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What Makes a GreatTeacher


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a slideshow on what makes an effective teacher. particularly useful to college/school teachers. helps teachers do some quick swot and helps them equip themselves with useful skills.

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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What Makes a GreatTeacher

  1. 1. What Makes aGREAT Teacher? m n RAJU
  2. 2. A mediocre teacher tells. A good teacher explains. A superior teacher demonstrates. A Great teacher2 inspires. mnRAJU
  3. 3. The Teacher Who INSPIRED You Re c olle c t Who was your best teacher at school/college? How did he/she inspire you? Write Sha re3 mnRAJU
  4. 4. Students’ Expectations4 mnRAJU
  5. 5. ABCs for great Teachers5 mnRAJU
  6. 6. Choose Five Most Important6 mnRAJU
  7. 7. Name Game Think of an adjective beginning with the first letter of your name to describe yourself. Introduce yourself to others using that adjective. (e.g., I am Raju. I am resourceful.) Remember the adjectives others use to describe themselves. Introduce two colleagues to class.7 mnRAJU
  8. 8. 8 mnRAJU
  9. 9. A Great Teacher is . . .9 mnRAJU
  10. 10. A Great Teacher is • Trained • Adept • Learned • Equipped • Never ending learner • Takes questions10 mnRAJU
  11. 11. Are Teachers Born? orAre Teachers Made? Can Teaching be Taught?11 mnRAJU
  12. 12. A Great Teacher Learns tea c hing is a SKILLTeaching is a dynamic skill, needs regular retraining & refreshing.12 mnRAJU
  13. 13. A Great Teacher Knows  Know your stuff  command of subject-specific knowledge  Know whom you are stuffing  listen to what students tell & do not tell  Know when they are stuffed  take feedback & read body language Get into your subject Get the subject into you Get the subject into students’ hearts mnRAJU13
  14. 14. A Great Teacher Structures Tell what you want to tell, tell, tell what you have told.14 mnRAJU
  15. 15. A Great Teacher is . . .15 mnRAJU
  16. 16. A Great Teacher is Energetic • Healthy • Attentive • Lively • Enthusiastic16 mnRAJU
  17. 17. An Energetic body language • Active movement • Good eye contact • Good posture • Impressive pace • Encouraging gestures • Visually vibrant What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches. - Karl Menninger17 mnRAJU
  18. 18. A Great Teacher is Enthusiastic • to teach • about the subject • with the students18 mnRAJU
  19. 19. A good teacher is Confident – Calm down – Rehearse – Imagine success – Shun shyness – Passion for subject19 mnRAJU
  20. 20. A Great Teacher is . . .20 mnRAJU
  21. 21. A Great Teacher is Ambitious • Aim B IG 2. Success comes from • Desire • Decision • Determination • Challenge yourself21 mnRAJU
  22. 22. Decide to Be A Great Teacher Effective teachers try and try and try, and let students know they try. “Determination, energy, and courage appear spontaneously when we care deeply about something.”22 mnRAJU
  23. 23. A Great Teacher is Positive  Passion to inspire  Urge to help  Right attitude  Expect good A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.23 - Henry Brooks Adams mnRAJU
  24. 24. A Great Teacher is Positive "They can, because they think they can." -- Virgil "Man is what he believes." -- Anton Chekhov24 mnRAJU
  25. 25. A Great Teacher Takes Risks If there is no chance of failure, then success is meaningless.25 mnRAJU
  26. 26. A Great Teacher is . . .26 mnRAJU
  27. 27. A Great Teacher is Cheerful • Smiling • Hygienic • Optimistic • Well dressed27 mnRAJU
  28. 28. A Great Teacher Pleases  Smile  Mention Name  Interest  Listen  Empathize28 mnRAJU
  29. 29. A Great Teacher is Humorous  social lubricant  enhances communication  helps you appear human  makes class enjoyable  helps you see the joy in life  no sarcasm, please It is hard for people to disagree with29 you when you are smiling mnRAJU
  30. 30. A Great Teacher is . . .30 mnRAJU
  31. 31. A Great Teacher is Humane 1. Compassionate 2. Understanding 3. Friendly 4. Fair 5. Supportive31 mnRAJU
  32. 32. A Great Teacher is Friendly One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. - Carl Jung32 mnRAJU
  33. 33. A Great Teacher is Fair Students should be assessed based on performance not personality.33 mnRAJU
  34. 34. A Great Teacher is Supportive When students really have something important to say, they should be able to say it clearly, forcefully, and with proper evidence.34 mnRAJU
  35. 35. A Great Teacher is . . .35 mnRAJU
  36. 36. A Great Teacher is Eloquent 1.Fluent 2.Communicative 3.Expressive 4.Clear 5.Pleasant36 mnRAJU
  37. 37. A Great Teacher is Communicative Listen keenly Speak clearly Mind your words and tone Maintain eye contact Be courteous37 mnRAJU
  38. 38. A Great Teacher Supports what he says  Examples  Statistics  Definitions  Testimony38 mnRAJU
  39. 39. A Great Teacher is REACHes  Reinforce  Encourage  Acknowledge  Clarify  Highlight39 mnRAJU
  40. 40. A Great Teacher’s VOICE  Vocabulary  Order of words  Intonation  Cut out the unwanted  Empower (visual, auditory, olfactory, kinesthetic)40 mnRAJU
  41. 41. A Great Teacher is . . .41 mnRAJU
  42. 42. A Great Teacher is Resourceful 1.Creative 2.Original 3.Imaginative 4.Intelligent 5.Sensible42 mnRAJU
  43. 43. A Great Teacher is Inspiring It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. - Albert Einstein43 mnRAJU
  44. 44. A Great Teacher Manages Keep cool Resist being provoked Establish rapport Judicious discipline Praise liberally44 mnRAJU
  45. 45. A Great Teacher has Commonsense  Assess situations quickly  Make appropriate decisions  Know what to ignore  Know when to react  Be pro-active45 mnRAJU
  46. 46. Send your comments to This slideshow is available at mnRAJU