africaoer healthoer teacheredoer the rpr card test antepartum haemorrhage fetal movements wellbeing fetal growth hypertensive disorders of pregnancy postnatal clinic preterm labour pre eclampsia syphilis screening syphilis rapid test assesing fetal growth diagnosing pregnancy booking for antenatal care puerperium nutrition school management agricultureoer hiv counselling maternal care hypoglycaemia antenatal care teacher education policy education south africa infection feeding of both normal and high risk infants diagnosis and management of hypothermia communication with parents respiratory distress routine care jaundice assessing infant size the prevention resuscitation at birth bleeding and congenital abnormalities hypothermia gestational age government mathematics centres of care community support plan vulnerable learners supporting schools school management teams caring schools socio-economic challenges for schools aids aftercare hiv and aids psycho-social support school-based care trauma teacher training leadership oer acute and chronic infections childhood infections growth and development difficulties in the home and society parasites immunisation diarrhoea skin conditions advanced certificate in education education management leadership development communication skills progress of labour fetus assessing contractions managing pain stages of labour vaginal examination pulse rate abdominal palpitation the puerperium cephalopelvic disproportion fetal heart rate pattern monitoring the mother family planning blood pressure kenya teachers open education resources foundationoer tuberculosis open educational resources school learning learners and learning being a teacher pneumocystis pneumonia pallative care children antiretroviral treatment hiv infection side effects hiv in children terminal care antiretroviral drugs immunological diagnosis immune function health tb public health diagnosis chest xray children with tb tubercolous infection tb infection the clinical presentation tubercolosis chromosomal abnormalities oculocutaneous albinism genetic councelling down syndrome taratogent constraints single gene defects modes of inheritance birth defects recessive inheritance multifactorial inheritance haemophilia dominant inheritance teratogens medical genetic counselling birth defect assessment education teaching as a profession values and society reflective practitioners neonatal mortality stillbirths cause of maternal death solutions maternal maternal mortality birth register preventing maternal deaths perinatal mortality mortality perinatal touch therapy care of infants pregnant women health workers breastfeeding a baby friendly nursery normal labour intensive care care after delivery mother friendly care in pregnancy change management healthoernetwork skin test management and prevention of tuberculosis in child tb bacilli in sputum study agricultural production mathematics teaching mathematical literacy changing schools change in south africa school organization strategies for school change teachers authority perinatal education prevention of hypothermia emergency management of infants the care of low birth weight infants the care of normal infants infants at birth infant care ppt microsoft powerpoint slideshow powerpoint elearning bunda research special needs inclusive education school governance governance portfolio south africa protected health information bioethics openmrs medical ethics data integrity ethical principles privacy rule data security health oer malawi agribusiness computers sustainability agricultural policies course development educational technology learners curriculum oers knowledge worker negotiating resistance to change institutional management team information systems communication organizational culture organizational innovation human rights oerafrica basic computer functions peripheral devices hardware components ethics guidelines ghana information sources sustainable agriculture policy implementation licensing higher education oer africa african storybook digital storytelling tvet technology african teacher education network learner guides teacher guides curriculum development use of language writing skills languge development mentor school managers mentoring mentoring programmes reading take-up course design teacher development teacher’s authority knowledge–worker professionalism values portfolio matrix sociology knust surgery vesico vaginal fistulae gyneacology rural areas microsoft word document formatting the document creating and opening documents customizing the document word processing health informatics missing data template quiz health informatics vocabulary game missingness data management data analysis data coding data set data quality data collection interviews cv job offer interviewing skills curriculum vitae job seeking library search process timetabling transition to college note taking study techniques introduction examinations exam agriculture privatization transformation economic logic economic costs accounting costs record keeping role of computers in agriculture ict small business enterprises agricultural business entrepreneurship environmental impacts livelihoods copyright oer in africa partnerships potential of oer childrens' stories literacy african storybook project early reading blended learning quality assurance early childhood multi-lingual literacy african languages digital literacy multilingual literacy development fet integration africa knowledge management learning design eknowledge open education moocs openness open ubuntu school leadership planning conduct assessment learning and teacvhing learner errors maths materials development teaching mathematics grade 7 grade seven teaching and learning foundation phase learn theory theories of learning knowledge education in south africa integrated curricula curriculum concepts disciplinary curricula competence curricula learning programmes performance curricula subject curricula school knowledge everyday knowledge educational research primary level cross national studies numeracy whole school development mathematics education curriculum statements sound values moral values social and moral issues effective learning bureaucratic accountability accountability teaching role of teachers reconstruction education reconstruction algebra policy review formative evaluation project evaluation child health services childrens situation and child statistics monitoring child health environment child mortality and survival health care primary hivaids collaborative opencourseware consortium ocwc packing distribution file size practice formats guide content submission mededportal kwame nkrumah university of science and technology oer policy disease health information managing disease epidemiology epidemiological practice infectious diseases epidemiologist managing health epidemiological event outbreaks epidemiological principles surveillance epidemiological information health problems health system screening rauma africaoerteinuria maternal care: skills workshop measuring blood pre hr staff recruitment human resources managing conflict skills development staff support south african skills development strategy supervision staff induction hrd managing people manager human resource management working in teams mentorship motivation working in groups health information system routine health information system sequence alignment bioinformatics tools proteins genome drug resistance genes dna bioinformatics amino acids research protocol research designs reseach system terminologies : informatics informatics terminologies sub-domains of informatics informatics patient information patient consent consent ethical guide ethical consent obtaining consent releasing oer creating oer attribution create licence dscribe acknowledgement university of western cape develop oer peer review intellectual property rights dentistry copyright policy creative commons uwc copyright content cc medicine animation pediatrics child health cross institutional collaboration oer production collaboration sustainbility electronic medical records implementation assessment system implementation technology intervention incentives sead community health southern africa coehr climate change sadc addiction fetal alcohol policy and environmental interventions foetal alcohol syndrome rehabilitation patterns of consumption intervention alcohol alcohol education health promotion alcohol use organophosphates biological monitoring cholinesterase inhibition carbamates pesticides health and safety publication african health oer network evaluation scanning mind maps venn-diagrams antonym homonym sq3r active reading synonyms pie chart focused reading listening skills foundationoe dangling modifiers punctuation writing apa write handwriting plagiarizing spelling mla layout grammar essay citation group learning problem based outcomes based education indigenous knowledge extension impact nars farmers extension education agricultural extension extension methods and approaches gender agriculture oer haramaya akis legal frameworks co-operative societies acts rural financial services banking financial services policy reforms extension services farming ventures business skills agriculture sector awareness; sustainable agricult challenges opportunities farming practice enabling environments uncertainty risks revenues and profitability supply and demand pricing economics markets resource allocation ecnoomics e-business online business business models information services information retrieval call centres enterprise accounting system farming operations accounting farming enterprise data information and communication technologies business financing credit borrowing business transactions equipment recording keeping production records operational records financial records marketing business plans business venture registrations business ownership law unemployment job creation small scale enterprises production techniques farming production constraints support systems strategic planning agricultural producitivty cost-effectiveness environment crop yield soil nutrients agricultural economics options resources regions teacher training; mathematics role of the ministry of agriculture agriculture kenya agricultural sector development strategy farmers' production systems agricultural management private sector public sector exports role of farmers agricultural industry potential of higher education crossing the chasm role of oers communities of practice
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