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Naviance College Profile Pages


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Get a look at this new Fall 2016 product update inside Naviance, a college and career readiness product.

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Naviance College Profile Pages

  1. 1. New Naviance College Profiles Introduced November 2016
  2. 2. A fresh look and feel, with key statistics highlighted on the front page
  3. 3. New financial aid statistics include average cost by income level and a typical monthly loan payment
  4. 4. School size, nearest city, and distance from your high school (new) are now highlighted
  5. 5. Freshmen-to-sophomore retention rates spotlight student success at this school
  6. 6. Average Pell Grant + average federal aid now available, including a comparison to all colleges in Naviance
  7. 7. Weighted application factors provided by colleges help students see what’s most important to this school
  8. 8. Fresh look for scattergrams
  9. 9. Easy-to-read ethnicity breakdowns
  10. 10. Students can easily connect with colleges ActiveMatch must be enabled!
  11. 11. College events are included and students can sign up from Family Connection ActiveMatch Events must be enabled!
  12. 12. Students can start exploring today!