Familiar Faces - Chapter Thirty Two: Summerfling


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Familiar Faces - Chapter Thirty Two: Summerfling

  1. 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces! Chapter Thirty-Two: Summerfling
  2. 2. "What do you mean you're going to work all summer? You've been working ever since your birthday. Isn't that enough? Summer is for having fun 'Lisha!" "It will be fun Frankie." "How is being a lab assistant fun?"
  3. 3. "I'm not going to be working in the lab. Uncle Dryas offered me a job at his flower shop; he's going to let me get real experience running a business." "It's still work, and you'll miss going on vacation with Grandpa and Grandma." "Missing going Three Lakes is going to be a drag but I'll be able to earn all my badges. And I do a good job; Dryas might even turn the shop over to me someday. Eureka only wants the club; he doesn't want multiple businesses. Dryas is looking for someone to take over the flower shop eventually. This is my test run."
  4. 4. "Frankie says that Elisha isn't going to go to the Lake with Mom and Dad this summer. Have you told Dad that yet? He's been pretty insistent that all the kids should go." "He knows, he's not happy about it but he understands that this is a big opportunity for 'Lisha. She'll go for a few days in the fall with Cael and Amaya, it's not like going to the Lake is going to affect her much. She's not like your kids." "What do you mean by that?" "'Lisha's markers are pretty low; genetically she just isn't built the same as your boys."
  5. 5. "How did that happen?" "I dunno Dov's family has a lot of townie blood in it." "So does ours." "Different townies, there's obviously some out there that have the markers. We don't know enough about everyone's ancestry to know who might and who might not. We know that our Great-Great Grandmother Dina had some alien blood, but we don't know anything about Great Grandpa Chaz's family. Grandma's family was documented back five or so generations without any obvious signs but how can we really know? The signs aren't always obvious are they?"
  6. 6. "By the way sis, have you talked to Frankie yet? He needs to know what's going on. He's probably heard rumors, 'Lisha's been asking questions and you know if she knows then so does Frankie." "What did you tell her? Elle I thought we agreed that we'd leave it alone for awhile. I don't think Frankie's ready to know yet. He still won't talk about Almeric, the only thing about that time he talks about is Squatch." "That was before I found out that Elisha already knew I wasn't going to lie to her Em. I'm not saying that you should tell him everything but you can give him the facts so that he won't be mislead by rumors."
  7. 7. "Yeah well I guess that's true. I'll talk to Aldric, maybe we'll tell Frankie before the go to the lake that way if he has any questions Dad can help him out. Dad's better at breaking it all down. I just wish Elisha was going to be at the Lake so that he'd have someone to talk to. He's not looking forward to spending so much time with the twins without having 'Lisha as a buffer." "Well Elliot's girls will be there so at least he'll have some relief from Eva's boys." "I think he was referring as much to the girls as to the boys."
  8. 8. Emma would never want to be disloyal to her favorite brother. However, she could understand why Frankie felt the way he did about Elliot's youngest children. The girls were, well hellions. The two were deceptively sweet in appearance, and they knew it.
  9. 9. At first glance Evonne seemed the less harmful of the two. She was so quiet that it was easy to overlook her, which was exactly what she wanted. She could quietly sneak about causing trouble and never be considered the culprit. A fire alarm being set off just as a test was supposed to start, stink bombs in the hallway, frogs released to hop wildly throughout the biology lab? Vonny could pull it off and get away with it.
  10. 10. Evette on the other hand was much more obvious and annoying. The brat was a little know-it-all. Emma could care less about the feeding and breeding habits of parrots in the wild, but that didn't matter to Vetty. If she even thought she knew, she was going to tell you about it
  11. 11. Separately they were more than enough to handle. Together they were a nightmare. Vetty did the scheming while Vonny quietly carried out the plans. Add in the older boys and the Capp household quite often seemed a bit of a madhouse. Emma could readily understand why her sister in law Deanna's favorite rallying cry was "Calgon Take Me Away!"
  12. 12. Maybe now that girls were about to become teens they'd be a bit less rambunctious. Yeah right who was she kidding? Becoming teens would only add hormonal imbalances to their already hyperactive systems. "Can we blow out the candles now Daddy?" "If you have to."
  13. 13. Evette "Vetty" Capp (blonde) Sagittarius 1/9/9/9/3 Knowledge/Popularity LTW - Mad Scientist Evonne "Vonny" Capp (black) Virgo 10/1/9/7/2 Romance/Knowledge LTW - City Planner _________________ Evette and Evonne are the daughters of Elliot and Deanna (Indie) Capp.
  14. 14. Since the eldest set of Capp twins would soon be leaving for University they sat down for a pow- wow with their sisters on the evening of their teening. The main purpose of the discussion was to pass along what information the teen network had uncovered regarding Cigam. The boys left strict instructions to pass along anything they happened to overhear their parents discuss not only to them but to the other teen cousins as well. "You mean you want us to eavesdrop, to be sneaky and to lie about it?" Evonne asked. "Well not lie exactly, more like evasion of the truth," said 'Zeke. "Awesome!" said Evette as the girls looked at each other and grinned.
