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Get over yourself 2012


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Libraries exist in multiple places these days - not just through their websites, but in social media as well. What are the most common mistakes libraries make online? How can you make your library stand out without violating online community standards? Learn to re-think how your library presents itself to the world online.

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Get over yourself 2012

  1. 1. Improving Your LibrarysONLINE PRESENCE Laura Solomon, Library Services Manager, OPLIN
  2. 2. Slides are at:
  3. 3. Which ego is holding up progress?• Library• Director• Department head• Board member• The Terrible, Territorial Librarian
  4. 4. EGO > PATRON = LOSS
  5. 5. CONSIDER:
  6. 6. Who is it REALLY for?• Full list of board of trustees on homepage• Mission statement on homepage• Facebook and/or Twitter account that only posts program and event announcements• Social media accounts that only friend/follow other libraries or librarians• Links to the staff intranet on the library’s website• Online content arranged specifically for the convenience of the library staff
  7. 7. PATRON
  8. 8.
  9. 9. OK, so you’re going to jump on Pinterest anyway…• What’s the business case for using it?• What’s the plan? What will your library specifically get out of it?• What will your library do that is unique and unlike what anyone else is doing?
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Ask:• What?• Why?• Audience?• Time?• Success?
  12. 12. BUSY
  13. 13. Nobody likes this guy
  14. 14. This isn’t acceptable any more
  15. 15. Social …a two-waymedia is… conversation..
  16. 16. Just tools
  17. 17. The library SUCKS!!!!
  18. 18. NOT an effective coping strategy
  19. 19. Bad apples aren’t the whole barrel
  20. 20. People who ignore the library are more dangerous
  21. 21. Re-thinking the website
  22. 22. [[SQUEAK]]
  23. 23. Not a good reason, either
  24. 24. Actual reasons to redesign• LOTS of patron complaints• The content has outgrown the original architecture• Nobody can find the important stuff• It’s missing important functionality• The design causes more problems than it solves
  25. 25. The 2-Minute Offense
  26. 26. THEN what?
  27. 27. Who’s itREALLY for?
  28. 28. What’s thePAYOFF?
  29. 29. Absolutely shameless plug Coming Fall 2012
  30. 30. Stalk me here you!