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  • The final feedback we received is from the most important stakeholders involved in the Enrichment Eagles Program, the students! They are the ones that will be participating and benefiting from the program. Two focus groups were conducted. One at WW and the other at RES. Participants ranged from third to fifth grade and were selected due to their performance on the COGAT and impressive, above grade level performance in the classroom. Here is what we found.
  • During the 2009-2010 school year, the curriculum council created a subcommittee and created a mission, vision, and values for an enrichment program. Becky and I were able to use these to create the foundation to the Enrichment Eagles Program
  • As you enter Tier 2 and 3, the previous tier programs are still offeredCreated during the summer prior to the start of the school year by enrichment coordinator and sponsorsOnline Academy that mimics a college course run through a program called HaikuStudents will participate in different components:Current eventsWeekly research, discussions, postsVideo Conferencing Independent studiesTopic-related, project based activities that address all content areas and vary by grade level (*see next page for examples*) *Astronomy, Geometry, Greek Mythology, Weather, Physics/Motion, Biology, Wars, Exploration, Living Things, Algebra, Data Collection, Wonders of the WorldStudents work on program during intervention times or as designated by the teacher
  • One of the most renowned resources in the world of gifted education is a Nation Deceived. According to a Nation Deceived,
  • Enrichment Eagles Board Presentation

    1. 1. The Enrichment Eagles NO CHILD LEFT…..BORED Becky Kuethe & Monica McComb The Dunlap Community will empower all student to excel in a global community.
    2. 2. Our Focus Areas… 1. Are we truly creating CRITICAL THINKERS? 2. Are we truly providing opportunities for all students to learn at different rates and in different ways? 3. Are we improving student growth and achievement to the best of our abilities?
    3. 3. Stakeholder Perceptions… Are our stakeholders satisfied? According to the Harris Poll Survey, lack of enrichment opportunities is a problem among all stakeholders.
    4. 4. Stakeholder Solutions November 2011 District Leadership Team Meeting  Allow teachers time for creativity  Infuse technology and online learning  Intervention time for advanced students  Use data to help identify students for appropriate services
    5. 5. Force Field Analysis Restraining Forces Driving Forces• Sponsors not being • High need and demand for properly trained in gifted education in our district “gifted” education • Aligned to District Strategic• Lack of technology to Plan, 21st Century properly implement the Learning, and Harris Poll Enrichment Eagles Survey Results• Parents’ expectations • Research based and meets both academic and social not aligning with needs selection criteria
    6. 6. Stakeholder Feedback Student Focus Groups Results Students Want want the Science is opportunities chance to Challenges Bored at the most to test out of LOVED the offered by least 1/3 of engaging collaborate lessons and idea of after teachers each school because of with other move on to school vary by day learning students that problem opportunities grade level activities think at the based same level learning projects
    7. 7. Professional Learning Communities Now that we are almost through our first year of PLCs, what’s next? Question 4: How do we respond when students already know?
    8. 8. Vision Curriculum Council Subcommittee  2009-2010  These students require differentiated education programs BEYOND those provided by the general education curriculum.
    9. 9. How will students be identified?Components  COGAT- Cognitive Abilities Test  Renzulli-Hartman Scales: (completed by teachers)  IAS- Iowa Acceleration Scale (completed by parents & teachers)  Parent Inventory  District Assessments  ISAT
    10. 10. Identification TimelineThe followingtasks will becompleted in anorderly fashionthroughout theyear.
    11. 11. Enrichment Menu
    12. 12. Parent Handbook According to A Nation Deceived: “It is important for parents to be fully involved in the decision-making process about their childs acceleration.” In order to address this, a parent handbook will be created that explains:  The Enrichment Eagles Program Design  The testing process  Terminology  Programs available outside the Dunlap Community Unit School District #323