size of sample errors in sampling types of non-probability sampl types of probability sampling types of sampling projective techniques temperamental theories of personality cognitive and humanistic perspectives behavioural social cognitive theory cognitive theories theories of motivation factors affecting problem solving problem solving strategies stages of problem solving essential components of a problem characteristics of giftedness triarchic theory of giftedness intellectual giftedness mental retardation extremes of intelligence assessment of intelligence triarchic theory of intelligence multiple intelligence the structure of intellect theory theory of primary mental abilities two-factor theory measuring creativity neurobiology of creativity creative problem solving model creative process characteristics of creative individuals conflict theory structural-functional theory symbolic interactionism types of social movements five key components political process theory types of resources relative and absolute deprivation balhatya  pratibandhak griha vindication of the rights of woman vindication of the rights of men needs in the ethic of care model banking model of education pedagogy of the oppressed components of emotional intelligence emotional intelligence strategies to develop social intelligence signs of social intelligence errors in social cognition types of heuristics types of schemas metacognitive strategies metacognitive experiences or regulation metacognitive knowledge elements of metacognition abnormal mental health attributes of normal mental health aims / purposes of mental hygiene mental hygiene mental health guidance vs counselling professional ethics of a counsellor types of counselling principles of counselling vocational guidance guidance services in schools types of guidance principles of guidance nature of guidance critical thinking barriers six stages of critical thinking critical thinking skills elements of critical thinking process cognitive features on sclt bobo doll experiment analysis of data in qualitative research data collection methods of qualitative research types of qualitative research qualitative research classification and tabulation of data measurement of scales satistics meaning and scope of educational research net education approaches and types of research waste management techniques sources of waste types of waste question form hypothesis research hypothesis null hypothesis types of hypotheses grounded theory case study ethnography phenomenology focus groups in-depth interview advantages and disadvantages of online assessments assessment software assessment strategies assessment tools types of online assessment web tools video conferencing e-content preparation distance education online tools gagne's learning theory hierarchy of learning theory steps in test construction achievement test
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