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Art project


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Published in: Education
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Art project

  1. 1. By Ariella
  2. 2. Market In Brittany, 1931 In this painting, Helen MacNicoll used a combination of vibrant and soft colours. She used oil paints on canvas. This painting from 1931 is of people in a They look happy even though we can’t see the faces. In the back Helen MacNicoll uses brighter shades to show that there is sun. The trees and the road add lots of perspective which is great. I like this picture because it shows what markets used to look like in the 1930. Minding baby 1919 Again, Helen used oil paints on white canvas paper. She uses a variety of colours. I like this painting because of the great colours. In my opinion, the picture seems a bit boring because there is not a lot going on in it. But other than that the picture is really cool.
  3. 3. North Shore, Lake Superior. (1926) Lawren really liked the North Shore. He loved the nature an environment there, so he decided to paint it. Lawren Harris uses many calming nature tones such as blues, greens and browns. In this painting, he uses oil paints to make it look real. This picture me feel happy because I love lakes, and this lake looks really pretty. Lake and Mountains (1928) Lawren Harris really enjoyed painting Mountains. This is one of the many ones he has painted. This painting makes me feel cold because of the cold colours. I am not a big fan of snow but I can really feel the cold, so he
  4. 4. Lead the Way 1959 This painting was done on a canvas with oil paints. In my opinion, this painting of a park with a little trail is very relaxing and makes me feel calm and safe. Challenges on the Horizon 1959 This painting was done by oil paints on a canvas. This forest has a variety of greens and browns. It looks very real and if I had the choice I would go there.