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Social media for Master Gardener Leaders


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Presented at the 2012 Florida Master Gardener Leadership School.

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Social media for Master Gardener Leaders

  1. 1. Social Media BasicsKim KruseSenior Information SpecialistCenter for Landscape Conservation and Ecology
  2. 2. What is the role ofExtension?
  3. 3. How have we done this?
  4. 4. Where do people search forinfo?
  5. 5. What is social media?“Social media is a term commonly used for digital tools(e.g., websites, mobile applications) that allow and facilitateinteraction between users. Social media encompass a widevariety of tools such as blogs, discussion forums, Twitter,Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and other social networkingtools. The common thread across social media tools is thatthey enable interactive communication, conversation, andcollaboration among the users of the tool.”
  6. 6. Why do people use socialmedia?
  7. 7. Best social media sites for MGs
  8. 8. Let’s start withFacebook.
  9. 9. • Started in February 2004• Went public in May 2012
  10. 10. • 20% of all pages viewed on the web are on Facebook• 250 million photos uploaded daily• 2.7 billion “likes” every day• Average user spends 20 minutes per visit
  11. 11. What do peopledo onFacebook?
  12. 12. Check to see what’s new
  13. 13. Like / Comment / Share
  14. 14. How canFacebook helpExtension?
  15. 15. Get started
  16. 16. Create and customize a Page••
  17. 17. Tips to get people talking• Post good content• Share other people’s content• Use tags• Like what people say
  18. 18. Engage your users• Ask people what they think about different topics
  19. 19. Admin panel
  20. 20. Insights
  21. 21. Ads
  22. 22. Groups
  23. 23. Enlist some help• Assign other trusted individuals to be administrators for your Pages and Groups
  24. 24. What is Twitter?
  25. 25. Twitter• Started July 2006• Appeal of Twitter is its simplicity• More than 465 million accounts• 175 million tweets a day (April 2012)
  26. 26. How do people useTwitter?
  27. 27. Twitter• 36% tweet (aka update their status) at least once a day• 92% people share, aka “retweet,” content that they find interesting• 69% decide who else to follow based on suggestions from their friends
  28. 28. How do I getstarted?
  29. 29. Set up an account•
  30. 30. Start following people• Allow Twitter to check your email contacts for people who are already on Twitter• Visit the Twitter profile of similar people/organizations and start following the people they follow
  31. 31. Tips to get people talking• Post good content• Share (retweet) other people’s content• Use tags • @FloridaMGs • #2012Folklife
  32. 32. Tips to get people talking• Reply to other people’s tweets to create conversations
  33. 33. Okay, so what’sPinterest?
  34. 34. Pinterest“Pinboard-style social photosharing website that allows usersto create and manage theme-based image collections such asevents, interests, hobbies, andmore.” --Wikipedia
  35. 35. Pinterest• Beta version of site launched in March 2010• 11.7 million monthly users• 82% female• Average of 16:40 per visit• Pinterest is tied with Facebook for first place in terms of how long people spend on the site each month. The average social networker spends 405 minutes on both Facebook and Pinterest (and 89 minutes on Twitter)
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Interacting• Repin• Like• Comment
  38. 38. Finally, let’s talkabout YouTube.
  39. 39. YouTube• 2 billion views per day (May 2010)• 3rd most visited website
  40. 40. YouTube• Upload demos showing gardening techniques• Respond to questions and comments from users
  41. 41. Video Sharing • Embed videos into websites, blog posts, or Facebook
  42. 42. Who’s watching?
  43. 43. UF/IFAS YouTube channels • SolutionsForYourLife • YourFloridaLawn • UFEntomology • PinellasExtensionTV • PolkFYN • DougBugHimself • SuwanneeCounty4H • BakerCountyExtension
  44. 44. What’s the mostimportant thing toremember withsocial media?
  45. 45. Other things to Remember• Keep it professional• Post what is meaningful• Make sure your information is current• Make sure your information is correct• Make sure your information is relevant• Follow others and interact meaningfully with them• Remember, social media is social and PUBLIC
  46. 46. Is that all?
  47. 47. Why social media matters• “Cooperative Extension will continue to keep its local community ties, but has and will continue to grow an online presence. Cooperative Extension’s online presence is not a replacement for our local, face-to-face contacts, but rather a way to build, maintain, and strengthen these relationships.” • Anne Adrian, Auburn University
  48. 48. Need more reasons?• Stats for Why Extension Should Use Social Media (Anne Adrian)• What is Social Media? (Marta Kagan)• eXtension Social Networking Tools
  49. 49. UF MGs on Social Media