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The Davis Legacy: Chapter Twenty


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The Davis Legacy: Chapter Twenty

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Davis legacy!
  2. 2. The first thing Claire did upon moving home was invite her fiance Robi over.
  3. 3. They were married the following morning.
  4. 4. I now introduce to you for the first time, Robi and Claire Davis.
  5. 5. They immediately went on their honeymoon to three lakes.
  6. 6. This is the vacation house that the family owns now.
  7. 7. The first thing they did was go to Bigfoots secret lot.
  8. 8. Claire met him and become quick friends.
  9. 9. Robi and Claire taught him the hula.
  10. 10. And Claire asked him to move in.
  11. 11. They spent their last day of the honeymoon at home in the hammock.
  12. 12. Bigfoot got a promotion on his first day.
  13. 13. But I decided that with a little one on the way, I wanted more room in the house for the babies soI had Bigfoot move out.
  14. 14. Soon, Claire gets her first baby bump.
  15. 15. Her belly just keeps getting bigger as the days go by.
  16. 16. Holy cow Claire! Your stomach is huge! Theres no way that theres only one child in there.
  17. 17. Soon Claire was going into labor. This generation is going to be named after the movie GraciesChoice*. A movie, that no matter how many times I see it, it always makes me cry.*Ive decided that since most of the characters have similar bios, Ill just tell you about themovie."For as long as she can remember, 16 year-old Gracie has been raising her four siblings, eachof whom has a different, absent father — and their mother is on the fast track to self-destruction.When these childrens lives are about to be pulled apart, Gracie will have to do the impossibleand make the ultimate sacrifices to keep her family together. Inspired by actual events, thismovie is sure to touch your heart."(Description is copied and pasted from
  18. 18. Meet baby boy Ryan* with skintone three, blonde hair and default green eyes.*In Gracies Choice, Ryan Walker is one of Gracies half brothers.
  19. 19. Secondly we have baby girl Rose* with black hair, skintone two and default grey eyes.*In Gracies Choice, Rose Carlton is Gracies half sister.
  20. 20. And finally baby girl Gracie* with blonde hair, skintone one, and default grey eyes.*In Gracies Choice, Gracie Thompson is the main character who takes care of her four halfsibblings at only sixteen.
  21. 21. Claire soon has a gold badge in flower arranging.
  22. 22. Robis lifetime want was to max out all his skills, which he is now done so he is now permaplat.
  23. 23. Soon its the triplets birthdays.
  24. 24. Ryan looks a lot like his Daddy. He has a personality of 10/10/4/3/8.
  25. 25. Rose is so cute, I think shes my favorite so far. She has a personality of 10/10/5/1/7.
  26. 26. Gracies cute, but not as cute as her older sister. She has a personality of 6/4/5/10/10.
  27. 27. The evening after the triplets birthday Sara passed away.
  28. 28. Rose is adorable. I love her!
  29. 29. Soon its the triplets birthday again.
  30. 30. Ryan definitely looks like his father.
  31. 31. Rose is still as cute as ever.
  32. 32. And Gracies still not that cute, but she grew into her looks more.
  33. 33. So I got a gardener glitch and three showed up and one of them apparently took the cake fromthe cow plant.
  34. 34. I decided to only show you the picture of the kids getting skills, and that would be the one wherethey max out their skills. Rose is the first to max hers out.
  35. 35. Soon Douglas is dying.
  36. 36. Ryan has soon maxed all of his skills as well.
  37. 37. I decided to go ahead and let Robi and Claire have one more baby.
  38. 38. While Gracie keeps working on her skills the rest of the family does the hula.
  39. 39. And soon its time for the triplets to grow up again.
  40. 40. Ryan looks a lot like his Dad still, only not as cute. He rolled romance with a lifetime want towoohoo 20 sims.
  41. 41. Rose is definitely gorgeous and rolled fortune with the lifetime want to become a prestidigitator.
  42. 42. Gracie aged nicely actually and rolled family with a lifetime want to become captain hero.Now that the triplets are teens, I had them apply for scholarships and then I used theneighborhood tool to send them to college.
  43. 43. And soon Claire is receiving her first baby bump.
  44. 44. And her belly keeps getting bigger.
  45. 45. While tending to her garden, Claire goes into labor.
  46. 46. Meet baby girl Louela* with blonde hair skintone one and default green eyes.*In Gracies Choice, Louela Lawson is Gracie and all of the childrens grandmother.
  47. 47. And meet baby girl Rowena* with skintone two, black hair, and default grey eyes.*In Gracies Choice, Rowena Lawson is the mother of Gracie and all of her half sibblings.
  48. 48. Not much happened while they were infants and soon their birthday arrived.
  49. 49. Louela is very cute I think. She has some of Kennedys features it looks like. She has apersonality of 10/1/10/4/10.
  50. 50. Rowenas not as cute as her twin sister, but shes not horrible either. She has a personality of5/1/7/6/7.
  51. 51. Hm, I thought I had more picture of them as toddlers, but I guess not.
  52. 52. Louela is still as darling as ever.
  53. 53. Rowena grew into her odd genetics.
  54. 54. Louela skills fast and soon maxes all of her skills.
  55. 55. Rowena follows suit the next night.
  56. 56. Its soon time for Robi and Claire to become elders.
  57. 57. They age into very elegant elders dont you think?
  58. 58. And finally its time for the twins to grow up.
  59. 59. Rowena definitely grew into her genetics. She rolled pleasure with a lifetime want to becomecelebrity chef.
  60. 60. Louela also aged nicely and she rolled knowledge with a lifetime want to become hand ofposeidon.
  61. 61. Name: Ryan DavisNamesake ; Ryan Walker from Gracies ChoicePersonality: 10/10/4/3/8Aspiration: RomanceLTW: Woohoo 20 Sims
  62. 62. Name: Rose DavisNamesake ; Rose Carlton from Gracies ChoicePersonality: 10/10/5/1/7Aspiration: FortuneLTW: Become a Prestidigitator
  63. 63. Name: Gracie DavisNamesake ; Gracie Thompson from Gracies ChoicePersonality: 6/4/5/10/10Aspiration: FamilyLTW: Become Captain Hero
  64. 64. Name: Louela DavisNamesake ; Louela Lawson from Gracies ChoicePersonality: 10/1/10/4/10Aspiration: KnowledgeLTW: Become Hand of Poseidon
  65. 65. Name: Rowena DavisNamesake ; Rowena Lawson from Gracies ChoicePersonality: 5/1/7/6/7Aspiration: PleasureLTW: Become Celebrity Chef