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Facebook & Twitter For The Equine Vet


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Facebook & Twitter For The Equine Vet

  1. 1. Facebook & Twitterfor the Equine Vet Practice Mike Pownall, DVM
  2. 2. Facebook & Twitter• Why?• How to use it?• How to measure it?
  3. 3. Social Media Why is it Different?• Conversational• Collaborative• Selective• Immediate• Transparent
  4. 4. Social Media Why is it the Same?Strategy
  5. 5. Strategy• What is our goal?• How are we going to do this?• How do we know we are successful?
  6. 6. Strategy• Facebook is not strategy• Facebook is a tool.• Herd health is a strategy to minimize the spread of a virus• A vaccine is a tool
  7. 7. Why Do I Need Social Media? Challenges in equine practice• Economy• Competition• Internet
  8. 8. Social Media Failure• Boring• Inconsistent• Preach• Don’t engage• Don’t measure
  9. 9. 4Es of Social Media• Educate• Entertain• Engage• Evangelists
  10. 10. Ease of Use• iPhones• Droids• Apps
  11. 11. Facebook Pages Don’t want personal page• Fan pages are indexed by search engines while profiles are not.• Fan pages provide “Insights” or analytics while profiles do not.• Fan Pages offer the ability to use Facebook ad
  12. 12. Vanity
  13. 13. Twitter• 140 characters• Unique language• Immediate updates• Share links, photos, videos• Twitter now has >200,000,000 users• 8% of Americans• Fastest growing platform
  14. 14. • # = Hashtag Searching• = short URL • 4703/half-of-doctors-to-use- medical-apps-by-2012/
  15. 15. Twitter Success• The more we tweet the more followers we get• The more interesting we are the more followers we get• The more we follow others the more followers we get
  16. 16. Twitter• Retweets • Interactions• New Users • Searches• Mentions
  17. 17. Thank You
  18. 18. Keep in Touch•••