Blogs, wikis and podcasts


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Blogs, wikis and podcasts

  1. 1. Master program « TEFL &ICT » 2012/2013Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts Supervised by: Mohamed HASSIM Done by : Ikram AIT DRA & Meriam AIT HAMMOU
  2. 2. Outline :I. BlogsII. WikisIII. Podcasts
  3. 3. Blogs in Language Teaching Might include blogs written by or for teachers, covering a wide range of topics related to education, purpose of classroom instruction, and a developments to learner composition.
  4. 4. EduBlogsTo guide students to online To provide extraresources appropriate for their reading practicelevel. for students
  5. 5. Types of blogs used in languageteaching. Tutor blog Student blogs Class blog
  6. 6. Advantages : Useful resource for educators and even learners to find information related to their particular discipline or interests. provide a real audience for studentHelp build a closer relationship writingbetween students in large classes
  7. 7. As an online portfolio of student written work
  8. 8. How to Start Using Blogs with Learners . Step 1 : Setting up a Sample blog . Step 2 : Setting up students blogs . Step 3 : Posting to and visiting blogs . Step 4 : Follow-up .
  9. 9.  A website created by a group; rather than by an individual. Wiki Wiki Shuttle at Honolulu International Airport
  10. 10. Characteristics of WIKI:A wiki invites all users toWiki promotes
  11. 11. Wikis for Learning?Communication Participation Content Development
  12. 12. What is a podcast ?“Is like a radio or TV show, but thedifferent is that you can listen to orwatch a podcast on a topic thatinterests you whenever you want to. Apodcast can be downloadedautomatically using RSS. It can be onany topic, and can include music andvideo”.
  13. 13. •How can we use Podcasts inteaching ? Distribution of lecture Delivery of supplemental educational materials and content Assignments requiring students to produce and submit their own podcasts.
  14. 14. Ss give their thoughts on a topicassigned by the teacher Agony Aunt: Giving advice, Creating riddles, Role play, Debates, Dramatic monologues, Radio Drama...
  15. 15. “it helps me to make sense of my notes” “I can’t take notes” Useful for revision Creating study aids Podcasting Lectures for classmates “I get things I didn’t understand the first time” Student-created Advantages of Podcast Podcasts Stimulating in-class discussion“having the podcast wouldbe reassuring, if for some Interviews with Presentingreason I couldn’t attend the own point of professionals,lecture…” view academics or experts
  16. 16. How to create a project podcast? Step 1: - Setting up a podcast page Step 2: m - Creating learner podcasts
  17. 17.  Step 3: - listening to learner podcast Step 4 - Students start making their own podcast
  18. 18. "Podcasting doesnot contain anyinherent value. It isonly valuable in asmuch as it helps theinstructor andstudents reach theireducational goals, byfacilitatingthoughtful, engaginglearning activitiesthat are designed towork in support ofthose goals."
  19. 19. You Were a Great Audience