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5 Tips for Being a Successful Student


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5 Tips for Being a Successful Student

  1. 1. 5 Tips for Being a Successful Student at Calhoun Community College By Ashley Watts
  2. 2. Be S.M.A.R.T.• S - Set realistic goals.• M - Manage your time.• A - Ask , ask, ask!• R – Recognize your resources.• T -Try, try again!
  3. 3. S - Set realistic goals... • Choose a plan of study. (Applied Science, General Studies, certificate program.) • Define your goals. • Write them down. • Chart a course to achieve them. • Make adjustments as necessary.
  4. 4. M - Manage your time... • Make a schedule and stick to it! • Be flexible. • Allow for rest, breaks, and fun! • Develop a study strategy. • Create a M.A.P. (My Academic Plan) and adjust it each semester.
  5. 5. A - Ask, ask, ask! • Dont let pride get the best of you! • Go to your professors. • Go to the advising center. • See the Student Advocate (see resources).
  6. 6. R - Recognize your resources. • Your instructor can be your greatest resource. • Your syllabus is a resource, read it! • Your textbook is a resource. • Blackboard is a resource. • Resource warning: make sure your source is reliable!
  7. 7. T - Try, try again! • Life will throw you curve balls. Expect to make changes. • PRACTICE makes perfect. • Dont give up. • Be persistent.
  8. 8. Everyday S.M.A.R.T.s• Set realistic goals… • Ask, ask, ask! – Make daily, weekly, and monthly – Call or email your professor when goals. you have questions after class. – Have goals for specific classes and – Ask others who have take the class. assignments. – Create study groups/sessions with friends and classmates.• Manage your time… – Use a planner or calendar. • Recognize your resources. – Make daily to do lists. – The best resources is to read! More than likely the information is given – Set reminders & alarms in your to you in black and white… if you phone or email. are unsure ASK! – Make a weekly study plan. – Get involved with on campus • Try, try, again. organizations/activities to add fun – Learn from your mistakes! and variety to your schedule. – Ask for feedback on poor – Use the website/activities calendar to assignments. find workshops and events. – Keep adjusting as necessary.
  9. 9. On Campus Resources Offices/Programs Campus Labs • ADA Office – Dawn Hale, Decatur Campus (256)306-2635, • Cyber Cafe (Internet Access) -- • Advising Center - Decatur Campus Huntsville Campus (256)306-2648; Huntsville Campus • Writing Lab – Decatur/Huntsville (256)890-4770 Campus • Brewer Library & Huntsville Campus Library – Decatur Campus (256)306- • Developmental Mathematics Computer 2774 , Huntsville Campus (256)890-4774 Lab - Decatur Campus • Career Services – See advising center • Mathematics-Science Learning Center - for contact information. Decatur Campus • Emerging Scholars Program – (256) 306-2987 • Mathematics Learning Center – • ROADS Program - (256) 306-2870, Huntsville • Student Advocate Office – (256)306- 2870, • Student Financial Services – Decatur Campus (256)306-2629; Huntsville Campus (256) 890-4794 For all available labs, locations, and hours visit: s_hoursinformation.aspx
  10. 10. Websites •Academic Skills Assessment Program (ASAP)- Addresses a wide range of concerns with respect to study skills including time management, reading effectiveness, test taking, memory and comprehension; •How to Study - These videos should help students identify effective and ineffective study strategies so they understand that, although there is no magic bullet, they can learn to get maximal learning out of their study time; •Community College Success— Blog with various tools and tips on succeeding at a Community College from a former community college student who is now a national public speaker;
  11. 11. QUESTIONS?