Social media and employment 12102011 workshop


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Social Media and Employment

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Social media and employment 12102011 workshop

  1. 1. • Social media is often the first point of contact by people using internet. (• Social Media has revolutionized marketing and sales strategies of businesses. (• 37% of UK smartphone users have a social networking app on their phones which they use at least once a week. (Source: Initiative, June 2010)• Twitter claim to have 190 million users and that there are some 65 million tweets a day. (Source: Econsultancy blog, July 2010)• 40% of respondents clicked the „like‟ button for, or „liked‟, a company, brand or association on Facebook to receive discounts and promotions. (Source: ExactTarget, September 2010)• There are more than 60 million status updates on Facebook everyday. [Source:Facebook, August 2010]• LinkedIn has grown by an impressive 100 percent from last year, it now has over 100 million users across the globe. Interestingly, 56% of these users are from outside of the US
  2. 2. • Reflection of yourself• Selective representation of yourself• Evaluation• Meaningful interactions• Personality optimization• They are watching you!!
  3. 3. • Serious / Hobby / Interest• Mature• Persistent• Well informed• Networking and Interaction• Active• Something you should be proud of
  4. 4. • Do I have a LinkedIn profile?• If not, why?• Let’s create one?• Do I have the right picture?• Is my profile optimized?• Have I explored all the features?• What have I done so far on LinkedIn that I am proud of?• One famous person that I have linked with?• Am I in touch with recruiters and companies that are already on LinkedIn?
  5. 5. • Is my Facebook Profile well protected, secured and private?• Why do I use Facebook for?• How much time do I spend on Facebook per day on an average?• Have I searched for recruiters and companies on Facebook?• Let’s get going!!• Links from company websites• Am I aware of all that I can do using Facebook (Pages)?
  6. 6. • Am I twitteractive?• If not, why?• Who is tweeting?• What can I do using Twitter?
  7. 7. • They are out there on YouTube• How much of it should you be using?• How important is YouTube to you? (Subjectivity)
  8. 8. • Why should I read blog posts?• Why should I Blog?• What are recruitment companies doing on Blogs?• Is it really for me?• How can I get the best out of Blogging?
  9. 9.  Get yourself out there. Don’t miss out on the opportunities. If you don’t someone else will grab the opportunity that could have been yours. Make your positive presence felt. Do not hesitate to network. Be persistent. Be a part of the revolution and feel powerful.
  10. 10. Avoid negative remarksBe affirmative but not abusiveAvoid posting on social media under the influence of alcoholDon’t mix up your “Beer Personality” and “Wine Personality”Don’t let your persistent efforts go in vain.
  11. 11. ACTION