How to Turn Your Entire Team Into a Recruiting Machine | Webcast


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The presentation from our August 2012 seminar featuring:
- Steve Cadigan, VP Talent, LinkedIn
- Lou Adler, CEO, the Adler Group
- Gabe Teperow and Bob O'Keefe, LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions

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How to Turn Your Entire Team Into a Recruiting Machine | Webcast

  1. Turning Your Entire TeamInto A Recruiting MachineAugust 2012#hiretowin
  2. Leela SrinivasanMarketing Lead, Content & Thought LeadershipLinkedIn Recruiting Solutions
  4. Steve CadiganVice President of TalentLinkedIn
  5. The LinkedIn network: by the numbers 2 New members per second 175M 1 Members Worldwide 100% Of the Fortune 500 companies represented 82% Fortune 100 Companies use our Recruiting Solutions 1 As of May 3, 2012
  6. Our employee base quadrupled in the last three years 2800 + 2110 990 480 340 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  7. Hiring with scale
  8. How does LinkedIn engage employees as brand storytellers?
  11. Global transformation World Company Self
  12. Company transformation
  13. Morgan Stanley: LinkedIn Has Done ABrilliant Job Hiring New Employees
  14. Career Transformations Michael P. Nguyen Finance/Accounting Michael P. LinkedIn Nguyen The Food Guy LinkedIn Catherine Porter Business Development Catherine Porter LinkedIn Acting Country Manager, Japan LinkedIn Japan
  16. Our employees know our executives –and what’s on their minds
  17. We solicit feedback, we listen, we act We act with high integrity in all business affairs. 6.1 Opportunities exist at LinkedIn to pursue my career goals. 5.7 Employees collaborate well across departments/teams. 5.2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  19. Goodbye, control. Hello, influence
  20. Use your voice or someone else will
  21. We create employee experiences worth talking about
  22. Our employees inspire one anotherWhy a Neurosurgeon Became a LinkedIn and Bay to Breakers: A LinkedIn Data Scientist Passion For Winning“I came here because I want to be a better “The company has supported me inanalyst. Working at LinkedIn sharpens my pursuing my Olympic dreams while givingskill set a little more each day, and I’m me the opportunity to create an employeethankful for the challenge and the opportunity program around my passions – this speaksto learn.” volumes about how important employees are to the company.”-- Simon Zhang, Director, Business Analytics -- Armen Vartanian, Real Estate & Facilities
  23. We showcase our employees in dynamic ways
  24. Embrace your role as lead storyteller
  25. Lou Adler’sThinking Upside-down, Inside-Out & BackwardsStrategy Over TacticsInside-Out NetworkingHiring Manager DrivenBased on Lou Adler’sHire With Your Head(John Wiley & Sons, 2007)(©2012. All Rights Reserved. The Adler Group, Inc.www.adlerconcepts.comRev 812
  26. Thinking Backwards Advertise &Phone Screen Moment 1 Interview, Assess, Offer ? Before Day 1 Day 1 Year 1 Beyond Year 1 Skills, Experience, Title, Company, DOING, Work, Opportunity, HAVING, Location, $$, Impact, Long-term Academics, Responsibilities Learning, Team, Impact, Long-Competencies Total $$ term $$ % Candidate Acceptance Opt-in Screen Criteria
  27. Talent Acquisition StrategyScarcity Attract Assess Hire Passive Maximize Quality of Hire Shorter Time to Fill Using the Golden Rule of PCR 83% Lower Cost per HireBalanced SEO and Branding Emphasis on new active sourcing channels 17% Customer care focus Fill Seats with Best Who Apply Quality of Hire is ProblematicSurplus Time to Fill is Hiring Manager Dependent Active
  28. Talent Acquisition StrategyScarcity Attract Assess Hire Passive The Recruiting Performance Trifecta Maximize Quality of Hire – Minimize Time-to-Fill 83% Reduce Cost/HireBalanced SEO and Branding Emphasis on new active sourcing channels 17% Customer care focus Fill Seats with Best Who Apply Quality of Hire is ProblematicSurplus Time to Fill is Hiring Manager Dependent Active
  29. 20/20/60 Sourcing Plan  20% Posting – Reverse engineering – Compelling stories  20% Targeted Emails – Clever Boolean – eGrabber mail merge  60% Networking – Cloning – VTC & PERPing – Cherry-pickingLinkedIn 2011 Survey – 4,500 fully-employed members
  30. Thinking Inside-Out 1st – Connectedness Targeted Compelling Everyone Else Narrow Casting Highest ROE 2nd Degree 2nd – Networking 1st Degree Referrals – Warm Calls ERP/HM VTC – PERP High ROE You Groups 3rd Degree – REACH Nodes High Volume Pushed Postings Connections Broad Casting Low ROE 3rd Degree+ Think In-Out vs. Out-InROE: Return on Effort
  31. Hiring Manager Driven Metrics Personal Improvement C B Goal D A Quality of Hire B+ or better 3-4 Prospects Quality of Hire 72 hours Interviews/Hire 3 72 3-4  STOP 4 2 Hours 1 Time-to-Fill INTERVIEW S 3 Weeks HIRE4-5 Prospects
  32. Hiring Manager Driven Metrics Personal Think Improvement Goal C B Inside-Out D A Quality of Hire Upside-Down B+ or better Backwards 3-4 Prospects Quality of Hire 72 hours Interviews/Hire 3 72 3-4  STOP 4 2 Hours 1 Time-to-Fill INTERVIEW S 3 Weeks HIRE4-5 Prospects
  33. Questions? #hiretowinRecruiting Solutions 34
  34. Tying It All Together:Branding and Sourcingfor Success on LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions v Recruiting Solutions 35
