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Selection of published case studies from highly successful LinkedIn clients

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  • Profile: Provider of application solutions for conferences and events, product launches, professional development, internal communications, and exec announcements. Based in San Francisco, about 250 employeesChallenges: Finding the right candidates from a limited pool of candidates. Most of them are in high demand and not actively seeking work. Reactive hiring process, needed a targeted outbound method of reaching candidates. Needed to onboard people quickly to keep pace with growth and provide a very polished, professional experience to candidates. Solution: Boosted recruiter seats to target passive candidates and expanded job slots from 2 to 11. Got a clear picture of a candidate’s background from their profile and engaged them effectively. “Anybody who’s anybody in technology has a LinkedIn profile.” Recruited successfully for sales, marketing, engineering, and client delivery positions, many of which have a defined, rigorous set of requirements. Dramatic impact of LinkedIn: cut time to hire by 30%, recruiting costs by 50%. Now they get 85% of new hires from LI. Now scaling globally to fill international positions more quickly and efficiently.
  • Profile: Global leader in unified communications solutions, including voice and video communication endpoint and management software, web conferencing, multi-network gateways, and conferencing solutions. 3300 employees in 23 countries. Challenges: Used agencies as its sole resource for new talent, but they didn’t always negotiate the best deals and get the best people. Needed to staff 80 new positions in EMEA Goal to reduce agency reliance to only 10%, with a stretch target of 5%. Solution: Used Recruiter to conduct targeted searches, contact candidates via InMail, and keep track of preferred candidates with the Clipboard. Enabled them to focus on long-distance networking to fill their roles. LI accounted for 60% of new hires in 2010, saving £2 million Reduced agency reliance to a mere 2.5% Key hire was a VP of marketing, honing in on the right candidate, contacting him directly and closing the deal in a couple of weeks.
  • Profile: Vitalize is a wholly owned sub of SAIC, providing a range of clinical, business and IT solutions for healthcare. Challenges:Experienced consultants were the key to successful technology implementations to its clients, and they had to have the right backgrounds and advanced degrees. It’s a people-centric business, so their challenge was to solve the human part of the recruiting equation. Used job boards and internal databases to source new hires, but they didn’t yield adequate resultsSolution: With Recruiter and Job Slots, they gained access to an almost unlimited database of qualified candidates, both active and passive. They were also able to reinforce their people-centric ideology with a LinkedIn Career Page to showcase its investment in employees and it’s virtual structure and culture. Recruiter quickly became a hit with their recruiters because it was easy to use and helped them find tough-to-reach candidates.
  • Profile: Bluebeam Software develops PDF solutions for paperless workflows, with customers in architecture, engineering, construction, government, and education. Based in Pasadena, CA with less than 200 employeesChallenges: Started when Tracy Heverly urgently needed to fill two positions: channel sales manager and software developer. Both had to have a technical and cultural fits. Job boards produced too many unqualified candidates, and they didn’t have time to find the diamonds in the rough. Even two agencies she hired could not find the right candidates, and even they admitted the roles were very hard to fill. Solution: Just filling one new position with Recruiter and Job Slots helped recoup the initial investment, and saved an additional $15,000. Filled the channel manager position in just 3 weeks and the developer position 3 weeks later. They reach a far higher caliber of candidate than job boards. Can edit and tailor their Job Slot postings to attract the best people and keep their pipeline full of great candidates.
  • Profile: Skyline Recruiting brings more than 25 years of experience for technology companies, filling roles for software, hardware, and firmware engineering, product marketing, technical writing, and sales. Work on retained and contingency searches for clients, with up to 20 open reqs per months. Hands-on approach, providing well-screened and seasoned professionals. Challenges: Relied on Dice for many years, but when the recession hit in 2008, their clients (who could also use Dice) asked why they should hire an agency when they could search Dice themselves. The landscape was changing, so they needed to differentiate themselves more effectively. Their personal networks on LinkedIn worked well, but they wanted to broaden their access and get more InMails.Solution: RPS let them dig deep into the LinkedIn network to find the best candidates. Managing candidates in project folders and automatically routing applicants saved countless hours each week. They hone in on candidates from competing companies with specific skill sets and location. Made a great hire in China, finding the exact right candidate in the right town they were hiring for. They now make 50% more hires with LinkedIn. One decent placement pays for a whole year of licensing Recruiter!
