Elisha BC day1


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Elisha BC day1

  1. 1. Is Anyone Good Enough for 'Lisha?
  2. 2. “Anyone know where we are?” Erasmus Goth asked as he looked around. Elijah Wan sighed, “Alternative Universe.” “That's very informative Elijah.” Elijah remained silent as Erasmus stared at him questioning.
  3. 3. “Maybe the better question is, why are we here?” Frankie Familiar asked from the other side of Elijah. “That's a very good question, Frankie.” Eljah perked up a bit, “existentially speaking that is the question that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. Personally I believe that we are here at the whim of a unnamed creator. Are we here for their entertainment, or experimentation? That's the real question, Frankie.”
  4. 4. “As interesting as that is Elijah, I meant why are we HERE. Specifically, why are we here in this room in this house in this Alternative Universe?” “Oh” “You should answer him honey.” Elijah's wife injected as she walked into the room.
  5. 5. “If you're afraid to tell them, I will.” Patricia Wan said with a raised eyebrow. “I'm not afraid. I don't have anything to be scared of.” “Only being proven wrong?” “Either of you care to explain this to us?” Frankie asked again.
  6. 6. “Elijah and I are having a disagreement and this is the way it's being settled.” “You shouldn't be fighting with Patricia, dude.” Injected Erasmus. “We aren't fighting. Look all I said was that I still don't like Elisha and Amin dating. And Patricia went off the handle.” Elijah turned to Frankie, “You can back me up here Frankie. Do you honestly think that Amin is the right guy for my sister?”
  7. 7. “Ehh, maybe?” Frankie shrugged, “it's not really our decision is it? I mean he makes her happy. Mostly.” Elijah rolled his eyes, “Mostly happy isn't good enough. Okay see it's not that I don't like Amin, he's my bud. Of course I like him. I just think he takes Elisha for granted. It's like they've known each other for so long that he doesn't think he has to try.” Erasmus nodded, “He shouldn't be taking her for granted. Never take a girl for granted.”
  8. 8. “Okay, I can get that. And yeah maybe he does sometimes. But if Elisha's fine with it then why is it your business and WHY ARE WE HERE?” Patricia cleared her throat. “Never fight with your wife dude. It's not worth it.”
  9. 9. “You are here” Patricia said pointedly, “cause Elijah is an overprotective big brother that doesn't believe anyone will ever be good enough for his little sister.” “I didn't say that.” Patricia rolled her eyes, “yes you did. And because he did say it I felt it was necessary to prove him wrong. Elisha and Amin and Six other gentlemen are in a house on the other side of town and I'm sure that at least one of the seven will be able to prove he's good enough. Even for Elijah.”
  10. 10. “It's a bachelor challenge?” Asked Erasmus, “I've heard of those. But if Amin's there and she already thinks she's in love with him ? Will she even give the other guys a chance?” “Temporary amnesia. She doesn't know that she thinks she's in love with Amin. He's going to have to work just as hard as the guys. Go ahead and turn it on honey. Might as well get your lesson started.”
  11. 11. So yeah that's the basics. I decided that I wanted to do a Bachelor Challenge for Elisha Familiar because while I don't dislike her current boyfriend, I'm not totally satisfied with the relationship. And since I've tried to find alternatives in my world and failed I went to my friends and asked them if they had any boys 'good enough for 'Lisha'. The BC is done AU (alternative universe) as Elisha would see no reason for a BC at this point. My hope is to import the winner to Familiarity where I will create the necessary storyline to introduce him.
  12. 12. The answer was a resounding, of course we do. After some shuffling and choosing I gathered a group of six imported contestants. All of the guys that will be participating are from stories that I love and I would be happy with any of them for my girl.
  13. 13. My girl being Elisha Familiar. For those unfamiliar with my legacy, Familiar Faces, I'll do a bit of an introduction Elisha is the daughter of generation Six spare Elle and her husband Dov. Elisha has only one brother (one is enough) and that would be the over protective Elijah. Elisha is best friends with current heir Frankie Familiar and currently lives with him and six other cousins in the family Greek House at FSU. Elisha is Fortune / Knowledge and will be getting her lifetime want to own five top businesses.
  14. 14. The gentlemen volunteered in alphabetical order are: Amin Tricou. Amin is Elisha's 'boyfriend' in my world. He is the adopted son of DJ and Kiernan Tricou. Amin is an Aquarius Popularity Sim. Amin is a bit insulted by this entire process and isn't all that happy to be here.
  15. 15. Connor Whedon Connor is from Rosefyre's Buffyverse Apocalypse. Connor is the son of heiress Lilah Whedon and boy toy #1 Shaun. Connor is a Sagitarius Pleasure sim.
  16. 16. Hugh Trottier Hugh is from Orikes Peusdo legacy. Hugh is the son of generation four spare Ian and his former fiance Lisa. Hugh is a Taurus of the fortune sim persuasion.
