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Personal Learning Environment - a Conceptual Study

Presentation of our first Protoype as well as the general design concept at this year ICL Conference

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Personal Learning Environment - a Conceptual Study

  1. 1. Personal Learning Environment - a Conceptual Study Behnam Taraghi, Martin Ebner, Gerald Till, Herbert Mühlburger
  2. 2. Technology enhanced Learning
  3. 3. uLearning
  4. 4. What is a PLE ?
  5. 5. According to Stephen Downes a PLE is ... a future learning environment
  6. 6. According to Stephen Downes a PLE is ... not an institutional or coporate application but a learning center
  7. 7. According to Stephen Downes a PLE is ... where content is reused and remixed
  8. 8. According to Stephen Downes a PLE is ... according to the student‘s own needs and interests
  9. 9. Why we need a PLE ?
  10. 10. University a closed castle?
  11. 11. But how can we integrate the WWW ... (Scott Leslie, PLE Diagram)
  12. 12. and combine it with university‘s services?
  13. 13. The general concept
  14. 14. 7 crucial aspects for the shift (Schaffert&Hilzensauer, 2008) Social Involvement Content Ownership Educational & organisatioal culture Personalisation Technological aspects Role of learner
  15. 15. Technological concept
  16. 16. MashUp Principle - Use of Widgets
  17. 17. Comparable to iGoogle
  18. 18. Widget „Widgets are full-fledged client-side applications that are authored using Web standards. They are typically downloaded and installed on a client machine or device where they typically run as stand-alone applications outside a Web browser“ Defintion of W3C • Follow a W3C Widget Specification • IST Palette Project allows exchange - furthermore also the communicaton between widgets
  19. 19. Java FX „JavaFX is a rich client platform for building cross-device applications and content. Designed to enable easy creation and deployment of RIAs with immersive media and content, the JavaFX platform ensures that RIAs look and behave consistently across diverse form factors and devices.“
  20. 20. Java FX • JavaFX for PLE Widgets • Java plus JavaFX User Interface • Drag-to-Install
  21. 21. Java FX Will PLEs Become Ubiquitous through the Use of Widgets? (Taraghi, Mühlburger, Ebner, Nagler (2009)
  22. 22. First Design Study
  23. 23. Central Ideas of the GUI: „Less is more“ „the best of two worlds“ „tidy not cluttered“
  24. 24. Brainstorming
  25. 25. First conceptual ideas
  26. 26. MockUp
  27. 27. Main GUI Elements
  28. 28. Workflow WidgetZone Widget Zoom Dashboard FullScreen
  29. 29. Usability Tests
  30. 30. First Design
  31. 31. PersonalDashboard
  32. 32. Thinking Aloud Test
  33. 33. Remark about Widget Size
  34. 34. First Working Prototype
  35. 35. Prototype
  36. 36. Next Steps • Roll Out of the Prototype • Programing of Useful Widgets • Special focus on learning objects
  37. 37. Join us in Graz - SOCIAL LEARNING Computer and Information Services Graz University of Technology Graz University of Technology Martin Ebner