  15. 15. "Why can't we just ask Mom and Dad what's going on? Don't you think they want us to know?" Evonne wondered. "Mom will tell you to talk to Dad. Dad will give you the absolute minimal amount of information that he can. If you ask him a direct question he'll answer you but he won't elaborate. If he knows you're curious though he's more likely to be guarded about what he says around the house. The two of you were toddlers when all of this started there would be no reason for you to know about it," replied Ezra.
  16. 16. "One other thing, when you all go to the Lake this summer, keep an eye on Frankie. He's probably going to do something stupid. He wants to find Squatch, and he'll try to sneak away to do it on his own, if he thinks he can. Stick with him and don't let him go off alone. Elisha was supposed to be his guard dog but she's going work instead," Ezra continued explaining. "Clearly Elisha has failed us, you must not." commented his twin.
  17. 17. Within a short time, words of wisdom were dispersed and hugs were tightly given. Celebrations were in order as the first set of Capp twins were safely seen out the door on their way to University. "You know we could still have more." "What? We just got rid of two of them and you want more?" "I'm just saying we have time."
  18. 18. The Capp boys weren't the only ones making their way towards University. Summer session was about to begin and there was a large portion of the Familiarity teen population heading that direction. Emilia Summerdream was excited to be moving towards her true goals in life, but she was also worried about what college life would be like. At home she had a secure circle of close friends but at college she would be forced to interact with a wide variety of new people all at once. She'd never been very good at making friends.
  19. 19. Emilia's mother, Dorme, had given her a last minute pep talk about how to survive University as a shy sim. Emilia wasn't really sure if bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles would be a good solution. She really wanted to keep her brain cells intact. Her father's advice had been a bit more realistic. Puck had told her to be herself and to smile. He'd then advised that the first thing she should learn upon becoming a young adult was the word no.
  20. 20. Emilia was especially excited by her great-great grandfather's assurance that once she was officially a young adult she'd be allowed to join the UA. She was certain that membership in the UA would be the key she needed to finding out the truth about Cigam.
  21. 21. The soon to be young adults were however in for a surprise. There really wasn't that much more to know about Cigam than they already did. Bob and the other members of the UA had run into road block after road block when it came to finding more information. While they had gotten the gate on the back of the retreat property opened, nothing seemed able to penetrate through the pile of stone that was blocking the actual passage. Heavy duty mining equipment, explosives, and corrosives had all been flown onto the site at considerable expense only to fail time after time.
  22. 22. Research into the DNA of Familiar family members, as well as anyone that could be pulled off the street and convinced to donate blood had given them a good idea of who had genetic markers and in what amount. They had been able to conclude that there was an area effect surrounding the Three Lakes Valley that would at least temporarily raise the concentration of markers in some. But the big questions remained. What did the markers signify? Why were they there to begin with?
  23. 23. There was some key information still missing and the UA was at a loss as to how they were going to locate it. While they hadn't exactly taken a wait and see approach they were finally admitting that they just didn't have enough to form plausible explanations for everything. There were a few avenues left to explore, but those needed to be approached very carefully. Only the most senior members of the UA were involved in devising the plans.
  24. 24. Prior to leaving for University, Euclid Goth said a lingering good bye to his teen steady Emily Familiar. In an uncertain world there was no guarantee that they'd feel the same way about each other when they next met on campus. While they had promised eternal devotion they both knew that all bets were off as soon as they aged.
  25. 25. Early the next morning Euc took a few moments to harass his brother's old ant farm one last time, before hugging his parents and heading off to campus. Bottom was reluctant to let her baby walk out the door. The taxi horn was honking wildly and the sun had begun to rise before she was finally forcibly pulled away by her husband.
  26. 26. "Ahh come on hun you promised not to cry, you'll see him next weekend."
  27. 27. Across the street the final first cousin leaving for UNI at this time, Elijah Familiar, was receiving some last minute advice from his father Dov. "Being a bully doesn't suit you Elijah, go back to being the class clown you're better at it. If you are going to continue getting in fights at least roll the wants for body skills so that maybe you'll win one. You're an active kid you have a lot of energy, there are other ways to work off that energy that won't leave you battered and bruised in the end. Find a steady outlet for your pent up energy and emotions. You'll be much happier and more satisfied if you do."
  28. 28. "You want me to pick up a hobby Dad? Play a sport? Jump on couches?" "Well you could sure, that'd be a good idea too." Elijah looked at his father. "Find a steady outlet for my pent up energy and emotions; I'll be happier and more satisfied?" Dov nodded at his son and winked. "It'll work I promise."
  29. 29. "Don't study so hard that you forget to have fun." "I don't think you have to worry about that Mom." "But do study on occasion Elijah or at least influence some poor sap to do your homework for you."
