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  1. 1. The Cooke Legacy: Chapter 43 Remember Tonight, for it is the Beginning of Always by meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to chapter forty-three of The Cooke Legacy! This chapter is written by Haleigh/meadowthayer. In the last two chapters, Katie had the family. Our previousheiress Quinn married her girlfriend Marisa and together they had three gorgeous children – Ryder, Rosie, and Robinson. Robinson is going to be our generation R heir! So with that, I’ll hand the narration over to Robinson!
  3. 3. Hi everyone, Robinson Cooke here! I am thebaby of generation R and I am really excitedthat I was chosen to be the heir!My lifetime want is to become chief of staff!
  4. 4. This is my big brother Ryder. He’s still dating his girlfriend, Amy Jones. Ithink that they make an adorable couple and I hope things work out forthem.
  5. 5. This is my big sister Rosie – she’s only one dayyounger than Ryder! And that’s also our catRue. My mom Quinn raised 20 kittens in thelast chapter if you remember.
  6. 6. Speaking of Mom, both of my mothers are stillvery happy together. I hope one day I can findsomeone who makes me as happy as my Momsmake each other.
  7. 7. We decided to move into the house thatbelonged to my family several generations ago– where my Grandpa Paxton lived until he wasa teenager!
  8. 8. Our mother Quinn’s new lifetimewant was to graduate three childrenfrom college, so since our family wasrich she paid for our entire tuition!
  9. 9. She even paid Amy’s tuition since Amy camefrom a poor family and was struggling to helpher parents provide with her career as anewspaper delivery girl. And she knew Ryderwouldn’t attend college without his belovedAmy.
  10. 10. In fact, it wasn’t long after we arrived in ourcollege home that Ryder got down on one kneeand proposed to Amy. I am very happy for thetwo of them, I know they will make each othervery happy.
  11. 11. My big brother isn’t the only one with lovethough. I recently met a gorgeous blondecheerleader named Carmen Hiatt and I felt socomfortable around her that I just had to kissher!
  12. 12. Rosie met someone too, his name is Nathan. Unfortunately though, thesecond time he came over, he forgot to take off his wedding ring and soRosie ended things immediately.
  13. 13. Towards the end of my junior year, Carmenand I had fallen in love and I decided it wastime to pop the question!She happily accepted! I can’t wait to begin mylife with her.
  14. 14. A few days later, Carmen and I celebrated ourengagement with some woohoo in my brotherand Amy’s bed. I washed the sheets after ofcourse, it’s just that I only had a twin sized bedin my room.
  15. 15. Despite being a romance sim, Rosie had been heartbroken for a while aboutNathan because she really liked him and hated that he lied to her.But one day, she fell in love with our butler and she even decided to proposeto him!
  16. 16. And finally, we all graduated with honors!Now, before you can see how my life turns outwith Carmen back home I will tell you aboutmy siblings lives.
  17. 17. This is the house that Amy and Ryderpurchased. *It’s a Maxis house from celebration stuff.
  18. 18. Amy’s favorite color is still yellow, I guess that’sbecause she was a paper girl and they alwayshad to wear yellow!She and my brother are still very cute together.Almost as cute as Carmen and I will be whenwe are married.
  19. 19. Ryder and Amy had a stunning backyard wedding. I am very happy for mybrother and my new sister-in-law. I wish them nothing but the best withtheir lives!
  20. 20. It wasn’t long before Amy gave birth to my firstniece – her name is Selena. She looks a lot likeRyder with her freckles.
  21. 21. Selena has 10 playful points, sonaturally her favorite thing to do isplay. Whether it be playing redhands with the closest parent, orjuggling in the kitchen.
  22. 22. So far, Amy and Ryder have had a wonderfullife. It makes me very eager to begin my lifewith Carmen.
  23. 23. This is Rosie’s small home It’s very countrylooking, but she loves it. *Another house built by Maxis, this one came with Kitchen and Bath stuff.
  24. 24. Rosie and Steven decided to get married rightaway because Rosie wasn’t afraid of marryinghim. He didn’t even get a chance to move histhings in before the wedding.
  25. 25. But soon after, he was able to change out of hisbutler clothes and look more like the man thatRosie fell in love with.
  26. 26. Rosie never had planned on having children, but fate had other plans instore for her and Steven and she gave birth to my second niece – Stephanie!
  27. 27. Rosie has also had a very happy life so fardespite it not turning out how she wouldexpect.Stay tuned for the next chapter to see how mylife with Carmen turns out!
  28. 28. I’m sorry the chapter was so short. Playing four sims throughcollege while trying to maintain their 4.0 GPA and keeping their moods up made it a little hard for me to get pictures.Anyway, come back next time to see Robinson and Carmen’s life back home. Haleigh (meadowthayer)