  • Profile: Beachbody makes popular in-home fitness and weigh-loss solutions. Their corporate mission is to help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy fulfilling lives. Based in Santa Monica, CAChallenges: Relied heavily on job boards and third-party agencies, often with lackluster results, as they were not enough to attract quality candidates. BB was well known as a multi-million dollar consumer products business, it had little brand recognition for talent acquisition. Solution: Harnessed the effectiveness of social networking by pushing all employees to build LinkedIn profiles and connect with others in their market. With an expanded presence on LI, candidates could research BB and its employees. Recruiter and Job Slots gave recruiters access to a robust pipeline of talent and many candidates were great matches with job openings. Synchronized the recruiting team, allowing them to share candidate folders, profiles and notes – building a transparent talent ID cycle. Built brand awareness on a grand scale with a Career Page, showing a public presence that reflects its core values. Hired 8-12 new employees each week and reduced hiring spend.
  • Profile: Insight PD provides product development and innovation consulting services, with 80 employees in four offices in US and China. Based in Chicago, ILChallenges: Job boards and staffing agencies comprised the bulk of recruiting, but sifting through 3-400 unqualified resumes was a poor use of time. Agencies specializing in product dev and engineering were expensive, and it was hard to convey its business culture to a 3rd party recruiter. Fragmented approach of post and pray produced inconsistent results.Solution: Centralized sourcing and creating inbound traffic on LinkedIn, now all hiring is steered through LI. Attracted passive candidates with Career Page by showing employee testimonials and videos to see the laid pack, fun work environment without having to navigate away from LI. Hiring managers see that the targeted talent pools are well-represented on LinkedIn. Being networked with employees and industry leaders has helped with referrals. Simple layout, straighforward menu and excellent search interface of Recruiter got them up and running quickly without much training. They drive traffic to their site not just for candidates but also for potential clients.
  • Profile: ING Group is a global financial institution operating in more than 40 countries with 110,000 employees. ING Vysya is one of the leading private sector banks in India with 500 branches and 2 million customersChallenges: Hard to find qualified candidates in a highly competitive sector experiencing strong growth. “The war for talent is a reality in this sector today.” Candidates are spoiled for choice. Recruiters each carry about 100 reqs per quarter. It’s busy and expectations are high.Solution: ING got off the ‘beaten path’ of cliched sourcing avenues and now reaches a previously unexplored pool of talent: the passive job seeker Recruiter and Job Slots have had a dramatic impact on their recruiting strategy. Huge ROI of 400% with Recruiter with minimized hiring times and reduced cost per hire. LI is helping ING to become a pioneer in social media recruiting, helping with branding and awareness about career opportunities, as well as what it’s like to join a vibrant, growing company.
  • Profile: Based in Livonia, MI, TRW Automotive Holdings provides passive and active auto safety systems. Presence in 185 locations globally with more than 60,000 emloyees. 6 recruiters in NA, each managing 20 open positions.Challenges: Reactive approach to recruiting on job boards, with agencies, and purchasing lists of employees from competing firms, which were not always up to date. As LI grew, recruiters used their personal accounts and Groups to source, but they could only contact one person at a time, visibility across the network was limited, they needed introductions to non-connected people, and they could not collaborate with each other. Solution: Transformed its approach to be more proactive with LI. They reach passive candidates without having to comb their personal networks, they expand their personal networks, and build awareness of company brand. Hiring managers now perceive HR and recruiters as business partners and recruitment experts. Value of Job Slots is seen as far greater than normal job slots, now most of their resources are directed to LI. Provided better access to more engineers, who make up 90 percent of openings and expanded access to college students. They’ve had some great new hiring stories, including a recruiter in China who had lived in the US and hard-to-fill positions in their Body Controls Division.