  17. 17. Micheal Newson Micheal is from LauriEmpress's Legacy of Jubilee. He is the son of generation two spare Phoebe and her husband Gavin Newson. He is a
  18. 18. Robert Penguino Robert comes from Penguingirl's Penguino Legacy. Robert is the son of generation three spare Scott and his wife Marla. Robert is a Sagittarius pleasure sim.
  19. 19. Rowan Regacy Rowan is from Ladylarkrune's Yakko's Word OWBC. Rowan is the son of Generation two spare Oman and Cee Simself. Rowan is a Sagittarius Fortune sim.
  20. 20. Thomas McCarthy Thomas is from Hurrikaty's Munster Legacy. He is the son of Chelley and George McCarthy. Thomas is a Sagittarius Knowledge sim.
  21. 21. Quick look at the house while I go over the set up process. Typical BC house top floor bedrooms and bathrooms. Communal for the bachelors, private for Lisha. Bottom floor, hottubs, pool table dining area and lounge area. Small house not that lavish but it works. The only thing that changes during the BC is that the front room is enlarged slightly to allow better access to the pool table. Elisha was placed in the house first, and allowed 1 day of doing nothing in order to get the welcome wagon out of the way. The boys were dropped on the sidewalk the next day, all gender preferences were set and relationships were zero'd out for everyone.
  22. 22. Boys being boys immediately started to gossip about each other. Oh don't tell me guys don't gossip, they just call it exchanging information. Elisha was inside at this time watching television. I wondered who would make the first moves.
  23. 23. And that would be Elisha walking out the front door to see what's up with all these new people on the sidewalk. Don't let the one outgoing fool you, she really isn't that shy.
  24. 24. See I told you, Elisha's not at all shy. She starts the interacting with a charm to Rowan Reagcy. At which point I double checked that the relationships were indeed set to zero and that it was a Maxis interaction, and not ACR slipping up. *please note that while I do have ACR in my game ACR autonomy was turned off for the duration of this challenge.
  25. 25. In addition to not being as shy as she looks she's also way too nice and therefore rarely if ever refuses an interaction. Hugh's charm was accepted at 0/0, and it seemed as if the race was on.
  26. 26. Rowan and Elisha got a few interactions in before they were interrupted again. Hugh, Connor and Thomas were lined up and waiting for their chance to interact with someone new.
  27. 27. They didn't necessarily want to interact with Elisha. Hugh quickly proved to be good at distraction techniques which would come in handy later on. He also quickly proved that he wasn't the nicest guy in the house.
  28. 28. Hugh was bedeviling Rowan, and Micheal, Robert, Connor and Thomas were all playing catch. That left no one to interact with Elisha. You might be saying wait? There's seven guys in the house, where's Amin?
  29. 29. Amin very quickly decided that he was not going to play my game. At least not the way I wanted him to play it. Why should he put out an effort to win HIS girlfriend? He'd already done that hadn't he?
  30. 30. Elisha went in and filled the buffet in the hopes that the guys playing catch would decide food was more interesting.
  31. 31. And while it worked for getting the guys into the house it didn't much work for getting them to pay attention to her. Rowan and Hugh needed to do the boy bonding thing and exchange information about her. Maybe after they'd talked they would come to some form of gentleman's agreement?
  32. 32. Elisha is ever ready to take things into her own hands however. I believe that upon seeing Micheal she thought she'd struck gold. Micheal however wasn't ready to give up playing catch with Robert. No matter how many interactions Elisha queued up they kept being ignored.
  33. 33. Micheal and Robert's game of catch was over and so they joined the rest. Thankfully Elisha had wandered off to play pool and therefore gave them some privacy. They needed time to exchange information about her a bit.
  34. 34. Those that hadn't yet spoken to her asked the ones that had what the deal was. Universally it was declared that Elisha was quite hot and that maybe they should talk to her sometime . . .eventually.
  35. 35. Elisha returned to clean up the plates and decided that Thomas should be next on her 'I'm out to prove my shyness is a lie list' . 0/0 relationship and Thomas sees nothing wrong with being charmed.
  36. 36. Micheal finally decides to take notice of Elisha but being the nice boy he is goes for an appreciate rather than a flirt. He then asks her to go play catch. Thomas is obviously wondering why he didn't think of that.
  37. 37. Meanwhile Robert is contemplating being asked to pack his bags if he doesn't get up the nerve to talk to Elisha at least once. He clues Amin in on the bachelor challenge rules, letting him know that he has to play the game in order to win.
  38. 38. Hugh is keeping Connor distracted with a game of whap. Don't worry Connor gets his whaps in as well. Connor has yet to speak with Elisha so I'm thinking that Hugh is making sure that he keeps his edge. At this point I believe the scores would have placed Rowan in the lead with Hugh right behind him.
