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A presentation for CEGSA2012 about Khan Academy.

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  • Online video and practice resource. Original videos just maths. Now science, history and finance. More coming soon.
  • But lets let the man in charge explain it to us.
  • Why use Khan Academy at Birdwood High School?Develop Numeracy skills in our Academy of Innovative Learning.
  • Tony Bryant referring to the work of Stephen Hepple yesterday suggested that schools need to change or become irrelevant, AIL is our attempt at helping our students Learn and Connect with each other and education
  • Canadian Education Association research shows only 37% of students are engaged in their studies, our research and observations of students supports this, however in 2011 or AIL showed that over half the students did more than what was asked, much improved engagement.
  • Traditional schooling often uses a Onsize Fits all model as described by Sir Ken Robinson, AIL is different.
  • As George Courous mentioned yesterday or school system was created for a time when information was scarce, now it is free on the internet, so schools need to be places where we teach students to make meaning of that information and use it to make the world better
  • 5 teachers 120 students, students can make choices about who to work with, what to work on and for how long, where to do their work and how to do it. The spaces are shared
  • Learning is undertaken in context through integrated units
  • The maths skills are developed through in context problem solving and the Khan academy system.
  • Students have a chance to integrate their passion and creativity into their work.
  • There are times where explicit teaching is used, either with teacher mentors, small group sessions or peer coaching.
  • Learning is a process centered around conversations and built on good relationships.
  • We encourage students to strive for mastery of skills.
  • In a six month period last year we saw students improve in their numeracy by more than half a year level
  • Our students use Google accounts set up with Google apps for education to log in.
  • The key focus of ourstudents time on Khan academy is the completion of problems in Practice Modules.
  • There are currently 355 modules, they are divided into challenge areas. These include primary school areas such as telling time, through addition and subtraction to Exponents and radicals, Triangles, Trigonometry and up to calculus
  • Students can zoom into the question tree
  • And select individual lessons. Selecting challenges give the students questions from a range of modules in the challenge section. To achieve completion of a module students must successfully complete at least eight questions, if students get some wrong the number they need to do increases as Khan Academy seeks to confirm mastery of a skill.
  • Students can also choose lessons from the suggested activities menu seen at the side of the practice selection screen.
  • The lessons are matched with videos from the library which explain how to solve the problems
  • Students are also able to either watch videos online on their iPads or to download the videos for viewing later.
  • If students are still not able to work out the problem after watching the video they are able to get step by step hint on how to solve the problems.
  • Students are able to see how they are progressing with the lessons and videos by checking their profile page.
  • They can see challenges they have finished on the achievements page
  • At Birdwood high school we set our year eights (whom I am responsible for) goals in both challenges and numbers of modules. These challenges are designed to support the integrated units the students are working on, and are often also supported by bi-weekly explicit teaching lessons.
  • Students add teachers as their coaches. The teachers can divide the students into classes, or view all the students at once.
  • Coaches can see the progress of students in each module,
  • And class progress on each module
  • It is possible to see how much work the students have put into Khan academy, both in school hours and the evenings. Students are encouraged to do about 2 hours per week and so complete 4 or 5 modules.
  • The number of skills students achieve over time is also able to be viewed
  • Student achievement in a day, week or month can also be viewed
  • Student skill summaries are also useful to look at to enable teachers to see which areas students are having difficulty in
  • The proportion of student time for each section enables the coach to work out how much time the students spend on different modules and videos.
  • When a student has a success in a skill the problem information shows that.
  • If a student has difficulty with a module a very different graph is shown. It is possible to see how the student has performed in the individual problems.
  • The problem steps shows how long was spent between answers, what answer was actually given, if videos were watched and if hints are used. When students do struggle the coach is able to assist the students by giving them targeted teaching.
  • Khan Academy has just published a guide for how to link use of Khan academy with curriculum. We will be using this in our planning for using Kahn Academy over coming terms and years.
  • Khan academy presentation

    1. 1. Flipping theClassroom UsingKhan AcademyDavid Folland – Birdwood High School@lordfolland
    2. 2. What is Khan Academy? –
    3. 3. Salman Khan at TED February 2011
    4. 4. Academy of Innovative LearningAn OECD International Innovative Learning Environment
    5. 5. The compelling Case for Change Why AIL?
    6. 6. Only 37% of Middle and Secondary School students I did more than I was are intellectually engaged in their studies asked to do. (Canadian Education Association) education/case-for-transformation TEXT TEXTStudent Disengagement
    7. 7. Ken Robinson 2010 Size fits allwe have inherited an education system that was designed for another era
    8. 8. Changing Purpose of SchoolsSchools were designed for an era when information was scarce
    9. 9. How does AIL work?5:120 who What & when & how long where how no-one owns aspace
    10. 10. Learning in ContextIntegrated Units
    11. 11. Learning in contextMaths
    12. 12. learning in contextintegrating their passions
    13. 13. Explicit Teachingtargeted and just in time
    14. 14. Learning Conversationsstrategic questioning and feedback
    15. 15. MasteryPersisting until excellence is achieved
    16. 16. MasteryNumeracy growth Literacy Growth Literacy by ability
    17. 17. How do we use KhanAcademy at BHS?
    18. 18. Google Accounts
    19. 19. Problems
    20. 20. Challenge Areas
    21. 21. Modules in Each Area
    22. 22. Specific Modules
    23. 23. Suggested Activities
    24. 24. Videos
    25. 25. iPad Videos
    26. 26. Hints
    27. 27. Profile
    28. 28. Achievements
    29. 29. Term GoalsTerm 2 Khan Academy Term 2 Khan Academy GradesAs mentioned earlier this term there are 6 The requirements to achieve each gradekey units for this term. Completion of are listed below. The dead line is End ofeach of these gives a Challenge Patch Week 9(Shown on the Khan achievements page)They are: D grade you must achieve 1 challengeAddition and Subtraction patch from the term 2 list and a minimumMultiplication and Division of 50 modulesBasic GeometryAngles C grade 3 challenge patches from the listTriangles and 70 ModulesRates and Ratios B grade 5 challenge patches (including 3Do you have any Questions? Please See from the list) and 100 modulesMr Folland A grade 7 challenge patches (including 5 from the list) and 130 modules
    30. 30. What about asTeachers?
    31. 31. Students in Classes
    32. 32. Progress Reports
    33. 33. Progress Summary
    34. 34. Daily Activity
    35. 35. Skills Progress OverTime
    36. 36. Student Achievement
    37. 37. Skills Summary
    38. 38. Student Focus
    39. 39. Student Success
    40. 40. Student Struggles
    41. 41. Student Errors
    42. 42. INTEGRATING KHAN ACADEMY AND YOUR CURRICULUM – One of the newTeacher Resources 1 What topics or standards will this unit cover? 2 3 Is every student ready for this unit? What assignments do all students need to do to master this unit? YES NO Learn it Students remediate as Practice it Students work on individual needed and work on unit goals and unit goals at their own pace content at own pace when Tie it all ready together 4 How can students use goal-setting to learn the content deeply and at their own pace? INDIVIDUAL GOALS UNIT GOALS Small group     Peer tutoring 1-on-1 5 Whole group What can I do to help students achieve their goals? Projects 6 Other How and when will I assess mastery of this unit?
    43. 43. Questions?