  • Profile:$1 billion bio-pharma start-up, focus on discovery and development of innovative medicines. HQ in Leuven, Belgium with 100 employees worldwide. Challenges: Hiring very quickly so they needed to up their recruiting game. Job boards provided candidates that met only one or two hiring criteria out of many. David upgraded his personal account to reach more people on LinkedIn but it wasn’t nearly enough. Solution: Combination of precision LI searches and InMail messaging, they uncover professionals that fully meet their needs, whether or not they’re job hunting. They’ve gotten more than 50 matches per position, saving time from going out and finding people themselves. Candidates are quick to respond to InMails with a 90% response rate, and it opens the door for future communications and to build a pipeline His InMail messages appeal to the individual, not just the job seeker. Candidates often forward jobs to their contacts, allowing jobs to go viral.
  • Profile: (RPS customer)HQ in Santa Clara, CA and with 250 employees, Astreya Partnerssources technologists for major organizations around the world.From systems administrators to network engineers and architects, Astreya prides itself on providing candidates that go beyond just qualifications and match the unique culture of each client. Challenges: Need to attract talent with specific IT skills but also that meet the interpersonal fit of each client. Job Boards provided a limited talent pool, so they needed to think outside the box, to get the right combination of quality and culture on a global scale. Solution: Sara uses LinkedIn internationally to find great candidates that are also great people. Screens not only for experience and certifications but also personality, checking recommendations and extended personal statements to get a broader picture of each candidate. Recruiter Professional Services finds people all over the world for one price, rather than having to go with local job boards in different countries. Gets 25 to 30 matches for each local search. Cost per hire is great and she gets far better responses. “We’ve hired some of our best employees from LinkedIn.”
  • Design & Build Recruitment are a recruitment agency specializing in the construction, engineering and architecture sectors across both Australian and international markets. Based in Melbourne.They cover both permanent and temporary roles across all levels of the sectors that they specialize in.  This may start at Graduate ‘entry’ level positions and expand up to Project Director or Partnership roles across their clients.Their biggest challenge were seeing who was out there in the market to work with both as candidates and clients.RPS gives them the potential to access more people, see a broader array of information, increase the dialogue between the business and candidates whether they be current, potential or future placements.  They can shortlist for our clients differently, arguably more thoroughly, to the methods adopted prior to the growth of social media and LinkedIn.  They are now totally connected as a business and keeping in touch and staying ahead of the curve is more possible.
  • Profile: Telecom company with 6.2 million customers HQ in Chicago ILChallenges: Critical and growing need for sales and customer care employees, all with intricate skill set requirements Spent a tremendous amount of money and resources on job boards to surface the right candidatesSolution: Took a more ‘grass roots’ targeted approach with Recruiter, finding candidates that are true professionals and know what’s expected of them to succeed. Saving over $1 million annually 70% response rate from InMails, as people feel confident responding to LinkedIn based requests. People know it’s networking and they approve. For a job that used to take 4 months, they now fill in 30 days
  • Profile: Logitech is a $2 billion company that produces a wide range of personal peripheral devices for computers, console games, digital music players and home entertainment systems HQ in Fremont CA, with over 7000 employees worldwide. Challenges: Candidates must has very specific backgrounds in consumer technology or peripherals, often requiring multiple skillsets. Much of recruiting was driven through the corporate website and job boards, as well as purchased lists and “scraping” the internet, which all produced unqualified candidates. Agency resources were not much better than Logitech’s own. Applicant pool for senior level positions tends to be passive. Often took as long as 70 days to fill a senior role. Solution: Fills more than 60% of high-level positions with LI, and 25% of new hires overall in the Americas come from LI. LI saves all the historical information on a candidate, so they can go back and re-engage candidates that responded earlier but were not hired. It’s like a “specialized mini-database.” InMails are seen not as spam but as a trusted email, generating high open rates and referrals if they know of someone else who might be a fit. Reduced time to hire from 70 to 40 days for senior positions. Less than 1% of hires now come from agencies. Get great support from LI customer service: “Response time has been phenomenal.”