  35. Gabe TeperowAccount ExecutiveLinkedIn Recruiting Solutions Bob O’Keefe Account Executive LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions
  36. Today’s objective: help you brand andsource seamlessly on LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions 37
  37. To bridge the gap between sourcing andbranding on LinkedIn, turn to…The humble Job Slot.Yes, really.
  38. 1,830 recommendations(see Recruiting Solutions 39
  39. 1,830 recommendations(see “Much better than everything else weve tried. Better candidates, better matches, AND more response. Were done with the big online job boards; LinkedIn beats them by a mile” NYC 6/12 “LinkedIn Jobs has expanded our candidate pipeline and creates greater awareness of our growing company” Chicago 6/12 “… I have found LinkedIn to be a tremendous asset. My postings being available to not only job seekers but people in my network gave me the added benefit of word of mouth recommendations that I wouldnt have gotten through posting on a traditional jobs site.” San Francisco 5/11 Recruiting Solutions 40
  40. LinkedIn Jobs-Members see personalized jobs every time they log in Waterfall Mobile posted a job you may be interested in: Sr Software Engineer Share ● Careers ● See more jobs ● 6 minutes ago Jobs You May Be Interested In Erica Robertson Sr Software Engineer Sr Software Engineer x Waterfall Mobile ACME systems Sr. Sr Software Engineer x Amazon Jobs You May Be Interested In beta Sr Software x Product Marekting Account Executive Engineer x Manager xyzCo – Sunnyvale, CA NetApp NetApp– Sunnyvale, CA Product Marketing Manager Sr. Account Executive x – Seattle, WA – Seattle, WA See more » Sales Manager Senior Product x NetApp – San Jose, CA Manager NetApp – Santa Clara, CA See more » Recruiting Solutions 41
  41. Target every candidate with relevant jobs automatically Jobs you may be interested in Jobs you may be interested in Jobs you may be interested in HR Director Sr Software Engineer Finance Manager Waterfall Mobile Waterfall Mobile Waterfall Mobile Sr. HR Director Sr. Sr Software Engineer Financial Analyst Gap Inc. Amazon Bank of America Steve Erica Bryan Director of HR Sr Software Engineer Finance Analyst>50% job applications from recommended jobs [Not searched] Recruiting Solutions 42
  42. LinkedIn members forward your jobs tothe right candidatesFact: Each job is forwarded 11 times on average Recruiting Solutions 43 43
  43. They also see who they know at thecompany Recruiting Solutions 44
  44. Jump-start your search with profilematches Start sourcing in seconds  LinkedIn suggests up to with a list of high potential 50 relevant candidates profile matches each time you post Recruiting Solutions 45 45
  45. Reach the best candidates, not just theactive ones <20%Active • Identity +175M members • Networking • Insights You hired over >80% 25 Passive LinkedIn members last year Recruiting Solutions 46
  46. You need a better strategy to reach them vs. Recruiting Solutions 47
  47. For comprehensive sourcing, try LinkedIn Recruiter-Engage the world’s best passive talent Expand your reach and access the entire LinkedIn network Contact candidates directly with InMail Manage your pipeline with your team Increase your team’s sourcing productivity Recruiting Solutions 48
  48. Anchor your presence with a LinkedIn Career Page-Show relevant opportunities with rich employer branding Recruiting Solutions 49
  49. Example: LinkedIn Targeted Pages-FunctionSales Engineering Recruiting Solutions 50
  50. Example: LinkedIn Targeted Pages -CountryIndia Middle East & Africa Recruiting Solutions 51
  51. Example: LinkedIn Targeted Pages -LanguagesGerman Japanese Recruiting Solutions 52
  52. What’s the #1 activity on LinkedIn? Looking at your connections’ profiles! Recruiting Solutions 53
  53. This is what they see….* Erica Robertson Senior Java Developer ACME systems Recruiting Solutions 54
  54. This is what they could see… Erica Robertson Senior Java Developer ACME systems Recruiting Solutions 55
  55. Career Pages We’re hiring LinkedIn JobsWork With Us LinkedIn Ads Recruiter Recruiting Solutions 56
  56. 5 smart brandingand sourcing tips Recruiting Solutions v Recruiting Solutions 57
  57. 1. Embrace your profile as a branding vehicle“Steve is one of the most skilful and effectiveHuman Resources executives I have everhad the opportunity to work with. His keensense of individual and group dynamicsprovides him with a strong foundation to bringout the best in others.” Laurence Akiyoshi, Consultant, LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions 58
  58. 2. Make sure your team does the same Summary I would love to help you be a part of our team in making LinkedIn THE social networking site for professionals. LinkedIn is a company that is changing people’s lives around the world. We are at a point in our growth where your input will help shape our future. Please contact me if you’re interested in working for a great pre-IPO, hyper-growth company ( Recruiting Solutions 59
  59. 3. Make your company page all it can be Recruiting Solutions 60
  60. 4. Get serious about your LinkedInfollowers Recruiting Solutions 61
  61. 5. Keep in touch! Follow @hireonlinkedin – Recruiting blog ( – Free events – Research – Case studies and more – LinkedIn platform updates – Examples of branding through employees Recruiting Solutions 62