  39. 39. Rowan's slight lead didn't last long. Elisha had stopped their game of catch with a 'catch this' and pulled him into a hug. Hugh took notice and made his way over to insure that no one guy monopolized Elisha's time. Connor went to join the television watching crew.
  40. 40. A good portion of the afternoon was eaten up by Micheal and Hugh trading Elisha back and forth for conversation. They also spent a good amount of time talking to each other. I'm pretty sure that at some point during this string Micheal and Elisha became friends.
  41. 41. Meanwhile inside the other contestants were keeping themselves productively occupied. “Isn't that you're second plate of Turkey?” “What? When I'm stressed I eat!!” Comfort food has proven to be Rowan's undoing.
  42. 42. Thomas was taking an opposite approach. He'd heard that Elisha's secondary turn on was fitness and he thought he would work on getting an edge on the attraction game. He was the only one in the house without a matching Aspiration and he thought he might need the help.
  43. 43. Elisha was checking the mail when Connor came out to the trashcan. It seemed as if a pileup at the dishwasher had forced him to toss out the dishes. Elisha wondered if he'd take the opportunity to speak wit her now that they were alone.
  44. 44. But it was not to happen. Amin came out to toss his own dish and the two guys got into a discussion about the football game they'd watched earlier. Elisha threw up her hands with a generalized 'boys' and walked back into the house.
  45. 45. As night wound into evening there were those who tried. . .
  46. 46. Those who didn't . . .
  47. 47. And those who sponge bathed . . . You know that there's a bath tub about 10 steps back and 3 showers beside it?” “So?” Okay just so you know.
  48. 48. Everything seemed to be going fairly smoothly downstairs until Rowan brought up cruise ships. Elisha gets seasick just hearing about cruise ships and she didn't take their mention very kindly.
  49. 49. Rowan needed to think about things. He wasn't too sure he should pay any more attention to a woman that didn't like cruises. This would require some contemplation. Rowan excused himself and soaked in the hot tub for the rest of the evening.
  50. 50. And so while Rowan was contemplating, and Amin, Connor, and Robert were avoiding; Micheal, Hugh and Thomas were at least attempting to socialize with Elisha. Mainly it was Hugh and Micheal trading her back and forth but Thomas did try.
  51. 51. But then he got bored and went back to the exercise bike. By the end of the evening he'd gained three body points and gotten fit. And completely worn himself out. Thomas was the first one to be sent to bed.
  52. 52. While Thomas was wearing himself out, Hugh and Micheal were discovering Elisha's dislike of dirty jokes and her enjoyment of back rubs.
  53. 53. “No I'm not going to go talk to her, YOU go talk to her!”
  54. 54. Maybe all three of you will, but it will take a lot more than talking to catch up with Micheal.
  55. 55. As Amin crawled into bed that first evening he decided that fine, maybe he'd play along. He'd do just enough to keep himself in the house but nothing more.
  56. 56. And that was exactly what he did. The following morning when everyone had woken up Amin waylaid Elisha with a joke.
  57. 57. He then went back to ignoring her and making friends with the Robert.
  58. 58. Rowan started the morning with a plate of turkey and became the first to gain weight. While I have No Eat Crap that helps avoid overeating, it has very little effect on the lazy sims.
  59. 59. As noon approached Elisha looked around the room at the various guys gathered and thought about each of them. She didn't know anything about Robert other than that he was now friends with Amin. Connor? Connor was still working on deciding if he wanted to talk to her or not. Everyone else she knew at least a little bit about.
  60. 60. Connor had thought about talking to Elisha, he'd talked about talking to Elisha but he'd never actually talked to Elisha. Since he never did talk to her it caused some problems during the daily wrap up. The rules say that the person who the bachelorette has the lowest relationship with has to go home. Connor was at 0/0.
  61. 61. But so was Robert. Neither one had spoken to Elisha at all and were tied for last place. I couldn't find anything about tie breakers so I went to my friends and asked what to do. I was advised to have Elisha do the daily chat with each of them early and then after the chat check the scores again.
  62. 62. Neither chat went well. At the end of that experiment the two guys were tied with -1/-1. A few other things were suggested but with each each one seemed about equal. In the end I went with the fact that Connor had 2 bolts for Elisha while Robert only had 1 and that Connor had at least attempted to interact with Elisha previously. He had been nosed out by others and lost interest pretty quickly but he had at least tried.
  63. 63. And so Robert Penguino was asked to leave, which he did. I hated making that decision because I really like Robert, I just wish he would have liked Elisha.
  64. 64. Sorry Pen :( Final scores at the end of day one? Micheal Newson 100/38 friends/crush Hugh Trottier 100/12 friends Rowan Regacy 22/14 Amin Tricou 8/3 Thomas McCarthy 5/5 Connor Whedon 0/0 Robert Penguino 0/0