  • Profile: SAB Miller is a global brewing and bottling company headquartered in London, UK with 70k employees in 60 countries. Head of talent acquisition Jennifer Candee doesn’t consider herself a recruiter, but a an investor. She believes good recruitment is through the development and nurturing of strong relationships with talent pipelines. Challenges: Find global mid-senior level candidates for top level leadership teams and talent pipelines. Filling roles in multiple regions relies on building strong local networks.Solution: Jennifer is working to change the recruitment mindset of SAB Miller by evangelizing sourcing best practices, which include LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions.Uses LI actively to fill current reqs and for proactive searches for future talent needs. Saved £1.2 million through direct sourcing, mostly through networking on LinkedIn LI also helps drive new hires through indirect means, such as referrals.
  • Profile: Leading provider of security and compliance management solutions with HQ in Cupertino, CA Director of global recruiting Matt Driscoll’s team fills positions at all locations and for all disciplines Company acquired by HP Challenges: Used to fill 25-40% of positions through agencies and didn’t have an efficient mechanism to find candidates themselves. Rapidly growing but facing stiff competition from larger, more established companies for the limited pool of highly specialized tech talent. Candidates need to have the right certifications and the right mix of education and experience. Professional information about candidates through traditional sources was usually out of date, needed fresh, timely information. Solution: Reduced agency-sourced hires to less than 4%. Recruiter alerts Matt when new LI members meet his criteria, allowing him to beat his competitors to the punch. Contact multiple candidates at once using InMail templates to contact 20 candidates at once (better than copying and pasting text into emails, which is time consuming and error-prone) Team collaborates better with Recruiter so they don’t contact the same candidates and duplicate efforts.
  • Profile:L'Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company66,600 employees in 130 countries worldwide and revenues of €19.5 billionChallenges: Sourcing ‘difficult-to-hire’ candidatesAttracting the 80% of passive candidates they were missing because of the limited reach of job boardsBuilding employer brand via maintain their online reputationSolution: Polished individual recruiter profiles and launched their LinkedIn Career Page improving their employment brandLinkedIn helped improve the quality and diversity of candidates – a bigger and more proactive talent pool for better hiresAllowed L'Oréal to quickly backfill rolesSaved thousands of dollars in head-hunter fees
  • Profile:Dixons Retail is Europe’s largest specialist retailer and services companyOperates in 26 countries with more than 1,200 storesIt is the parent company for well-known brands: Currys, PC World, Dixons Travel, KNOW-HOWEmploys around 38,000 people Challenges: Shifting recruitment from a passive, reactive role to a proactive internal agency modelCutting dependency and costs on recruitment agenciesSolution: Leveraged effective inMail messaging to approach and engage active and passive candidatesinMail response rate: (above-average) 60% compared with industry average of 25-30%Uses LinkedIn assess competition and target qualified competitive hiresVery active on LinkedIn Groups to widen their talent pool selection and build relationships with potential candidates
  • Profile: Division of the Sony Corporation, one of the world’s most recognized and admired brands HQ in San Diego, CA Develops and manufactures many of the company’s consumer products, including televisions, laptops and camerasChallenges: Recruiters had a tough time attracting applicants for their growing number of open reqs Needed to revitalize their hurt employment brand to attract top talentSolution: Leveraged LinkedIn Career Page and InMail messaging to transform the company’s employment brandDeveloped LinkedIn Career Page to give candidates a more personable experience by featuring a personal welcome from each recruiter on their pageLinkedIn Jobs Network and Work with Us ads helped Sony tap into their employees’ networksWith 25% of their hires found via LinkedIn, Sony can focus on collaborating and building more intelligent relationships with their hiring managers
