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Dream pp

  1. 1. Dreams By: Mackenzie Longhurst
  2. 2. Table of Contents  Title Page How do we dream? Table of Contents Types of dreams What are Dreams? Classmates dreams Why do we have Dreams? Where are our dreams? When are our dreams?
  3. 3. What? Dreams are a successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur in certain areas of your sleep. Dreams have sounds, thoughts and voices. You are able to dream about people, places, things etc. The people in your dreams could be someone who you saw at the grocery store for a split second. Dreams can also be your biggest fear and deepest darkest secrets! Except there isn’t any real reasons why you you dream about these things. Your own life can be put into imagery. For example if you are going through a tough relationship then your dream could be about large animals chasing after you are not able to escape. This is a brief introduction of Dreams…
  4. 4. Why? Why do I dream? No one has ever figured out why we have dreams. Scientists have made many different predictions about dreams, some that are believable others that are hard to think they are true. I know it seems strange that we haven’t figured it out yet since we do spend most of our time dreaming, but scientists haven’t really figured out why we sleep either. Some researchers believe that dreams serve no real purpose while others believe that its about emotion and physically well being.
  5. 5. Where? Dreams come from a certain area of your brain. That area is called the pre frontal cortex. That is the part of the brain that is in charge of personality behavior, cognitive behavior (which contains memory, decisions, learning languages, etc.) Also this part of the brain is in charge of personality expression and social behavior.
  6. 6. When? You may ask when do we dream? Well dreaming can occur sleeping and being awake. I am going to tell you when your sleeping. Most scientist say you dream during the stage REM (rapid eye movement.) This is not completely true! You brain is active during nearly every part of sleep. REM is when you lucid dream, so your dreams are memorable and vivid. Usually REM takes up more sleep closer to the morning.
  7. 7. Types There are different types of dreams. Some dreams that we have are easy to achieve, others can be hard to get , for example Lucid Dreaming which I will explain soon. Daydream: Daydreaming is a level between consciousness and wakefulness. This is when you mind and imagination takes you elsewhere. False Awakening: This is when you ‘wake up’ and get ready for school and you eat your breakfast etc. Only to wake up ‘again’ and see it was only a false awakening. Lucid dreams: These dreams are when you are able to control your own dreams and be able to do what you want in your dreams. Recurring Dreams: These are dreams that happen over and over again Epic Dreams: These are the craziest dreams ever. These are the dreams that you will remember for years that are so epic it feels as if you had just dreamt them last night. These are some types of dreams that you can experience.
  8. 8. Classmates dreams Maddie~ RachelMy weirdest When I was little one Evandream was when I of my saddest dreams I was running through was traveling with was when my family some my family and we went on summer Mall and I had 30 armed went to Europe vacation and they left Mexicans chasing me and Europe split without me I was on around for hours. in half. My family the road screaming I then stole a car. was on one side and crying but they and I was on the never came back  other side. AshleyOne of my scariest dreams was when I was being chased by skeletons and ghosts and I tried to wake my parents up but they wouldn’t. MeghanMy weirdest dream was when I was chased by clowns in a black hole and then I went on a roller coaster and died. AlisonI was sleeping in a tent in my living room, and a skeleton came and pushed me out the window  BorisMy friends were at my house and then robbers came in and wanted to kill me only and my friends didn’t help me. 
  9. 9. Bibliography • http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/inside-the-mind/human- brain/dream2.htm • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GGzc3x9WJU • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream
  10. 10. Self Reflection This project was a great learning experience for me! I learned more about dreams in general along with certain dreams I had never heard of before. One of my favourite dreams that I learned about was a lucid dream. I think I did a good job on my project because I included many interesting slides that contained good information! I had fun learning about Dreams and all around learnt more than I expected to do.