Elisha bc day2


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Elisha bc day2

  1. 1. Is Anyone Good Enough for 'Lisha?
  2. 2. “I can't believe Connor didn't even speak to her.” Rosefyre grumbled. “It could be worse, Rose, he could have had a negative nine. And neither did Thomas!” Hurrikaty said doing a little dance in her seat. “Well, I think it went really well.” Said LauriEmpress with a smile.
  3. 3. “Of course you did Laurie, Micheal's in the lead.” Orikes replied from the other couch. “I don't know if Hugh can catch up, damn playful points and dirty jokes.” Katy nodded commiseratorily, “Hey where'd Pen go?” “She wanted to say a few words to Robert.”
  4. 4. Robert Penguino had been the one sent home on day one. Robert hadn't necessarily understood that the point of a Bachelorette Challenge was to speak to the Bachelorette. But while he hadn't been very motivated to befriend Elisha he had done a good job of getting to know a good portion of the rest of the guys in the house.
  5. 5. “Oh I betcha she had a few words to say to Robert.” Was Lark's input from the other end of the couch. “At least Rowan is acting as if he's interested.” “I have a few words I'd like to say to my son right about now.” DJ Verse Tricou grumbled.
  6. 6. “I'm surprised you're taking this as well as you are, DJ. You're Amin's mother, aren't you mad that Jenn's making him do this?.” “I know my son, I know he's a little bit lazy about some things,” DJ chuckled. “I would't want him to be lazy about his future. If he and Elisha aren't right for each other, they need to know now.”
  7. 7. “I hope you know that I'm not trying to punish Amin with this. I like Amin, he's a great kid. I'm doing this as much for him as I am for Elisha. And I do have a plan for him, if things don't go his way here.” “I would accept nothing less.”
  8. 8. When Pen returned to her seat Orikes asked, “How's Robert?” “Oh Robert's fine, Robert's oblivious as to why I'd be upset with him. He said he wasn't interested in her so why should attempt to monopolize her time when there were others that were obviously more interested?” Pen shook her head, “He has a point but now what am I going to do with him?” “You could throw a dance competition and the one that wins can have Robert?” Orikes suggested.
  9. 9. “I hate you” mouthed Pen My simself decided to step in before things went too far and suggested that it would be a good time to check in with the Elisha and the boys.
  10. 10. Following the eviction of Robert Penguino those that remained in the house went about getting themselves presentable. The afternoon activities would be beginning fairly soon.
  11. 11. There was just enough time for a quick bite to eat before the hot tubbing began. Most of the bachelors joined Elisha and a few of them even spoke to her at the luncheon table.
  12. 12. After lunch it was time for the first hot tub date. Elisha was quickly joined in tub #1 by Amin, Hugh and Micheal.
  13. 13. And in the secondtub those that weren't quite fast enough gathered as well. Micheal, Rowan and Connor hopefully would not be haunted by their lack of speed.
  14. 14. The primary topic of conversation in the primary tub seemed to revolve around 'Elisha is hot' . However there were other things brought up as well.
  15. 15. Amin tried to inject some reality into the situation by explaining that Elisha spends way too much time working. The conversation then developed into a discussion of goals, dreams and lifetime wants.
  16. 16. In the secondary tub, Thomas was relived that he had survived the first day of this bachelor challenge. He'd been threatened with gender preference reversals if he failed to show any interest in the bachelorette this time around.
  17. 17. Connor explained how he is not quite straight himself. But that hadn't had anything to do with his lack of attention towards Elisha. Perhaps he just wasn't that interested after all.
  18. 18. He then brought up Rowan's faux pas with the cruise ships and the conversation went down hill from there.
  19. 19. Not that things went completely smoothly in the first tub either. Hugh joy that the weather in his world had been corrected so that he could experience the excitement of thunder storms was dampened by Micheal's point blank denouncement of clouds in general.
  20. 20. It seemed like a good time to call off the hot tubbing and open the buffet. Elisha and Hugh spent a few quiet moments over their jello. There's always room for Jello.