  • Client Case Study Libraries

    1. 1. Case Study Library Updated Feb 2012 Recruiting Solutions 1
    2. 2. Case Studies - 2012Company Sector Size Location ProductsLOréal Chemicals Enterprise France Recruiter Corporate, Job Slots, LinkedIn Career Page, Referral Engine, College Jobs and RecruiterDixons Retail Retail Enterprise UK Recruiter Corporate, Job Slots, LinkedIn Career Page, Recruitment AdsSony Electronics Electronics Enterprise CA, US Recruiter Corporate, LinkedIn Career Page, Job Slots, Recruitment AdsExact Real Estate Enterprise Netherlands Corporate Recruiter, LinkedIn Career Page, Job Slots, Recruitment Ads Recruiting Solutions 2
    3. 3. Case Studies - 2011Company Sector Size Location ProductsON24 Internet SMB CA, US Recruiter Corporate, Job SlotsPolycom Telecommunications Enterprise CA, US Recruiter CorporateVitalize Consulting IT/Healthcare SMB PA, US Recruiter Corporate, Job Slots, LinkedIn Career PageBluebeam Software Software SMB CA, US Recruiter Corporate, Job SlotsSkyline Recruiting Staffing agency (IT focus) SMB CA, US Recruiter Professional ServicesBeachbody Health, wellness and fitness SMB CA, US Recruiter Corporate, Job Slots, LinkedIn Career PageInsight Product Consulting/design SMB IL, US Recruiter Corporate, Job SlotsDevelopmentING Vysya Bank Banking Enterprise Karnataka, Recruiter Corporate, Job Slots IndiaTRW Automotive Automotive Enterprise MI, US Recruiter Corporate, Job SlotsThrombogenics Biopharma SMB NY, US Recruiter Corporate, Job SlotsAstreya Partners Staffing agency (engineer SMB CA, US Recruiter Professional Services focus)Design & Build Staffing agency (eng/ SMB Melbourne, Recruiter Professional Services, Job Slots construction focus) Australia Recruiting Solutions 3
    4. 4. Case Studies – 2010 and PriorCompany Sector Size Location ProductsUS Cellular Telecommunications Enterprise IL, US Recruiter CorporateLogitech Consumer electronics Enterprise CA, US Recruiter Corporate, Job SlotsSABMiller Food and beverage Enterprise Surrey, UK Recruiter Corporate, Job SlotsArcSight (acquired IT SMB at time CA, US Recruiter Corporateby HP) of case study Recruiting Solutions 4
    5. 5. Case Study: ON24Challenge: Onboard talent quickly from a limited talentpool, without sacrificing qualitySolution: Proactively target and connect with impactplayers• Massively expanded a difficult-to-access talent pool to keep pace with accelerated growth.• Reduced time-to-hire by 30 percent.• Cut overall recruiting costs by more than 50 percent.• Finds 85 percent of new hires through LinkedIn and referrals. “Anybody who’s anybody in technology has a LinkedIn profile. They aren’t anywhere else. This recruiting tool was our game changer.” – Lynn Butler, Staffing Consultant , ON24 Recruiting Solutions 5
    6. 6. Case Study: PolycomChallenge: Reduce reliance on staffing agencies tosource quality candidatesSolution: Leverage the power of LinkedIn to build anin-house recruiting machine• Found 60 percent of its hires on LinkedIn and saved more than £2 million year over year.• Filled 240 requisitions within the past 12 months using LinkedIn Recruiter.• Recruited its vice president of marketing using LinkedIn and saved £53,000 in one fee alone.• Reduced agency reliance to 2.5 percent. “LinkedIn is very specifically geared at long-distance networking. It is beautifully constructed to enable us to find the people we want.” – Nick Turner, EMEA Recruitment Manager, Polycom Recruiting Solutions 6
    7. 7. Case Study: Vitalize Consulting Solutions, anSAIC CompanyChallenge: Solving the human part of the recruitingequationSolution: Build a strong employment brand to help staffa people-centric business• Showcased the company’s investment in employees, its virtual nature and its culture with a LinkedIn Career Page.• Added videos to its Career Page to provide snapshots of the daily life of a consultant.• With 16 Recruiter licenses and 11 Job Slots, gained access to an almost unlimited pool of qualified active and passive candidates. “LinkedIn Recruiter became a big hit with everyone. It’s easy to use and has plenty of tools to help find those tough-to-reach candidates.” – Michael Baker, Recruiter, Vitalize Consulting Solutions Recruiting Solutions 7
