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Keys for Future Finland. The Global Summit of Entrepreneurial Educators


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A presentation held in A Global Summit of Entrepreneurial Educators in Swansea Wales 25th-26th June 2014 by Dr Minna Riikka Järvinen & M.Sci. Elena Ruskovaara

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Keys for Future Finland. The Global Summit of Entrepreneurial Educators

  1. 1. Keys for Future Finland: Well-being and Entrepreneurial Spirit Minna Riikka Järvinen, PhD, MA, EMBA, Exec.D. Development Centre Opinkirjo Elena Ruskovaara, M.Sc. Lappeenranta University of Technology The University of Warwick
  2. 2. Finland and Entrepreneurship Education − Finland is the first European Union country to embed entrepreneurship education in curricula at all education levels, from basic education to tertiary education. (European Commission, 2002) − In Finland, entrepreneurship education has been a harmonising, cross- curricular theme in national basic education curricula since 1994 − Entrepreneurship education should be present in the everyday education delivered in Finnish basic and general upper secondary schools. (Finnish National Board of Education, 2003; 2004) − All vocational degrees contain a minimum of 5 study weeks of entrepreneurship education (Opetushallitus, 2009) − See also Guidelines for entrepreneurship education & national targets (Ministry of Education, 2009)
  3. 3. Finland and Entrepreneurship Education − Entrepreneurship in the Finnish national core curricula: − Entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial, enterprise, enterprising) education should be both content and method of learning / teaching − Themes and aims of curricula: intrapreneurship, active citizenship, enterprising attitude and school culture, entrepreneurship as a career choice, cooperation between school and world of work (Finnish National Board of Education, 2003; 2004) − New core curricula for basic education is coming 2016…
  4. 4. Future Finland: Land of Well- being, Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit Draft: The Core Curriulum for Basic Education 2016 Finland; grades 1-9 Suggests teaching & working methods Addresses collaborative and holistical themes across subjects Defines Competences for Future
  5. 5. ”6 Cs pf entrepreneurial spirit” Fullan (2013): Great to excellent Cultural competence, participation, leading by influence and building a sustainable future Multi-literacy, C in IT- technology Creativity in pursuing novel ideas and solutions Life-skills, learning-to-learn, responsibility, self-confidence Work-life skills, contribute to others’ learning, entrepreneurship Critical thinking & problem solving
  6. 6. Future challenges and possibilities • Teachers’ changing role • Embedding new curricula • Range of “added” future skills • Expanding learning environment, shared expertise • New curricula = enterprising curricula • …