  21. 21. I'm sure that Micheal would have been right there with them but he was way-laid by the secondary tub crew. They were not at all pleased that he had used the hot tubs to increase his lead. They had planned on putting him out of commission but found it hard to stay mad at a guy that smiles as much as Micheal.
  22. 22. Once dinner was accomplished and swimsuits were put aside for actual clothing it was time for Elisha to hunt down the guys for one on one 'dates'. On the menu for the night was a single chat. She found Amin at the pool table and was able to pull his attention to her briefly.
  23. 23. Apparently world domination just wasn't Amin's thing that day. Micheal immediately stepped forward to pick up Amin's slack as a conversationalist.
  24. 24. Micheal and Elisha had lots to talk about, everything from college courses to the way that the moon brings out the sparkle in Elisha's eyes. And if Micheal had his way he'd magic the other men away so that it would be just the two of them.
  25. 25. His plans were all well and good right up until the description of possible wedding gowns. Elisha owns a bridal shop Micheal she will be more than able to take care of picking gowns herself. Input may be welcome but she'll make up her mind.
  26. 26. Up next was Hugh who described himself as an open book. “Ask me anything! I don't mind!”
  27. 27. And so Elisha asked him if he really did think she was hot. Hot and yummy was the answer, yummy like an icecream sundae.
  28. 28. Next up with Thomas who Elisha thought would be a good target for conversations regarding world peace. She'd heard some rumors about Chocolate Falls and wanted to make sure that everything was under control.
  29. 29. Not only is everything under control (at least momentarily) but Thomas assured Elisha that those in power were planning on keeping things that way. Elisha shouldn't worry her hot self over the state of Chocolate Falls.
  30. 30. It was about this time that we realized just how bad it can be for fortune sims in a bachelor challenge. Nothing was being bought, no jobs were being gone too, no money was being made. And Rowan was not a happy camper.
  31. 31. That being said, neither was a Bachelor Challenge the best thing for a Knowledge sim either. If Thomas would only roll up the want to earn more body or cooking he might be fine but there were no ghosts to be seen nor deaths to be saved from.
  32. 32. Rowan and Elisha discussed his distress and desire for a job, preferably one where he could carry a briefcase. Briefcases make you look important after all.
  33. 33. Since Connor had already had his not so good conversation that morning it was now time for bed. Elisha would have the night to contemplate what she had learned and what she had avoided finding out about the various gentlemen in the house.
  34. 34. Once the sun came up the guys gathered in the bathroom for their morning exchange of information. Or at least some of them did.
  35. 35. Hugh and Micheal didn't let their need of showers or the desire to change clothing stop them from searching out Elisha first thing in the morning. Hugh had been talking to Amin and had heard a rumor that Familiarity was under attack by Aliens. Elisha explained that the Alien presence was not yet formally considered an attack but that there was some concern.
  36. 36. As Micheal's world has experienced some other worldly interference he was able to commiserate with Elisha. Hugh watched the two of them fondly happy that his two friends were happy.
  37. 37. But then he began to worry. What would happen when Elisha choose, would they still all be friends?
  38. 38. Over in the second tub those that had not been quick enough with their joining gathered together.
  39. 39. Flirting is a good way to start the day or to pass the time. It makes some see hearts and some dance to a tune only they can hear. Flirting generally makes whoever is on the receiving end feel good about themselves.
  40. 40. It also perhaps gives them a bit too much confidence. Connor was so very sure that he would be remaining based upon the fact that Elisha had so admired the style of his hair. It was a bit of a let down to find out that Elisha had flirted with them all.
  41. 41. When Elisha made her way into the living room she was a bit nervous. Already it was becoming difficult to ask guys to leave. How much more difficult would it become once she had gotten to know them all even better?
  42. 42. However the rules were the rules. She'd based her decision on how well she knew each of the gentlemen in the house and the one she knew the least was Connor Whedon. Perhaps if he had tried a bit harder to get to know her he would have lasted longer.
  43. 43. And Connor Whedon is the second to leave with scores at the end of day two being: Micheal 100/54 crush Hugh 100/25 crush Rowan 48/27 Amin 14/12 Thomas 27/10 Connor 4/2