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How Storytelling drives Corporate Culture


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This is a manifesto from LUKSO Story & Strategy about the importance of stories in the corporate world and how they can be used to shape culture.

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How Storytelling drives Corporate Culture

  1. corporate Designed by
  2. What if every single person in the world had same objectives, values and ideas…
  3. We all would be suffering from myopia and lack of creativity.
  4. In the other hand, what about a scenario of completely diversity, where no one agree.
  5. It would certainly be a catastrophe.
  6. Let’s bring these ideas tothe corporate environment
  7. Every company hasits own culture like based on statements VISION MISSION VALUES
  8. But companiesare made by people with very different IDEAS BELIEFS OBJECTIVES
  9. How do you do to manage this conflict?
  10. One of the biggest challenges for a company is to make PEOPLE ACT according to it’s VALUES
  11. And the majority of companies fail because they are using wrong tools.
  12. Have you ever been to a “supernannypresentation” like this?
  13. What about a enthusiastic “trainingsession” like this one?
  14. Or even a “interactive & open talk”workshop more or less like this?
  15. The problemis that thosetechniquesare touchingonly the leftside of ourbrains.
  16. And if you want to truly engagepeople, you gonna need more than this.
  17. Stories teach us through brilliant & inspiring examples.
  18. Stories reveal meaning without committing the error of defining it.
  19. Stories are the only way to connect rationally and emotionally.
  20. Have you ever noticed that stories about yourcompany are being told in almost everywhere? CONSUMERS EMPLOYEES PARTNERS PRESS NGOs STOCKHOLDERS
  21. All you have to do isUSE THESE STORIES in order to shape your CORPORATE CULTURE
  22. 4 steps for Corporate Storytelling: 1 Stimulate 4 2 Inspire Search 3 Recognize
  23. 1Stimulate • Understand possible actions behind your corporate values; • Give some examples of good stories where those values can flourish; • Ask people to share there own stories based on the same theme;
  24. 2Search• Define what actions have more adherenceto the values you selected;• Look for examples of those actions insidethe stories that people sent;• Indentify dramatic potential on theselected actions;
  25. 3Recognize • Let everyone know what are the best stories; • Reward the authors of the stories; • Ask them to talk with colleagues about the things who led them into action;
  26. 4Inspire• Make the stories spread throughoutthe company;• If it’s possible, invest money onproduction to tell stories amazingly;• Let the winners inspire new stories;
  27. Let’s see who isdoing it well…
  28. Case n°1 • Carlton-Ritz has the challenge to inspire and motivate more than 30.000 employees globally; • Every month, 5 stories are selected by a storytelling council who share those stories as best practices in customer service; • The authors of the stories are rewarded and become celebrities between their colleagues; • Stories inspires new behaviors and make the promise “Ladies & Gentleman serving Ladies & gentleman” come alive.
  29. Case n°2 • Zappos is known as a benchmark for customer relationship service; • The practice of storytelling is in Zappos DNA, to see how they do it, check Zappos Culture Book: a collection of inside stories; • See what Tony Hsie does when he wants to spread Zappos corporate values (click bellow to watch):
  30. What about CORPORATESTORYTELLING inside your company?
  31. People are living real & inspiring stories everyday inside your company.
  32. What are you waiting to make them talk?
  33. Check more about brands and storytelling clicking atwww. @story_beats