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john's art critic


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john's art critic

  1. 1. Art critic By john
  2. 2. Joe average painting 1 Who: Joe average What: unconditional love When 2005 Them unconditional love Media pastels
  3. 3. Joe average painting 1 This painting by Joe average is similar to another painting he painted called mother and child. The painting describes two cat like creatures with there heads next to each other showing love. This painting uses bold colors to give a cartoon look. Although he did uses a bit of shading in the grass. And he did some bold moves with depth. This painting mostly uses three simple colours yellow green and blue wich complement eachother very well. Personally I do not like his cartoon stile and the cat like creature's eyes have weird triangles in them that make them look creepy.
  4. 4. Joe average painting two Who: Joe average What: self portrait When 2007 Theme: self portrait Media Watercolour paints
  5. 5. Joe average painting two this painting by Joe average is one of his few non cartoon stile paintings. He painted himself in a modern and blurry stile. uses long thick brush strokes give a smudged look combined with colours that blend well together. This smudging makes him look depressed I the painting . He painted his sleeve in a zebra fashion witch looks real neat in contrast to his hair. The back round of this painting is very simple focusing most of your attention to his face. I my opinion this painting is really depressing to look at but I stile like this ambitious attempt at a self portrait.
  6. 6. Bill Reid art piece one Who: Bill Reid What: Haida sockeye salmon When 1989 Theme :salmon swimming meadia Oil paints
  7. 7. Bill Reid art piece 1 this first nations piece of art by bill Reid is one of my favorite paintings by him. bill Reid uses red and black paint like usual but he also uses a non first nation color; blue. He used this blue in wavy lines for a wavy look to the water. Although all of the salmon have the same patterns and texture and colour. They have different shaped bodies and heads making some of them look happy and some look sad. This painting kind of breaks from the traditional first nation colours and uses new colours , this change is one of my favourite parts of this painting.
  8. 8. Bill Reid art piece two Who bill Reid What Haida raven When 1994 Them Haida raven
  9. 9. Bill Reid art piece 2 This is one of the more famous paining's by bill Reid. Like most first nations art the raven in this picture has smaller animals in its wings and body. Bill used different textures of paint and different lines along with traditional first nations colours witch complement eachother to make the raven. Over all I like this paintings use of lines but it is similar to lots of his other work.
  10. 10. Robert Bateman art piece 1 Who Robert Bateman What The Air the Forest and the Watch When 1987 Theme: Hunting eagle Media Oil paints
  11. 11. Robert Bateman painting 1 This painting is an amazing piece of art. Robert basemen uses texture to portray the eagles feathers. Also even the back round is details as you can clearly see every tree there. Robert Bateman used no perfect and pure colours in the eagle like bright yellow or black to give the eagle a life like look. finally the subject of a hunting eagle is we portrayed. This as I said earlier is an amazing painting that no photographer could take easily.
  12. 12. Sorry the wolf is hard to see Robert Bateman art piece 2 Who Robert Bateman what Midnight Black Wolf When 2001 Theme wolf hunting at midnight Media Oil paints
  13. 13. Robert Bateman art piece 2 This is one very unique panting by this artist. Instead of making the wolf the center of attention. This makes the theme of this painting a hunting wolf ant midnight. The trees in this picture uses great textures making the wolf look even more hidden combined with the dark sky hiding the dark wolf. The white snow contrasts with the land and makes the landscape look barren and makes the wolf ghost like too. This painting is not a favourite of mine because of the wolf being hard to see but it is stile very nice to try to look at.
  14. 14. Name of artist and piece of art When was the art piece painted Elements of art Media used Subject Joe average Robert baitmen, bill ried
  15. 15. end