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Mc mania15

  1. 1. Sally’s SiMania Joint Duelacy Chapter 15 by meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to The SiMania Joint Duelacy (Sally’s Side), a joint legacy between the members at SiMania. Katie (ilovereecee) had the family last, while she had the family we saw our last heiress Eowyn marry her girlfriend Ichelle and have five children – Vivien, Carter, Emma, Helena, and Jennifer. Emma has won the heir poll and thus will be our heir for this generation of McMania’s! That being said, this chapter is part of Sally’s side and will be written by Haleigh (meadowthayer). So without further adieu…
  3. 3. Here we have the previous heiress Eowyn and her wife Ichelle. They’re just chilling on a blank lot until their children graduate college.
  4. 4. To the left you can see the house I’ve built for Vivien, Carter, Emma, Helena, and Jennifer. It’s quite nice. The floor plan is based loosely on another house I built a while back. And over to the right you can see the kids all grown up into young adults!
  5. 5. Our heiress, Emma, is one of the triplets from Eowyn and Ichelle’s second pregnancy. Primary Aspiration: Family Secondary Aspiration: Popularity Lifetime Want: Become Captain Hero Major: Psychology
  6. 6. Vivien is the eldest child of Eowyn and Ichelle. Primary Aspiration: Pleasure Secondary Aspiration: Grilled Cheese Lifetime Want: Become Celebrity Chef Major: Art
  7. 7. Carter is the only boy, and also one of the triplets. Primary Aspiration: Fortune Secondary Aspiration: Pleasure Lifetime Want: Earn $100,000 Major: Economics
  8. 8. Helena is the last of the triplets. Primary Aspiration: Popularity Secondary Aspiration: Grilled Cheese Lifetime Want: Have 20 Best Friends Major: Drama
  9. 9. And last but not least the baby of the family – Jennifer! Primary Aspiration: Pleasure Secondary Aspiration: Family Lifetime Want: Professional Party Guest Major: Art
  10. 10. I decided to use the crystal ball to find the spouses for this generation. Emma found quite a catch. I’m hoping for some genetic variety. His name is Griff Gonzaga and he’s actually really cute. Though, he’s a face one which I am a little bummed about.
  11. 11. Miss Vivien was lucky as well, and her future spouse isn’t a face one. He’s a professor at her university, but he’s not her professor. His name is Prof. Dawson Tsvirkunov.
  12. 12. Helena found herself a cute man as well. His name is Oliver Mazza.
  13. 13. Mornings before their classes or final exams are about the only times you’ll see the kids all together. Evenings are spent with their significant others, or working on relationships with possible significant others.
  14. 14. Several of the kids had rolled a want to join a Greek house, so I decided to go ahead and let them apply for a charter.
  15. 15. With Carter, I didn’t really like any of his possible people on the crystal ball, so I had him use the campus directory and found this girl, Ivy Alioto. They don’t have very high chemistry, but she’s not a face one and I think they’re cute together.
  16. 16. Both Emma and Helena managed to get their first kiss with their boyfriends on the same evening. Though, from behind it looks like it’s the same person since they have the same hair.
  17. 17. Helena however, takes her kissing a bit further than Emma and is soon making out wit Oliver in the family kitchen.
  18. 18. Eventually, Helena and Oliver take their make out session up to Helena’s room where they take things a bit further and share their first woohoo together.
  19. 19. Emma has decided that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Griff, and so the next morning she invites him over and propose to him. He gladly accepts her proposal! I’m really excited to see how the children turn out.
  20. 20. Carter tried to get his first kiss with Ivy, and she rejected him. I feel really bad for him.
  21. 21. Don’t worry, little Jenny has finally found herself a possible suitor. His name is Greg Hunicke and I think they’d make decent children.
  22. 22. Vivien and Prof. Dawson have been taking things slow, but soon the couple share their first kiss together.
  23. 23. And like Helena, it’s not long before they’re making out in the living room.
  24. 24. Unlike Helena however, Vivien realized right away that she wanted to be married to Prof. Dawson and she wanted to wait to share their first woohoo, so she proposed to him under the tree in the front yard.
  25. 25. After seeing how happy her two sisters were after getting engaged, Helena decided that she too was ready to be engaged and she proposed to Oliver right away.
  26. 26. Carter and Ivy finally went out on a date together, and went Carter leaned in to give her a kiss this time, she kissed him back. I think these guys are extremely cute together.
  27. 27. Carter decided not to waste any time in proposing to Ivy once the couple fell in love. And she gladly accepted his proposal.
  28. 28. To celebrate their engagement, the couple headed up to Carter’s bedroom.
  29. 29. Jennifer soon was sharing her first kiss with Greg.
  30. 30. But unfortunately, the cow mascot flirted with Greg and he accepted so Jennifer “caught him cheating.” Oh how I hate these stupid mascots.
  31. 31. In addition to having to try to build Greg and Jennifer’s relationship back up. I constantly find Vivien attacking Helena’s fiancé Oliver.
  32. 32. And when I say constantly, I mean constantly. This time it happened in front of Helena.
  33. 33. It took several semesters, but finally Jennifer and Greg have a high enough relationship to get engaged.