  30. 30. Even with so many of the teens heading off to University there were still plenty around to populate the various kid and teen gatherings. While some of the gatherings were send off parties for soon to depart friends, others were celebrations that elder siblings were finally gone.
  31. 31. And when there are teens gathered there are inevitably to be flirtations.
  32. 32. "What did Electra mean when she said she asked Frankie if he wanted her to pop his lock?" "Well I think it's what the teens these days are calling it when they fulfill their first kiss wants." "Oh I thought it was something mean, 'cause Frankie turned bright red. I thought he was mad at her." "I don't think he was mad at her Ferdie. Why don't you go find Grandma and ask her to read you a bedtime story, your Mom and I need to talk to Frankie. We'll be up to tuck you in later." "Okay, night Daddy."
  33. 33. "Grandma why can't townies grow up?" "Well Ferdie, sometimes they can, they just need some help." "What kind of help?" "I think that the type of help needed would depend upon the townie in question. Does this have something to do with the little girl you brought home from school the other day?"
  34. 34. "So why'd you bring me home instead of one of your cousins? You playable kids always stick together." "I don't know. I'm already friends with most of the cousins. There aren't that many our age anyway. It's mostly just teenagers and they aren't going to come home from school with me, are they? What's wrong? Don't you want to be friends?"
  35. 35. "Well sure but being friends with a playable is hard." "Why's that? Are we so different?" "Because you'll grow up and leave me behind. Once you're a teenager you won't care about the townie kid you used to play with." "Sure I will." "You say that now, but I've been here a while I know how these things work."
  36. 36. "Townie children can age, but there would need to be a very good reason for it to happen. Your Aunt Bo and your Uncle Alexander were able to grow up because of their connections to the family. There have been others that have been in similar situations that have grown up along with their friends and family members." "There's no other way?" "There may be but I've never heard of it happening." "Oh."
  37. 37. "So what's up?" Frankie asked his parents. "Your Mother and I thought it was time we had a talk with you about your future. We want to make sure that you're aware of the responsibilities that you're under." "Is this about the prophecy? 'Cause I already know all about that. I maybe have some questions though." "The prophecy? No, well we can talk about that if you'd like, but we had something else on our minds." "What did I do wrong now?"
  38. 38. "You haven't done anything wrong, at least not that we're aware of - yet. We just. Frankie you know that you're the legacy heir don't you?" His mother Emma asked. "Well yeah." "You're becoming a young man now and we know that you're going to be having urges, and that you'll want to experiment." "We've already had this talk Mom. Wasn't once bad enough?"
  39. 39. "What your Mom meant is that we're aware that as a teenager you're going to want to flirt and kiss and date. That's natural we expect it, we just want you to be selective of who you do these things with. You're still young and you won't always be thinking about the ramifications of your actions. We just want to remind you of your special status and to ask that you consider what that means, before you do anything that will have an effect on your future."
  40. 40. "Huh?" "Frankie, you're a good looking young man. The girls are going to be attracted to you, and you'll be attracted to them. Teen age relationships rarely last into adult hood but it's much harder to break away from a previous relationship if you are in constant contact with a former crush. We just don't want to see you get hurt or to end up unintentionally causing hurt because you have or had previously had feelings for someone." His mother tried to explain. "Huh?"
  41. 41. "Practice on townies, when you go to college you'll be able to look back on your teen townie girl with found memories and nothing else. Once you get to university there will be a wider number of women to choose from that you will be able to build a future with." "No kissing cousins?" "Find yourself a nice cashier instead." "Okay"
  42. 42. "So the prophecy huh? What do you want to know?" Aldric asked as he plopped down on the loveseat. Emma and Aldric had discussed talking to Frankie about it soon but they hadn't really decided what they had planned on saying. Aldric guessed it was time to wing it. "Well is it true?" "Who knows?" said his father. "The problem with prophecies is that they are very rarely specific. They don't say things like on January the 31st, George Smith will eat an apple," said Emma. "But everyone says it's about me."
  43. 43. "No Frankie what everyone is saying is that it could be about you. And it could be. But it could also be about Ferdie or Emilia Summerdream or Ebe Dreamer or Jimmy Johnson down at the 7-11." "Jimmy Johnson has alien blood? He doesn't look alien." "Neither do you sweetie." "Well yeah, but, oh I see. Then what about the stuff in my blood?"
  44. 44. "The DNA markers? Well there is something about the DNA in our family that is different from 'normal' DNA. We carry markers, and those markers are more prevalent in some members of the family than in others. But we don't know why we have the markers or what they mean. If you really want an explanation of what is known about our DNA, I can talk to Uncle Bob and ask him to take you to the UA lab one night to talk with the folks there." "But those people are vampires." "Yes they are, but they wouldn't hurt you. They might want to sample your blood" at the incredulous look on her son's face Emma burst out laughing "For research Frankie." "Oh right."
