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Khan Academy


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The Khan Academy targets the diffusion of free online education all over the world. It is based on recorded videos and the ability to spin up new teaching paradigms that use the videos as support.

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Khan Academy

  1. 1. Khan Academy Case study Giorgio Sironi NEST projectAlta Scuola Politecnica 7th cycle
  2. 2. Description Educational videos for delivering content  at the students pace and with possibility of replay  at the students time and will Platform for exercises Platform for coaching  Tracking of students and their history as they change tutors  Tracking of topics and their reception by the class
  3. 3. Homepage
  4. 4. Homepage Video explanations of different depths  2 introductions  TED talk Promoters are shown  Bill Gates  Google
  5. 5. Curricula
  6. 6. Curricula Variety of subjects  Mathematics  Scientific subjects  Economics and finance  … Weaknesses  Humanities (History, Literature)  Soft skills (writing)
  7. 7. Videos
  8. 8. Videos
  9. 9. Videos YouTube hosting  Outsourcing lowers costs Features  Categorization  Comments  Questions&Answers system powered by students who watched the video all over the world
  10. 10. Practice sessions
  11. 11. Practice sessions Path of exercises of increasing difficulty Randomly chosen exercises from a particular subjects archive  The student has to get 10 in a row correct  Mastery learning
  12. 12. Coaching
  13. 13. Coaching Enables usage also in classrooms  Students  Knowledge map  Video progress  Exercises progress  Teachers  Tracking of students in time  Profile of students when they were with another teacher  Progress of the single student on a single topic
  14. 14. Business model Non-profit organization  IRS-recognized 501c3  Donations to the foundation  Privates  Gates Foundation  Google prize
  15. 15. Conclusions Take-aways  Videos and other reusable delivery of content frees up classroom time for exercise sessions  E-learning can track students for their whole academic life  Finer statistics means a better usage of resources  Teacher stays with students currently left behind  Teacher can discover the problematic areas automatically  Proficient students (on a given topic) can tutor the others