looks deceive you.” Nathaniel whispered seductively, “though you may die a little death tonight, I shall not be brutal in my killing. For though I may slay you gently, you are no innocent.” “Hardly,” Evonne shivered slightly. “You are not as worldly as you believe yourself to be. You have never come across one such as myself.” Nathaniel tried to warn her. “I know vampires.” “You don't know me.”
  72. 72. “I'll give you a chance to run if you wish.” Nathaniel cocked his head, “just one.” “Why would I run, I'm not scared of you.” Evonne licked her lips. “Perhaps you should be,” Nathaniel stated as he looked into her eyes. “If we continue upon the path that you are so eager to run there is no looking back. Once you step inside you are mine.” “I belong to no one but myself.” Came Evonne's often repeated reply. “That's where you are wrong.” “Bet?” Evonne asked as she slipped beneath his arms and headed towards the door. ~-~-~-~
  73. 73. Many thanks to all of you who have anticipated, asked about and cheered me on during the delay between chapters. I very much appreciate you reading. Hopefully the next one won't take so long! Many thanks to the wonderful creators of Custom Content that share their creations with the community. Happy Simming! ~-~-~-~