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Logan P3


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Logan P3

  1. 1. Arsenal F.C By Logan W.
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. History 3. Stadium 4. Manager 5. Fans 6. Players 7. Arsenal bests 8. Thierry Henry 9. Fascinating Facts 10.Self Reflection 11.Bibliography 12.The End
  3. 3. Introduction • Arsenal are a great team. They have accomplished many things and they also have outstanding fans. They are one of the most successful English soccer clubs. They are in the premier league and they are based in London. Their training ground is the Shenley training centre and the location they are in is Holloway.
  4. 4. History • Arsenal has a great history. They were founded in 1886 (127 years ago). They have won 13 first division Premier league titles. They have also won 10 F.A cups. Their rivals are Tottenham Hotspur and they have had many different names such as Royal Arsenal and Woolwich Arsenal. Arsenal won their first major trophies in 1930-1931 and in 1932-1933.
  5. 5. Stadium • Arsenal have a great stadium. They have the Emirates stadium and it can hold 60,361 fans. It opened July 22, 2006 and it is in north London. Arsenal's stadium before the Emirates stadium was called the Highbury stadium and Arsenal won lots of cups, trophies and league competitions there. They haven't won anything since they moved to the Emirates stadium so there are rumours that they haven't won anything because they moved to the Emirates stadium.
  6. 6. Manager • The Arsenal manager is an outstanding manager and his name is Arsène Wenger. He is French and also a former player. He was born October 22, 1949 in Strasbourg, France. He has managed Arsenal since 1996 and has a child named Léa Wenger. He has led Arsenal to 11 trophies so far. The fans even have signs saying "In Arsène we trust. The fans prove that he is a great manager.
  7. 7. Fans • The fans that support Arsenal are awesome! They are very passionate and they really cheer when Arsenal do good in something. The fans are nicknamed the "gooners" because Arsenal is nicknamed the"gunners". The fans have made lots of websites and blogs for Arsenal that show they really care about Arsenal. When Arsenal went 49 league games unbeaten they made something kind of like a sign saying "49 league games unbeaten". Now that, is passion.
  8. 8. Players • The players are very passionate, determined and they really want to win. They try their hardest and they don't give up on anything. One of the players that used to be at Arsenal even threw up if they didn't win their game. They always celebrate when they win or score. Arsenal have three goalkeepers, seven defenders, ten midfielders, nine forwards and three players on loan.
  9. 9. Arsenal Bests • Arsenal have accomplished and achieved many great things and they have some best goals, best players, and best moments. Here are some of those bests. One of the best goals, voted by the fans is by Dennis Bergkamp in 2002. One of the best players, voted by the fans is Thierry Henry. One of the best moments voted by the fans is when Arsenal went 49 league games unbeaten!
  10. 10. Thierry Henry • Thierry Henry was the best soccer player for Arsenal according to lots and lots of fans and players. He scored the most amount of goals for one player at Arsenal and the amount that he scored was 228! One of Henry's best goals was against Manchester United on October 1, 2000. He was being pressured and had his back to the goal but he still managed to flick the ball up and turn around and have a wonderful volley. It was an outstanding goal! Henry will always be remembered.
  11. 11. Fascinating Facts • Arsenal is a very interesting team. They have many fascinating facts about them. They are the only team not to lose a soccer game for a whole year and they were called the Invincibles then. They have never left the premier league and they have about 30 million supporters worldwide. Arsenal are an outstanding and fantastic team.
  12. 12. Self Reflection • I think I did okay on this project because I had quite a bit of information but I think I could have had a bit more detail. I thought that Thierry Henry and the fascinating facts were interesting because there was lots of cool information and Thierry Henry is a big part of Arsenal. I didn't really like the stadium because it wasn't very interesting information to me. I thought at the beginning of the project that it would be a bit interesting but at the end of the project I realized that Arsenal is very interesting because there is so much to them. I think I got a fully meets because I tried hard and I edited it. Also I looked up a lot of information.
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  14. 14. The End Thank You For Watching