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Reality Bites: Chapter Three


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Reality Bites: Chapter Three

  1. 1. Reality Bites: An OWBCChapter Three: Tightly Knit Clique
  2. 2. We return to the family to find the heir, Ben Mirror, tending his garden.See, I want to get the Quad Pod done this generation, so I need aplantsim.Luckily, Ben is happy to chill with his garden.
  3. 3. Before the rebuild, I did have pictures of Ben and Meadow Thayerspending their teen years together. So I figured they can spend theiradult years together.Theyre a sweet couple.
  4. 4. See? Sweet couple.
  5. 5. I missed Bens actual transformation, so you get a picture of Ben as aplantsim! Hooray!“Hey, this plant is having a good day!”
  6. 6. With no reason to wait, Ben immediately spawns up his Quad Pod.Prepare for chaos!
  7. 7. I cant tell which one is which in these pictures, but thereare three girls and a boy in the quad – Bluebell, Birch, Ivyand Violet.
  8. 8. I figured the only way to tell the quads apart was to dress themdifferently.This is Violet, throwing up on Ben.
  9. 9. This is Bluebell, continuing the tradition of dancing toddlers.
  10. 10. The boy just in the left of the picture is Birch. I dont have a picture ofIvy, for some reason, except the birthday party that comes later.
  11. 11. This picture really sets the scene for the toddler years of the pod. Theyspent time hugging the cat, or dancing to the music. Not a lot to report,really.
  12. 12. You can see Ivy in this picture, just about.But anyway, the gypsy lady showed up. At first I thought she wasgoing to take something, because she looked really angry when shestarted messing about with the bag.
  13. 13. But it was just a genie lamp! Hooray!I thought it was going to be difficult to get the genie lamp.
  14. 14. Then the gypsy tried to sneak away. She wasnt very sneaky.
  15. 15. “Behold! I am the genie of the- Ouch! The wall is hurting my arm!”I dont think thats a good sign for any wishes he tries to grant...
  16. 16. “I wish for a shiny sports car and all my kids to be happy.”“How about lifelong happiness instead? That way, youre happyforever, and I dont have to waste time ordering sports cars andcheering up your kids.”“Youre a lazy genie, arent you?”“Yes. I mean, no. Look, do you want the lifelong happiness or not?”“Ill take it.”
  17. 17. Soon, it was time for the quads to share one last hug before growingup and heading off, into the world of vampires and slacker careers.Yes, I know they grew up quickly, but theres only so many pictures ofdancing, playing in the toilet, and hugging the cat you can take beforeyou go insane.
  18. 18. All the family are there for the birthday of the pod, including Beas newboyfriend, her room mate, Brandon Jones.
  19. 19. I only have three controllable adults, so Violet has to wait for hersiblings to grow up before she can be brought to the cake.But most of the family members I invited will give her attention.
  20. 20. I cant tell which of the quad this is.It only gets worse for the party guests.
  21. 21. I cant tell the girls apart, but I can tell you that Birch is middle right.
  22. 22. One of them has already gone insane.I think this is either Violet or Bluebell. But dont quote me on that.Birch rolled family, Ivy rolled fortune, Violet rolled romance andBluebell also rolled family.
  23. 23. Now I can tell them apart! Left to right, they are Bluebell, Birch, Ivy andViolet.
  24. 24. The Quad Pod, now living in their own house to make room forgeneration two, start to look menacing on community lots.
  25. 25. No one messes with the Quad Pod.Well check in on them later. Back to the main house, for now.
  26. 26. We return to the Mirror household, to find Ben working out, just asMeadow shows up.
  27. 27. I think its weird but sweet how theyre both wearing ballet outfits.
  28. 28. Ben then proposes in the kitchen, of all places, and Meadow movesin.
  29. 29. Plus she brought a significant amount of stuff with her! Even her owngnome! Too bad we still have Jerome.The Mirrors sold the lot and built an extension onto the house.
  30. 30. The couple got married in the kitchen minutes after proposal, becausea massive white wedding takes effort.They immediately got started on the next generation.
  31. 31. Life continues as normal for the Mirrors for a while.Ben takes to sunbathing in order to fully enjoy the sunshine.
  32. 32. Meadow turns out to be the mayor, but still enjoys simple activities,such as meditating in the desert while pregnant.And being pregnant without pregnancy meshes on her clothes.
  33. 33. Life was good and peaceful. Only it was about to get chaotic andmessy again.
  34. 34. “Uh oh...this hurts more than everyone said it would...”
  35. 35. Meet Logan, our “L” baby.
  36. 36. Life was still kind of peaceful for a short while, until Logans birthday,when it became apparent Meadow was expecting another child.And Im only telling you both of those things because I lost thepictures.
  37. 37. So to make up for the lack of birthday pictures, enjoy some adorableLogan spam!
  38. 38. Getting distracted while learning to talk from Elijah.
  39. 39. And peek-a-boo with Meadow.Ill end the spam here, but let it be known I adore Logan
  40. 40. Im guessing its a tradition now to have at least one of the children inthe street.“Everyone stop doing stuff! Baby time!”
  41. 41. This is Peter, our bad apple of generation two.
  42. 42. “Whos ready for their joint birthday with their younger brother?”Yeah, I know. Time flies when youre forgetting to take pictures.
  43. 43. So. Birthday time. Again!
  44. 44. Peter is adorable and looks a lot like Meadow.Dancing toddler tradition!
  45. 45. Logan is a cutie. And he grew up in the dragon outfit! Hes keeping it!
  46. 46. “Hi! Im Logan! Im still adorable!”I love the dragon outfits.
  47. 47. Birch drops by to visit his brothers, only to find them asking somerather interesting questions.Speaking of the Quad Pod, I think its time to check in on them.
  48. 48. Four slacker career rewards. It was total hell bringing the four of themto the top of the career, so I dont have any pictures of the skill-building, friend-making and breakdowns.Ill admit that I now feel insane for choosing the Quad Pod challenge,but meh. It was fun.
  49. 49. “Why are we still vampires?” Birch questioned, “I want to be a plantsimagain and find a girlfriend.”“I want to stay a vampire,” Bluebell disagreed, “Its fun going bleh atpeople!”
  50. 50. “Well, Birch, you can still be part of the quad, but youll be the onlynon-vampire...”Birch just smiled at her, and called the gypsy for a cure.
  51. 51. While the gypsy matchmaker was there, Birch got himself a date, too.
  52. 52. His date was Cara, a vacation native, and the pair of them have threebolts, which is nice.
  53. 53. Theyre a really sweet couple.Nevermind the fact she looks a lot like the woman Birchs fathermarried.
  54. 54. Cara then proceeded to begin infecting my hood with the hula dance.“Look, Cara! I can do it!”
  55. 55. Thats it for this chapter of the OWBC! Ill leave you with a picture ofthe Quad Pod.Come back next time for cousins, the third (and hopefully final)pregnancy of the generation, more spam of Logan, spam of Peter, andother stuff from the insane family in the desert!Thanks for Reading!