    8. 8. Case Study: Bluebeam SoftwareChallenge: Attract a higher caliber of candidate thatfits from a technical and personality standpointSolution: Yielding great ROI, LinkedIn has become thego-to solution and primary source for new hires• Cut time-to-hire from months to weeks for two mission-critical positions• Recouped initial investment by filling just one position with Job Slots, and saved an additional $15,000.• Freed up time and money so management could focus on upcoming priorities. “LinkedIn is second to none. It has been the best investment for our recruitment strategy. We build a pipeline of high-quality candidates, and it has been a fantastic experience.” – Tracy Heverly, Human Resources and Program Manager, Bluebeam Software, Inc. Recruiting Solutions 8
    9. 9. Case Study: Skyline RecruitingChallenge: Provide differentiated value to clients whocan already find candidates on job boardsSolution: Leverage Recruiter Professional Services todig deep into the LinkedIn network and hire withpinpoint accuracy• Increased the number of hires by 50 percent from 2010 to 2011 and trimmed time-to-hire by more than 30 percent using LinkedIn.• Gained greater access to international talent thanks to referrals generated through LinkedIn.• Connected with and landed passive candidates via LinkedIn before they even began job hunting. “You’re crazy if you’re not using LinkedIn. It has truly become a point of difference between Skyline and the other recruiting agencies out there.” – Elise Clark, Co-founder, Skyline Recruiting Recruiting Solutions 9
    10. 10. Case Study: BeachbodyChallenge: Establish a formalized recruitment processand gain brand recognitionSolution: Build a robust pipeline of passive talent tokeep pace with company expansion• Reduced third-party recruiting and job board spend by finding 25 percent of hires via LinkedIn.• Enhanced messaging and built interest among the qualified passive talent pool.• Synchronized recruiting team activities to build a transparent talent identification cycle.• Career Page built brand awareness on a grand scale, reflecting its core values “We now post any hard-to-fill, niche positions on LinkedIn’s Jobs Network because of the success we’ve had finding candidates. It’s really simple.” – Maureen Frontino, Sr. Manager Talent Acquisition at Beachbody, LLC Recruiting Solutions 10
    11. 11. Case Study: Insight Product DevelopmentChallenge: “Post and pray” strategy generated toomany unqualified resumesSolution: Leverage the explosive growth of theLinkedIn network to find highly qualified professionalsand build recruitment brand• Used LinkedIn as a one-stop shop to source proactively and created inbound candidate traffic• Highlighted employee testimonials and videos on LinkedIn Career Page.• Update job descriptions based on real-time feedback from candidates “When you think about the fact that we hire cultural anthropologists and theyre all on there...we were able to see the explosion of membership and thats the value.” – Craig Scherer, Senior Partner, Insight PD Recruiting Solutions 11
    12. 12. Case Study: ING Vysya BankChallenge: Battling for top talent in a highlycompetitive banking, financial services and insurancesector.Solution: Leverage LinkedIn as a powerful socialmedia tool to target an unexplored pool of passivecandidates• Achieved 400 percent ROI using LinkedIn Recruiter.• Actively engaged passive candidates for niche and mid-level positions, profoundly impacting its recruiting strategy.• Built an active presence on LinkedIn to create branding and awareness about career opportunities. “LinkedIn became an option when we wanted to get off the beaten path of typical sourcing venues. It has helped us target the passive job seeker – which is a large, unexplored pool of talent.” – Ranga Subramanian, Head of Recruiting and Talent Acquisition, ING Vysya Bank Recruiting Solutions 12
