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Canadian artists by Adrien


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Canadian artists by Adrien

  1. 1. By Adrien
  2. 2.  Bill Reid  Ross Penhall  Lawren Harris Pg 1-2 Pg 3-4 Pg 5-6
  3. 3. I like this style of art because the artist used simple colors to make a complex drawing. This particular design was created in 1973 and is called the Haidu raven. This drawing makes me feel a bit lonely because the raven is alone. Although the raven is alone, I like how still smiles At me, as if he could stay like that for days . Also, the detail Is incredible on the beak especially. What I don’t like is some of the shapes. For example the tongue is narrow and straight, unlike a real ravens. In this painting, Bill Reid uses oil to make this drawing.
  4. 4. This painting, known as the Haidu beaver, has a lot of different paintings inside of it. It was originally made in 1979 by Bill Reid himself and has inspired many people. What I love about this painting are the shapes that you wouldn’t normally see on a beaver. This drawing is almost to plain though. The colors don’t change in his art and the beaver doesn’t seem to look good in black and red. Of, course, this drawing is native, like all of Ross Penhall’s drawings. This painting is also made with oil.
  5. 5. This painting is really incredible. Its so peaceful, with its clear skies and its multicolored trees. This painting was made in 2011 and is known as the urban sculpture. My favourite part about it is the shading that Ross Penhall clearly shows in this masterpiece. Also, the background was really well done, In some paintings people do a very poor job on the background when the painting is really good. In this specific drawing, he uses oil to make the drawing.
  6. 6.  This painting, also known as The Green Pastures, is really incredible. It was made in 2011 and was made by Ross Penhall. As you have seen in this painting and the other one, Ross Penhall draws landscapes and never people. The shading is really incredible and the suns light in the distance makes this painting amazing. What I don’t like is the irregular shapes you see in the trees. Now what is really strange about Ross Penhall’s drawings is that he uses oil. In almost all of his paintings he uses pure oil.
  7. 7. This painting, one of Lawren’s masterpieces, is called Mount Thule. This drawing seems to be a landscape drawing, like most of Lawren’s drawings. This one was made in1930 and has the shading very well done. What I don’t like is that the detail is not well done. For example, the hills before the mountain are just curved hills with no trees, no indent. Lawren Harris uses oil colors as well, for both his paintings.
  8. 8. This painting is really great. The shading in the lake and the sky are magnificent. This masterpiece is called the Lake and mountains which I don’t think is a very good name. Another thing I don’t like is that are hard to make out, there not in there usual state. There sort of Smooth curved unlike any other cloud I’ve ever seen.