The Davis Legacy: Chapter Seventeen


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The Davis Legacy: Chapter Seventeen

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Davis legacy. Im very pleased at how well this family is turning out.
  2. 2. The first thing our heiress Sara did was invite over her finace Douglas and have him move in.
  3. 3. The two were immediately married once Douglas received his makeover.
  4. 4. I now introduce to you for the first time ever, Sara and Douglas Davis.
  5. 5. After the wedding I decided to move them into a new house. I loved the one they were in, butthey had been in it since Julie and Marcie became children and quite frankly, Im getting tired ofit.
  6. 6. I even made a room for the graves.
  7. 7. Sara loves working in the greenhouse that I built the family.
  8. 8. After a few days, I finally decided to have Sara and Douglas try for a baby.
  9. 9. Aw, did you know your sims could smell the flowers? I thought this was pretty neat.
  10. 10. Soon Sara begins showing the first signs of her pregnancy.
  11. 11. Soon she received her first bump!
  12. 12. Douglas is very excited to be a Dad. The whole family is actually.
  13. 13. The next afternoon, Saras belly gets even bigger.
  14. 14. The next afternoon, Sara goes into labor with the first baby of the seventh generation. Thisgeneration is going to be named after The Breakfast Club.
  15. 15. Meet baby boy John* with pale skin, black hair, and default green eyes.*In The Breakfast Club, John Bender is the criminal of the group. Hes in detention for pulling afalse fire alarm. He starts most of the events that take place during the movie.
  16. 16. After feeding him a bottle Sara placed him in his crib.
  17. 17. Douglas is adorable. I love him.
  18. 18. Time flew by and soon it was time for Johns birthday.
  19. 19. He aged into a very cute toddler with a personality of 3/4/10/10/7.
  20. 20. Once Douglas arrived home from work, he and Sara tried for another baby.
  21. 21. Okay, so Holdens ghost glitched and he wasnt transparent. He still floats around and scarespeople but he looked like a normal sim.
  22. 22. Sara loves her little boy and loved singing nursery rhymes with him.
  23. 23. After singing a nursery rhyme with her son Sara gets her first bump of her next pregnancy.
  24. 24. Douglas is already permaplat! He reached the top of the oceanography career very quickly.
  25. 25. Sara soon gets her second bump of her second pregnancy.
  26. 26. Kennedy loves his Grandson, I dont think he ever puts him down.
  27. 27. Soon Johns birthday arrives and Douglas does the honors of bringing him to his cake.
  28. 28. He aged into an adorable child.
  29. 29. A few hours later, Sara goes into labor.
  30. 30. Meet baby girl Allison* with pale skin, black hair, and default green eyes.*In The Breakfast Club, Allison Reynolds is the basket case of the group. Shes in detentionbecause she had nothing better to do.
  31. 31. Meet baby boy Brian* with pale skin, blonde hair, and default green eyes.*In The Breakfast Club, Brian Johnson is the brain of the group. He is in detention because hebrought a flare gun to school. Unlike John, he tries to keep peace between the other people indetention
  32. 32. I love the twins nursery. Its very cute.
  33. 33. Okay, so I quit playing the family last night to go to bed, and this morning when I opened thegame up, all the pictures went away. I was very upset.
  34. 34. Sara teaches John how to study.
  35. 35. Soon the twins birthday arrives!
  36. 36. Brian is a little freckled face cutie. He has a personality of 2/10/8/10/5.
  37. 37. Allison is also a very adorable toddler. She has a personality of 2/8/9/6/4.
  38. 38. I really want a kid with the Davis eyes, so I had Douglas and Sara try for another baby.
  39. 39. Aww.
  40. 40. Sara looks very excited about getting her first bump.
  41. 41. So everyone was asleep and Allison was about to pass out so I bought a dog bed so she couldput herself to sleep.
  42. 42. While tending to her orchard trees she gets her second baby bump.
  43. 43. Soon the twins birthday arrives.
  44. 44. Allison aged into a stunning child.
  45. 45. Brian also aged into a cute child.
  46. 46. John maxes out his charisma skill.
  47. 47. Allison maxed cleaning.
  48. 48. Brian maxed mechanical.
  49. 49. Later in the afternoon Sara goes into labor.
  50. 50. Meet baby girl Claire* with pale skin, black hair, and default green eyes. Just like Allison andJohn.*In The Breakfast Club, Claire Standish is the princess of the group. Shes in detention becauseshe skipped class to go to the mall.
  51. 51. Bella seems to like Claire the best of all of her grandkids.
  52. 52. Allison maxes cooking.
  53. 53. Brian maxes cleaning.
  54. 54. Today is Claire and Johns birthday.
  55. 55. John aged into a handsome teenager. He rolled knowledge with the lifetime want to become agame designer.
  56. 56. He quickly applied for scholarships and called a taxi to come and get him.
  57. 57. Maxed logic (I think).
  58. 58. And off John goes to college to await his brothers and sisters.
  59. 59. Claire is a very cute toddler with a personality of 3/4/10/10/7, shes a clone of John.
  60. 60. Now that Johns gone theres more room in the house for another baby, so Sara and Douglas tryfor another child.
  61. 61. Bella still likes Claire the best of all of her grandkids.