    13. 13. Case Study: TRW Automotive HoldingsChallenge: Reactive approach to recruiting on jobboards and with agencies was slow and didn’t producethe quality TRW neededSolution: Shift focus to passive candidates andbecome a strategic partner with hiring managers• Saved significant time and money connecting directly with high-quality passive candidates with Recruiter and Job Slots.• Provided better access to more engineers, who make up 90 percent of openings.• Improve perception by hiring managers, who believe that LinkedIn brings in the best candidates. “LinkedIn is better than any other solution on the market.” – Pam Hoye, Lead Technical Recruiter, TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. Recruiting Solutions 13
    14. 14. Case Study: ThromboGenicsChallenge: Connect with a greater volume ofcandidates who meet challenging hiring criteriaSolution: Leverage LinkedIn as a platform and astrategic partner to connect with great passivecandidates• Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in agency fees by finding 81 percent of U.S. hires on LinkedIn.• Saw InMails as marketing rather than recruiting tools and crafted targeted messages to passive candidates.• Leveraged the power of the network by encouraging the viral nature of LinkedIn Job Slots. “My LinkedIn account team is absolutely the best on the face of the planet. They’ve gone above and beyond expectations in terms of what they’ve been able to deliver to me and helped us gain maximum exposure for our company.” – David Gluck, Senior Human Resources Consultant, ThromboGenics Recruiting Solutions 14
    15. 15. Case Study: Astreya PartnersChallenge: Source quality internationaltalent to match corporate culture and meet rigorousscreening criteriaSolution: Connect with great candidates who are alsogreat people• Used recommendations and personal statements on profiles to draw a clearer picture of each candidate.• Decreased international time-to-hire by as much as 50%.• Cut overall recruiting costs by more than 30 percent by reducing reliance on country-specific job boards.• Finds 23 percent of new hires through LinkedIn and referrals, with little turnover. “LinkedIn is the most powerful recruiting tool I’ve used for international recruiting.” – Sara Fox, International Recruiter, Astreya Partners, Inc. Recruiting Solutions 15
    16. 16. Case Study: Design & BuildChallenge: Need to quickly identify talented candidatesand initiate dialogue directlySolution: Using LinkedIn Recruiter ProfessionalServices  Opens up access to a broad array of talent  Increases dialogue between the business  Recruitment agency focused on and candidates, both current and future construction, engineering,  Provides transparency, allowing them to be ‘totally architecture connected’ as a business  Headquartered in Melbourne  Offices in Sydney and Brisbane  Staff of 30+ and growing “We are seeing a change in our Consultants in their effectiveness to actively go out and source, speak, meet and screen relevant candidates to the assignments we manage.” – Matt King, Associate Director , Design & Build Recruiting Solutions 16
    17. 17. Case Study: U.S. CellularChallenge: Pinpoint hard-to-find professional &technical candidates in telecom for highlyspecialized rolesSolution: LinkedIn Recruiter as a replacement for“big boards”  Finding higher-quality candidates faster  Over $1M USD in annual savings “No more post-and-pray. We find better depth and breadth of candidates, plus we’re saving over $1 million this year.” – Elisa Bannon, Director of Talent Acquisition, U.S. Cellular Recruiting Solutions 17
    18. 18. Case Study: LogitechChallenge: Reach the best talent for vital directorand executive roles, which tend to be passive jobseekersSolution: LinkedIn Jobs Network drives postsvirally to the right candidates  Reaching higher-quality talent  Fills 60% of open high-level positions “Where it used to take 70 days to fill a director or vice president position, today, it takes around 40 days. This makes it much easier for our hiring managers.” – John Zwieg, WW Director of Staffing, Logitech Recruiting Solutions 18
