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The Davis Legacy: Chapter Nineteen


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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The Davis Legacy: Chapter Nineteen

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Davis legacy!
  2. 2. As you recall from the last chapter, our heiress is Claire. I cant believe that her great-grandchildwill end this entire legacy!
  3. 3. I guess I didnt get a picture but Claire pledged our founders greekhouse and now that she livesthere, its time for Lainey to leave.
  4. 4. Claires lifetime want does not have to do with a job, so I just chose her major as drama.
  5. 5. She immediately got started on her termpaper.
  6. 6. And soon she finished her first semester of college.
  7. 7. A new semester means a new termpaper.
  8. 8. I decided to give her lifetime want of having 20 best friends a shot, so I sent her downtown.
  9. 9. This cardshack is like Davis family hang out. Mimi, a second generation spare, as well asMaureen, also a second generation spare. A generation three spares husband. Claires oldersister Allison was there.
  10. 10. Sara was also there and they sang karaoke together.
  11. 11. See? Maureen and Andy were there too.
  12. 12. When she got home I had her throw a party and make friends.
  13. 13. Shes officially a sophomore.
  14. 14. Which means its time for another termpaper.
  15. 15. Shes making best friends very fast actually.
  16. 16. And soon thanks to Robi Charvat, shes made her twentieth best friend and is now permaplat.
  17. 17. Maxed creativity.
  18. 18. I decided itd only be fair that since Robi was her twentieth best friend, that he be her husband.Despite the fact that he just married into the Sawyer legacy.
  19. 19. Shes back from her first sophomore final.
  20. 20. Which means another termpaper.
  21. 21. Maxed cleaning.
  22. 22. She invited Robi over for a date.
  23. 23. They both rolled up a want to have very first woohoo and woohoo in a photobooth, so I allowedit.
  24. 24. I missed the picture, but now shes writing her first junior termpaper.
  25. 25. I decided to allow Robi and Claire to go on vacation to Twikki Island.
  26. 26. Robi was very excited to see Claire when they arrived.
  27. 27. They learned the hula.
  28. 28. She sunbathed while Robi built sandcastles.
  29. 29. Claire had dug up the map for twikki islands secret lot so they went there.
  30. 30. She met the witch doctor. Making her the first sim in my game to do so.
  31. 31. After repairing all of his appliances, the witch doctor gave Claire a voodoo doll.
  32. 32. She even learned the sea chantey.
  33. 33. While on a tour, she received a mechanical skill which made her mechanical maxed.
  34. 34. She made an offering at the monkey ruins.
  35. 35. They spent some quality time together in the hot springs.
  36. 36. On another tour, Robi and Claire both maxed out body.
  37. 37. They spent the last night back at the hotel.
  38. 38. But soon, checkout time arrived.
  39. 39. She passed her first junior exam. She also got her nose and ears pierced when she arrivedhome.
  40. 40. Then the family, not to mention the games, got the first burglar.
  41. 41. Luckily she had an alarm, so the cop and burglar got into a fight.
  42. 42. Which the cop won, and Claire got a $500 reward.
  43. 43. Time for another termpaper.
  44. 44. She is officially a senior.
  45. 45. Just one more termpaper after this Claire!
  46. 46. Maxed charisma.
  47. 47. She decided to propose to Robi that night.
  48. 48. And soon she enters her final semester of college.
  49. 49. Final termpaper!
  50. 50. Shes also maxed all of her skills now.I dont understand why some of my sims get this blob with the maxed all skills, but others dont.
  51. 51. And now its time to graduate.
  52. 52. She moves Lainey in.
  53. 53. And then she calls a taxi to take her home to Crystal Springs.
  54. 54. And just like that she leaves.And this is where well leave the chapter.