  34. 34. Just in time too because the kids have all graduated Summa Cum Laude. None of them felt like throwing a party, so they all called a taxi to take them back to their hometown. Let’s see how the spares lives turned out, shall we? 
  35. 35. We’ll start with the oldest – Vivien. Vivien moved into this house that I built based off of a house that I found on MTS2 by Phaenoh. Soon after moving in, she invited Prof. Dawson over and asked him to move in with her.
  36. 36. They were married outside near the blue bushes in the front yard.
  37. 37. Apparently Prof. Dawson enjoys primping in his spare time.
  38. 38. It’s not long before Vivien and Prof. Dawson find out that they’re expecting their first child together. I’m excited to see what their children look like!
  39. 39. Vivien has reached the top of the culinary career and is now permaplatinum.
  40. 40. Right after arriving home, Vivien goes into labor with her first child.
  41. 41. It’s triplets! The first born is a red headed baby boy named Paul. He is named after Paul Rudd. He’s not really a favorite actor, however I do enjoy him in most of the movies he’s been in. Especially Knocked Up and This is 40.
  42. 42. The second of the triplets is another red headed baby boy. He is named Shemar, after Shemar Moore. One of my favorite actors from the television show Criminal Minds.
  43. 43. And finally we have a blonde baby girl named Mandy after Mandy Moore. A famous actress and singer. She plays of the main characters in one of my favorite movies, A Walk to Remember.
  44. 44. Soon it’s time for the triplets to become children. They grow up so quickly, though sometimes not quick enough.
  45. 45. At the top we have Paul, who reminds me of Kurt Hummel from the television show Glee. And then at the bottom we have Shemar and Mandy. I think they all turned out really cute even with their big lips or squinty eyes.
  46. 46. Of course they can’t stay young forever, and soon they’ve aged into children! Adorable children at that. I think Mandy is my favorite of the three.
  47. 47. And that’s where we’ll leave Vivien’s family.
  48. 48. Up next is Carter and his fiancé Ivy. Unforunately I forgot to take a picture of their house.
  49. 49. The couple decided to have an evening wedding by their sunflowers in the front of their home.
  50. 50. And of course it wasn’t long before Ivy found out she was expecting her first child.
  51. 51. Late one evening, Ivy went into labor!
  52. 52. She gave birth to multiples as well, luckily it was only twins. The first born of the twins is a baby girl named Reese after Reese Witherspoon. I’ve always loved her in most of the movies that she’s been in.
  53. 53. The second baby was a boy named Shia after Shia LaBeouf. I love him in most of the movies he’s been in.
  54. 54. Birthday time for the twins arrives quickly, and soon Reese and Shia are growing up into adorable toddlers.
  55. 55. As children, you can tell that they both favor their mother. Except, Shia got his father’s squinty eyes.
  56. 56. And that’s where we’ll leave Carter and his family.
  57. 57. Up next we have Helena and her fiancé Oliver. I actually quite like their house.
  58. 58. Like her siblings, Helena got married out front by the rose bushes.
  59. 59. And soon, Helena was also expecting a child of her own. She was very excited after meeting her nieces and nephews to be able to have a baby of her own that she could become best friends with.
  60. 60. And that day finally arrives for Helena to become a Mommy.
  61. 61. Helena gave birth to a baby boy named Patrick after Patrick Dempsey. Once again, Patrick isn’t one of my most favorite actors but I really liked him in Sweet Home Alabama and Made of Honor. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy so I’m not sure about that.
  62. 62. Patrick aged up into a cute toddler. I think he looks mostly like his father, but I can see a little bit of Helena in him.
  63. 63. Now that Patrick’s a toddler, Helena spends more time with her son because she wants to be best friends with him.
  64. 64. As a child, I think Patrick looks even more like Oliver than he did before.
  65. 65. And that’s where we’ll leave these guys.
  66. 66. Time for our last spare update – Jennifer and Greg!
  67. 67. As I’m sure you guys guessed, Jennifer and Greg were married out front in their flowerbeds. They didn’t waste any time getting formal clothes because Greg is a romance sim so I wanted to get them married before he feared it.
  68. 68. Because of his secondary aspiration of family, Greg actually rolled up a want to have a baby so I quickly got Jennifer pregnant before he could change his mind!
  69. 69. Thanks to me locking the want, he never did change his mind. And he never rolled a fear about it either. Which is good because Jenny is going into labor now!
  70. 70. Jennifer gave birth to a baby girl named Molly who is named after Molly Ringwald. Molly Ringwald plays in two of my favorite movies – The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles. More recently, she plays Amy’s mother on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
  71. 71. Birthday time for little miss Molly comes quickly, and she ages into beautiful toddler. In fact, I liked the outfit and hair she grew up in, so I didn’t even give her a makeover.
  72. 72. Once again as a child, I liked Molly’s outfit so I left it on her. She’s actually really cute.
  73. 73. And that’s it for Jennifer’s family!
  74. 74. With that, we are ending the chapter. I hope that you enjoyed it and stay tuned next time to see our heiress Emma’s life back home. Don’t forget to head on over to SiMania if you’re not already a member. -Haleigh (meadowthayer)