  45. 45. "Is there anything else you'd like to know?" "Yeah, why did Uncle Almeric take me to Three Lakes? Did he . . . did he kidnap me?" Aldric shifted uncomfortably and thought about how to respond. After a long pause he simply said "Yes." "But he never tried to hurt me or I mean he wasn't mean to me, not really he just..." "I don't think that his taking you had anything to do with you specifically. He wanted me to do something for him and he didn't think that I'd be willing if he just asked. He took you because he believed that your mother and I would be willing to do anything he asked in order to get you back. He was right, we would have."
  46. 46. "What did he want you to do?" "He wanted me to go our old home and to retrieve something from my Father's safe." "Did you get it for him? What was it?" "He wasn't specific as to what he wanted; he asked us to get everything that was it. There were several things in the safe. Some were personal memorabilia that belonged to my father, several of them we still don't know the exact purpose of. The majority of the items however were related to Cigam. Those items were used to direct your Grandfather, Dave, to the Cigam retreat. "But why did he want that stuff? Did he know about all this? Why didn't he just tell you?"
  47. 47. "I don't know Frankie; he died before I could ask him." "Oh right. Did he, do you think, did he kill himself?" "That seems to be the only plausible deduction. He could have unwillingly or unknowingly ingested poison. However, that seems doubtful based on the type of poison found in his system and how fast acting it would have been. Unless you have some reason to believe that his friend, Squatch would have given him poison there was no one else that could have."
  48. 48. "Squatch didn't do it, he wouldn't do it, and they were friends. Squatch is my friend, he's not a monster, and he wouldn't hurt anyone Dad." "I'm not accusing him Frankie, and I don't believe that the creature you've repeatedly told us about would have hurt your Uncle. I asked only because it is a question that has been asked of me. Squatch has refused to reveal himself to anyone since you last saw him, so no one has been able to question him." "I'll find him; he'll tell you he didn't do it."
  49. 49. With summer in full swing Elisha Familiar had begun her new job. Her uncle's shop was already a successful business; Elisha just hoped that she'd be able to keep it successful. Originally the store had sold arranged flower bouquets only, but over time it had evolved into a full flower and garden outlet. There were indoor and outdoor decorative plantings available as well as a wide array of cut flower arrangements.
  50. 50. Her uncle started her out on the cash register giving her a heart pounding speech about the cash register being the heart and soul of the organization. It doesn't matter how effective the sales staff is if the register caused customers to toss their bags on the ground and stomp off. 'Lisha would be spending time conquering the counter before moving into sales and stocking.
  51. 51. "Hi Grandpa, checking up on me?" "Lisha! Is this where you're working? Checking up on you? Of course not, I know you can handle anything. I'm here because your grandmother has a weakness for . . . for roses and I wanted to get her some." "Well we have plenty of Roses, if you want a bouquet they're on the shelves to your left and we also have bushes in the green house. It's not Grandma's birthday is it? Did I forget something important?" "What? Oh, no it's not her birthday. I'm buying her flowers because there's something I need to apologize for. I just can't figure out what it is I did this time, but I'm sure she wants an apology. She usually does."
  52. 52. "Okay and Grandpa?" "What?" "Thanks for checking up on me."
  53. 53. David wasn't the only one that stopped by to check up on her and to make sure everything was going okay. Over the course of her training, quite a few family members suddenly remembered that they had plans for their summer gardens. "I want Oleanders by the steps but I'm not sure how many I should get. Do you think I should get two of them or three Elisha?" "I think you definitely need four to balance things out properly." "Four really well, you're the expert. Just don't let Alex know how much they cost okay?"
  54. 54. "I really hope you're not working so hard that you won't be able to take the time off for the boys' party tomorrow night." "Uncle Dryas said I could have the night off if I gained enough stars, so please Uncle Ted I know you have a star in you."
  55. 55. Ted managed to pull a star out of his pocket for 'Lisha. She was then able to join the rest of the family at the Langarek house the following evening. It was time for the terror twins to become teens.
  56. 56. Elm Langarek (Blue Shirt) Gemini 2/8/9/5/4 Knowledge/Pleasure LTW Max Seven Skills Elan Langerak (Green Shirt) Sagittarius 1/8/9/10/1 Romance/Fortune LTW WooHoo with Twenty different Sims ________________ Elm and Elan are the sons of Eva and Ted Langerak
  57. 57. Soon after the Langarek boys celebrated their teenings they, along with their younger brother and a group of their cousins, were taken to Three Lakes by their grandparents.
  58. 58. For the third grandparent vacation of the generation the participants were: Back Left to Right: Evette Capp, Elm Langarek, Frankie Familiar, Elan Langarek, and Evonne Capp Front Left to Right: Titania Familiar, Eagle Langarek, Ferdie Familiar, David Familiar
  59. 59. "It's not a big deal guys. It's a first kiss; it doesn't have to be a big production. It's probably better if you can make it private; especially if you're not sure she's going to accept you. I mean you wouldn't want to be refused in front of everyone, would you? Enrique just followed me into the bathroom and when I told him to get out he said fine, but he kissed me before he left." "You had your first kiss in your bathroom?" "No, it was in Elvis's bathroom." "Well that's a memory to cherish."
