Adaptive Learning for Test Preparation with PrepMe


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  • Explain structure through history:Started as consumer productShifted focus to institutionsAcquired by Hobsons (Naviance)
  • Focus on native functionality and student flow.Limited comments on integration potential.
  • Start to address metacognition:Second major bullet is about moving students from passive learners to active learners who can envision their own progress along a learning pathThird major bullet is about empowering students by showing them that learning is not a straight line from A to B
  • Emphasize PrepMe as classroom support tool
  • Explain “ROI” bit as ironic and intentional: student learning is a major return, but why is it a counseling investment?Address usage across platforms.
  • Adaptive Learning for Test Preparation with PrepMe

    1. 1. Adaptive Learning for Test Preparation with PrepMe Felipe Chor, Product Manager
    2. 2. • What PrepMe is • What PrepMe does • What students do with PrepMe • What teachers do with PrepMe • And counselors? • Demo • Survey
    3. 3. What PrepMe Is
    4. 4. What PrepMe Is “Adaptive, personalized online test prep” Test Prep: Get better test scores… for the right reasons. Online: Anytime, anywhere. Personalized: No student receives a plan of study without telling us what he’s learned and how much longer he has to learn. Adaptive: No plan of study survives first contact with the student.
    5. 5. What PrepMe Does
    6. 6. What PrepMe Does 1. PrepMe assesses where students fall against a profile of skills needed for the ACT or SAT. 2. Based on the profile and target test date, PrepMe prepares weekly plans of study, taking into account students’ weekly progress. 3. Periodically, PrepMe seeks to reassess where students fall against the target profile. 4. PrepMe gives students accountability. 5. PrepMe gives teachers accountability and insight.
    7. 7. What students do with PrepMe
    8. 8. What students do with PrepMe - Learn… - How the tests work - How to apply their skills to the tests - New skills to apply to the tests - Learn… - What skills they have - How those skills apply to the tests - What other skills they need for the tests - Learn… - How to get from here to there - How they’re progressing from here to there - Who can help them get there - Where they go from there
    9. 9. What teachers do with PrepMe
    10. 10. What teachers do with PrepMe - Support students as they learn - Extract actionable intelligence on student learning - To support the student - To support the class - Translate student learning into reportable metrics
    11. 11. And counselors?
    12. 12. And counselors? - Support students as they learn - Support teachers as they help students learn - Get a return on investment
    13. 13. Your Feedback Matters! Thank you for attending the Naviance Summer Institute 2013! We greatly appreciate your feedback, please complete a brief evaluation for this session at: