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Webinar may13

  1. 1. Social Media Realities What the heck is this stuff? Why should I care? Presented By: www.SocialMediaDelivered.com Tuesday May 13, 2010 Speaker: Eve Mayer Orsburn CEO/Founder, Social Media Delivered
  2. 2. AGENDA 1. Facebook Overview 2. Twitter Overview 3. LinkedIn Overview 4. Social Media General Principles 5. Social Media in the Contact Center
  3. 3. FACEBOOK OVERVIEW • Over 400 million users around the world • Median user age is 26 years old, but increasing steadily • Over 33% of the U.S. population is on Facebook • 50% of active users access the site each day • More than 700,000 business have a fan page • Facebook overtakes Google: most popular U.S. website (4/10)
  4. 4. Why use Facebook? • Create brand awareness: Business to Consumer (B2C) • Build loyalty through discussions • Engage in customer communications • Identify opportunities for improvement • Release product and services information TERMINOLOGY • Friend: Someone you are connected to on Facebook and share information with • Fan Page: Page set up specifically around one organization, person, cause or product • Fans: People who choose to subscribe to Fan pages to be updated on their favorite topic
  5. 5. TWITTER OVERVIEW • 105 million world wide users; Average Age is 31 • Focused on a ‘person to person’ conversation • Simple to use and understand, from PCs, PDAs, etc • Short text messages (140 characters), can also include pictures, videos • Spreads any news (good or bad) FAST
  6. 6. Why use Twitter? • Simple to use and understand • Platform for marketing, PR and customer relations • Engage in customer communications • Monitor to gauge customer opinions – good or bad • Nip product issues in the bud TERMINOLOGY • Tweet: Message that someone types and shares with their followers • Follower: A person who is signed up to see your updates • Retweet: When a follower shares your tweet with their followers
  7. 7. LINKEDIN OVERVIEW • 65 million business professionals; Average age = 41 • Average household income of LinkedIn user = $109K • Known as the most affluent social media vehicle • 80% of companies say that they will use LinkedIn to make a hiring decision this year • Key executives from most Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn
  8. 8. Why use LinkedIn? • Targeted hiring/getting hired (actively or passively) • Finds customers, forms business partnerships • Finds venture capital and investors • Establishes credibility with the right audience • Creating topic-centric communities (LinkedIn Groups) TERMINOLOGY • Profile: Professional online resume page • Connection: A person directly connected to you • Group: Community with common interests for discussion, polling, etc (e.g. Worldwide Contact Center Professionals)
  9. 9. Social Media Principles • Know your goals/priorities: focus on a purpose • You do NOT have to be everywhere all the time! • LISTEN CAREFULLY then monitor continuously • Time spent should be on a 80:20 ratio 80% is giving/sharing; 20% is asking for feedback • Establish employee usage guidelines • Each social media vehicle (e.g. Twitter) requires 32 hours/month • “It’s in our DNA to want to hear a personal story” The quality of your conversation in Social Media should always be INFORMING + ENTERTAINING + INTERACTIVE = BUSINESS SUCCESS
  10. 10. Social Media in the Contact Center CORPORATE -DRIVEN P R R O E A A C C T T I I V V E E INDIVIDUAL- EXECUTED
  11. 11. LET’S CONNECT! Eve Mayer Orsburn: Eve@SocialMediaDelivered.com www.LinkedIn.com/in/EveMayerOrsburn www.Twitter.com/LinkedInQueen Social Media Delivered: www.SocialMediaDelivered.com www.Twitter.com/SocialMediaDel Contact@SocialMediaDelivered.com 469-248-0616 Social Media is all we do.