    19. 19. Case Study: SAB MillerChallenge: Find global mid-senior level candidatesfor top level leadership teams and talent pipelinesSolution: LinkedIn Recruiter enhances sourcingactivities and builds pipeline  Referrals help fill key roles quickly  Relationships with future global talent “In the last year, SAB Miller has saved approximately £1.2 million through direct sourcing; the majority of these through relationships on LinkedIn.” – Jennifer Candee, Head of Talent Acquisition, SAB Miller plc Recruiting Solutions 19
    20. 20. Case Study: ArcSight (acquired by HP)Challenge: Quickly identify, contact and hire highly-specialized talent in today’s expanding enterprisesecurity marketSolution: LinkedIn Recruiter makes team moreproductive, cuts costs  Saved Searches and Search Alerts  Contacting multiple candidates at once  Avoiding duplication of effort “LinkedIn Recruiter has saved us approximately two hundred thousand dollars — maybe more. Plus the savings of time for me and my team is invaluable.” – Matt Driscoll, Director of Global Recruiting, ArcSight Recruiting Solutions 20
    21. 21. Case Study: L’OréalChallenge: Reduce costs and improve quality ofcandidatesSolution: Create a Career Page to showcase careeropportunities and the company’s work environment•LOréal Australia saved an estimated 20,000 AustralianDollars in recruitment fees on a single hire•L’Oréal’s Career page show business and personalcredibility through LinkedIn•L’Oreal sourced 90 top profile candidates in less thanfive months using LinkedIn “The main benefit is that we’re getting in touch with people that we wouldn’t normally reach and saving money and doing it faster at the same time.” – Gabriele Silva, International Recruitment Project Manager Recruiting Solutions 21
    22. 22. Étude de Cas: L’OréalChallenge: Réduire les coûts et améliorerla qualitéSolution: LOréal a créé une page Carrières pourprésenter ses offres demploi et ses atouts.• LOréal en Australie a économisé environ 20 000dollars australiens (plus de 15 000 €) sur un seulrecrutement.• Grâce à page Carrières, lentreprise dispose dunevitrine bien gérée.• LOréal a recruté près de 90 candidats de haut profilen moins de cinq mois sur le réseau LinkedIn. Le principal avantage est que nous entrons en contact rapidement avec des personnes que nous naurions pas pu joindre autrement, tout en réduisant nos coûts. ” – Gabriele Silva, International Recruitment Project Manager Recruiting Solutions 22
    23. 23. Case Study: Dixons RetailChallenge: As the company grew and evolved theirrecruiting needs changedSolution: Leverage the power of LinkedIn to build anin-house recruiting machine•Dixons Retail shifts to internal agency model•Cuts agency use from 95% to 4% in three years•Saves “millions of pounds” in recruitment fees•Recruited 300+ people using LinkedIn for call centre,HQ and senior retail positions “LinkedIn is a huge success factor for us. It enables us to be really proactive. When someone in the business is looking to recruit, we can get them a candidate profile in less than an hour.” -- Bridget Hutchinson, Head of Recruitment, Dixons Retail Recruiting Solutions 23
    24. 24. Case Study: Sony ElectronicsChallenge: Revamping Sony’s employment brand anddriving better recruiting results by doing more with lessSolution: Transform the company’s employmentbrand using a LinkedIn Career Page and InMailmessaging•Found 25% of its hires in 5 months•Faster time to hire: Sourced 2 positions quicker thantheir agency•Turned to LinkedIn Jobs Network and Work with Usads to tap employee networks and scale recruitingefforts “With LinkedIn’s help we’ve become a strategic partner versus just an order taker.” -- Peter Moore, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisitions Group North America, Sony Electronics Recruiting Solutions 24
    25. 25. Case Study: ExactChallenge: Difficulties in hiring senior people due tothe company’s lack of visibility in the labor marketSolution: Promoting their brand through theirLinkedIn company page•27,000 + Followers on LinkedIn•Hired 48% of candidates by using LinkedIn•Saved approx €25,000 by hiring a senior managerthrough LinkedIn instead of using a third-party agency “Our marketing team has invested in raising our profile on LinkedIn and, now, every time I post a vacancy, it goes out to our 27,000 followers.” --Angelic Vloemans, Corporate Recruiter, Exact Recruiting Solutions 25