  60. 60. "So who was yours with Frankie?" "Well I was gonna kiss Electra, she wanted me to and all but then Mom and Dad sat me down and gave me this speech about being the legacy heir." "What's that got to do with kissing?" "It's just that I have to consider the signals I send out. See, I have to marry a townie and Mom thinks that if I showed interest in one of the cousins that they might get the wrong impression. She's says it's much harder to break away from past relationships when you see them all the time and it would be better all around if I didn't get involved with any of the cousins."
  61. 61. "Wow that's harsh; your Mom told you that you couldn't date?" "Nah they just think that I should find a townie to date, but I really don't know any townies." "So you're just not going to, but you've got to it's a right of passage." "Well I'm sure I will I just haven't figured out whom."
  62. 62. "Okay Frankie, we're going to find you a non cousin." "What? Elan I don't need help finding a girl to kiss." "Apparently you do or would have found one by now." "Why do you care who I kiss?" "You're the legacy heir; you're our leader, our captain if you strike out what hope do the rest of us have?"
  63. 63. "There are several potentially amiable females here today. We apparently picked a very good day to visit the lumber yard. Who knew it would be such a hot spot?" "There's like four here." "Which means you have four more possibilities here than at home. One of them has to be acceptable to you, just check em out and pick one."
  64. 64. "There how about that one? She looks like she'd be your type." "Her? No she's more Elm's type, looks like a family sim to me." "What's wrong with family sims if they're cute?" "I don't want to go steady I just want a kiss." "Ah hah! You admitted it."
  65. 65. "Alright, alright, I admit it I'm tired of being the only guy in my class that's still sitting on his lock." "So then just take a gander."
  66. 66. "Whoa!" "Whoa who? Which one?" "Over there, on the log roller thingy, with the pigtail things in her hair."
  67. 67. "Excellent choice, you've got good taste." "Right, so now what?" "Well she's busy right now isn't she? You can't really pull her off the log roll can ya?" "I guess not." "Okay so let's eat." "Eat? Now? But . . ." "Gotta eat don't you? Look, just keep her on your radar, when she gets off the log you make your move."
  68. 68. "Hey Sarrie? Has Squatch been around? I was hoping to talk to him on this trip but no one has seemed to have seen him." "Squatch only gets seen when he wants to be seen Frankie." "He said he'd be here for me if I needed him. Well I need him." "I'll let him know, but I can't make promises. Is that your brother?" "Yeah this is Ferdie, why?" Sarrie looked at the youngster for awhile longer before replying. "Cute kid."
  69. 69. "Hi I'm Frankie and you're really cute." "What?"
  70. 70. "I mean I noticed you earlier over on the log thingy; you know when you were wearing that bikini, with the triangle pieces?" "Yeah so?" "You look good in a bikini." "Uh okay, thanks I think."
  71. 71. "Forget it. Can I start over? My name's Frankie, what's your name?" "Annie" "Hi, Annie. Is this your first time at in Three Lakes?" "Oh no way, we've been coming here ever since I was little. We're here at least once a year, what about you?" "Pretty much the same we have a house" Frankie looked around "That one at the end of the street."
  72. 72. "We can't afford a house here yet. We always stay at the cabins, but the cabins are cool 'cause you always get to..." "Meet someone new?" "Yeah." Annie smiled. "Have I made enough small talk to tell you that you're cute yet? You really are, I uh I like the way you have your hair. It's fun." "Thanks, you don't think they make me look like a little kid?" "No way."
  73. 73. "You know you kinda remind me of someone. I don't know who though. Are you from around here?" "Not really, we live in the city, about four hours south of here." "Yeah that's cool. We don't make it into the city all that much, I'm from Familiarity. Are you going to be here long?" "Just a few more days." "Great hey it looks like I gotta go but we're gonna be at the hot springs tomorrow. I'd really like to get to know you better." "Okay maybe I'll see you there; I don't know if Moms has anything planned."
  74. 74. "So who was the boy you were talking to earlier? Is he here with his family on vacation?" "Yeah his name's Frankie, they're here for a week. They have one of the big houses on the Lake." "Well that sounds nice but you know . . ." "Yeah Mom, I know, money isn't everything. It's nice though." "It can be useful. So did he tell you where he's from?"
  75. 75. "Some place called Familiarity. Never heard of it." "Oh, Familiarity? Did he tell you his last name?" "I don't think so. Wait his friend called him Familiar. Frankie Familiar from Familiarity, I wonder if the town was named for him or something. That would be wild wouldn't it? Mom?" "What, oh sorry baby, my mind was just wandering. If you see that boy again find out who his parents are okay?"