  62. 62. Douglas has completed another lifetime want of maxing out all of his skills.
  63. 63. Sara gets her first bump shortly thereafter.
  64. 64. While tending to her flowers, Justin scares Sara and since she feared seeing a ghost, so shewent into aspiration failure.
  65. 65. Finally Bella is not holding Claire, so Sara finally gets some time in with her daughter.
  66. 66. Sorry you cant really see Kennedy here, I missed him dying.
  67. 67. I thought this was a funny picture. Bella is getting her second bump while Holden is scaringAllison.
  68. 68. Allison maxes out charisma (I think).
  69. 69. Today is Claires birthday.
  70. 70. She turned into a very cute child.
  71. 71. Late one evening, Sara goes into labor.
  72. 72. Meet baby girl Andy* with pale skin, black hair, and default green eyes. There werent anymoregirl names in the movie, and the character Andrew went by Andy so I decided I would use thatas a unisex name.*In The Breakfast Club, Andrew Clark is the jock of the group. Hes in detention because he beatup a fellow student and used duct tape to tape the other students butt cheeks together.
  73. 73. The next evening Bella died.
  74. 74. Did I forget to mention that Sara is pregnant again? Well she is, and shes gotten her first babybump.
  75. 75. The next evening is the twins birthday.
  76. 76. Allison is absolutely stunning. She rolled family with the lifetime want to graduate three childrenfrom college.
  77. 77. Brians also a cutie. He rolled fortune with the lifetime want to become a celebrity chef.
  78. 78. Before getting ready to move out, Allison brought little Andy to her first birthday cake.
  79. 79. Shes a clone of Allison with a personality of 2/8/9/6/4.
  80. 80. Brian quickly applies for scholarships.
  81. 81. And off he goes to join John in college.
  82. 82. Soon after, Allison follows suit and applies for scholarships.
  83. 83. And off she goes as well.
  84. 84. At nearly 6am, Saras belly gets bigger.
  85. 85. And the next morning, Sara went into labor.
  86. 86. Meet baby boy Carl* with pale skin, black hair, and default brown eyes.*In The Breakfast Club, Carl Reed is the school janitor.
  87. 87. Soon Andy and Carls birthday arrives.
  88. 88. Carl is a cutie pie. He has a personality of 7/8/8/3/4.
  89. 89. Andy is quite the cutie, but thats not a surprise since shes a clone of Allison.
  90. 90. Douglas takes his kids on a hike, and takes them through poison ivy apparently. Andy makes thefunniest faces when she scratches her "poison ivy" spots.
  91. 91. Claire soon maxes cleaning.
  92. 92. Just in time for her birthday!
  93. 93. She aged into an elegant teenager. She rolled popularity with the lifetime want to have twentybest friends.
  94. 94. And she quickly applies for scholarships.
  95. 95. And soon she leaves to join her older sibblings in college.
  96. 96. Soon its time for Sara and Douglas to age into elders.
  97. 97. They aged into very elegant elders.
  98. 98. That night its also little Carls birthday.
  99. 99. Hes a cutie huh?
  100. 100. Honestly, I cant tell you what skills their maxing.
  101. 101. But Carl skills like a beast.
  102. 102. He maxes a bunch of skills in the time it takes Andy to max one.
  103. 103. But she finally gets another maxed skill.
  104. 104. So does he though.
  105. 105. And another.
  106. 106. And another.
  107. 107. Andy finally gets another done.
  108. 108. Soon Carl becomes my first sim child to max all of his skills.
  109. 109. Its time for Andy to grow up.
  110. 110. She ages nicely and rolls pleasure with the lifetime want to become a game designer.
  111. 111. She applies for scholarships.
  112. 112. And then a taxi comes to take her off to Academie Le Tour.
  113. 113. While tending to the orchard trees, Sara is struck by lightning.
  114. 114. Its time for the last birthday of the chapter.
  115. 115. Carl aged into a very handsome teenager. He rolled knowledge with the lifetime want to becomehead of SCIA.
  116. 116. And he applies for scholarships.
  117. 117. And off he goes.Thats where well leave this chapter, go to the next few slides to see the choices for heir.
  118. 118. Name: John DavisNamesake ; John Bender from The Breakfast ClubPersonality: 3/4/10/10/7Aspiration: KnowledgeLTW: Become Game Designer
  119. 119. Name: Allison DavisNamesake ; Allison Reynolds from The Breakfast ClubPersonality: 2/8/9/6/4Aspiration: FamilyLTW: Graduate 3 Kids From College
  120. 120. Name: Brian DavisNamesake ; Brian Johnson from The Breakfast ClubPersonality: 2/10/8/10/5Aspiration: FortuneLTW: Become Celebrity Chef
  121. 121. Name: Claire DavisNamesake ; Claire Standish from The Breakfast ClubPersonality: 3/4/10/10/7Aspiration: PopularityLTW: Have 20 Best Friends
  122. 122. Name: Andy DavisNamesake ; Andrew "Andy" Clark from The Breakfast ClubPersonality: 2/8/9/6/4Aspiration: PleasureLTW: Become Game Designer
  123. 123. Name: Carl DavisNamesake ; Carl Reed from The Breakfast ClubPersonality: 7/8/8/3/4Aspiration: KnowledgeLTW: Become Head of SCIA