  76. 76. Annie shrugged. "Well he did sort of invite me to go to the hot springs with them tomorrow. Can I go, I mean I know it's our last day here but?" "I guess you can if you want to. I didn't really make any plans for tomorrow I thought I'd do some shopping." "Great, thanks Mom, you're the best."
  77. 77. "Come on Eagle it'll be an adventure. Frankie says that we've all got to do it our first time here. He called it our intentation." "Adventures are scary and the tent is outside. What if there are wild animals and they try to eat us." "They won't be able to get us if we're inside the tent it's got a zipper and animals don't have thumbs." "Oh Okay!"
  78. 78. "Anyone wanna watch a movie tonight? The Crazy Cat Lady is on Satellite." Evette asked the teens that were eating dinner. "Sure sounds like fun," agreed Elm. "I'm pretty bushed I think I just gonna hit the hay, make it an early night." "Oh okay Frankie."
  79. 79. "That's the fastest I've ever seen Frankie eat. I don't think he was even breathing." "Guess tonight's the night then huh? I'll go sit look out, you all finish eating and see if you can way lay Grandpa."
  80. 80. "Hold up Familiar you're not going anywhere without us." called Elm "I'm not going anywhere I just couldn't sleep thought I'd walk around a bit clear my head." Frankie looked around; all four of them were standing there looking at him. "Well then let's all get some fresh air together." "Nah that's okay, I know you all wanted to watch that movie. I won't be gone long."
  81. 81. "Frankie, we know what you're doing, you're going looking for Squatch. 'Zeke and Ezra told us you were going to and they made us promise that we'd go with you. You can't just wander around in the woods by yourself Frankie." "Fine, if one of you wants to come with me you can, but all of you can't go. Grandma and Grandpa will notice if we're all gone."
  82. 82. "They're occupied we told them we were all tired and going to bed early. Ferd and Eagle are sleeping in the tent so they think they have the house to themselves." "If they check up on us later we left them a note." "If you try to leave without us we'll just have to hold you down and torture you. We're good at that, look at Eagle." "Fine let's go."
  83. 83. "So this is the place?" Elm asked Frankie as they arrived outside a small cabin. "Yeah, pretty cool huh?" "Primitive, I like it." "I don't think he's here though. SQUATCH!" "Well we'll wait, that Sarrie chick said she'd seen him right?"
  84. 84. It did not appear as if the cubs were going to give up and leave. Sarrie had warned him that they might appear, but he had not expected them to arrive in the night. He would like to see Frankie, to see for himself how the boy fared. Squatch pondered it, there were girl cubs with Frankie and they might become frightened by him. Squatch did not wish to frighten Frankie's friends. Should he risk it? The cubs could not harm him they were innocents still.
  85. 85. The creature swooped down out of the woods without being seen by the teens. "Frankie!" Before they could react to his yell Squatch had lifted Frankie above his head in his normal exuberant greeting.
  86. 86. "While I am happy to see you Frankie, you should not be here. Even here it is not safe for you to wander alone in the darkness." "But I'm not alone, my cousins, they wouldn't let me come alone." "Then they are wiser than you are. But there is no safety in numbers when none are prepared." "Prepared for what?" asked Evette.
  87. 87. "There are many unseen forces in the world Miss?" "Capp, Evette Capp. You're real, Frankie said you were but I didn't believe him. Sorry Frankie." Frankie quickly made the rest of the introductions. "Which of the many unseen forces was my Uncle scared of?" Squatch turned and looked at Frankie searching his face. "Perhaps it is time, why don't we go inside where you will be more comfortable."
  88. 88. It took a little while to get everyone in and settled around the fire that Squatch hastily built. He had to give each of the teens his traditional welcome. No matter how many times Evonne ducked behind one of the others trying to avoid being tossed Squatch refused to leave anyone out. Once everyone was settled Squatch turned to address Frankie.
  89. 89. "You were more perceptive as a child than perhaps I gave you credit for, I had believed that you were unaware of Ricky's unease. That was most likely wishful thinking on my behalf as I did not want you to become upset as a result of his behavior. If you will remember I tried to keep you separate from him as much as possible, assigning you the task of helping me to gather fish for our meals." "Yeah I remember I don't think I've eaten fish since then." "Yes, we did overindulge did we not? Before I continue you must understand that I was not in agreement with your Uncle on all things. I had encouraged him to speak with his brother and to ask him directly for his help. When he returned with you instead I was very disturbed."
  90. 90. "Do you know the history of the brothers? Ricky and your sire were at odds most of their life. I will not go into the details of their difficulties as it is not my tale to tell nor is it relevant at this time. However the root of their conflict lies with their parents specifically with Ricky's mother. And it is she that he was most scared of in the end."
  91. 91. "But she's dead isn't she? Frankie doesn't have any other grandparents besides Grandpa Dave and Grandma Titania." asked Evonne. The woman in question would not be Frankie's Grandmother as the two brothers had different mothers. You are correct however that Lisette Davis is deceased and has been for many years." "So Almeric Davis was scared of a ghost? But ghosts are cool, I love seeing ghosts." said Evette. "Lisette Davis' incorporeal spirit is no ordinary ghost and if you were to ever have the misfortune of encountering her shade you would not enjoy it." "Why's she so scary?" Elm wondered from across the fire.
  92. 92. "Her spirit is as corrupted in death as it was in life. She feeds off fear, it makes her stronger." "But if she's a ghost she'd be bound to her place of death. If he was scared of her couldn't he just leave?" "Ghosts are only bound by their desire to be bound and by the ties they have to the living. Lisette Davis' ties to her son were very deep and very dangerous to him." "Why?"
  93. 93. "That is not a question I am willing to answer at this time Evette, not for you." "Why not?" "Because you do not need to know. It is not my place to satisfy your curiosity." "But" "The information would be of no use or understanding for you at this time. And in divulging Ricky's secrets I could inadvertently divulge information that pertains to others that they might not wish to be shared."
  94. 94. "You mean my Dad don't you? You know something about my Dad?" "I know many things about your father. I have never met him, though I have desired to do so for some time. There are things that I would like to speak to him of and questions that I would like to put to him. If he and your mother would like to bring their children to see me I would be delighted. If you would tell your father that and let him know that I will make myself available to him at any time and by his request." "But they've tried to find you to talk to you."
  95. 95. "Your father has not been in The Valley since I last saw you. There may have been others that he sent as his representatives, this I do not know. I do not take the time to find out why someone is trespassing in my grove. Please advise your father that he is much overdue for a visit, for him my home is always open. As it is for all of you, but now the fire has gone out indicating that much time has passed since we first began speaking. Your elders will surely be concerned. Frankie, if you would please pass word to your Grandsire that I can not be captured with something as primitive as a net. His employees need to devise new methods." "What?" "It is of no matter, but please advise him, that if I wished to speak to him I would have done so. The information that I have is not for him."
  96. 96. Concerned might not have been the correct word to describe David's emotional state when the teens returned to the family home. "What in the Sam Hill did you kids think you were doing sneaking out in the middle of the night, wandering around in the woods without any protection. We were just about to call out a search party for you brats!"
  97. 97. "We left you a note Grandpa. I told you where I was going." "A note Frankie? You think that you can just run off any time you want for whatever reason as long as you leave a note? And if you think finding your note was of any comfort to your Grandmother you've all got another think coming. Went to find Squatch, will be fine, I'll be back by morning. And then Elan appended Don't worry we're following him to make sure he'll be okay. This bit of comfort advised us that not only did you not trust us enough to confide your plans to us, but that you were planning on taking a several mile hike, on an unmarked trail, through an area where wild animals and other creatures are known to be." David's voice was rising with each word he said.
  98. 98. "I expected more of you Frankie. Don't smirk back there Elan, I'll get to the rest of you shortly. Frankie, I understand that you wanted to speak with Squatch, and I should have realized to just what extreme you were willing to go in order to do so. However, if you had discussed your plans with me I would have been more than happy to accompany you to his cabin." "He wouldn't have let me see him if you had been there Grandpa. He doesn't want to talk to you or to any of the goons you've sent looking for him. You've been trying to capture him" "We haven't been trying to capture him; we've only wished to speak with him, but he remains elusive." "He's seen the nets Grandpa." "Our methods may seem a bit rough but we're getting desperate."
  99. 99. "It won't matter if you capture him or not you can't make him talk to you." "Oh really? I don't think you quite understand ... I'm sure that I could persuade him to answer a few questions. I wouldn't hurt him Frankie, that wouldn't be a very good thank you would it. I would very much like to thank him for taking such good care of you when you were a child. I would also like to ask him a few questions just to clear a few things up. He won't speak to me or to Bob, Luke even had the local wolf pack attempt to arrange an introduction but it was a no go." "He says that there's nothing he can say to you, he wants to talk to Dad." "He'll talk to Aldric?!"
  100. 100. "That sounds like a reasonable compromise. Dave I'm sure that if you were to tell Aldric what it is you wish to know that he'd be more than happy to ask the questions for you. Kids, I'm glad that you are all safe. I am however very disappointed in your behavior tonight and I'm sorry but we are going to have to inform your parents of your actions. Now why don't you all go up and get to bed, I'm sure you're tired and we have busy day tomorrow. Just because you were up all night doesn't mean that we're going to let you sleep late and spoil the day for your brothers." "Yes Grandma." "Sorry Grandma." "Good Night."
  101. 101. "I was handling it Tania." "No, you were yelling at the top of your lungs, you were scaring them Dave." "They needed to be scared." "By what might have happened to them yes, but not by you."
  102. 102. "I can't believe that overgrown fur rug is willing to talk to the enemy but not to me." "Since when is our son-in-law the enemy?" "Since he joined leagues with Colette; if he wanted to take a more active role he should have joined my team." "You never seemed to have such a problem with Puck being in Law Enforcement. You've given him a hard time occasionally but I've never seen this type of animosity." "Not animosity, disappointment. Anyway Puck's a horrible bowler, Al bowled a 250 against us his first time out."
  103. 103. "Who burned the omelets?" "What?" "The omelets they're burnt. Who made them?" "Oh Elm made them, he used Mom's recipe. Tastes just like hers." Ferdie stared at his plate, maybe he'd be able to eat at the hot springs.
  104. 104. "Are you and your friends going to be in town long? I could show you a lot of interesting places that most tourists don't know about." "Like what?" "Well there's a really cool collection of snake skins at the Pickaxe Nature Conservatory and Laundromat. Not your thing huh? Okay well there's this diner down by the tar pit that serves a really good possum loaf."
  105. 105. "And they call us rednecks? We may have a habit of marrying cousins but at least we don't consider road kill to be fine dining." "I know right? Frankie, you need to save her it looks like she's trying to evaporate into the sidewalk." "I would but it looks like my date is here. You'll have to handle Billy Bob."
  106. 106. "Hey, I didn't know if you'd make it or not." "Yeah well my Mom, she decided to do some shopping today, so I was able to duck out of that." "You don't like shopping?" "Not here, have you seen the stores they have? There's no H&M, no Cold Issue, there's not even a mini mall. The closest thing they have to high fashion is the SimMart."
  107. 107. "You're fortune huh?" "Well sure but that has nothing to do with shopping I'm a girl." "Yeah I know. You're a really pretty girl too. Have I told you I like the way you smile? You have a very genuine smile."
  108. 108. Elan figured that if Frankie could do it so could he, so he took his own advice and made contact with a cute little red haired girl. "I have the cutest little dog back home, his name is Pooky. I miss him so much, I wish we'd been able to bring him with us but he doesn't travel well." "You got a dog? That's cool. Dad won't let us get another dog just yet, not after what happened to the last one." Unfortunately for Elan before he was able to get very far with the girl, his cousins got a hold of her.
  109. 109. "So we saw you talking to Elan, what do you think?" Evonne asked "Err well I don't know he seemed nice I guess." "You know he really is a nice guy. I don't think its fair the reputation he's gotten stuck with." "I know I mean really what's a few restraining orders? That last girl he stalked I mean dated was really high strung." Evette decided to join in the fun.
  110. 110. "Wha...what do you mean high strung?" "Oh it she just kept going on and on about that dog." "It's not like Elan meant for it to happen, it's not like he expected the dog to chase the bone out the window, besides dogs have nine lives right?" "No Vonny that's cats but still . . . Hey wait where are you going?" "You tell your cousin to leave Pooky alone!"
  111. 111. "Don't you want to change into your bathing suit and try out the hot springs Eagle?" "Nu uh Grandma, I don't want to be in there if the giants come back." "What Giants Eagle?" "The ones that use the pools as soup bowls. Elm told me." "He did, did he?"
  112. 112. "I know I've seen you someplace before, but I just can't remember." "Did you go to the city - county basketball tournament this year? Did your school play?" "Yeah, my cousin Euclid was on the team so I went to most of the games." "Well maybe you saw me cheering then?" "You're a cheerleader? That's cool, looks like a lot of fun."
  113. 113. "Yeah it is fun, it's a lot of hard work, but I really want to make the cheer squad at Sim State when I get there. My Mom was on the squad when she was there, she says it was a lot of fun and she got to go all over the place with the team." "Well maybe if you ever make it to FSU you'll look me up. Stop by the Greek house and I'll throw a toga party for you or something." "You already know you're going to be in a Frat? That's pretty confident of you; don't you have to like be voted in?" "Well yeah but I'm kinda a shoe in. My Mom lived there, so did Grandpa. We all go to FSU and all live at the Greek house. Two of my cousins are living there now, it's not a big deal it's just what we do."
  114. 114. "I wish we didn't have to leave tomorrow. But Mom has to get back to work. It was really great meeting you Frankie. I had a lot of fun; maybe you could text me or something sometime? Or you know if you're ever in the city." "Yeah I'd like that; I could maybe catch the bus in sometime. I don't think Dad would let me take the car. Not into the city."
  115. 115. "Come on Familiar; quit being such a wuss just do it." "Go away Elan." "I'm gone."
  116. 116. "Just do what? What was he talking about?" "Well uh Elan he uh he thinks I should kiss you." "He does?"
  117. 117. "Yeah, so what do you think?" "I think he's right, I think you should."
  118. 118. "Way to go Frankie."
  119. 119. The Familiar's will catch up with you again shortly. Until then, Thanks for reading! Happy Simming! ______________ I'd like to give a general shout out to all of the wonderful creators who help to make my sims and their homes look so good. Thank you for sharing your time and your talent with the community.